The Sun: Your Guiding Light

Your sun sign represents your pride, ego, and what you like about yourself, as well as what qualities you admire in others. All the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun; this celestial body gives our world structure, stability, life, and light.

When you do things for the right reason, you are more likely to find happiness and success. Your sun sign, the constellation that rules your inner guiding light, indicates what that (right) reason might be.

You should do things…

Aries: for yourself, because you fucking feel like it.

Taurus: because you want to, and only because you want to.

Gemini: because you want to know more about the world around you.

Cancer: because they make you feel safe, cared for, and comfortable.

Leo: because they bring you attention, love, and recognition.

Virgo: because they help you become a better person, and help others too.

Libra: because they bring you inner peace and sate your thirst for justice.

Scorpio: because they make you feel deeply and resonate with your inner truth.

Sagittarius: because they’re fun, and make you smile and laugh.

Capricorn: because they pave the way to your future.

Aquarius: because they help you genuinely feel connected to other people.

Pisces: because they help merge your internal fantasies with external reality.

Example/explanation: If a Sagittarius uses, say, Cancer’s reason as their ‘guiding light,’ they are likely to end up feeling trapped and stuck. With Virgo’s reason, they might feel bored, anxious, and burdened. With Pisces’ reason, they may feel lost. A Sagittarius who does things just for fun, instead of to establish future security (like a Capricorn) or to get attention/recognition (Leo) is more likely to accomplish their chosen goal, and have a good time doing it. Things come to you more naturally if you approach your goals with the correct mentality.

*also applicable to your rising sign

My professor talked about how women aren’t used to asking for things in the work place, such as raises, because we’re conditioned to downplay our achievements and hold off on asserting our value. She discussed how, even now at this stage in her career (a published doctrate), she shakes when she askes to be considered for a raise and about the first time she was really successful at getting one. After class I asked her what she asked her boss and she winked at me, took me to her office, and asked me to take notes.

She said she practiced this technique like 5 times in her office before she requested a meeting with her boss. I’m gonna share it with you guys because I really loved it.

You start off by thanking your employer for their support (whatever that means in the context of your work environment).
You then say that you would like to take some time to discuss next year’s salary.
You say, allow me to refresh your memory regarding some of my accomplishments or contributions from the past year, and you present a written summary of all that you’ve done.
You close by saying, I hope that next year’s salary reflects this list of contributions and you thank them for their time and see yourself out.

I just loved how she made it seem so much less daunting of a task. She said not to underestimate your achievements as women have a tendency underreporting what they’ve done.

The fact that she shared this with me really meant a lot as well as women really need to be there to empower each other and help guide each other towards success. So if you end up using this, let me know! I want to see how it works for you ^_^.

A Guide to a Successful Training Session

Training birds, or any animal for that matter, can be done by essentially anyone who’s willing to put in the time but there’s a few things that many people tend to overlook.  The difference between a trusting, responsive bird and one who may learn slowly or only preform under certain circumstances lies in these fine details.


 Motivation is how much the bird desires to work for you, whether you use a primary motivator (food) or a secondary motivator (stimulation) your bird has to be motivated to work for it!  This typically means reducing those motivators from their every day lives and using them solely for training.

If you’re using physical touch or a toy as a motivator this means letting the bird play with the toy less so they look forwards to playing with it during training.

For food, it can be a little more complicated depending on how you do it.

 The preferred method of food reward if to just alter the feeding schedule, do training first and feed meals afterwards, I wouldn’t be interested in working for cake if I just had a three course meal, would you?  I prefer this method because it’s safer, you don’t risk lowering their body weight or making them ill.  The most common method used is weight management, reducing up to 5% of the bird’s regular meal and filling that 5% with treats during training.  Using the weight management method requires careful attention paid to their weight through weighing them daily and recording their weights, ensuring the weigh does not drop below 5% it’s original weight and definitely no lower than 10% as that risks serious health issues.  I don’t like this method because of these risks but for some birds, they will just continually eat and gain weight which puts them at risk of other health issues (like fatty liver disease) at which point that method becomes necessary to allow the bird to stay at a healthy weight and train effectively.

Behaviour and Communication

 Watching your bird’s body language and how you are able to communicate with the bird is the only way you’ll be able to teach a concept, if neither of you know what the other is saying you will get nowhere!

