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There's gotta be something you can't crush..

Objects… Gugh.

ROLL Trains. ROLL Gains Mass. Every-Day, ROLL will MASH

In Time no Atom Shall Escape my Crushing Warmth and Body-Weight.

Watching “The Wedding” 3

Caitriona was a little ashamed of herself. This is not how to appreciate an episode of lovingly crafted television! She didn’t like stopping and starting movies for the same reason: it interrupted the flow of the piece and did not honor the vision of the filmmakers. Now, she and Sam had only made it twenty minutes into an episode of television they WORKED ON before succumbing to lustful urges. 

She had tried to ignore the pang between her legs, but she wanted him the moment he walked through the door. When Sam started kissing her temples, so slow and tender, she gave in and moved her hand to the bulge in his sweatpants. It did not take much for him to want her, but she had to admit watching the scene of Jamie and Claire’s first sexual encounter was arousing. Shooting it had been agony. With so many people around them fiddling with their hair, their clothes, the props, it didn’t matter how flushed they got, there was no way to satisfy it.

Even after fucking on the couch, she didn’t feel satisfied. AND she was hot. Before rejoining Sam, she slipped on a pair of panties so she could avoid putting her leggings back on.

Sam’s eyes shot to her legs–they always did. How could she forget? “Are you going to stay like that?”, he asked, a square of cheese between his mouth and fingers.

“I’m feeling a bit hot. Must be the wine.” She thought she saw him smirk. Uh oh.


Sam removed his hoodie, revealing a thin cotton undershirt. He was feeling hot himself. He was disappointed they’d had sex in almost all their clothes, and on the couch. It felt more like scratching an itch than really enjoying each other’s bodies.

They went back a bit in the episode.

“Ye don’t have to go back the whole way.”

“I’m not, just to where we…stopped paying attention.”

“There’s two more of those scenes.” He teased.

She laughed, “You’re right. Onward and upward.”

She returned to the crook of his arm. God, she still smelled so good! And he could see every inch of her beautiful legs! He reluctantly pressed ‘play’ and she moved her hand to his abdomen, absorbing the heat of his body.

They watched Rupert and Angus fetch a wedding ring and Murtaugh talk about the Fraser plaid. Sam felt Cait shift, then move to pull off her sweatshirt. All she had underneath was a thin cotton tank top. He exhaled deeply through his nostrils. Her nipples were right there! Easy to see behind the light fabric.

“You all right darling?”



She was still hot. It could be the wine, or it could be Sam’s body next to hers. He was always giving off heat, which made shooting outdoors much more bearable. He was so big, he could envelope her in his arms and protect her from the chilly Scottish damp. 

There was no chilliness in the air now. They were watching the scene where Claire commands Jamie to remove his shirt. God, he had such a beautiful body! She would snap between marveling at the image on the screen and then the warm, solid form next to her, reminding herself that they were the same.

She found herself getting aroused, again. A minute or so earlier she’d removed her sweatshirt and Sam’s breathing had changed. Was he ready to go again so quickly? She felt the shame again. They were poor audience members, tonight. Just finish watching the episode!

“This is odd.” Sam remarked, one hand covering his eyes. “This really feels like I’m watching a sex tape.”

“And you still haven’t gotten your blow job yet.”

“Gugh! I can’t watch!” He laughed, but she thought she detected a catch of his breath. He was right, it was odd. Is that what they looked like when they had sex? 

As Claire gave Jamie his first ever blow job, Sam watched through parted fingers, “It’s embarrassing but I have to know which shots they used.”

Cait giggled, “I hope I gave you one the day before…give you something fresh to reference from.” God, his face experiencing such pleasure! It was something she could never quite see while performing the act and relished a glimpse at what it might look like. The stirring between her legs increased.

As soon as Jamie fell into post-coital sleep, Sam let out a sigh, “That wasn’t too bad.”

Cait didn’t say anything. She reached for the remote and pressed ‘pause’ before moving her fingers to the waist band of Sam’s sweatpants, yanking them down and kneeling before him. He was a bit hard already and groaned when she took him in her mouth.

