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murasakidoku  asked:

dearest cube-sama: if you have the time, could you do a similar short guide on shoulders/back muscles?

Okay so let me first say that I am TERRIBLE at drawing back muscles, dear god. I had to do some studying myself before making these illustrations. Anyway, I must remind you that I am NOT the anatomy master here. This is just what I do to draw back muscles, looking up and using photo reference yourself is the best way to learn anatomy. I’m just translating the human body to my own art style. Once you learn anatomy, you can translate the human body to your own style.

Anyway, here:

and see, check it out. The shoulders are being pushed back, like I said when I showed you how to do arms.

It’s important to note how the shoulder-blades overlap the muscles, and vice versa, depending on if the arms are raised or not.

Oh, and here’s a pattern that’ll hopefully simplify the muscle layout a bit. Memorize that pattern, and back muscles’ll be easier.

Anyway, here’s a quick little thing, I hope I helped at least a little sure helped force me to learn back muscles a bit better.


Wednesday | Feb. 15, 2017: Annoy Squidward day

Suh Doods!

Thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to this evening. I got together with my roommate to study for our biology midterm next week Monday. I want to relax this weekend so I’m probably going to try and finish my study guides within the next three days.

honestly asking me for art advice isn’t the best because everything i’ve done so far is like…..following my instincts with continuous trial and error?

Jason’s head is pounding.  Jason’s head is pounding and Tim is sucking on his neck and murmuring words that aren’t quite making it all the way into Jason’s ears.  They’re in a goddamn alley.  It’s dark.  It’s dirty. It’s damp.  Jason’s breath hitches and he turns his eyes to the street lamp on the corner.  It’s not the first time.

Muscle memory guides Jason’s fingers through the traps and trip wires inside Tim’s belt.  The movements are rote, written into Jason’s fingertips like an etching carved into stone. But Jason’s head is pounding like someone’s beating it with a crowbar and in his mind he sees Tim bleeding in the batsuit with a batarang in his chest.

Be my Robin.

“Fuck.” Jason stumbles backwards until he hits the brick wall of the building across the alley.  “Jesus fuck.”

“That was fast,” Tim says.

Jason holds his head because he thinks it may be actually splitting in two. This feels familiar, Jason thinks. This feels wrong.  “Get the fuck out of here,” he says.

“Um…,” Tim’s shadow moves closer.  Jason watches it ripple in a pool of water on the cracked asphalt. “Jason?”

“I said get the fuck out of here.” He looses the Beretta from its holster on his thigh and points it at Tim because if he doesn’t do it now he’ll do it later and if he does it later, he might actually shoot.

Gotham is never silent, not for a single fucking moment, but Jason can’t even hear his own breathing through the quiet in that alley.  Not until Tim says, “Fine,” and Jason looks up to see his eyes turn cold and his shoulders stiffen.  Then he pulls his cowl up and walks away, around the corner, out of sight.

Tim knows not to stick around when he’s not wanted.  It’s why Jason likes him.  And when Tim’s gone, Jason lets himself sink onto the cold, wet ground. Behind his eyelids, Jason watches himself beat Tim to a pulp over and over again like a film reel on repeat in time to the pounding in his head.

He wakes up with his cheek molded to the concrete of a back alley, but not the same one he was about to fuck Tim in last night – although there’s not a lot to differentiate from.  When you’ve seen one back alley in Gotham, you’ve seen them all.  This feels familiar, Jason thinks, peeling his face from the cement.  This feels right.