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Selina Meyer/Kent Davison (requested by anon)

- “Oh my God! I’d kiss you right now, but I’m never gonna do that!”
- “My brain is at you service, ma'am.”
“We’ll see.”

I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!

Keeping things grounded

There are many things to love about the most recent episode of GGF, but can we talk about how delightfully efficient it is? Like, last we knew, Anne was uncertain whether Gil still loved her or not, and whether he had moved on with Christine. Most shows I’ve seen would draw that out into like, three episodes of drama (at least), letting Anne and the audiance wonder and worry for weeks on end, but this is Gilbert Blythe we’re talking about. He-who-is-not-to-be-sidetracked. He sees the video, and the very first chance he sees Anne he rushes over and…talks to her. Clearly. Honestly. He just comes out and says what Anne needs to hear.

I feel like this wonderfully emphasizes the one of the points Anne made in “Lost Chances”: Gil keeps Anne grounded. “Hey, can we talk for a sec?”  It’s not romantic metaphors or flowery poetry, but it’s so Gil. And it’s even more beautiful than poetry because he cuts right through the drama, and the angst, and the worries born of imagined worst-case scenarios and he keeps things grounded.

I want to know exactly when Riza realized just how much she loved Roy.

I’ve heard the headcanon that Roy realizes it when she’s taken hostage, but what about her?

Was it when he left to join the military? Was it when she heard him speak about his dreams? Was it a random moment when she pulled the trigger to take a life in order to save his? When she realized they would not be in contact when she was taken hostage? Was it when he listened and refused the transmutation? Was it when he held her so tightly that he was told to stop? When they stood, side by side, working as one on the Promised Day? Both incapacitated but still willing to fight? Was it when, despite losing his sight, he still refused to give up on their dreams?


The Korean Alphabet: Double Consonants

One unique aspect of the Korean alphabet is the concept of having “double consonants”. The proper name for these special letters is 쌍 (ssang) consonants, meaning “two”, or “double”. Typically, 쌍 consonants tend to have a “sharper” or “harder” sound than single consonants. Luckily, there are only 5 consonants in the Korean alphabet that can “double up”, and they’re really easy to learn!

Let’s take a look~

1. ㄲ (gg/kk)
If one ㄱ makes a soft ‘guh’ sound, then two ㄱ consonants make a hard sound. Imagine saying ‘gum’, and put extra emphasis on the ‘g’ (ggum!)

2. ㄸ (dd)
If one ㄷ makes a soft ‘duh’ sound, two ㄷ consonants make a hard sound. This time, imagine saying 'duck’, and put extra emphasis on the ’d’ (dduck!)

3. ㅃ (bb)
Applying what we know from the first few examples, we now know that two ㅂ consonants makes a hard 'buh’ sound. Try saying 'boat’ and put extra emphasis on the 'b’ (bboat!)

4. ㅆ (ss)
Two ㅅ (s) consonants make a sharp ’s’ sound. For this one, it’s helpful to think of a snake that goes “ss!”

5. ㅉ (jj)
Two ㅈ (j) consonants make a hard 'j’ sound. Try saying the word 'jump’ and add extra emphasis on the 'j’ (jjump!)

Pretty easy right? These are probably a bit more challenging to get a hold of, but practice makes perfect! Hope this helps and happy studying!~


Make Me Choose: Yuki Tetsuya or Isashiki Jun asked by kittykittyhunter

안녕하세요 여러분! hELLO opss caps is on  …. Hello Everyone!
In this post, I’m going to be teaching you guys about the double vowels and double consonants in Korean ^^ Its pretty simple and there isn’t much to learn, so it will be quite a small post ^^ 
If you haven’t already, please check out my:
Learn Korean Vowels post
Learn Korean Consonants post

So lets get started! ^^

Double Vowels
The double vowels are pretty easy to understand and actually they all sound very similar. Double vowels are made up of two vowels to make specific sounds. These double vowels are not available on the website link from before, but don’t worry! I’m sure you can find them on youtube or somewhere if you’re not sure! But like I said, they’re pretty easy! ^^

ㅔ / 에 (please note, we are using vowels again, so we can pair it with the consonant ㅇ to make it silent ^^) 
his is what out first double vowel looks like: ㅔ/에. It is made up of the vowels ㅓ[eo] and ㅣ[ee] to make ㅔ 
에 actually makes an ‘eh’ sound, infact, it sounds just like the word 'air’ Or the 'ae’ in 'aegyo’ or something idk ^^ 
Make sure to practice saying these vowels and remembering their sounds

