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World Book Day 20th Anniversary

From Chile to China, Iberia to Liberia, CMYK are celebrating #WorldBookDay with a selection of continent-crossing treasures.

Author’s Note:
If you’ve picked up this book you’re probably thinking of getting into Dublin’s Occult scene.
Or else you’re some muggle shitehawk thumbing through to have a laugh at me, if you’re the latter kindly piss off.
For the rest of you who are actually taking this seriously I want you to ask yourself something.

Are you really?

Are you really taking this seriously?
Or do you just want to get in with the cool kids? Or are you just a little psy-curious? Or do you see it as a fashion accessory or a hobby?
If you’re just curious then fine, no harm done. You got the book, now read it and leave it at that.
But if you’re just interested in getting in the pants of that hot witch you see in the pub sometimes or cursing the bollocks off that neighbour who wakes you up every night at four then this is not how you go about it.

This world is very easy to get into, but very hard to leave and it involves a lot of nasty things and a lot of nasty people so before you make your decision think long and hard, ask yourself are you ready to commit?

—   The Practitioner’s Guide to Dublin