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I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!


Make Me Choose: Yuki Tetsuya or Isashiki Jun asked by kittykittyhunter

I want to know exactly when Riza realized just how much she loved Roy.

I’ve heard the headcanon that Roy realizes it when she’s taken hostage, but what about her?

Was it when he left to join the military? Was it when she heard him speak about his dreams? Was it a random moment when she pulled the trigger to take a life in order to save his? When she realized they would not be in contact when she was taken hostage? Was it when he listened and refused the transmutation? Was it when he held her so tightly that he was told to stop? When they stood, side by side, working as one on the Promised Day? Both incapacitated but still willing to fight? Was it when, despite losing his sight, he still refused to give up on their dreams?