If your bird is starting to play more than it wants to train, is looking around, chewing the perch, and overall seeming disinterested, that’s you bird telling you that they don’t want to do this anymore and it’s time to end the session before they get grumpy.  If you’re trying to teach a trick that involved being in close proximity to your bird and they’re starting to nibble your hands or show defensive behaviours, that’s them telling you that they aren’t ready to move that far yet and you need to back up and slow down the process until they’re ready for you to get that close.  Pushing a bird past these obvious lines of communication will more than likely result with them flying away or just biting you.

Along with you understanding how to read the bird the bird needs to understand how to read you.  How do you accomplish this?  Start off with basic concepts like target training and clicker recognition, these simple things allow the bird to understand how to do something for a reward, they start to acknowledge your body language and how it’s directing them to preform and action and will help them know when they’ve done something right as well as how that progresses in to a larger concept.

 A consistent bridging device is the best way to communicate a correct behaviour to your bird.  A bridging device is a word or sound that can be repeated consistently and is always followed by some form of positive reinforcer (food, stimulation, etc.).  Consistency is important, if you make a different sound every time the bird does something right they will struggle to understand what marks the correct behaviour.  A bridging device must sound at the exact moment the bird did the correct behaviour, this helps the bird pinpoint exactly what they did correctly and increases the odds of them repeating that behaviour.  If you’re making a different sound every time they will not know what your bridging device is and won’t think they’ve done something right until they’ve got the treat in their mouths, this can mean that them standing around or reaching for the treat (whatever they were doing when being rewarded) is the behaviour they will believe they did correctly and is the behaviour they will repeat.

Rewards and Jackpots

 This is by far one of the most helpful things when training a bird, if a bird doesn’t like what they’re being given they won’t work for it, if they have the same thing every day they’ll get bored of it, a key to a good reward is variety in substance and quantity.

Establish what your bird loves best, many birds change their favourite foods around frequently so it’s important to note when they start to lose motivation for the reward you are using and change it up. Good food reinforcers include hulled sunflower seeds, millet, banana chips, oat groats, anything that can be consumed rapidly so they don’t forget what they just did to earn the food, a good stimulative reinforcer may be a favourite toy, sounds, or physical touch.

Simple enough, but what’s a jackpot?  A jackpot is something you reward the bird with when they’ve made a larger step in the right direction, anything that’s better than what you’re already feeding them (this can mean more of the same treat or just a better treat in general).  A jackpot helps the bird understand that what they just did was better than what they were doing before and increases the odds of them repeating that behaviour to earn the jackpot again.  An example of this would be: If I’m teaching a bird to step up and they’re just leaning over my hand, all I’m rewarding with is millet then suddenly they put a foot on my hand I’m going to reward with something better, like sunflower seeds, the bird will want more of those sunflower seeds and start to put their foot on my hand more frequently to earn them.

Session Length, Session Frequency and Ending the Session

 Birds all have different attention spans, it’s important to watch their body language for signs of boredom and lack of interest.  If you push a bird past their reasonable limit they will lose interest in training all together and may learn to hate training!  The average training session should not go any longer than 15 minutes, when just starting out many birds will only be motivated long enough to work for 5 minutes.

The more sessions you have the faster the bird will understand this concept, this is true but there’s also a risk of overdoing it and stretching the bird’s attention span too far causing them to regress.  According to the various CPBT-KA’s (certified professional bird trainers, knowledge assessed) the best number of sessions to have for one concept in one day is 2, one in the morning and one in the evening.  Some birds are equipped to handle three sessions, some can only handle one, you have to evaluate your bird and determine what works best for them.

How you end the session is important, you always have to end on a positive note so the bird looks forwards to coming back the next day.  If you end with the bird tired, overworked, frustrated and confused, they won’t want to work with you and will refuse any attempts by you to get them to participate.  Have the bird enjoy the session and end it as soon as you see them getting bored.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement

 The two most common methods that work best with birds are positive reinforcement and negative punishment (not to be mistaken with negative reinforcement and positive punishment ).  Positive reinforcement is the action of encouraging repetition of a behaviour through some form of reward, negative punishment is discouraging the repetition of a behaviour by removing something positive from the environment.  

An example of positive reinforcement: The bird lifts it’s foot on to my hand, I reward it with food, the bird wants to earn more of that food so it will look to repeat the behaviour of putting it’s foot on my hand

An example of negative punishment: The bird starts to nibble at my hands instead of stepping up, I slowly move my hands away and pause, removing the opportunity to earn the desired reward.  The bird doesn’t want the opportunity to earn a reward taken away, the bird will reduce repetition of nibbling on my hands in order to continue earning treats.

