gui souza


JACOB’S   LADDER (2017) 

Nicole Beharie

Michael Ealy

Karla Souza

Jesse Williams

  • if peggy and souza were to get married, this is how the 'how did you meet' conversation would go with their kids
  • kids: so mum, how did you and dad meet and fall in love?
  • peggy: we met working for the ssr. we worked together for six months. he and i were just friends but he always had a crush on me.
  • kids: and you fell in love then?
  • souza: well, not exactly. i asked your mother on a date once but she said no, so i immediately left for california and i never spoke to her again until she randomly showed up a year later to work a case.
  • kids: that's when you fell in love?
  • peggy: no. you see, your father was in a relationship with another woman and i was smitten by a scientist i had only just met.
  • kids: so when did you fall in love?
  • peggy: i don't know. it happened during the time we were apart because the writers thought it was a good idea.
  • kids: what???