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courageousdreamer  asked:

I'm training to become a magician and I find sleight of hand very difficult. Do you know some tricks as to how to distract your audience without making it obvious that you're doing some "magic"?

One of the most crucial aspects in any kind of magic, specifically sleight of hand, is the manipulation of the audience’s interest. The art of misdirection (or direction) is when a magician uses various methods of “guiding” the focus of the audience. This can be done in many different ways, so ultimately your method will probably stem from personal preference. Using physical movement, manipulating a “decoy object”, and even comedy routines or telling stories can all be ways to lead an audience’s attention from the object you’re really trying to manipulate.  The maxim “a larger action conceals a smaller one” is more or less the foundation that sleight of hand techniques are built upon. So any movement that appears obvious to the viewer is actually for concealing the small, hopefully unobserved, and crucial movements that make the sleight of hand successful. Sleight of hand is often difficult to learn, and as with every art, requires practice to perfect.

(Ex. In the French Drop: when “transferring” a ball or a coin from one hand to the other, move the hand that you’re pretending to switch the object to as if squeezing the ball or rolling the coin to make your audience believe that’s the hand which is actually holding the object.)