gui torres


he said it made him feel the most special he’d ever felt, that we were the last people on earth, cause it was just us. they’re together, in that moment. i still wanna feel that one day.

Hear me out here:

Gina Torres as Catwoman

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She’s the right age to fit into the Batfleck timeline, a total goddess, could totally kick Batfleck’s ass and he’d thank her for the privilege and we know she’s great at both action and being classy as fuck.

Just imagine BatCat played not as a budding almost romance but as a romance that has been, she knows every trick in his book and she knows when to play him and when to stand on principle and help out, like an amicably divorced couple.

It would be the best.

in light of tonight’s Events who are the players that everyone thinks is attractive but you just dont see it