The series of noises he made far surpassed the ones they let Jamie have in the episode. This pleased her.


Oh God, this was weird. Sexy as hell, but weird. He’d just watched himself pretend to get a blow job, and now he was getting a real one. He wondered if other actors got turned on watching their own love scenes. If you were in love with your co-star, he thought the answer was probably ‘yes’.

As enjoyable as this was, he longed to have Cait’s skin against his own. He gently guided her mouth away and slid to the floor beside her. 

His breath was husky, “Let’s fuck right here.”

Their mouths connected. Sam slid his fingers under her shirt, reveling in the feel of her warm, smooth skin before sliding off the thin fabric.

Cait responded by pulling his shirt up, waiting until it was completely off to run her hands across his abdominals. She leaned in and bit his nipples, which sent his head back in pleasure and pain.

He knew he had to be inside her. His fingers rubbed between her legs and she arched her back, gasping, “Oh, God, Sam.”

He got her panties off and he angled himself between her legs, both of them still upright. With one hand at her back and the other on the floor for leverage, it only took one scoot of his butt and he was in! All he felt was Total. Fucking. Bliss.


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John who sometimes has extra eyes sounds like it woukd scare the shit out of the starbkaster crew. An extra eye appears on johns forehead when hes reading or trying to focus and Davenport has a panic attack because "DEAR GOD THAT WAS NOT THERE BETORE". Alsp it would be cool if johns extra eyes blinked out of time with his normal eyes, like when he blinks the extra ones open slower

i love how half of the john on the starblaster content is just the rest of the ipre being like Merle Who Did You Bring To Our Home. i could absolutely imagine dav wigging out n being like gugh merle could you at LEAST tellhim to not DO THAT in the PUBLIC LIVING ROOM and johns like what this ;/ n blinks open like twenty eyes all over his person n davs like GHSGHSGHGH

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ahhhh I'm gonna gush about my boyfriend; he's probably one of the cutest guys I know all soft, warm, and so very snuggly. The only sad thing is he's worried about being out to his family and family friends which I understand, heck I could only imagine what it's like to be trans, but I'm sure to tell him all about how he's such a handsome man when we're having some cuddle time. GuGh he's so g8 my dude but u have a bf so u feel me??? I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND


Dark Fate Yuma Dark Prologue Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03    Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

I know it’s past his birthday, but to celebrate the Big Bear Yuma, here have a translation anyway haha~

-Scene: Underground Waterway-

Yui: (――I was told to go to the demon world, but I’m worried about Yuma-kun)

(He’ll probably be angry if I go back, but… …)

(He’s important to me. I can’t just leave here on my own!)

Agh… …

*Yui Runs Back*

-Scene Change: Mukami Living Room-

Yui: Haah… …Haah… …

This room’s a terrible mess… …what happened here… …

That’s right, Yuma-kun and the others――

*Loud Thud*

Yui: … …! W-What the… …?

(Is something going on outside… …?)

Yuma: *from outside* … …Back the fuck off!!

Yui: Yuma-kun… …!

(It sounds like he’s in the garden… …I have to go. But, it’s dangerous to go out there in the open)

(I’ll sneak outside and find a place to hide)

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wait did void gaster leave a letter with sans before he left?

“gugh, you mean that gross stained paper he left by my pillow? yeah. i think dad had too much eggnog at the Fire’s before writing that.”

i mean, just look at this: ‘don’t land in the table,’ ‘keep dr.alphys away from the flowers,’ and ‘never keep the core open past midnight.’ it’s total nonsense. he gets a little weird when sleep deprived.”

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GUGH IF YOURE STILL TAKING REQUESTS YJUUUMMMMM like kara n chibita tryna hold hands for the first time after like confession because they dont know what to do



but also wht if neither of them know how to hold hands so they jus hold hands all weird all th time nd it jus looks like chibis squeezin th damn life outta karas hand

Teenage Dream Chapter 5

Lauren yelled in surprise. She had been so immersed in waxing her car she hadn’t even noticed Camila behind her. Suddenly she felt hyper aware of the outfit she was wearing, instinctively buttoning her shirt as Camila approached her.

