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2016.05.25 - Sneak Peak Clip of Gui Gui and Aaron Yan in “The Iconoclast”

Aaron Yan: If you’re going to find someone to marry, you should marry a more mature guy.
Gui Gui: How old?
AY: Huh?
GG: How old should he be?
AY: At least thirty.
GG: What about you?
AY: Let’s make a promise then. When we’re both thirty…
GG: When I’m thirty and I haven’t gotten married yet.
AY: I’ll marry you.
GG: Okay.
AY: Okay. … Where would you want to get married? Do you still want to get married in Greece?
GG: I want to go to Finland. I want to see the Northern Lights.
AY: I want to see the Northern Lights too.
GG: Then let’s go together.

There is a Chinese slang term for single people, “single dogs”. GuiLun are being too “lovey-dovey” without considering the single people (the host) around them. (Hahaha!)

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2016.05.25 - Gui Gui and Aaron Yan Behind the Scenes of “Crime Scene” and “The Iconoclast”

Fans Idol Wu Ying Jie: “#Wu Ying Jie in Crime Scene# Adorable @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie and @Aaron Yan’s sweet time taking photos together. [heart] cr: Weibo Taiwan #GuiLun Reunite in Crime Scene#”

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Taecyeon's Love Fortune for 2014
  • Wooyoung: *reading* Taecyeon has a great fortune for love when he is between 23 and 28 years old!
  • Nichkhun: Love?
  • Wooyoung: He has time. He has one year left.
  • Wooyoung and Nichkhun: Oooooooooohhhhhh!
  • Wooyoung: *reading* If he fails to have a romantic relationship during this period, he will end up with a divorce later, even if he marries another person.

Thoughts on Episode 14 of WGM: GLOBAL.

*This still explains so much about this current couple. The way Gui Gui is looking up at Taecyeon*


So I thoroughly enjoy this episode of enthusiastic Gui Gui, who’s such a bright gem. I’ve said this before, but she really is a star.

She is so filled with energy and life and is always caring.

It really pains me to see her go through what is possibly an unrequited crush. Through this episode during the emotional moments I wished he’ll just express himself some more, wipe her tears when she’s crying because she so obviously wants him too. 

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But he didn’t and I really wanted him too and I think Gui Gui wanted him too, but he kept fanning her only.


These past few episodes I’ve seen Gui Gui open up to him in a way that really shows she’s finally opening her heart, but sadly the show is ending.

And Taecyeon has shown some signs that he is opening his too, but it still feels like he has too and he only sees them like a close friendly couple and when he said they’ve never done anything romantic, well I consider his and her proposal being romantic. (esp. his. did he forget?)

And his reaction when Gui Gui performed for him, there were times when I wanted him to keep looking at her, but he kept talking to the directors and ppl and Gui Gui’s main audience (HIM) didn’t really give her the undivided attention even though I’m sure Taec is embarrassed. And during his interview, when he said it was “embarrassing” I’m sure it is, but Gui Gui probably didn’t see it as that, she meant it to be special. If I heard that from my husband or boyfriend I’d be hurt even if he did feel that way. And his “mmmm” during her letter was annoying and it seems like he was just saying that, dare I saw she looked a bit disappointed?

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I mean I wasn’t looking for much, but it just felt like a “oh here how about I hug you?” and not a “let me hold you bc I want too”

But it is understandable that it may be hard for him to express his feelings. Maybe he isn’t a romantic person because there are things that Gui Gui does that is romantic, but he sometimes seems awkward to approach it so idk why he keeps wanting to do something romantic?

And one more thing, does he know of the drama “The Wind that Blows”? or was he just kidding because he doesn’t want to get close to her? Bc that cotton candy action is pretty famous right now so either Taec has fallen in hole during that whole drama or he’s playing dumb.

And now onto a really sweet moment, when Gui Gui started crying after their last mission card, when he said, “oh are you crying?” he seems genuinely touched. and it touched me.

so overall, I see that Gui Gui is falling hard, and Taecyeon? It seems like he will be alright if the show ends, but I hope he remembers her version of “10 pts of out 10pts” when he hears it.

I thank Taecgui for coming into my life because through that I got to know Gui Gui and I don’t regret it. I LOVE THAT WOMAN. MY MODEL♥