also can we talk about jealous chloe some more

i mean, literally, if you are female and you are anywhere around lucifer, she will find you, she will write down your address, she will come upstairs like a ninja, and she will eat you in your sleep

she is INCREDIBLY territorial over her man and always knows what he is doing and who he is with and runs upstairs expecting to find him having an orgy with the college freshmen and he’s instead just been sitting there talking to them about how much he loves her and they think she’s really pretty and chloe is confused but flattered

but everyone knows chloe decker queen of hell is my thing and i love it when you get these little glimpses of what he brings out in her and her desires and her connection to him and it’s just delicious ok

open letter to literally everybody:


in fact: PLEASE tell me

NO it is not embarrassing to be told that my eyeliner is two inches from where it should be

what IS embarrassing is getting home and finding that out for myself, then being left to wonder how long it’s been like that

save a life. tell me when my mascara is making me look like a goddamn raccoon