“Cleaning your car?” Camila chuckled, pointing towards the now shiny Mazda.

“Yeah, got a little dirty the other day. Um, want to start studying?” Lauren said sheepishly.

“Yeah.” Camila smiled brightly, nodding her head up and down.

“Meet me inside. I just got to pack up all the stuff here.”

“Let me help.” The cheerleader offered, picking up the bucket and sponges.

“No, don’t. It’s ok.”

“You’re funny. Just let me help.”

The pair quickly cleared up the driveway before making their way into the house.

“Oh, hi Mrs. Jauregui.” Camila greeted the older woman before turning Mr. Jauregui, “Hi . I’m Camila.”

“Ah, Camila. Hello.” He said as he shot a mischievous smirk towards his daughter who was standing behind the cheerleader.

Lauren stood behind Camila, her eyes doubling in size as she tried to silently tell her dad to stop teasing her.

“Um, Camila let’s go upstairs and study.” Lauren said, tugging on Camila’s arm practically dragging her upstairs.

She could hear her father calling for her from downstairs, “Lauren you know the rules.” He sang, laughing to himself.

“Michael stop teasing our daughter.” Clara laughed as she lightly slapped her husband on the shoulders.

Meanwhile upstairs the two girls stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. Every single time they had their tutoring session there would always be an awkward period spanning for roughly ten minutes before they started.

“Do you mind if I take off my riding jacket? It’s uncomfortable to sit in.” Camila said gesturing to her riding jacket. She had gone to the Green eyed girl’s house straight after motocross practice and hadn’t bothered to change out of her gear.

“Yeah, you can put it there.” Lauren answered pointing to the back of a chair. “Um, be right back.” She added quickly running to her bathroom to change out of her shorts and into a pair of sweats.

She watched Camila unzip her jacket revealing a plain black tank top that seemed to be a size too small.

“Gugh.” Was all Lauren managed to say.

“Give me questions!” Camila said excitedly as she sat down at the desk eagerly waiting for Lauren to scribble equations for her to solve.

Lauren watched as Camila thought carefully before furiously scribbling answers on the page. She had come a long way, at the beginning the cheerleader would always turn to the Green eyed girl for assistance for the simplest equations but now, she was able to solve each equation herself.

She couldn’t but help feel proud, no doubt Camila was improving and sooner or later she would be on par with the other students in their class.

“Hey Lauren?” Camila asked, removing her eyes from her paper to stare at the Green eyed girl.


“Why do you like math so much?”

“Well.” Lauren pondered for a minute, “Well, it’s because it’s the same in every language and there’s only ever one answer. There’s not maybe’s, it’s either wrong or right.”

“Oh. Well I like it because you’re teaching me.” The cheerleader exclaimed before finishing off the last equation.

“I’m finished. Can you check it now?” Camila asked excitedly, bouncing in her seat in anticipation.

“Alright, relax Camila. Give me a minute.” The Green eyed girl laughed, finding the cheerleader’s excitement all too adorable.

Lauren carefully studied the working outs, marking each answer accordingly before writing the final result in large writing on the bottom. She handed the paper back to the bouncing cheerleader and watched as her expression change into one of absolute pride.

“I got 16 out of 20? REALLY?” The cheerleader asked.

Lauren nodded her head and was caught off guard when Camila enveloped her in a tight fierce hug.

“Cam-ila…can't…breathe.” The Green eyed girl choked out.

The cheerleader broke away from the hug, softly giggling to herself as she stared down at her paper, unable to tear her eyes away from it.

“Thank you so much for helping me with all this.” The Cheerleader thanked before hugging the Green eyed girl once more, “Want to come over my place next weekend?” she asked, pulling away from the hug.

“Gugh.” Lauren stumbled with her words, finding it extremely difficult to form a sentence.

“Want to come over next weekend silly? We can hang out.” The cheerleader giggled.

“Y-y-eah. Why not? Sure.” The Green eyed girl managed to say.

“Yay. We can watch Disney movies and eat ice cream.” Camila listed excitedly.