Negative punishment is not the same as positive punishment, we are not harming the bird in any way or initiating a negative response from them.  Positive punishment has been linked to numerous behaviour problems including feather destruction, screaming and aggression. Birds can not correlate an action with positive punishment and understand that their action caused the punishment, positive punishment causes regression and emotional harm to the bird. Do not use positive punishment on a bird.


 How quickly you pace sessions is determined by the bird,  when teaching a concept you have to break it down in to steps so it is easily understood.  These small steps are extremely significant, birds who learn behaviours by jumping right to the end behaviours commonly forget what they learn and the entire concept must be relearned from scratch.  When taught through a variety of smaller steps a bird may forget different steps and only have to be retaught a few of those last steps to accomplish the end behaviour, the constant repetition displayed through smaller steps also solidifies the concept in their brain and makes it harder to forget.

How many steps you need is dependant on your bird, if you make too many steps and the bird is jumping ahead of you the bird may become frustrated and confused, it’s your job to keep up with the bird’s pace.  If you have too little steps and the bird is stuck it’s your job to break it down in to smaller steps so the bird can accomplish the end goal.

It’s long, I know, but incorporating all of the things listed above can drastically improve not only the bird’s ability to learn and responsiveness but also the bond and communications you are able to have with your parrot.  It might seem like a lot at first but it’s really worth it to see just how excited they can be to work with you, training has become my girls’ favourite part of the day and it’s obvious to me just how much more they enjoy my interaction after working to connect, communicate and bond with them through training.

SB’S (and any woman’s) Guide to Success (Part 1)

1. Keep men around you aroused.  Successful women are not afraid of any part of any man. In fact, they stimulate arousal wherever they go. Who are your favorite women role models? Why? 

2. Keep potentially valuable men especially aroused. If a man can be an asset in your life, find out what he wants and tease him with it. Tease = keep energy, focus, and arousal high.

3. Know your own sexuality, desires, turn-ons, and communicate and share them openly. There’s no room for shame around what you want or what he wants.

4. Don’t see other women as a threat. Jealousy is a turn-off. Competition thinking means that you feel weak. If your guy is looking at another girl, fan the flames…touch him and encourage him to look or arrange something ‘special’ together. If you shut down your sexiness because of fear, that pushes him toward this new thing that much more. Show him that you accept his desires (which he didn’t create or decide upon) and he will give you what you want.  

5. Know your spirituality, your identity, and beliefs. Optimize these to get what you want. Without spirituality, a person is a rudderless ship. Without an identity, you have no flag. Without beliefs, there is no way to connect to you. The world is constantly trying to give you crappy versions of all three of these. Make sure you choose consciously instead.

Any questions?

Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Gen Edition

Fanfics with no sexual or romantic relationships. 

They are all for either teen and up or general audiences.

If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. If there is a work on this list that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know and I’ll take it off the list.

This one got really long, but there’s a lot of good fics on it, so give it a look! Featering Lulatic, dyingplatypus, warfare, and honestly these are all good authors and good fics. Make sure to leave kudos and reviews!

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Life as an emergency medicine intern can be pretty hectic, but having the right tools in your armamentarium can make things that much easier. 

Here are some of the things I carry around on a day to day basis in the emergency department plus a few extras:


Personally I carry the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope. It has served me well for about 4 years now. I think it has one of the best acoustic qualities for those not going into Cardiology. Plus it comes in black!

Stethoscope Hip Clip

White coats get dirty in he emergency department, I stick to just my scrubs mostly. I give my neck a break from hanging my stethoscope around it and clip it to my scrubs pants. Your future orthopedic surgeon thanks you.

Tarascon Adult Emergency Medicine Pocketbook

This book has saved my butt multiple times, especially as a 4th year medical student on Sub-Internship rotations. Faster than opening up your phone and waiting for your WikiEM app to update. Just flip to the back,f ind what your are looking for and BAM! It is especially useful on international rotations when you don’t have internet or data service to spare.

LED Penlight

I think pens with LED lights are less harsh on the patients’ eyes. These pens are still very bright so don’t directly shine them into the patients’ eyes just near them, unless you’re a jerk doctor.

Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy

A great deal of emergency department patients are discharged or admitted on antibiotic therapy. This helps you decide which drug for which bug without having to guess or remember back to your microbiology block. What if it is male with a UTI not a female? Or a kid with pneumonia? What common bugs need what drugs? This book helps a lot. Warning: paper cuts.

Trauma Scissors 

Most trauma patients need their clothes removed. Those who are bleeding out and time is on the essence, whip out these babies and cut through almost anything. Be careful before they cut your dreams.





“One Hell of a Lucky Guy”

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future.

Chapter 1

Caroline sat at her desk mired in paperwork for the Salvatore Boarding School’s upcoming enrollment. By the looks of things next semester would have around a dozen new students up almost fifty percent from five years ago. It had been thirty years since she opened the school and overall it had been quite the success, the student body sat at around one hundred students ranging from ages five to seventeen all living on campus.

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Midheaven 101

The Midheaven ( MC ) is the cusp of the tenth house of the natal chart and one of the most important aspects of your birth chart. Your Midheaven represents your career paths, goals in life, reputation, dynamic with authority figures and how you handle authority, and represents your overall life goal.


Fire signs + Air signs = Need a lifestyle and career that is not shaped by routine. They need excitement, social interactions and seek new opportunities. 

Earth signs + Water signs = Enjoy a steady routine in both their career and relationships. They need stability, commitment and like to take things slow and steady.

* note the rest of your birth chart may influence your needs and wants.

Midheaven in…

Aries: Natural leader,competitive and bit of a risk taker. Aries in Midheaven may struggle with finding a job the settle down with for they hate routine. They are great at taking projects head on and guiding others to success since they hold a firm assertive grip when they take charge. Most of the time an Aries in Midheaven’s goals are pretty clear to them and they will do whatever they can to be on top.

Ideal Careers: Law enforcement, Entrepreneur, Athlete, Medical 

Taurus: Patient, hard-working and frugal. Taurus in Midheaven enjoys a nice steady job and takes a steady path with their relationships. They an eye for beauty and naturally gravitate towards it. They are very focused on financial security and are frugal spenders. They often keep their eye on one goal at a time so they can invest every ounce of them into it.   

Ideal Careers: Insurance, Architect, Stylists, Chef

Gemini: Great at communicating, adaptable and logical employees. Gemini in Midheaven seeks jobs tied to no routine and may change their career paths multiple times. They are charismatic and they seek opportunities that allow them to communicate often. They have multiple ideas at once being hard for them to stay focus on one task at a time and deal with situations logically as oppose to emotionally.

Ideal Careers: Consultant, Communications, linguists, Engineer

Cancer: Caring, compassionate and intuitive. Cancer in Midheaven strives for a steady life with their job and personal affairs. They are great at taping into others emotions and use this as a tool to negotiate. They think before they act upon their desire actions making them great organizers and planners. Midheaven in Cancer means you can’t take too much at once and need time to recharge before the next task.

Ideal Careers: Teacher,  Human Resources, Medical, Carpentry 

Leo: Natural leader, enjoys being in the public eye and courageous. Leo in Midheaven can’t handle too much routine but can be at ease with settling down. They shine with public attention and enjoys a glamours lifestyle. They have the confidence to voice their opinion and to take charge. A Midheaven in Leo may need to be watchful of how they express their ideas for it often comes off as arrogant but thats only because they are so sure of their ideas.

Ideal Careers: Event Planner, Performer, Media Communications, Fashion Designer

Virgo: A hard worker, organized and analytical. Virgo in Midheaven isn’t afraid to take career risks to help them get ahead of the game. They enjoy being a steady and organized lifestyle and love to be a service to others. Having a Midheaven in Virgo means you contemplate on things before you do them and really think long and hard on where exactly they want to go in life.

Ideal Careers: Medical, Campaigning, Finance, Research 

Libra: Sociable, diplomatic and has a great sense of justice. Libra in Midheaven are excel at understanding both sides to every situation and are great a creating pros and cons before making a decision. They strive for beauty in life and come off with poise and charming. They are often aware of their own reputation so they are careful with how they are coming off. They can be indecisive when making decisions because they really need to take time to reflect on every pros and cons. 

Ideal Careers: Fashion Designer, Law, Social Affaris, Interior design

Scorpio: Passionate, self-motivated and great at sympathizing with others. Scorpio in Midheaven takes note in what they achieve in and works on strengthening it and will do whatever it takes to reach their final goal. They may overwork themselves too hard so they must understand their own personal limits. Midheaven in Scorpio creates a big picture of what they want and become frustrated and shut downs when they cannot get what they want.

