I don’t know if you wanted sad or happy songs so I’ll give you a bit of both

1. 4 letter word x Diggy
2. Acura Integurl x Frank Ocean
3. Miss You So x Frank Ocean
4. Adorn x Miguel
5. Vixen x Miguel
6. Sure Thing x Miguel
7. Can’t Take My Off Of You x Lauryn Hill
8. Killing Me Softly x The Fugees
9. Almost Doesn’t Count
10. Ass Back Home x Gym Class Heroes Ft. Neon Hitch
11. Corazon Sin Cara x Prince Royce
(spanish flare hmm? Lol)
12. Diary x Wale Ft. Marsha Ambrosius
13. Have You Ever x Brandy
14. Made Love Lately x Day26
15. Let It Hurt x Rascal Flatts
16.Nil-Nil-Draw x Gym Class Heroes
17. Open Road x Chris Brown
18. P.S (Still Not Over You) x Rihanna
19. Complicated x Rihanna
20. Save Me From U x Dawn Richard
21. See Through x Chris Brown
22. Touch Me x Chris Brown
23. Somebody That I Used To Know x Gotye Ft. Kimbra
24. Us Against The World x Christina Milian
25. Who Is x Bruno Mars
26. Brand New x Drake
27. A Night Off x Drake Ft. Lloyd
28. This Is For My Baby x Lloyd
29. King Of Hearts x Lloyd
30. You II x Lloyd
31. Addicted x Prince Royce
32. Incondicional x Prince Royce
(spanish again?)
33. Differences x Ginuwine
34. He Won’t Go x Adele
35. At Your Best (You Are Love) x Aaliyah

I know that’s more than enough but yeah lmfao (the songs I TRIED to send)