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The mystic Simone Weil wrote to a friend on another continent, ‘Let us love this distance, which is thoroughly woven with friendship, since those who do not love each other are not separated.’ For Weil, love is the atmosphere that fills and colors the distance between herself and her friend. Even when that friend arrives on the doorstep, something remains impossibly remote: when you step forward to embrace them your arms are wrapped around mystery, around the unknowable, around that which cannot be possessed.
—  Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

Favourite Jensen & Jared pics:

lance learning about the youngest pilot of his generation, a.k.a. openly bi pilot takashi shirogane. he not only manages to make it into the garrison despite his adhd and him not being the best at math, but manages to make it to the top, and was first chosen to be in a fighter pilot class once a position was available. all because he saw shiro in an interview when he was young and decided, i want to feel what he feels when he talks about being with the stars.

How to not lose my/an INTJ’s interest

While I, an INTJ, am very loyal to the people I love and care about, I have a problem: Sooner or later, I tend to lose interest in most of my friends. This isn’t something I’m proud of - in fact, I feel like there’s something wrong with me - but nevertheless, it doesn’t make it any less interesting to analyze. And maybe someone else will even be able to relate, which would be cool.
So here’s a list of things I came up with that can stop me from losing my interest in you.

1. Care about me, but not excessively.

I want deep friends, and if I care about you, I want you to care about me. It can be simple things like asking how I am every now and again, surprising me with kind words or listening to me if I need to talk about something. But don’t let it go too far.

Don’t send me a message everyday asking how I am/how I’m feeling; it makes me feel suffocated, and I will most likely stop talking to you about my feelings. Don’t bombard me with praise or worship me; it makes me feel uncomfortable and sometimes even disgusted, and you will probably lose my respect. Don’t blow my feelings out of proportions if I don’t; I may just want to tell you about something without needing you to go “Awwww nooooo sweetie :( :( :( :( :( This is terrible, how are you feeling??? Omg I’m crying now” or bombard me with messages every day the following week. (Yepp, has happened.)

Just, you know, care about me and show interest in me, but don’t overdo it.

2. Don’t dismiss my unique traits by telling me I’m “cute” or “weird”.

As a female INTJ, I have had a lot of friends who haven’t been super comfortable with my… weirdness. And by weirdness, I mean weird by their standards. I have a friend who always exclaims “you’re so cute!!!” whenever I say something about video games or language nerdery, for example, and it undermines me and my interests. You don’t need to have the same interests as I do, but at least show some respect and maybe try to understand them instead of calling me cute. I understand it can be hard for women to accept me not being the typical girlygirl, because they’ve been taught to be that girl, but please try to see this behaviour and do something about it.

3. Possess a will to learn and develop.

This might seem harsh, but I really have problems with people who “stand still” in life or at least don’t want to actively learn new things or improve themselves. I am constantly looking to develop and improve, so if you want me to not lose interest in you, try not to stay the same boring and immature person for too long. We all have negative traits, but I can’t stand people who go “yes I’m immature/naive/prejudiced/etc but I’m not going to do anything about it”. I don’t want to drag your weight behind me; I want someone I can grow and develop alongside with. The more you can teach me, the more bonus points you will get.

Taking care of your health (as in, seeking help for any mental disorders or such) is also very important. Don’t complain about your problems if you’re not going to do anything about them.

And for the love of everything dear, don’t be narrow-minded!

4. Be independent.

Don’t cling to me. Live your own life and then come back to tell me about all the cool stuff you experienced. Don’t be too naive; I don’t want to have to educate you every time we talk. As I said under #1, don’t worship me (might sound like a weird thing to say but too many people have worshipped me, it’s not fun anymore). You need to be able to give me space, and I will give you space in return. Just… Have a backbone, you know.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be dependent on me from time to time. It’s okay to not be strong all the time.

5. Avoid drama and unexpected changes in your behaviour, and be loyal.

… Or I will be out of your life within ten seconds. Really, I don’t have the patience for drama. Tell me if I do something wrong. We can have a conversation about it. We can solve it. But if you’re not at least a little consistent in your behaviour, I will become unsure of our friendship and will most likely fall back.

