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The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Sheridan Ford, ed.
New York: Frederick Stokes & Brother, 1890.

Shit Tumblr History Nerds Say to Each Other

Below are quotes - actual quotes - from a Skype chat me and a bunch of tumblr history nerds are in. Yes, we use Skype. We’re losers. Also here’s a disclaimer: it’s a private conversation where messages are typically sent without passing through our brains first. Do not take anything seriously. Also, reading this might will cause cancer.


Fuji, @fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode
Gideon, @tanks-a-lot
Shiggy, @uss-edsall
Joey, @british-eevee
Zach, @supermarketsecurity

Part 1 of ?: Sections 0 - 99

This post contains sections 0-99: 25 AUGUST 2015 to 12 OCTOBER 2015. Joey and Zach were not a part of the chat group yet.

Section 0

Off to a good start,

“you’d think that the friendship between tumblrs two Pacific War historians would be a little intellectual, but nope” - Fuji

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Since we’re talking about minor characters in The Hunger Games that fandom blows out of proportion, let’s talk about someone I think actually thinks deserves that kind of recognition: Boggs.

Boggs is one of the only characters in this series who, despite having his own agenda and interests, completely sets them aside to support Katniss and her decisions and goals. When we first meet Boggs, Gale describes him as “Coin’s right-hand lackey.” He’s clearly aligned with the revolution, and has likely put years of work into pulling it off. But in the Mockingjay sessions before Katniss is sent to 8, we learn that he has been truly touched by Katniss’ actions in the Games after Haymitch asks about moments when Katniss moved the audience through her own actions:

I’m surprised that the next speaker is Boggs, who I think of as a muscular robot that does Coin’s bidding. “When she sang the song. While the little girl died.” Somewhere in my head an image surfaces of Boggs with a young boy perched up on his hip. In the dining hall, I think. Maybe he‘s not a robot after all.

So, not only has he been moved by Katniss, but we are given another reason why it is in his interest to remain loyal to Coin and the D13’s revolution: he has a son. But interestingly, that’s not what we see unfold in the rest of the book.

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