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I’m calling this the year of treating yourself to everything red, schmoopy and heart shaped, whether or not anyone else treats you. So, instead of a gift guide this time, here’s a treat guide for a self-love and self-care themed Valentine’s day ❤️️

Lovedrobe heart cutout dress 

Red heart crossbody bag   

Heart mesh top 

✶ RAID ribbon tie ballet flats 

Chocolate strawberry jar candle   

Crimson velvet and lace lingerie set 

✶ Trop de Love enamel pin 

Rose hearts bath bombs 

Dream and sugar tea set 

✶ Burgundy heart fairisle pajamas 

@ new TJLCers or TJLC-curious viewers after The Six Thatchers: a guide to our wild acronyms, etc.

TJLC = The Johnlock Conspiracy: an ongoing series of fan meta based on the belief that Johnlock will be canon and was always intended by the writers to be so.

M-Theory = a widely read series of meta by @loudest-subtext-in-tv​ that supports a canon reading of Johnlock

TJLCE = a Youtube series that explains a lot of this meta hosted by Rebs @quietlyprim

Mofftiss = Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, head writers of the show and major fanboys of ACD

ACD = Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the original Sherlock Holmes canon of stories

TPLOSH = The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, a Sherlock Holmes movie by Billy Wilder in which Holmes is implied to be gay. It’s Moffat’s and Gatiss’s favorite movie.

ASIP, TBB, TGG = A Study in Pink, The Blind Banker, The Great Game

ASIB, THOB, TRF = A Scandal in Belgravia, The Hounds of Baskerville, The Reichenbach Fall

TEH, TSOT, HLV = The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three, His Last Vow

T6T/TST, TLD, TFP = The Six Thatchers, The Lying Detective, The Final Problem

“Casuals” = a catch-all term we typically use to refer to fans who don’t engage with Sherlock as regularly as TJLC fans, or don’t view the subtext between John and Sherlock as we do

“Antis” = fans of Sherlock who are aware of TJLC but actively root against Johnlock as a canon ship

The most important lessons consistently taught by schools under the state are to obey arbitrary authority, to accept the imposition of other people’s priorities on our lives, and to stop daydreaming. When children start school, they are self-guided, curious about the world they live in, and believe everything is possible. When they finish, they are cynical, self-absorbed, and used to dedicating forty hours of their week to an activity they never chose. They are also likely to be miseducated about a number of things, perhaps unaware that a majority of human societies throughout history have been egalitarian and stateless; that the police have only recently become an important and supposedly necessary institution; that their government has a track record of torture, genocide, and repression; that their lifestyles are destroying the environment.
—  Peter Gelderloos, Anarchy Works.
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Complete Triggers Guide

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) is a 1997 anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.  Utena Tenjou is an eighth-grade girl who wishes to become a prince, and because of it gets caught up in a strange dueling game played by her fellow middle- and high-schoolers. As Utena fights to protect – and befriend – Anthy Himemiya, her shy classmate but also the mysterious Rose Bride at the center of the duels, the stakes become higher and the game more dangerous. 

Utena is an amazing and very worthwhile anime, but it is also an extremely intense and disturbing one. I love the show, but it is irresponsible to recommend it to people without a warning about the subject matter. I believe Utena has the potential to be be very cathartic and comforting for people, especially wlw, who’ve experienced trauma, but also very dangerous with regard to triggers. I’ve put together this guide so that people curious about the show can be forewarned and watch it in safety, or choose not to if they deem it too disturbing.

Many thanks to the volunteer editors/proofreaders who helped me complete this!

🌹 @sallyjessyrofl​ 🌹 @autisticbutchgabrielle​ 🌹 @meowmagica 🌹 @tartancrusader 🌹 @amphiaria 🌹 @omelasomelette

And to the people who’ve submitted corrections:

@marquisnaberius  🌹 @ lesbeanfrodo

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FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for this beauty for months. When I first was introduced to my spirit guide and he gave me his name, Lunezra, I got curious and looked it up.. Lune is French for ‘moon’ and Ezra is Hebrew for 'helper.’ Freakin’ MOON HELPER. Then I asked him what would be the best way to communicate with him and I kept hearing 'pendulum,’ so I knew then that’s what I had to get…but what kind?? Then it hit me: MOONSTONE. So here she is, my gorgeous moonstone pendulum directly from India. I am in love and I can’t wait to get to know Lunezra more!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I have a question, Is it possible - or even okay- for someone who has no experience with spirit work to get a vessel/bonding ? Would it be considered a good idea? Im looking for that companionship that you have expressed before with Lysander and also for someone to help guide me when I'm curious or unsure about something. If so or if not, are there any tips you could possibly give me ? Thank you so much for your time and keep up the good work! i love your blog!

hi anon!

many different people will give you many different answers to your questions. i will do my best to talk about two different perspectives, and hopefully this will allow you to generate your own decision with a little outside help.

