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Hi Emma! I was wondering if you could do a post about bullet journals? How to make one, how to keep track of it, etc

Hi! I have only just started making a sort of bullet journal but it is super simple and just weekly spreads. You can see them on my Instagram! I’m hoping to start one properly for the new year however. Anyway, here are a few links that might be useful:

Hope it helps! x

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What exactly is cucumber banana tofu I mean I know it's a show but is it just one show or three different show? And if it is three different shows is there a certain order I have to watch them in? I'm just really confused?

They are separate, but interconnected, shows, available on Channel 4’s main channel, E4 and 4OD respectively.

Cucumber airs first on C4 at 9pm GMT, followed by Banana on E4 at 10pm GMT. Characters which appear in Banana are introduced, usually very briefly, in Cucumber, and then their stories are elaborated on in Banana. As such, you can probably watch Banana without having seen Cucumber (and vice versa), but the two shows dovetail nicely together, so I’d recommend watching Cucumber first if watching them both.

Tofu is an online series, available only on 4OD after Banana has aired. Episodes cover a varying range of topics from teenage lust, to not having sex, to coming out. Again, the themes tie in nicely with the other two shows, but they can be watched independently.

The best place to start would be C4’s webpage, where you can find information about the show, the episodes, characters, etc. The links I’ve listed below will take you to the episode guide page, where you can find links to watch each of the episodes on 4OD (just click on the image with the play icon in the bottom left corner), but navigate around the site - there’s a wealth of stuff there, including clips, previews, interviews, etc.

Cucumber - Episode Guide
Banana - Episode Guide

Tofu - Episode Guide

Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate if there is anything else you’d like to ask.

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Hi Emma umm what's a bullet journal?? Hehe

Hi! A bullet journal is like a to-do list, planner, diary, notebook, log tracker all rolled into one. Loads of people have different uses for them but primarily it is to help you organise your life in a simple but highly practical way! A lot of people find it a great alternative to a traditional planner because you can customise it yourself - since you generally use a notebook/journal to design ‘spreads’ or ‘layouts’ to suit your needs. Each spread is basically to help make your life more productive and cohesive. I’ll link to a few posts that go into a little bit more detail below! I am planning to use one for 2017 and am hoping to do a review on how I found it/if I prefer it to a normal planner when I’ve used it for a month or so. Here are the links: 

Hope that helps! x