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Are you looking for a female Salandit so you can get your lovely Salazzle for your Pokemon Sun and Moon team? Tired of dealing with that awful 87.5% male to 12.5% female ratio? Then look no further than this pretty mofo right here:

THAT’S RIGHT, YA BOY SYLVEON. But why this magnificent little ribbon twirler? Because of this:

When your Eevee evolves into Sylveon with 5 hearts in Pokemon Refresh, it will automatically get the ability Cute Charm. This is where the kicker comes in!


So go grab yourself a male Eevee off of route 4, love the shit out of the little man in Refresh, and go catch yourself some female Salandits to get that Salazzle! Happy Hunting!

Pokémon GO - Things To Know!

Pokémon GO newest update has brought us a bunch of new features, hidden gems, and more!

More Details on the Pokémon GO: Master’s Guide by @megapokemonxy​ coming for #TeamInstinct #TeamMystic #TeamValor

  • NOT EVERY Raid Battle Level 4 Gives You Fast/Charge TM Rewards
  • Feed a wild CP ??? Pokémon a Golden Razz Berry to turn its Red circle Green
  • Wild Pokémon do not flee as quickly if you feed it a Razz Berry before each throw.
  • Raid Bosses are easily caught with Excellent throws and Razz Berry throws.
  • Raid Bosses CP are “weak” sometimes: CP 1400 - CP 1800
  • There is a simple trick to get Excellent Poké Ball throws every single time!
  • Do NOT try to solo-defeat a Venusaur. You will waste a “RAID PASS”.

  • RAID 1 BATTLES are easily won when you’re at LEVEL 5 to 17!
  • Feed Pokémon Nanab Berry to calm their movements and attacks
  • Always use an Ultra Ball on Red Circle “Rare” Pokémon!
  • Get more XP by evolving recently captured Pokémon! ~ Have candies ready.
  • Capture Magikarp until you UNLOCK the Big Magikarp Medal

PREPARE for Pokémon GO Fest and UNLOCK Gold Flying-type Medal, Grass-type Medal, Ice-type Medal, Fire-type Medal and Psychic-type Medal!

  1. Articuno Ice/Flying-type
  2. Zapdos Thunder/Flying-type
  3. Moltres Fire/Flying-type
  4. Mewtwo Psychic-type

“+3 Flying-type Catch Bonus for critical captures.”

  • Always Throw a Curved-Ball!
  • Discard Poké Balls to get extra bag space when needed
  • Appraise Pokémon Before Discarding/Transferring them!
  • Learn Your #Team’s Appraisal Messages!
  • Collect QUICK XP Points by throwing Poké Balls at every Pokémon and transferring them right after capture!
  • PREMIUM (100 Coin) Raid Passes Reward You With Premiums: Rare Candy, Golden Razz Berry, & TM’s
  • Evolve your Eevee to Espeon in the day and Umbreon in the night after walking Your Eevee for at least 10km
  • Lure “Rare” near-by Pokémon in places that have no PokéStops with Incense! 
  • Collect more Evolution Items by filling up your …. ___________.

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Abathur, a Zerg NPC from the Heart of the Swarm, is one of my new favorite characters ever!

The Heart of the Swarm tickles my biologist brain as I come to understand the Zerg and how they work much better.

Abathur is the single entity of the swarm that guides evolution. Upon visiting a new planet, Abathur analyzes the native fauna to see if there are any useful adaptations. Should he find one, he incorporates it into the most advantageous units’ DNA sequence.

Hell yeah, biology!

Filleted Dragon
Also known colloquially as the zombie or ghost drake, the Filleted Dragon is one of the rarest and most elusive of all dragon species. Having only been documented deep within a jungle underwater cave, it is unknown if they exist outside of this specific subterranean world.
Believed to be sequential hermaphrodites, females have not been documented, nor have eggs or chicks.
While not strong flyers they are capable of flight, though more apt to swimming as their primary form of locomotion. Their translucent skin is do to their sunless environment and renders them nearly invisible. It is not known if adult Filleted Dragons have predators but remains of adults have been documented and cannibalism has not been ruled out.
Their long illustrious fins are believed to be used in courtship or territorial displays but also act as a large radar transmitter. Lined with tiny electroreceptors,when opened, the filleted dragon can pick up the tiniest of vibrations and electro magnetic impulse being released by prey and its environment.