“Sure. It’ll be fun.” Lauren smiled sweetly to the bouncing cheerleader.

“Awesome. Well I guess I better go home now. I need to wash my bike. It got really dirty today at practice.” Camila started to stand up in her seat, collecting her things in the process.

“Wait.” Lauren said grabbing onto Camila’s wrist, “Why don’t we just wash your bike here. I’ve got all the stuff out anyway. Plus, you’ll have it clean in no time with my help.” Honestly, the Green eyed girl didn’t know why she asked the cheerleader to clean her bike at her place. She just wanted to spend more time with Camila, she had this natural charm to her that seemed to leave Lauren wanting to spend more time with her.

“Yeah, sure. It’s pretty muddy, hope you don’t mind.”

“Psh, you should’ve seen my car before. You couldn’t see it under all the dirt.” Lauren found it much easier to talk to the cheerleader now. Honestly, she didn’t know where this sudden confidence had come from.


Lauren still dressed in her sweat pants and button down shirt ran into the garage, grabbing the hose, buckets and sponge. She drove her car into the garage in order to use the driveway to wash Camila’s bike.

“I shotgun the hose.” Lauren yelled as she started the water.

She began spraying the bike while Camila filled the bucket with soap and water, waiting for the Green eyed girl to finish. Once Lauren shut the hose off, Camila then moved to sponge her bike. Grabbing an extra sponge, the Green eyed girl crouched down to wipe the rims and suspension springs on the bike.

“You weren’t kidding when you said it was dirty.” The Green eyed girl commented as she scrubbed harder to rid the rims of mud.

“Yeah, it always gets really dirty. There’s no real point in cleaning it but I always like it when it looks all shiny and new again.” Camila said with glee as she wiped down the handle bars.

“I think it’s amazing you do motocross. Wouldn’t have guessed it.”

“A lot of people are surprised. I guess they think I’m too stupid to even ride a dirt bike. Wouldn’t blame them, I am kind of dumb.” The cheerleader laughed.

“Hey.” Lauren said firmly, grabbing the cheerleader’s attention, “I don’t want you to ever call yourself stupid. You’re pretty awesome you know. Cheerleading and motocross. That’s pretty epic you know.”

“Really? You think? I’m also a dancer you know? That’s my main passion.” Camila said excitedly.

“Oh, really now? See, you’re one amazing girl. Cheerleading, motocross AND dancing. Just wow.” The Green eyed girl praised, giving the cheerleader a wide smile.

“Your smile’s pretty.” The cheerleader pointed out.

“Ugh…” Suddenly Lauren could feel her cheeks turning red and her body temperature increase.

“Looks all clean on my side. How’s your side?” Camila said, now standing up and looking over at Lauren’s side of the bike.

“Gugh…Y-yeah I think it’s clean. What do you think?” Lauren said as she stood back to let the cheerleader see and also to create some distance between their two bodies.

“Alright, I guess we should hose it down. MY TURN!”

Camila then sprinted towards the hose and started to spray water onto her bike, watching all the soapy foam melt away.

“Hey Lo?” She asked, turning around with the hose still in her hand, accidently spraying the Green eyed girl with water.

“Bleugh.” Lauren spluttered out before shooting the cheerleader a mischievous smirk, “You’ll pay for that.”

Before Camila could protest, she felt a sponge hit her right in the middle of her face. Shooting the Green eyed girl a look that could only say ‘It’s on’ she started to spray Lauren with the hose, soaking her from head to toe.

Lauren then grabbed the bucket and dumped the soapy water over Camila’s head, well, more like over her shoulders since the cheerleader was about a head taller than her. Camila squealed when the cold soapy water came into contact with her body, she laughed hysterically as she grabbed Lauren by the waist and lifted the nozzle of the hose over her head, drenching the Green eyed girl even more.

“Truce! Truce!” the Green eyed girl spluttered out, finding it difficult to speak due to the water being sprayed on her face.

“Only if you say I’m awesome.” Camila commanded, still spraying Lauren with the hose.