Ideal Careers: Pharmacists, Psychiatrist, Criminologist, Medical

Sagittarius: Philosophical, intuitive and restless. Sagittarius in Midheaven fears routine and needs exciting everyday interaction. They thirst for adventure and make natural educators. They are great multi-taskers and can take on more than one project at once. They can get bored easily leading to a lack of motivation and may have trouble with being open minded to other thoughts and opinions.

Ideal Careers: Philosophy, Legal Careers, Therapists, Teacher

Capricorn: Patient, hard-working and wise. Capricorn in Midheaven strives for success and is an ideal employee. They make great leaders who are task orientated. They work hard and like to keep climbing up the leader of success and seek public recognition for their work. Competitions helps motivate them and push them to do better since they want to be the best. Capricorn in Midheaven makes you a reliable worker though they can often get to wrapped up in work putting a strain on personal relationships.

Ideal Careers: Politics, Economics, Advertising, Finance

Aquarius: Humanitarian, cooperative and flexible. Aquarius in Midheaven are skilled with coming up with new ideas and putting them into action. They need variety and change in the work filed or else they will become bored. They may come across arrogant but only because they have everyone’s best interest at heart and want to make sure everything goes according to plan. They work well with a team and can really make sure everyone is involved with sharing in the discussion. 

Ideal Careers: Science, Research, Counseling, Media

Pisces: Imaginative, sensitive and compassionate. Pisces in Midheaven are great in channeling their intuition and need their own space from time to time. They are most followers than leaders and would avoid taking big risks. They are very idealistic but can slack off from time to time. They are very spiritual and are often in-tuned with energy.  

Ideal Careers: Photography, Veterinarian, Writing, Architecture

hello all! my name is sam, and here is a masterpost of all the masterposts that i’ve reblogged. these masterposts do not belong to me. i also recognize that some of these posts are not “masterposts”, but they contain so much useful information.

student success:

self care:


you are worth it:

well, that’s it for now! i have more links to other masterposts, so let me know if you want another one!

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See, I’m Smiling

Summary: Now that his book has been published, Y/N, despite being by Newt’s side and helping him with his book, feels that he is not supporting her with her dream.

Based off of the song See, I’m Smiling from the musical The Last Five Years.

Warnings: Angst, a few curse words

Word Count: 2,972

Characters:  Newt Scamander

This is my second fanfic, but my first time writing Newt. I am very nervous, but I hope you enjoy this. :) Obviously, I do not own anything, just love both of these movies. 

Originally posted by xrobbiexkayx


You and Newt met a little while after you had graduated from Ilvermorny. You had always wanted to work in the theater and had the full package: you could act, sing, and dance to your heart’s desire. If there were any auditions near you, you were always one of the first people in line. After you graduated, you decided to treat yourself and leave America for a couple of months to travel, your first destination was Egypt. You and a group of friends were doing some sight-seeing when you had wandered off by yourself and saw some trouble ahead of you. There was a magnificent, gold and white bird had wings that would blow you away with flap and he was being held down by chains. You felt sorry for the poor creature and were about to grab your wand to stop the evil men that were trying to drag that wonderful bird when someone bumped into you, knocking you to the ground. You saw the person stop and hurry back towards you; you noticed he kind of stepped to his own, unique rhythm.

“Oh, I am so terribly sorry Miss,” said the man with his English accent while helping you up.

You brushed yourself off and picked up your wand off of the floor. You were about to answer until you looked up at the stranger and became speechless. The first thing you noticed about him was the color of his eyes, how green they were and how they deeply stared into your own for a couple of seconds before you noticed him blush and bashfully lower his head to look to the ground. You then moved to look at the rest of his features, noting the freckles on his nose and his curly, auburn hair. You finally realized that you were staring and cleared your throat,

“Oh, it’s no problem,” you said nervously, giggling a little, “I was just trying to get to those guys and help that poor creature”.

“Really? “ Asked the stranger, finally looking back up at you, “you were going to help the Thunderbird too?”

It was your turn to blush when you noticed his beautiful eyes gaze upon yours.

“Uh, well if that is what you call that magnificent looking bird, then yes. Something about those guys creep me out and that poor creature looks so frightened”.

