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Peter: So… you and Will, huh?
Tamy: Yep, me and Will. I don’t know, actually. He’s got issues.
Peter: Everybody’s got issues.
Tamy: No, not him. That’s what I always used to like about him. He was fun, a real man. Now he’s gone all gushy.
Peter: Why?
Tamy: He’s in love.
Peter: With you?
Tamy: No, not me. [she pauses] Do you think people can change who they’re in love with?
Peter: Sure. People fall out of love all the time. And then, uh… then they fall in love with somebody else.

The Good Wife 2x05 - “VIP treatment

DUKE: Dirty martini number two! So are these happy Martinis or sad Martinis? 
AUDREY: It’s because I want to thank you, but that seems almost impossible. So I figured with a big bill at least I can give you a good tip.
DUKE: All right. 
AUDREY: No seriously, thank you, Duke, for coming through when I called.
DUKE: Sure. Now, about those parking tickets…
DUKE: So why is it so hard for you to thank me? 
AUDREY: I don’t know. Maybe ‘cause everytime we start to be nice to each other something blows it up.
DUKE: Maybe you just ask way too much of me. I mean, the poking around, the judging. The secret to happiness with men? Lower your expectations.
AUDREY: Everybody knows that.
DUKE: Why can’t you do it?
AUDREY: I’m drinking this swill, aren’t I?