Just took a couple inches off my overall hair length, shortened the back a bit more, textured the heck out of it, and darkened up the silver roots. I’m pretty sure I’ve never liked my hair this much. I’m soooo in love with this cut!

Big thanks to Marji at Compass Salon in Chandler, AZ. She’s been guiding the evolution of my hair since the beginning of my transition, and she does amazing work. If you’re anywhere near here, you have to let her work her magic for you!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Kaydee 💕


“ It’s not about “if they’re real”, but the fact that you want them to be real. Wouldn’t that be great? Creatures above our comprehension, guided by a different evolutive path, or even gifted with supernatural powers.

In the end, it’s just a lot of casualities put together to create a history. Even so, the human community sure is amazing… Well, at least, i believe in them more than in ghosts.  I want to see Bigfoot with my own two eyes someday! “

From Mark Fox and Angie Wang’s Symbols Handbook for Seeing: a guide to the evolution of symbolism using 400 examples from art history.

Whether in advertising, art, or architecture, our lives are swarmed with symbols whose meanings have developed and varied over time and place. While a decorative owl presiding over the Library of Congress references the wisdom of Athena that endured throughout the classical world, it might appear more ominous on a building in China, where the nocturnal bird is connected with death. “The Chinese hear in the owl’s hooting the exhortation to ‘Dig, dig,’ and so interpret the bird’s call to mean that a grave will soon be required.


That’s one hell of a look Jake is sporting. Emphasis on the word ‘hell’.

Now that I think about it, it does make sense for him to be connected to Lord English. Bec in this universe has most likely been replaced by a figure more in the vain of Doc Scratch; a herald of Lord English with the dual purposes of paving the way for his arrival, and guiding humanity’s evolution so they are properly prepared for the Game.

In order to survive the arid climate of Southern California, Oddish species in this area store water in their leaves. They camouflage themselves among beds of cacti to escape the eyes of predators (and trainers). These Succulent species of Oddish are particularly popular among breeders for their many varieties of foliage.

(I love Pokémon Go <3)

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Ravens in Winter
by Bernd Heinrich


Book Info

“Why do ravens, generally understood to be solitary creatures, share food with one another during winter? On the surface, there didn’t appear to be any biological or evolutionary imperative behind the raven’s willingness to share. The more Bernd Heinrich observed their habits, the more odd the bird’s behavior became. What started as a mere curiosity on Heinrich’s part turned into an impassioned research project, and Ravens in Winter, the first research of its kind, explores the fascinating biological puzzle of the raven’s rather unconventional social habits.” - from back cover.

Topics of discussion include: ravens and other corvids, biology, nature, research

Organization and length: The book has 28 chapters that are each around 5 - 15 pages long. At the end of the book there’s a a summary of research, followed by an appendix with graphs and other illustrations. My copy of the book was 379 pages long with relatively small and dense text.

For the lazy reader

Usually I break books down into chapters to give people the option of just reading parts they’re interested in. Here however there is really no way to summarize chapters without carefully skimming the entire book, which I’m just not willing to do at this time. All I can say is that if you don’t want to read the book but want to find out about the research, the short Summary chapter in the back will be sufficient.

My 2c

I really enjoyed this book and although I set it down several times, I never had a problem picking it up again and wanting to keep turning the pages. The author mixes humor and interesting stories in with his observations and research. I have always been fond of ravens which is why I picked the book up in the first place, and as a leftist the idea of recruitment to food sources intrigued me as it challenges ideas of evolution that focus on individualism. The book itself is not political, but Heinrich does an excellent job of explaining how evolution guides research and shows the reader the amount of effort and dedication that biologists put in to try and find answers.
The end of the book was mildly disappointing to me as more questions seemed to arise from the research than were answered. I was grateful for the summary at the end that helped wrap everything up.
Thankfully there is a second book, Mind of the Raven, that I can look forwards to reading.

The Life in the Machine

by reddit user unpatriotic

This story was a top rated story. It’s one of those that make you hit an existential crisis. 

Being a programmer, one of my dreams has always been to create an original video game, something that nobody in the industry has done before.

After seeing Spore, I became intrigued. Here was an attempt at putting people in control over a universe. After looking at what made videogames popular, I realized the main aspect was control.

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