my opinion: it is definitely possible to purchase a spirit vessel without prior experience, provided that you are old enough to do so, have the financial means, and are ready to face all the things that come along with spirit work. that being said, i advise that you have an understanding of several things before getting involved with spirits, such as a means of discernment, the ability to meditate or place yourself in a meditative state-of-mind, having some ability to sense, and knowing how to protect yourself. as well, and this is from a personal standpoint, you should erase any misconceptions you may have towards spirit work before going into it. by doing this, you will seriously help yourself from becoming discouraged because your experiences may not be similar to the extravagant, wild experiences you read about online.

for example, by reading other people’s experiences, we expect we will have similar ones, despite little-to-no prior experience/time spent with our new spirit friend. when you go into spirit work without any experience, you anticipate a lot but get a little, such as not “hearing” your spirit friend within the first month or so of knowing them. this can lead you to thinking that your friend doesn’t like you, they left, they’re mad at you, etc. often times these assumptions are wrong, but having these high expectations going into spirit work creates these assumptions because in the beginning, we expect so much more than what we get. 

the reality of it is, with these misconceptions and little ability to discern, meditate, sense, and protect, many beginners find themselves very discourage. and so while you can purchase a spirit vessel without prior spirit work experience, you may want to consider developing your skills before doing so. this can be done with a plant spirit, for example, which you can purchase on the cheap, or meet outside for free. it will not only make later communication with a spirit friend easier, but will save you a lot of unneeded stress. and you’ll have a new plant friend! 

this next option, while i don’t personally recommend, is what i did (without realizing it), and so i feel i should mention it: 

if you do choose to buy a spirit vessel with no spirit work experience behind you, you can learn these things with your new spirit friend around. it will require a lot of work from your part, but it is possible. 

if you decide to purchase a spirit vessel in the form of a custom conjure or reverse adoption, you can specify that you are a beginner and would like a spirit who is sympathetic to that and is willing to teach you the basics. that type of information is really important for a shop to know so they can pair you up correctly. regardless of what option you pick, though, you will be learning a lot. this second option just demands more from you from the start. 

over time, i learned a lot and came to find the first option as the ideal one, despite having done the second option. i would not go back in time and change anything, but if i had read about connecting with plant spirits before other spirits, i likely would have given it a shot, because it could have saved me a lot of pain down the line. i will also say that i am incredibly impatient, though, so my running into spirit work head first (and getting my ass kicked in the process) was a result of me thinking i was prepared when i wasn’t. 

spirit work may force you to grow up very, very quickly if you find yourself in particular situations, such as winding up in a bad situation because you are unable to protect yourself, or sense when something has gone wrong. but like with anything, spirit work is one, huge learning experience- both for the people and spirits involved. through these experiences, you will know who (or what) to avoid in the future, how to keep yourself and those around you safe, etc. 

both options are risky. spirit work is risky. but good and bad experiences help us grow, and so it is ultimately up to you to decide what you feel is best, and what you feel you can handle, keeping these warnings in mind.

you may get your ass kicked in the process of becoming a spirit worker, but you’ll also have a new friend by your side who’s ready to teach you, learn from you, share experiences with you, get their ass kicked with you.

i would never sit here and say “no, you are not ready for spirit work” to somebody i don’t know, and so i wanted to provide enough information to allow you to make your own decision. i hope i was able to do that! 

feel free to come back if you need anymore info. i would be glad to try and help!

best of luck!

the other day i bought a pomegranate just for the aesthetics of it.

i stood in the brightly lit grocery store and i stared at these pomegranates and decided to buy one, just to see if in opening it and staring at the insides, i might see what persephone had felt when she was offered the seeds by hades.

i felt nothing other than effort when i cracked this fruit open; saw nothing but seeds and membrane.

the curious thing of it was that every guide on the internet when you google ‘how to eat pomegranates’ talks about cracking it open and scooping out the seeds. no one recommends biting into it, because the membrane is so bitter.

i tried to bite into it, tried to be a modern day persephone, and all i tasted was faint sweetness and stringy regret. i spat it back into the sink and googled it again, trying to perfect my technique in a bowl of cold water.

so now i sit and i eat my seeds with a spoon and some sugar, and i wonder if that is why persephone became queen of the underworld. 

not because she ate the seeds offered to her of her own free will, but because she tasted the sweetness and the bitterness, and she swallowed both.

—  on the pomegranate seeds (m.h.)

It isn’t every day you find someone you can trust. Finally, you met someone you can really talk to. An intellectual equal. A soul mate. Did you ever in your wildest dreams dare to think that you could ever be this lucky? Aren’t relationships like this one in a million? Deep down, you know you don’t deserve this.

But now that you’ve found each other, you can’t bear the thought of ever letting him go. You need him all to yourself, and he needs you to guide him. A bright, curious mind, yours to mold. What a privilege. Emotion swirling in your chest, you barely suppress a shuddering breath. It smells like the onion and sardine sandwich you had for lunch. You should probably brush your teeth soon.

Professor Layton guide
  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village: robo nanies
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box: a vampire is really high and also everyone else is really high
  • Professor Layton and The Last Specter: it's foggy so no one can see the actual shit happening
  • Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva: a pokemon movie
  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: THE PROF HAD A FRO IN HIGH SCHOOL. FROFESSOR LAYTON also don't drop your ascots
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy: that awkward moment when half the fandom found out their ships weren't canon bc they actually all would be incest
  • Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney: Layton snarks and makes fun of a dumb spikey haired lawyer for 400 hours and it's great

Looking to sell the following Playbills as featured in the photo. Les Mis, Spring Awakening, Curious Incident, Gentleman’s Guide, School of Rock, Jersey Boys, Sylvia, and Allegiance. Asking for $5 each. Message me. Several have swing slips and/or other slips in them, ask me for more details. All in good condition, a few have minor wrinkles but nothing major.

Professor Layton ending guide
  • Curious Village: Layton gets the Apple and everyone is robo confirmed
  • Diabolical box: Dude so high and box so empty
  • Unwound future: London is burning and the sinnamon roll is arrested while hershel is crying
  • Sprectre's call: The giant seal dies but hey now we have a hipster underground garden
  • Miracle Mask: Everyone is hugging the red haired guy while Layton is just awkwardly smiling
  • Azran Legacy: Lol they find the eggs let's make ALL the ships incest

anonymous asked:

Adult character: is immature, acts a lil childish, etc Su fandom: omg look at this kid! Clearly just a little kid uwuw adults are all mature and blah blah

Requirements For Being a Child™: a Guide by Steven Universe Fans

  • immature
  • naive
  • curious
  • short
  • acts out
  • yells a lot

Mentally ill adults:

“Hey, handsome!”

A modern stucky AU where we have an art school student Steve, a.k.a. Mr Ego (just for a change), a smug gardener Bucky, who doesn’t need your how-to-be-awesome-at-approaching-cool-guys guide, and a curious Nat, who is typically interested in Ornithology.

[bigger size]

Draconic Emissary || Joseph x Drake


One of Drake’s favourite parts of being king was traveling to other kingdoms to extend the greetings of Nathair or simply see how dragons live in other worlds.  The portal Landilizandra had built between her world and Drake’s had furthered the reach of his diplomacy and now he stepped through on his way to visit yet another draconic kingdom.  

He knew very little about the one he was going to meet, only that he was to look for a man named Joseph who would be his guide during his visit.  Stepping through, Drake looked around, curious how he would know the man with only a name to go by. 

Yachting blog- Unfriendly Black Yachtie

So I did it! I made a blog that will be about my experiences working in the yachting industry. For those that want a guide or are just curious.


Don’t let the Movement die. You’re the only one I can trust to keep it alive.

The Path, S01E09, A Room of One’s Own


EDIT: WHOOPS I meant to put 160 my bad guys! XDD 9 was a typoo XD

Ok, so I was reading Dipper and Mabel’s Guide over skype to Serina and she decided to pull out her pdf of the book so we could follow each other and do the activities together. However, One big on page 16 was not written in my version (but in hers) and then I had an extra WADDLES page on 17 while she did not.

In addition, her two first pages are the first image, while mine are the next ones. Mine clearly has more writing than hers, so here’s my question to the GF fandom: were there two editions to this book, or are they printed differently in each country? Mine has 169 160 pages while hers has 146. The wiki states that hers is the actual book.

Soooooooooo what’s going on? Help please XDD I feel like I’m missing something ironically.


In celebration of my blog reaching 2k followers, I’m hosting a giveaway with the playbills I picked up at my most recent trip to NYC!


  1. Must be following me. It is for my followers, after all. I will check!
  2. Reblogs and likes count! Reblog as many times as you want! (Don’t spam your followers though.)
  3. No giveaway blogs.
  4. Have your ask box open!
  5. Be comfortable giving me your address if you win.
  6. This giveaway will be international!


  • (2) Newsies National Tour playbilll (Columbus, OH)
  • (2) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time playbills (1x Sept 2014, 1x March 2014)
  • (2) The King and I Revival playbills
  • (1) A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder playbill (Jeff Kready, Greg Jackson (s/b), Scarlett Strallen, Catherine Walker)
  • (3) Finding Neverland playbills

There will be (5) winners; each winner will get to take home (2) playbills of their choice! The first winner will get to choose what they want first, and so on and so forth.

The deadline is April 11th, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. I will then pick the winners using a random number generator. The winners will be contacted via ask box. If you have any questions, message me!

Good luck! :)