Also another thing worthy of mention: STAY. LOYAL. It’s okay to grow apart, but ffs, don’t backstab me and don’t suddenly just disappear. I know I can be guilty of disappearing myself sometimes, but I’m working on it. I am actually quite insecure when it comes to friendships, so be straightforward with me. If you just leave me with no explanation, I will be hurt and then I will move on and forget about you before you’ve even realized what happened.

I want us to be comfortable with each other, and we can’t if I’m always scared that you’ll react in a weird and/or unexpected way.

6. Stay a little mysterious/Don’t hurry our friendship.

As an INTJ, I looooove challenges and mysteries. I love to crack people open and find their darkest secrets; learn what makes them tick and how their brains work. Now, I’m not telling you to play “hard to get”, no no, but since I am so thirsty for your thoughts (I will be if I’m interested in you), maybe don’t just lay them all out on the table immediately. It’s hard to say this, because it goes against my innermost wishes - I mean, I want to get to know you NOW NOW NOW - but it’s been shown in my past friendships that such an intense interest tends to blow the relationship up. I go too fast, they go too fast, I get to know everything about them but I haven’t yet started to care enough about them, and so when I feel like I’ve “emptied” them, I lose interest and move on. And they feel let down. They feel betrayed. Of course. I can understand that.

So torture my curiosity. Give me a little of you at a time. Trust me, it will be better in the long run.

7. Possess humor.

Well, I guess this is more about what kind of people I go together well with, but I need to be able to be goofy and silly with you, and we need to be able to joke around without the other person taking it too seriously. At least, if a joke hurts you, then tell me. I will stop. Don’t just ignore me passive-aggressively.

8. Be prepared to solve things and compromise.

Without this, our friendship is doomed from the beginning. There will be problems and fights eventually. One or both of us will get hurt or just don’t like something the other did. WE. NEED. TO. TALK. ABOUT. IT!!! Please. If you’re important to me, I am ready to compromise and do everything in my power to solve any problems that arise between us. If you respect me and care about me, you will do the same.

9. I am an introvert - don’t force me out of my comfort zone.

The headline says it all, really. Never force me to talk to you on the phone or even chat to you if I need to be alone. Never force me to leave my home. And don’t intrude on it, either. I need my safe zone.

10. Don’t be afraid to talk about hard things.

If I trust you, I can discuss almost anything with you. I don’t have any problems discussing hard things like deep feelings, death, sorrow, mental disorders etc.  Actually, those topics are good ways to deepen a bond with someone, so go ahead! Tell me what you feel and think about things.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask me about my feelings. And I don’t mean the standard “how are you”, but more like “how do you feel about this particular thing”. As long as it doesn’t go as far as #1 on this list, you’re good.

Bob’s New York

See New York through Robert Rauschenberg’s eyes with “Bob’s New York,” our guide to the sites of friendship and exchange that marked his time in the city. Our first stop: 6 West 95th Street, the studio and apartment Bob shared with his wife, artist Susan Weil in 1950. It was here, in the building’s shared bathroom, that the pair created the blueprints that offered them their first recognition: a 3-page spread in LIFE magazine.

Explore more sites from “Bob’s New York” on, and visit to map out your own #RauschenbergAmongFriends walking tour.

[Rauschenberg demonstrating the blueprint process for Life photojournalist Wallace Kirkland. Photo: Wallace Kirkland. Courtesy University of Illinois at Chicago Library Special Collections]

MLP Season 7 Episode Guide

This post will be updated with more info as soon as we get it, but be warned: you’re entering spoiler-territory. Thanks to the early airings of episodes in Canada, we’re getting episode titles and even synopses far ahead of the American release schedule. If you’re opposed to these kinds of spoilers, you best be scrolling on.

Sources will be exclusively from Equestria Daily and Zap2It (commonly relied upon source, has been for years), I’m just compiling them so you have the full list.

This list will be updated with the full season as soon as that information is revealed!