“You’re awesome. You’re awesome.” Lauren repeated until the cheerleader pulled the hose away.

They both stared at each other before breaking into a fit of laughter and giggles. Both girls were practically on the ground laughing hysterically. After a good ten minutes they managed to collect themselves and stood up.

“I’m so wet.” Lauren said before stopping, her eyes wide open, realizing the double sided comment.

“You’re too funny Lo. My clothes are all wet now.” Camila said with a pout.

Before either girl could speak Mrs. Jauregui appeared from the front porch.

“Lauren! You girl’s, what have you been doing?” the older woman said, taking in each girl’s appearance, “Camila sweetie. You’re staying over for dinner. Lauren, take Camila upstairs and lend her some of your clothes.”

“Mom! We don’t even know if Camila has plans with her parents. You can’t just make her stay over.” Lauren protested feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, no it’s not a problem at all. I’d love to stay for dinner Mrs. Jauregui. Saturdays are my parents’ 'date night’ and my little sister’s at a friend’s house” She said to Lauren’s mom.

“Perfect. Dinner will be ready in an hour or so.” Clara informed before waltzing back into the house.

“Alright, I guess we gotta get cleaned up. You can use my bathroom. I’ll use my parents’.” Lauren offered, still coming down from her high.

“Sure.” Camila managed to say trying to fight off another round of laughter.

Lauren lead Camila upstairs to her room, but as she was about to close her door she could hear her parents yell in unison, “Lauren! Door!.”

It wasn’t so much yelling, more like singing. Her parents were really killing her with all their teasing, all she could do was face palm herself before walking to her closet.

“Here.” Lauren said, thrusting a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie into Camila’s hands.

“Thanks. Wait. Ooo.” Exclaimed Camila as she dived into the Green eyed girl’s closet, “Can I wear this as well?” she asked.

In her hand she was holding a Little Big Planet t-shirt.

“The thingies are so cute!” She squealed, admiring the print, “Please Lo! Can I please borrow this?” Camila begged, jutting out her lower lip to form an adorable pout.

“Ok, ok.” The Green eyed girl laughed, she loved seeing the cheerleader so excited.


The two girls bounded down the stairs and made their way towards the kitchen where Clara was preparing Paella.

“Smells amazing, Mrs. J” Camila praised from the counter.

“Why thank you Camila. Sit down girls.”

“Ah, is that Paella I smell?” Lauren’s father’s voice boomed through the kitchen as he entered.

Mr. Jauregui walked into the kitchen, kissing his wife on her cheek before turning to the two girls seated at the table.

“Hi girls.” He greeted before turning to Camila, “Aren’t those Lauren’s clothes?” he asked, a cheeky grin forming on his face.

“Yep!” Camila exclaimed innocently, “She lent them to me because my other clothes were ruined.”

“Ruined I see.” He said, trying to stifle his laughter.

“Dad. Stooop.” The Green eyed girl whined.

“Ok, ok.” He said with a grin, “You girls can eat in the lounge room and watch TV if you want. I don’t think Camila would want to eat with the parents, yet.”

“Dad.” Lauren said sternly, knowing all too well the implications behind her father’s words.

“Oh, I don’t mind.” Camila said sweetly, showing off her trademark megawatt smile.

“No, I insist. We’d only bore you two.”

“Come on Camila. I’d rather watch TV.” The Green eyed girl said as she grabbed two plates and led them to the lounge room.

Before she left the kitchen Lauren gave her parents a pleading look as if to say 'stop embarrassing me’.

“Michael. Stop teasing our daughter.” Mrs. Jauregui laughed as she placed a plate in front of her husband.

“I like that Camila girl. $50 and a massage that her and our daughter will be dating within three months.”

“You’re seriously betting on our daughter’s love life?” Mrs. Jauregui chuckled at her husband’s antics.

“Fine. I’ll cook dinner for a month and do laundry.” He suggested.

“You’re on.”

Meanwhile in the lounge room Camila and Lauren were eating in silence as they watched a random movie that seemed to be on TV at the time.

“Your parents are cool” Camila said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, sometimes.” Lauren mumbled with food still in her mouth.

