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Your Awards

Pairing: Evan Peters x Reader

Description: One day, you see something crazy on tv leading to cuddles with your favorite superhero.

Warnings: Fluff. So much fluff. Also adorably clumsy Evan. Also insecure Evan?


Your boyfriend flew into the room with a wild expression and hair sticking in different directions. “ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU HURT? WHAT IS HAPPENING?” Evan panted as he checked you over, making sure you were alright. “I’m fine you idiot. Look at the tv.”

You happened to be flipping through channels when your boyfriends name read across the screen.

“..and the nominees can be viewed on” You dove for your laptop, threw open the cover and furiously began typing.

“Babe, what’s going on?” Evan was thoroughly confused by the way you were acting. “SHH!” You finished typing and started to busy yourself with clicks and scrolls. You seemed to find what you were looking for and practically threw the laptop in poor Evan’s face.

“Look! Look! Oh my gosh, look!!” Evan caught the computer midair and scrutinized the view that was presented on the screen. The page read, ‘MTV Movie Awards. Best Comedic Performance Nominees.’ “No. You’re messing with me.” You laughed at Evan’s expression. “This is all very serious Ev. Oh and go back a page.”

He did as told and it basically said the same but with Action Performance. “TWO?! Holy crap!” “Babe this is so huge for you. Being nominated for two big awards? SO PROUD!!”

Evan suddenly became quiet. He looked at you with an unreadable expression. Extremely confused and a little worried, you asked, “what’s eating you, babe?”

He slowly set the laptop down and stepped over to where you were sitting on the couch. “You,” he said.

“Me?” you asked. “You. These are your awards.”

By now you were very worried and reached to check his temperature. He was probably just overexcited.

“Babe. I don’t believe you’re thinking straight. What’s up?” “This is your award. You’re the one who got me out of bed every morning even if I was being an arse about it. You made sure I was fed and hydrated so I could function at work. You supported me every night I felt I wasn’t doing Peter justice. You were.. are my rock. I wouldn’t even have got the audition if you hadn’t pushed me to. So yeah, these are your awards.”

The room fell into a calm aura, setting your emotions skyrocketing. “Sure I helped you, but that’s just it. I helped. Who’s the one who read scripts until three in the morning making sure he wouldn’t screw up his lines? Who went to the gym even though he hated it there so his character would look the part? Who acted the same scene for sixteen plus hours one day and was just as excited to do the same thing the next day? That was all you, baby. So if you want to call the awards partially mine, I’ll let you, but they are yours and you did everything to deserve them. You are a great actor and your coworkers tell me they’ve learned a lot from you. I’m so proud, baby. I’m so proud.”

Evan was practically in tears now. He always questioned his acting ability yet you always could reassure him. He could never tell you how thankful he was for you. He just couldn’t do it without you by his side. Someday he’d ask you to be with him forever. Just not yet.

“Thank you, baby girl. I love you so much.” “I love you too my Quicksilver.”

That day ended in cuddles watching his X-Men movies.

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There’s something that’s sexy about a guy who has the strength to kill somebody, but is also vulnerable enough to be in love. It’s just those two sides - like, I don’t know why, but women for some reason aren’t attracted to normal guys, like, guys who are in between.
—  Evan Peters

“come on,” said ty. “you can do it. it’s easy after the first time.”

kit sat balanced on one of the high wooden beams in the training room, clutching it like a life raft and wondering what sadistic shadowhunter had come up with this horrifying training exercise. he glared at ty, who was standing safely on the floor, craning his neck up to watch kit. “easy for you to say,” kit said. “you’ve had your whole life to get used to this insanity. i’m just starting out.”

ty sighed. he looked beautiful, kit thought, even though he hadn’t done anything differently that day. his hair was messy, probably not brushed, fanning around his head in a messy black halo. his eyes matched the gray of his hoodie, the one that he had only recently stolen back after kit took it to sleep in. his headphones were present around his neck, but he didn’t put them on; kit was glad. he liked that ty felt comfortable around him.

“you don’t even have to try to flip or anything the first time,” said ty. “just jump.”

“oh, how generous,” said kit, sarcasm lacing his voice and covering up the nerves buried underneath.

ty nodded. “i know,” he said. “now come on. you have to start somewhere, and you can’t stay up there forever.”

i can try, kit thought. the drop was dizzying, though it was a safe jump–ty had demonstrated first, and he had come through it unscathed. kit wasn’t used to being up at any height, and the idea of being in freefall with nothing to catch him but a cushion on the ground was terrifying. his stomach was twisting itself in knots, and he could feel his palms getting sweaty. he was never this nervous, especially not around ty. 

“are you sure i won’t be crushed to pieces at the bottom?” he called down. “this face is too delicate to be damaged.”

ty crossed his arms over his chest and nodded solemnly. “i swear by the angel that you will be fine,” he said. “the hardest part is letting yourself fall. i’m right here at the bottom, so if you break any bones, i’m right here with an iratze. you have to jump, kit.”

kit took a deep breath, steadying himself, and loosened his hands fractionally from the beam. “okay,” he said. “i’m gonna do it.”

slowly, shaking everywhere and hoping ty couldn’t see it, he stood up on the beam, fighting the urge to spread his arms out to his sides to keep his balance. he was a shadowhunter now, or at least a shadowhunter in training–he could do this.

he looked down at ty, who smiled and gave him a thumbs-up. that was all kit needed for reassurance; he blew out a breath, closed his eyes, and leaned forward into the fall.

he fell so fast that he gasped in surprise, his hair whipping behind him so that it felt like he was sitting in front of a high-powered fan. he remembered ty telling him something about how to land, something about bending his knees or rolling into it or something else that would prevent his legs from snapping. he decided to do both, to be safe. 

he hit the ground hard, keeping his knees bent, and let his momentum carry him forward into an awkward half-roll. shock traveled through his feet and up into his legs, and then jarred his shoulder as he struck the mat. he came to a stop on his back, panting, and a tear rolled down his face–from fear or exhilaration, he wasn’t sure. he made no attempt to get up. he thought he might faint if he did.

ty stood over him, observing him with a curious look on his face. “why are you crying?” he asked. “that wasn’t even the hard part. not bad for a first try, though.”

“i’m not crying,” kit said defensively, swiping under his eyes with the heel of his hand. “herondales are manly men. we don’t cry.”

“apparently you do,” ty noted. “do you trust me now? i told you nothing would happen, and nothing happened. you’re fine.”

“my emotional wounds will never heal,” said kit. “i’m traumatized. i think i died and came back to life by the time i hit the ground.”

ty shook his head and reached down a hand to help kit up. “i would have noticed,” he said. “you were yelling the whole time.”

kit flushed darkly and pushed himself off the floor, ignoring ty’s hand and trying to gather the last shreds of his dignity. “we never speak of this again,” he said. “nobody has to know about this.”

ty shrugged. “whatever you say,” he said. “you should get back up there, i think. you have potential, herondale. we’ll have you flipping in no time.”

“sure,” kit said. “no problem. i just need to go throw up a few times first.”

ty put a hand on his shoulder, grinning, and kit felt butterflies explode in his stomach. he wondered if ty would ever stop having that effect on him. “whatever you need,” said ty. “i’ll be here waiting for you. always.”