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would you mind explaining the Prompto is a magitek thing for me? thanks!

Prompto is listed in the guidebook as having Verstael (Niff Researcher) as his “biological father”. The game explains that Magiteks are made from biological components, mechanical components, and souls collected from daemons (which are just the souls of humans that were corrupted by the virus-thing put on Eos after Ifrit’s betrayal)

So Prompto’s soul had to originate from a person who was turned into a daemon by the virus, and was then collected by Verstael under Ardyn’s direction. In that case, if Prompto has a biological father, that only means that Verstael used his own DNA to make the biological part of Prompto’s new body.  There’s no telling how old Prompto’s soul really is. (Old enough to remember Aero wax though).

Obviously he’s more sophisticated than other Magiteks. Unlike the others who are stated not to have free will, and are forced to do the empires bidding, Prompto clearly has free will. So he was created by the same process as other Magiteks, but he’s not quite the same.

As for his purpose, this is all my conjecture, but due to the fact that he was sent to Lucis, alone, to the same school as Noctis, with an insatiable need to photograph everything he sees, I’m going to assume he was sent as a spy to watch Noctis. After they became friends I think it’s safe to say he stopped doing the empire’s dirty work– at which point he was out of reach of the empire within the Crown City. Seeing as Pryna came to him (who is not an actual dog, but a spirit messenger) I think it was part of his destiny, and he’s always had the gods on his side wanting him to be friends with Noct. 👍 

That’s what I’ve gathered. I’m sure we’ll find out more in the DLC.

So I broke down and bought this monster of a guidebook. Mainly because it’s a collectors item and it’s nice as all hell, but also because after attempting a certain dungeon and damn near rage quitting; I figured the added info would definitely help. And it does jfc. This book has EVERYTHING. It’s a blessing.

If you don’t have a copy of your own and are having trouble somewhere or need some extra info about a boss or a maze or weapon or what have you; shoot me an ask and I’ll give you the info! Though I’d suggest just getting a copy of your own. It’s $20 and FULL of pretty art, game info, maps, extra random content, etc. Totally worth the buy.

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Your blog is awesome, thanks for the honest informations here! I'm not into a "shipper" thing, but I fangirl a lot when it's about Cloud x Tifa because I believe they're a 100% canon couple. Besides, they have a beautiful and interesting relationship. I see a lot of "clerith" blogs claiming that they don't get along just because of that part in "Case of Tifa" but lol relationships aren't just about happiness all the time. We pass through difficulties and more. Keep doing the nice work <3

Thank you! The blog always aims to give accurate information as much as possible, but also encourages positivity and passion for the pairing outside canon. 

As the owner of my blog I would like to promote diversity in interpretation. While there are canon materials and guidebooks, it’s very important that shippers allow Cloti to thrive in their imagination and create more fanon works. 

I’ve written too much Cloti defenses for the past years. But no matter what, Cloud comes back to live with his family. It doesn’t even have to be specifically romantic - Cloud, Tifa and everyone can heal and grow in their own ways given time and support. No need to cling on the past and live with guilt. So many good possibilities for them in love, family, career etc. 


Scans of original new art from the new Free! Eternal Summer Guidebook, on sale today! There is much more inside, including detailed character designs and genga/douga from the first episode. Sorry I am not very good at scanning books like this, but please enjoy anyway!

These scans include the full cover, back and front, ending design sketches by director Utsumi, and other drawings by the character designer.



My Pokemon Sun/Moon guidebook came in yesterday, and I was so happy to see that it showed me all these options. Since a friend wanted to see it too, I decided to take photos of the guidebook and post it here for anyone else who is curious!

Some things aren’t available until post-game, and some colours are version exclusive (unless you connect to another version’s dye shop I think? I can’t remember for sure).

Hopefully this helps with finding the perfect outfit and hair for your character!


I am really, really lucky that my job involves me getting to design books for one of my favorite shows -Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar herself wrote this book and illustrated the cover - it’s a guide to the Crystal Gems, from Steven’s perspective. Its super cute and I had so much fun working on it. This just came out today, and you can get your own copy here if you’re interested. The actual book also has a holographic effect on the cover so it is nice and sparkly.

SNK Guidebook Scans: Hange Zoe

See those little blurry words on the left side of Hange’s spider web of abilities?

It says “Intelligence”, and it goes to eleven.

I’m happy to announce that our beloved Hange Zoe has the highest intelligent score of any character in the Shingeki world. Erwin and Armin only scored 10’s.

(Once again, thank you, Julystorms, for destroying your book in order to provide scans of all the Guidebook pages!)


T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (3/8)

Sawamura Daichi

“He’s been around since the first one-shot. In the beginning he was simply a composed person. He looked in his thirties on the outside ánd on the inside (laughs). But because I felt that wouldn’t be enough to unify the bunch, he became someone who’s scary when angered in the first series draft. I usually draw him as “the tolerant Daichi-san”, like how Hinata sees him, but I try to make him look relatively unrefined when he interacts with the other 3rd years”.

Name Origin: 澤村 大地
“His surname simply came to me. I decided on his name without much trouble because I finished his character first. I personally like the way “Daichi-san” sounds.”

Sugawara Koushi

“Sugawara’s first appearance is in the serialisation. I didn’t have a clear image of him in the beginning, but I slowly fleshed him out, as a person who can see things in a way Kageyama can’t. He seems a “good person”, but I first felt “Sugawara turned out good, huh” when I drew him picking on Tanaka. Also, he’s probably always making up bad puns in his head.”

Name Origin: 菅原 孝支
“At my previous work place, I had a senpai who got called “Suga-san”. I somehow really liked the way that sounds. I named him Sugawara to be able to call him “Suga-san”. His grandmother or grandfather probably named him.”

T/N: The Haikyuu!! guidebook includes comments by Furudate-sensei about Karasuno. (1/8)

Tsukishima Kei

“He first appeared in the 2nd one-shot as a cool and clever 2nd-year blocker. His basis remained the same in the serialised version, but I made him a 1st year and gave his sarcasm a power-up. He’s the opposite of Hinata. That’s why - even before getting serialised - he’s the character I most want to draw making a victorious fist pump.”

Name origin: 月島 蛍
“His last name has ‘moon’ (月) to contrast Hinata’s ‘sun’ (日). But I named him ‘firefly’ (蛍) because he can emit light on his own.”

Yamaguchi Tadashi

“His first appearance is in the serialised version. He was completely Tsukishima’s follower at the start and I hadn’t thought about him flourishing like he does in the current arc at all yet (laughs).”

Name origin: 山口 忠
“He’s 忠 (loyalty), like a loyal dog!”

T/N: Furudate uses the word 忠犬, which literally means ‘loyal dog’, but it’s also how you write ‘Hachiko’: a famous loyal Japanese dog. Yamaguchi and Hachiko even share the same birthday, November 10th.