Suddenly the Green eyed girl’s phone chirped signaling a new message, she turned to Camila as if to apologize for the message before reading it.

COD – Siope

She groaned at the message before typing out a quick message.

Can’t come over, Camila’s here. – Siope

“Who was that?” Camila asked curiously.

“Um, just a friend. They want me to play a game online with them.”

“Oh. Oh! Can I watch? Please?” The cheerleader begged as she bounced up and down in her seat.

“Um, if you want? But you might get bored.”

“I want to watch you play. Please Lolo? I doubt I’d get bored. Please.” Camila begged once more.

Lauren smiled at the nickname the cheerleader used before nodding and retrieving her phone to send a message to Siope.

Alright, I’ll play online. Can’t use headset sorry, Camila will know it’s you. – Lauren

She took both her and Camila’s plates and walked towards the kitchen placing them in the sink before making her way back into the lounge room and switching the PS3 on.

“Lo, you got a message.” Camila said, pointing to the Green eyed girl’s phone resting on the table.

Lauren picked her phone up and opened the message before sitting back down on the couch next to Camila.

Tap that yet? - Siope


Thirty minutes later and three matches later, Camila started to become restless as she bounced excitedly in her seat.

“Yay! Go Lolo!” she cheered every time the Green eyed girl had a kill.

The cheerleader was bouncing in her seat and fist pumping the air in excitement. She had been cheering for the entire match, watching the Green eyed girl play with finesse and expertise.

“Wow, you’re an amazing player.” Camila complimented when the match ended.

“Thanks, but it’s all because of your awesome cheering.” Lauren complimented back, feeling more confident in herself.

“By the way. What’s a head shot?” the Cheerleader asked, she had heard other players yell out the words 'Boom headshot’ numerous times.

“Oh, um it’s self-explanatory. It’s when a player shoots another one in the head. It’s a hard shot to make.”

“Wow! Look! You had the most headshots.” Camila exclaimed as she grabbed Lauren’s arm and pointed to the screen.

“So I did.” Lauren laughed before realizing Camila was clinging onto her arm, “Gugh.” She blurted out nervously.

“What?” Camila asked, eying Lauren curiously.

“N-n-nothing.” Lauren stuttered out, practically losing all confidence and game she had previously. Whenever she was feeling confident, Camila would always do something to turn her into a nervous wreck once more.

Camila’s phone rang before she answered the call.

“I’m at Lauren’s. Yep, ok. Bye.” She answered before shutting her phone.

“That was my parents. I better go home now. I’ll give back your clothes later, since mine are still ruined and I don’t want to run naked to my house.” The cheerleader giggled at her last comment.

“Blugh…naked? I mean, alright. It’s ok, keep the shirt.” Lauren stumbled as she tried to erase her mind of the images of a naked Camila that were starting to form.

“Really? Thank you so much!” The cheerleader leant over and enveloped the Green eyed girl in a tight loving embrace before making her way to the kitchen to say goodbye to Lauren’s parents.

Lauren escorted Camila to her bike before the cheerleader once again, wrapped her arms around her small frame.

“Thank you for everything Lo. I had a lot of fun today.” Camila said innocently, a large smile forming on her face.

“Me too. If you ever need any more help with math or anything else just give me a text or call. Anytime.”

“Alright. Thanks. See ya. Oh, by the way.” She paused, turning around to the Green eyed girl, “You look really pretty without your glasses.” The cheerleader said quickly before mounting her bike and riding down to her house.

Lauren just stood motionless on her driveway, gob smacked at the comment. She had been enjoying herself too much in the company of the cheerleader, that she didn’t even realize she wasn’t wearing her glasses for the whole day.

Slightly blushing to herself she walked into her house and straight up to her room. She was about to crawl into her bed when her phone chirped. She slid her phone, reading the message from Siope.

Me. You. Road trip next Saturday. This time I won’t give you the shitty role. – Siope

She quickly typed out a reply before placing her phone on her bed side table and switching off the light.

Can’t. Hanging out at Camila’s house on that day. - L