guide to distraction

How to: study / part 1 - distractions

1. Delete your phone apps

I’d go on instagram hours at a time. What was helpful was to delete all of my social media apps and any apps in general that would distract me. So if I wanted to go on instagram or snapchat, I’d have to load the website and sign in or download the app again, which I’m too lazy and impatient to do.

2. Delete your bookmarks

I’m always using my laptop to study, to review quizzes, watch crashcourse and look up notes/ facts. To stop myself from going onto twitter or facebook, I log off and remove them from my bookmark list. This is essentially the same as my first point. Going onto social media has become so automatic that sometimes I just unconsciously click on them. After making it harder for me to access them, I don’t go onto them as often.

3. Caffeine: green tea

I fall asleep easily when I’m studying, so I drink green tea. I used to drink coffee but I’d crash really hard. Lattes makes me feel heavy from all the milk and espresso shots are too “short”? When I’m drinking green tea I’d just be sipping on it constantly over a few hours. You don’t really feel the caffeine as much and I’ve never had a problem staying awake. 

4. Count down the days/ hours

You know how sometimes you don’t feel the stress, even when you know your exam is just around the corner. So I’d open up my calendar and count the number of days or hours I have left. I’d look at the numbers and start to realize I’m fcked, then I panic and start studying :)

I tried and therefore no one should criticize me; had another go at photoshop painting with a bunch of new brushes while I was out, this is a bit rough but… one Mr. In-Rescue-Mode, Slightly Worn Down, Thunderbird-Five-I-swear-the-explosions-weren’t-my-fault Scott Tracy? <33

The Mind Cage, Ch. 12

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far

A/N: … Well. This was fun to write.


“What does it mean, we could have been doing this all along?”

“Well, we’re in the Mindscape, so we can make things happen by just willing it. And going by boat is a lot faster.”

“And you only thought of it now?”

“Hey, at least I did think of it! And before Stanford did! So I was smarter this ti–”

“Stan, stop distracting him! He’s got to focus!” Stanford cut him off, still somewhat annoyed that he hadn’t been the one to think of it in the first place. As the Stan O’ War flew swiftly through the fog as though on water, he had to admit it had been a pretty good idea. “Billy, are we still going the right way?”

Billy didn’t answer at first, eye still fixed in the fog ahead of them. The murmuring voices were getting louder, the sudden flashes of color around them brighter and more defined; if he squinted, Stanford could make out the outlines of door appearing and disappearing, melting away and changing appearance. Even without mist, it seemed like the kind of place where getting lost would be incredibly easy and finding the way out nearly impossible.

And yet, Billy seemed to have no doubts.

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One Proposal or Two

Genre: Fluff and more fluff                                                                

Summary: Dan has been planning to propose to Phil in Japan for months. But, Phil has secretly been doing the same.

Warnings: pretty sure there are none

Word Count: 2,656

Prompt: semi based on this:

Author’s Note: So, I’m pretty nervous to post this because it is my first ever phanfic, but I’m going for it! Comments, both positive and constructive, are always welcome (: Thanks for reading!

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weight of the world

summary: he catches her when she falls  —allura-centric. shallura.
also read on: ao3
notes: with apologies, i’ve been on writers block since the beginning of the year so this is merely a warm up.

part of “the princess and the paladin” series. link to master list here.

She’s strong — capable of making sense of the universe even after being frozen for practically a millennia, capable of fighting off Galrans with her own bare hands, capable of healing an entire planet with a simple prayer, capable of keeping a clear mind to pilot a castle and guide its crew despite grief’s distraction.

She’s strong enough to do almost anything she sets her heart to — except to hold herself up.

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Something, Nothing, Anything - Chapter Thirteen

Safe for work, safe for feels (borderline), all is well. 1.734 words in this penultimate chapter - final chapter is up tomorrow. Previous chapters can be found here. Have an absolutely wonderful Halloween, pumpkin darlings. 


Chapter Thirteen

She feels giddy, walking into the new house with Mamrie close behind. There’s an appreciative whistle and she turns around to face the redhead, who’s smirking at her.

“Liking the house then?”

“I was looking at you, actually, but sure,” Mamrie grins, “The house is fine too.”

She mumbles a shy shut up and walks through the empty little foyer, before getting onto the wooden boards of the living room. Mamrie follows suit, tapping her feet down loudly and immediately going over to one of the windows, trying to work out how they open.

“You have to pull the lever down, here.” Grace points out, walking over and pulling at the small lever next to the window, “And then you can, you know, open it.”

“Aren’t you a genius.”

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Greetings! I am Pearl! And I come to you as a messenger of the brilliant .・*。・☆ ✿ ❀ R O S E  Q U A R T Z ❀ ✿ ☆・。*・.

Some choice Pearl shots from the Guide to the Crystal Gems.

courageousdreamer  asked:

I'm training to become a magician and I find sleight of hand very difficult. Do you know some tricks as to how to distract your audience without making it obvious that you're doing some "magic"?

One of the most crucial aspects in any kind of magic, specifically sleight of hand, is the manipulation of the audience’s interest. The art of misdirection (or direction) is when a magician uses various methods of “guiding” the focus of the audience. This can be done in many different ways, so ultimately your method will probably stem from personal preference. Using physical movement, manipulating a “decoy object”, and even comedy routines or telling stories can all be ways to lead an audience’s attention from the object you’re really trying to manipulate.  The maxim “a larger action conceals a smaller one” is more or less the foundation that sleight of hand techniques are built upon. So any movement that appears obvious to the viewer is actually for concealing the small, hopefully unobserved, and crucial movements that make the sleight of hand successful. Sleight of hand is often difficult to learn, and as with every art, requires practice to perfect.

(Ex. In the French Drop: when “transferring” a ball or a coin from one hand to the other, move the hand that you’re pretending to switch the object to as if squeezing the ball or rolling the coin to make your audience believe that’s the hand which is actually holding the object.)


At the Hot Topical

I should be writing my dcbb but LOOK WHAT I WAS DRIVEN TO DO. Ugh. :D

Also on AO3

Summary: Dean and Cas have just dropped Sam off at the motel to wait for Claire. Cas remembers something important.

“It’s her birthday today. Claire’s eighteenth birthday. I should get her a gift. Her father would’ve bought her a gift.” Cas looked down at his hands. Claire’s father’s hands, once upon a time, but now they belonged to him.

They hadn’t even left the parking lot yet, which was probably a good thing, because Dean would’ve driven off the road otherwise. Cas paid no mind to Dean’s more-aggressive-than-usual stop before they turned into traffic.

“You don’t have to replace her dad, Cas. That’s not… it’s not your responsibility to be…” Dean sighed and rubbed a hand over his mouth as he tried to focus on the road and find just the right words, because he had nothing. “She knows you’re you, and not her father. She doesn’t expect you to try to be him.”

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