Hi. Im Daniyal from Malaysia. So I’ve seen gifpop! sites and it stated that artist can submit their work as featured artist.
So here’s mine just trying my luck and to see my potential.
I might wanna print some when I have some money.HAHA
Again,just trying my luck. Cheers.

Gifpop Psychedelic Pop Art Submission - @jmckeehen

Inward Refraction

Kiss from the Soul


I hope this message reaches you in good spirits! Just sending over a few gifs…enjoy! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Jeremy (@jmckeehen)

Randi Willett - Illusionistic Victorian GIFS

External image

External image

External image

External image

Randi Willett is a Southern Louisiana artist and current MFA candidate at Louisiana State University. Her imagery is like a dark, surrealistic fairy tale and leaves the view to question if the images and moving images she creates are an escape or if the characters are wanting to escape from these images.

Please visit her website for more still imagery!