“Well,” he said, looking down again, “I would really appreciate the help. You see, I am a magizoologist and I am writing a guide on fantastic beasts, on how to make people aware of them and let them know that they are not dangerous at all. I was hoping to help the Thunderbird and hopefully take him back to his true home.”

“You would want a total stranger to help you save a Thunderbird?”

“W-well I mean,” he started, fidgeting with his hands before looking back up at you, “what is your name?”

You smiled and said “Y/F/N, Y/F/N Y/L/N. And your name?”

“Newt Scamander, now that that is out of the way,” he grabbed your hand and started running towards the beast, “let’s go help that Thunderbird”.


That was how the two of you started to travel together, documenting and saving any fantastic beast that crossed your path. You both became very close, falling for one another but not telling each other in fear of losing the wonderful friendship you both had built up. But, once the events in New York happened and you almost got executed at MACUSA, Newt was the first to admit his feelings for you, grabbing you in for a kiss after Queenie and Jacob found you two and hid you in the suitcase. You guys had been together ever since. You left New York to go back to London with Newt, where you eventually got a job as a bartender, but did not give up your dream of performing. You would continue to search for auditions, getting some but mostly not. Newt had been busy with finishing his manuscript that you started to feel a little left out, but continued to support him. You loved Newt more than anything and decided that no matter how shitty your life was that you wouldn’t let it stop you from supporting him.

His book had finally been published and you both had never been more relieved. Of course, you loved his creatures and had grown quite fond of them, and they had grown fond of you as well. You would help Newt with feeding them and taking care of the injured ones as well. It would often become quite tiresome, but you simply adored those creatures, as well as Newt. You both thought that you could finally relax and get some rest. But, to your dismay, Newt had to go on tour to help promote his guidebook at many big cities, go to many parties, and make guest appearances at the wizarding schools.

Newt would often leave you behind, seeing as you were finally able to land some auditions and were finally going to perform. You knew that Newt was going to be busy and that he would not be able to get to see you perform, but you tried to keep your head up and not let it ruin what you have been wanting for a while. It was fine for a while, but you started to feel like you were supporting him more than he was you, no matter how much he would tell you how proud he was of you for finally pursuing your dream. You would go with him to his parties that were in London, as well as his book readings. You both did get in a couple of arguments about it, but still stood by one another.  But, it was slowly starting to fall apart.


After a few months of not seeing each other, Newt was finally able to get a few days off to spend your birthday with you as well as finally watch one of your shows for the first time. Words could not describe how you felt knowing that Newt was finally going to watch you perform and see just how good others have been saying you were. You were waiting impatiently for Newt at the theater, taking a break from practicing your lines, so you could finally spend some time with one another. You finally caught a glance at his curly hair and his suitcase and ran towards him, jumping into his arms and placing a much needed kiss onto his lips.

“Newt!” You exclaimed, “I am so happy that you are here.”

Newt laughed, squeezing you for a moment longer before putting you down and looking at you lovingly.

“Of course, I couldn’t stand being away from you any longer, love”.

“I guess I can’t believe you really came,” you said in a quiet voice, looking down, “it has been so long since I have seen you”.

Newt lifted your chin up and gave you a kiss on the tip of your nose, smiling at you and said,

“I have missed you so much darling; can’t you see how happy I am to be here?”

You looked up at him with a big smile on your face.

“See, I’m smiling,” you giggled, grabbing both of his hands “that means I’m happy that you’re here”. You dragged him away from where you two were standing and showed him around the theater. You showed him that stage, the costume room, where you decided it would be funny to steal a sweater from, and finally your dressing room. You sat for a moment and started telling him all about the show and your coworkers. He then invited you to go with him to see the creatures that he knew you had missed so much. You agreed and started to head down the suitcase. The first creature that you wanted to see was Dougal the Demiguise. You absolutely adored him ever since Newt introduced you to him. When he saw you, he hurried over to you and wrapped your legs in a hug and you bent down to hug him too.

“Oh Dougal, I have missed you so much!” You said, laughing as he looked at you with his big eyes. He grabbed your hand and walked you over to where the Bowtruckles were staying and that was when you saw another one of your favorites, Pickett. You lifted your hand so he could climb onto it and began to climb to sit on your shoulder. You felt something tickle your cheek as you realized it was Pickett giving you a kiss and you giggled.

“It looks like someone has missed you a ton, love” Newt said, reaching over for Pickett to climb onto his hand and hide him in his signature blue coat.  

