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no, no, this is my favorite kristanna moment. Kristoff recognizes that this man not only betrayed Anna’s trust and love, but also tried to kill her best friend and sister Elsa. He had full intention to whup Hans’s sorry butt. But Anna also sees this and rushes forward, makes him stay back with a single touch. And he backs down, accepts it, because he knows her strength and respects her wishes

best disney prince hands-down.


#TIMELESSTIME Keith Richards and Brian Jones seen here posing on Malibu beach. According to the photographers “ The boys had some hamburgers and played football and were happy to be beside the sea” However it was too cold to go swimming. During the band’s first US tour, 4th June 1964. © Gunther.

We are off on a wild travelling adventure tomorrow.  We are driving down through some lovely hippy towns, and ocean side to visit some wild gypsy’s before heading out to a beautiful field surrounded by some of the tallest mountains and most angelic forests, to camp out under the stars, play some wild tunes together and get a little bit artsy with some paint and pencils.

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  • everyone to foreign exchange students: wow you're so brave to come to a completely new country and learn a language you barely know
  • every foreign exchange student: what the FUck am i doing this is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me how in hell did i end up here what the hell are they saying why the fuck am i getting good grades i dont understand shit