  • S7E1 144 - Celestial Advice
  • S7E2 145 - All Bottled Up
  • S7E3 146 - A Flurry of Emotions
  • S7E4 147 - Rock Solid Friendship
  • S7E5 148 - Fluttershy Leans In: Fluttershy is determined to make her career dreams come true with the help of some very special ponies. But when her true vision is not being executed properly, she must find a way to stand up and fight for her ideas.
  • S7E6 149 - Forever Filly: When Rarity surprises Sweetie Belle with a special day together filled with all of her favorite activities, she quickly learns that her little sister is no longer the little foal she used to be.
  • S7E7 150 - Parental Glideance: When Rainbow Dash’s parents discover she’s a Wonderbolt, they show up at every event to cheer her on. However, their unabashed enthusiasm proves to be rather embarrassing and pushes Rainbow Dash to the brink.
  • S7E8 151 - Hard to Say Anything: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that Big Mac has his first crush, they vow to help him win Sugar Belle’s heart before Feather Bangs does it first.
  • S7E9 152 - Honest Apple: When Rarity asks Applejack to be a judge in a fashion show, Applejack learns that an opinion, however honest, can still be hurtful.
  • S7E10 153 - A Royal Problem: Starlight Glimmer is sent to solve a friendship problem between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna; when it’s clear that the problem is that the royal sisters don’t appreciate one another, Starlight impulsively switches their cutie marks!
  • S7E11 154 - Not Asking for Trouble: Pinkie Pie visits Prince Rutherford and the Yaks. While there an avalanche falls on the entire rustic village of Yakyakistan. Pinkie Pie suggests that she go to get the other ponies to help but the proud Prince and Yaks refuse.
  • S7E12 155 - Discordant Harmony: When Discord invites Fluttershy to his realm for tea, he worries she won’t be comfortable there and begins to change it and himself with disastrous results.
  • S7E13 156 - The Perfect Pear: The Apple Siblings learn about their parent’s love story and find out that they’re half Pear.
  • S7E14 157 - Fame and Misfortune: Twilight Sparkle’s publishing of the friendship journal has unintended consequences when ponies start to argue over who wrote the best lessons.
  • S7E15 158 - Triple Threat: Spike accidentally invites Ember and Thorax to Ponyville on the same day. He’s sure the two new leaders are not going to get along so he does all he can to keep them apart and cover the fact that the other is there.
  • S7E16 159 - Campfire Tales: When their sister camping trip is ruined by Fly-ders, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash tell Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo the stories of their favorite legends; inspired by the tales, the girls make the most out of their new situation.
  • S7E17 160 - Daring Done - When Rainbow Dash’s favourite author, A.K. Yearling, announces her retirement, she convinces Pinkie Pie to go on a quest to find out if the Daring Do book series will be finished forever.
  • S7E18 161 - A Health of Information:  While helping Fluttershy gather supplies, Zecora comes down with a terrible disease called Swamp Fever; even though a cure has not been discovered, Fluttershy makes it her mission to heal Zecora no matter what it takes.
  • S7E19 162 - To Change a Changeling: Starlight Glimmer and Trixie try to get Thorax’s brother Pharynx to accept the new way by sharing love and transforming so he doesn’t undermine Thorax’s leadership, and that the hive will ultimately accept him.
  • S7E20 163 - It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You: When Rarity’s shampoo is accidentally switched with Zecora’s magical remover potion, she does everything she can to fix her devastated mane in time for an upcoming photo shoot.
  • S7E21 164 - Once Upon a Zepplin: Twilight is torn when she discovers the cruise she and her family are on is a themed vacation experience in which ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with her, and she must please both her family and the cruise attendees.
  • S7E22 165 - Marks and Recreation: Wanting to help as many blank flanks as possible, the CMCs start a Cutie Mark Day Camp, but are surprised when one of their campers doesn’t want a cutie mark.
  • S7E23 166 - Secrets and Pies: When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst - that Rainbow Dash secretly hates her pies; Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies.
  • S7E24 - Uncommon Bond
  • S7E25 - Shadow Play Part 1
  • S7E26 - Shadow Play Part 2

guide-to-the-galaxy  asked:

something from i hear static! like i dunno something with ghost donnie and casey doin more of that thing they do 😜 thak uuuu friendo

hey friend, here’s something i hope will make your day, since you’ve been ill lately. <3

(this isn’t technically canon, but it could be? idk, have some dumb friends being dumb.)

Casey had been a hundred percent right about how agonizing it was going to be, waiting for the plan to come into effect. Barely two days in, and he was starting to really wonder if it was possible to grab time by the collar and make it go faster.

At the moment, that remained something he personally couldn’t do. Cue him skulking around his apartment, nursing a frustrated and nervous mood.