“I think you’re really going to like the show Newt,” you said to him while he gave you a kiss to the cheek, “I’m pretty sure it is not as bad as what it seems”. He started to laugh and you finally felt like all of the problems from the past year have finally come to a stop.

“See you’re laughing and I’m smiling,” you put a hand up to his face and smiled, “we’re doing fine”.

“Of course we are doing fine love,” he said, grabbing your hand and putting a kiss to it, “I think we both can see what could be better and I am so sorry if you have felt like I wasn’t paying much attention to you. I never would have thought that this guide would become so successful”.

“It’s okay Newt, I am sorry too,” you looked at your hands, fingers entwined in his “But we can start again this weekend and you can finally watch my show and we can spend time together for my birthday”.

As soon as you mentioned both of those, Newt removed his hands from yours and looked down with a troubled look in his eyes.

“Y-yeah umm, Y/N there is something I have to tell you,” he said, continuing to look down, “They are throwing something to celebrate the success that the guide has brought at the Ministry and I couldn’t get out of it”.

You felt you’re your stomach get heavy and it felt like your heart had stopped a little, and looked down at Dougal, who seemed to know that you were upset.

“Oh, well, it’s okay Newt. I just didn’t know you had to go so soon,” you said quietly.

Newt’s head lifted up as soon as he heard the hurt from your voice and he grabbed your hands again and pulled them towards him.

“I know and I am so sorry love,” he said as he bent down to place a kiss to your hands.

“Look, whatever, if you have to, then you have to, it’s alright,” you glanced back up and pulled Newt in for a hug “we’ll have tonight”. You felt Newt tense up at this,

“Well, actually Y/N,” he said pulling away from you, while grabbing ahold of your hands, “I have to leave tonight so I can meet with my publisher as well as the Minister to go over the details of the party and what is going to be said as well”.

You felt you heart shatter once more, but not in sadness. Instead, you felt angry. How could Newt just leave after he promised to take the days off to watch your performance? Everything that you thought was finally becoming resolved had started to come back and it hurt you. You removed your hands from his and turned away from him, taking a deep breath and turning back towards him.

“You know what makes me crazy?” you asked, looking at him with his back facing away from you, “I’m sorry, can I say this? You know what makes me nuts? The fact that we could be together sharing our night after months of being apart”.

Newt turned to look back at you and just stared. He knew you would be upset, how he wished that he could go back to how things used to be. He knew that you guys were spending less time together, but what could he do? He did want you guys to be together more than what you have been, but that would mean giving up the guide that he worked so hard to complete. He thought you would at least understand that.

“Y/N, please I am sorry, I-I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t just say no to those people. Everyone is going to the party, including Queenie, Tina, and Jacob. Don’t you miss them?”

“Of course I miss them Newt, but this isn’t about them,” your voice starting to sound angrier, “ even they told me they were going to stop by tonight and watch me perform. You know how important this weekend was to me and you are gonna choose someone else to be with!”

Newt flinched at that “No I’m not, that is not what I am doi-“

“Yes Newt that’s exactly what you’re doing,” you interrupted, “You could be here with me or be there with them, but as usual guess which you pick?”

“Darling, I have to go to this I can’t exactly say no to the Minister for throwing a party for me,” you heard the anger rise in Newt’s voice, and felt your throat get heavy.

“No, Newt,” you began, clenching your fists, “you do not have to go to another party. You see these people every time, you already know them. How about instead you stay with your girlfriend on her fucking birthday and possibly even see my show?” Newt began to walk towards you and tried to grab you, but you walked away, storming towards the cabin to leave the suitcase with Dougal hot on your trail.

Newt followed you and stopped you and was about to tell you how sorry he was, but you interrupted him.

“And I know in your soul it must drive you crazy that you won’t get to play with your little girlfriends Newt-“

“What? Y/N that’s crazy I am not cheating on you. You’re starting to sounding crazy”.

“Don’t you dare tell me I am crazy Newt Scamander,” you shouted. “The point is that you can’t spend a single day that is not about you. Ever since you published your book everything has to go your way. Not once have you thought about how I would feel every time you go off to another party where I see women of all types throw themselves at you. You leave me alone at every party we go to and not once do you go to check on me and I am forced to sit there by myself”.

Newt felt his throat go heavy, “Y/N, I-I’m sorry. I know I should check on you but everyone stops me to talk to them and I never have a chance to see you-“

“And not only that, you refuse to watch my performances. Do you not realize that you have not seen any of them because of a party or a book signing you have to go to? Do you ever stop to think about how I feel every single time I get shot down when I invite you to watch my show?”

Newt looked at you and when he did, his heart fell. He saw that you were beginning to cry and all he wanted to do was pull you close and beg you to forgive him. Pickett also heard you crying and climbed down from Newt to go and climb onto you. You didn’t realize that you had an audience and looked down to see Dougal looking up at you sadly, hugging your legs. You sniffled and tried to hold your tears back, but they kept coming.

“I swear to God, I’ll never understand” you paused to take a deep breath, “how you can stand there, straight and tall and see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” You grabbed Pickett gently from your shoulder, trying not to cry as you noticed he kept reaching out for you but you gently placed him in Newt’s hands and walked away, feeling Newt’s eyes on you. Dougal tried to follow you but you stopped and bent down to him and gave him a big hug.

“No Dougal, you have to stay with your mummy,” you said, trying not to cry as you pulled out of his grasp and continued to make your way out of the suitcase.

All Newt could do was watch, because he knew you were right. He knew that you were there supporting him from day one, but he didn’t even take the time to watch one of your shows. All he could do at that very moment was watch as Pickett and Dougal looked at him, with disappointment as well as sadness in their eyes and start to walk back to their habitats. Newt knew he should have ran to you, hug you and beg you to forgive him, but he couldn’t move. All he could do was watch as the one thing he loved the most walk away from him with such sadness that he wishes he could take away. He finally got the courage to walk out of the suitcase, only to find that you were not there. He clenched his fists, and decided that he would give you some space and apparated to the Ministry to start the preparation for the party. He hoped that after the party was over, he could go to you and maybe you could possibly forgive him, because he did not want to lose the only person who cared for him and stood by him, despite him not showing the same support.

A few tips on how to be successful!

1. Don’t give up. You can do it. I promise. Even if somethings goes not the way you planned you can always turn it around again. It’s always worth trying to the very end.

2. Take care of yourself!!! This is the most important one. Your health is very valid. If you’re feeling bad you won’t go far. How to take care:

  • drink water
  • sleep the proper amount of hours
  • treat yourself
  • eat healthy
  • take breaks
  • try to exercise or at least have a 30 minute walk every day

3. Relax. You aren’t a robot. You need breaks and need to chill for a while. It will freshen your mind and keep you motivated. Ideas what to do on a break:

  • watch an episode of netflix (I do not recomend this on breaks between study sessions it will totally distract you and take a lot of time!!!)
  • take a shower (or bath) it will give you energy (cold shower = energy, warm shower = relaxation)
  • make a snack and eat it on your break or while studying
  • listen to music (I recomend faster song so it will keep you alive and won’t make you fall asleep)
  • a 10-15 minute nap (but you really have to have discipline to wake up, not like me lol)

4. Failure is okay. Failure is a teacher not a judge (someone here said it and this is so important!!). It shows you what you need to improve and what to change. It matters that you draw conclusions.

5. Love yourself. Your body and soul is your home and anywhere feels as good as home. If you don’t feel good with yourself you won’t be able to focus on anything else and be successful.

6. Organize. Working in a mess and not having things sorted out is really hard. Recomendation: bullet journal! It helps keeping everything in one place. All your meetings, to-do lists in one place. 

7. Drink water!!!!!!! This is honestly so important. If you are not hydrated enough you will feel sleepy, bad, have a headache and depressed. It won’t let you focus on anything or stay motivated.

8. Avoid procrastination! It’s a serious time-killer. If you can do it now - do it. Tomorrow you won’t want to do it five time more. If you do it now you will be glad you did it, promise.

9. Have fun. Studying is your choise but if you will keep it boring [notes, studying, exams, notes, studying, exams etc.] you’ll lose the sense of studying and motivation. Make it more fun. Put some funny drawings in your notes, treat yourself, make your notes look colorful and exciting! You can also check out some studyblrs for motivation (this helps me a lot). If you need a break, take it. Don’t put too much on your shoulders.

10. Set yourself a few goals. Not too much and take small steps, not everything at once. If you complete a goal you will feel satisfied. Also this is very motivating.

So this is my first masterpost!! I hope this will help someone just as much as it helps me. This is also a little reminder for me to take my own advise which I forget sometimes. So good luck on your way to success, stay positive and believe in yourself - this is the main key!

Julia xx