The next double vowel is: ㅐ/애 ~~ This actually looks like the letter H in English right? 애 is made up of the vowels ㅏ [ah] and ㅣ [ee] to make ㅐ^^ And this 애 makes an 'ae’ sound, like the word 'eh’ or 'air' 
Yup, thats right, they sound literally the same. If a korean person is saying ㅔ/ㅐ to another korean person, they wont even know themselves which one it is (basically, even koreans themselves cannot always distinguish between the two), but dont worry! When you learn new words, you’ll know which one it is because you can read it first!
So remember 
ㅔ = eh       <
and             They all sound the same
애 = ae        <

예 / ㅖ ~ This is the next double vowel that we are learning. It looks pretty similar to 에, except that it has two sticks on the side of ㅓ ~can you remember what happens if we add two sticks? Yup, it makes a 'y’ sound in front!! So therefore, 예/ㅖ = 'yeh’ / 'yae’ (what ever tickles your pickle) ^^

얘 / ㅒ is the next double vowel! and once again, it looks similar to 애 ~ 얘 actually makes a 'yae’ / 'yeh’ sound too! And the same rule applies, you can never really distinguish between 예 and 얘 unless you’re reading them ^^ So dont worry!
예 = yeh
얘 = yae

Double Consonants
Next up are the double consonants! These are DEAD easy, especially if you can remember your consonants. Double consonants are easier than double vowels. Lets take a look:

ㅃ = [bb] 
The first double consonant is ㅃ and is literally two ㅂ[buh] consonants squished together to make one character. This means that ㅃ makes a sharp 'buh’ sound (note: ㅂ is like a softer b sound) 

ㅉ = [jjuh]
The next double consonant is two ㅈ to make ㅉ ~This again, makes a sharp 'Juh’ sound ^^ 

ㄸ = [dduh]
Two ㄷ [duh] consonants = sharp duh sound ^^

ㄲ = [gguh]
Two ㄱ [guh] consonants] makes a sharp guh sound ^^

ㅆ = [ssuh]
Two ㅅ [suh] consonants makes a sharp 'suh’ sound ^^ 

Its very simple right? If you’re unsure of the sounds, try and youtube it or something? but like i said, they’re all incredibly easy! :DD

Thats it guys!! You can all now actually read korean! It may be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect! Im so proud of you all for trying your hardest to learn this new crazy language! 
Thanks for reading! ^^ 사랑해! 

please do not upload anywhere else! These posts take a long time to write&they’re all my own work! I do not own any of the images except for the image of this post ^^ if i’ve made any silly mistakes, feel free to correct me! But please don’t be mean about it ): 
thank you alL!

So @zenwisterias / @veraandalyn wrote this:

“You’re not sleeping, are you?” Alyn asks softly, his voice rough again.

She keeps her eyes closed. “No.” Not anymore, holy shit.

“Good.” His fingers clench around her calf and her opposite ankle, and he yanks her toward him, sliding her along the cushions of the couch until her backside nearly rests against the outside of his thigh. Her heart jumps up to her throat as her eyes shoot open, pinning her gaze to the ceiling as she tries to breathe normally.

“What …do you think you’re doing?” she asks archly, aware of how her shirt has ridden up and exposed her stomach, how very little her spandex shorts cover.

“Giving you a foot rub,” he replies as if its the most factual thing in the world.

She doesn’t even try to cover up and she’s not sure if her heart has ever beaten so fast in her life. “That is not my foot, sparky,” she tells him, wiggling around the leg that he has caught by the calf.

“Hmm?” he hums absently. He doesn’t say anything else and she wants to look at him but the anticipation simmers in her stomach like summer heat and she can’t move. Slowly, as if giving her time to register his movements, his hand slides from her calf to the back of her knee. She makes an unfortunately audible noise when the pressure shifts from innocent territory to the underside of her thigh.

And here’s how my brain works:

*opens fire alpaca*
*looks at epicly long list of LB stuff to finish*

*draws @taylordraws​‘ OCs*


I blame the fact that I was totally picturing her in my PJs (which is a giant tshirt and volleyball shorts). Anyway, hope you like it, cuz GUH THESE TWO. Now I can go back to Ladybug~

Alyn and Vera are Taylor’s OCs. The fic is also hers, but I won’t link it in case she gets embarrassed and takes it down again lol.