He was stuck in the weird zone during the day where he was close to when he friends started waking up, but not close enough he could call or drop by without cutting short their sleep. His sister was at a friend’s apartment, his dad was at work for a few more hours… usually this would be an ideal time to chill out and have the television to himself, but at the moment he just felt squirrely and useless.

He stared at the digital numbers on the clock, set on top of their VCR player.

Time. Move faster. For the love of god.

Time didn’t comply.

Casey sighed, and put an arm over his eyes. Flopped across the whole of their shitty old couch, even with the drone of mindless television in the background, he couldn’t relax more than a little bit. Too much was happening lately, but also not enough was happening.

It was a little hard to properly chill out, knowing one of your closest buds was stuck between life and death 24/7 and another was looking too close to that for comfort.

Maybe he should go find some Cheetos. Cheetos made everything better, for however long the bag lasted.

Casey decided that would be a good plan, and rolled himself off the couch and onto his feet.

A spine tingling shiver went up his spine; right to his brain and through his skull.

Casey froze.

Static started to cover up whatever the game show host had been saying; garbling the words and whining through the speakers.

He slowly turned around.

Donnie’s blank eyed face stared at him from inside the television screen, shorting out the picture and filling the whole TV with pixels.

Casey stared at his friend.

“…dude, really?” He gestured at Donnie’s disembodied self inside his electronics. “With the haunting again? I thought you were over that stuff.”

Donnie didn’t answer, but the channel behind his head changed. Jaunty jazz music started playing, but slowed down and warped in parts so the saxophone sounded just plain creepy.

Casey rolled his eyes. “Oh ha ha ha, yeah real funny. I’m getting some Cheetos. You better get out of that thing by the time I’m back, because if you break my family’s television so help me.”

His friend’s image blurred on the screen, and for a moment Casey swore Donnie was sticking his tongue out at him.

Casey rolled his eyes again, and went to find his processed cheese snack.

It figured that when he opened the cupboard, the bag exploded in his face and sent orange dust everywhere.

The television channel changed a second time, playing a laugh track loudly from the living room.

Fucking poltergeists.

Casey wiped his face off with a grumble, rescued what Cheetos were salvageable enough to put in a bowl, and returned to the living room.

“Donnie, whenever you’re corporeal again I’m gonna- oh no you don’t- don’t do that, for fuck’s sake-” Casey sighed, and covered his greasy feeling face. “Donnie. Come on. That’s just freaky looking and kind of dumb.”

He peeked through his fingers.

Yep. Donnie was still hauling himself out of Casey’s television The Ring style.

Fucking. Poltergeists.

Things you need to tell your INTP daily by INTJ

-That probably isn’t socially acceptable.
-Yes I do like -insert fandom here-
-I mean legally speaking…
-Just do it you’re going to do it anyway.
-Well I mean the normal response to that situation is -insert response-.
-Please don’t go into a forest and isolate, you know I won’t put the effort into finding you.
-Did you remember to eat, bathe, sleep etc. today?
-You didn’t really say that to X did you?
-Don’t do that.

If you find yourself wondering why things aren’t the same with that group of friends anymore, or why you always feel like the outsider no matter how much you’re around a certain people, go to the Lord about those true feelings. Because He is your true friend, He knows about the community and friendship that your heart is craving and He knows how to provide in this area of your life.

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family. - Proverbs‬ ‭18:24‬

Making friends as an adult is a challenge, and keeping friends can prove to be even more difficult. However, God is going to provide for you in all of this. Whether you and your college friends end up being super close for decades to come, or some of your best friendships have turned into seasonal ones, He is still a provider–even a provider of friendships and community.

So when you find yourself looking at the bond that other’s have and you find yourself imagining a different social life for yourself, remember that God has not left you alone in this season. There are people all around you who are in need of love and community, and even if they don’t end up being the people you thought you’d be spending time with, you never know the kind of impact you can have on their lives, and the kind of impact they can have on yours.

Don’t use snippets of someone’s Snapchat or Instagram story as a reference for what a social life looks like. Don’t use your past as a guide as to what friendship is. God is in the business of doing things that are beyond our expectations; opening our eyes to things that once seemed unlikely to happen, and He does this even when it comes to friendships.

So open your eyes. Open your heart. Let your Heavenly Father place the people in your life that are meant to be there.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo