Meet Your Photographer: Yannis Davy Guibinga

While being there for the summer, I decided to take as many photos as possible to try and capture the essence of my home country, how beautiful the landscapes are, how warm the people are and our love for the ocean and the beach. I think it is important for young African artists like us, especially the ones living overseas, to be proud of our roots but also to show through our work that the real Africa is not the one that the western media shows. - Yannis, 19

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African Lens: Volume 2 (preview)

African Lens is a publication featuring and celebrating African photographers both in the motherland and the diaspora. 

Volume two featured photographers: Ralph Chikambi, Habiba El Gendy, Emmanuel Afolabi, Carbon Copy, Yannis Guibinga, Cedric Nzaka, DidiWho, Samuel Ouedraogo.

African Lens: Volume 2 will be released summer 2015


After it’s renaming earlier in the week, Bialere is proud to announce the opening of its first exhibition The Face As Text which will showcase the works of photographers Noma Osula (Nigeria), Lawrence Agyei (Ghana/USA), Logor (Nigeria) and Yannis Guibinga (Gabon/Canada).


In Lincoln’s Smile and Other Enigmas (Hill and Wang), historian Alan Trachtenberg states that modern culture’s distrust of depths, interiors, and hidden truths renders the photographed face as ‘opaque and possibly devious, a collaborative construction between artist, sitter, and viewer.’ He wonders whether ‘something important has been lost in the recent abandonment in the belief of face as text.’

The Face As Text positions the human face as narrative, addressing the varying approaches taken by photographers to capture the faces of their subjects and the ways in which the viewer interprets and develops a narrative surrounding the image. The use of portrait allows for space to experiment with light, camera, and artist; and demands that more, just more, be drawn out from behind the face presented. The portrait permits opinion without confirming fact, hinting at an understanding of the subject’s inner self. As such, the viewer encounters the image with a hyper-awareness, focusing on minute details, searching, seeking out a story.

The exhibition will take place at:

Cafe Neo

16 Akin Adesola St.,

Victoria Island, Lagos

The exhibition will be up from August 01 – 07, during the hours of 7am – 8pm, daily.



Volume 2 of African Lens publication is out now!!

African Lens is an independent publication featuring and celebrating African photographers both in the motherland and across the diaspora. African Lens serve as an open window into the world of Africans shining a light on the beauty, rich and diverse culture of Africans both in the motherland and migrants to foreign land. Each page is carefully curated and engineered to share each photographer’s perspective.

Featured Photographers:

Ralph Chikambi, Habiba El Gendy, Emmanuel Afolabi, Carbon Copy
Yannis Guibinga, Cedric Nzaka, DidiWho, Samuel Ouedraogo.

Volume 2 features two covers, Motherland cover (representing African photographers in their homeland) and Diaspora cover (representing African photographers in the diaspora).

Motherland cover featuring a beautiful nostalgic portrait by Ivorian and Burkinabé photographer Samuel OueDraogo.

Diaspora cover featuring a mesmerizing portrait by Nigerian born, New York-based photographer Emmanuel Afolabi.


122 Pages
Softcover (8inx11in)

As a part of his new works, Yannis Davy is developing his frame concept around social issues because he believes that artists do have influence. He understands with that influence he is able to raise awareness, conversation, and potentially conscious surround particular social and political topics. Yannis explains, “.

We can only change and improve if we are willing to talk about what is wrong. It is the only way to move forward.”
As a creator who has taken on the task of giving a fair insight on black intricacy, he is proud of his roots. Yannis knows being an African male is a foundational part of his identity and it continuously provides inspiration to his work. | | @afrobougee | @yannisdavy | story by @freethevision |
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“The concrete jungle is a creative’s Heaven. A marriage between wild and peaceful. With the industrial influence of a city and natural influence of the great outdoors, a balance is maintained. Peaceful is the already made-up mind containing solid ideas and plans of action. Wild is the wandering mind with so many ideas and so little time. In the concrete jungle, the two meet and balance one another out.” 


NARRATIVE: Justin Amoafo