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How can you accurately guestimate someone's rising sign?? Or like make a good guess?¿ Do you think there's any give aways for certain risings?

Aries Risings usually come off very powerful and forceful. They’ll give off the vibe that they shouldn’t be messed with. Blunt, loud, aggressive individuals. The go getters // Comes off very masculine, strong facial features, muscular bodies, intense eyes

Taurus Risings have a very serene vibe to them, the first thing that will come to your mind is thinking they come exactly from Venus. Elegant, loves luxury, often looks luxurious. Strong willed and their presence speaks for themselves. Lana Del Rey is a perfect example of a Taurus Rising // Big boned, pouty lips that stand out, luxurious hair, soft smiles

Gemini Risings come off very youthful and fox-like. Effortlessly charming. They’re always curious, like, they never shut up. Very communicative and inquisitive. Adaptable af, they probably act different around certain people. Comes off as the know-it-all, can detect a lie in a second // High cheekbones, mischievous eyes, youthful beauty, fidgets a lot

Cancer Risings usually come off very quiet and familiar. They’re the moms of the group, always looking to nurture and help someone. SUCKS at hiding emotions, their faces can show every emotion they’re feeling. Comes off very defensive // Watery eyes, round/full face, awkward stances or elegant af no in between, looks daydreamy

Leo Risings come off very loud and friendly, easy to talk to and is always looking for new friends. Very warm and welcoming to all kinds of people. Appears confident af, always worrying about how they look. Everyone always notices them, they always have something to show off // Pronounced jawlines, thick af hair, beautiful skin, big and expressive smiles

Virgo Risings come off very reserved but if you get them talking, they’ll be very opinionated. Always looking for someone to help and shows great worth-ethic. Probably has their nose in a book or is worrying about school work. Always anxious // Looks very earthy, wide eyes and stern eyebrows, cupid-bow shaped lips, lots of hair like Leo

Libra Risings come off very charming but in a more subtle way than Gemini, it’s not in your face. Loves to socialize and also acts different around different people. May come off a bit detached or head in the clouds-ish. Always trying to keep balance between their friend groups. Polite af // Elegant eyes, polite smiles, beautiful skin, symmetrical faces

Scorpio Risingscome off hella intimidating or just plain quiet. You probably can’t keep your eyes off of them, they have hella magnetic auras. Powerful personalities, they’re the best at poker faces. Usually very private and defensive, always observing the room around them // Striking jawlines, magnetic eyes, wry smiles and smirks, prominent nose and lips

Sagittarius Risings come off like the class clowns, they’re always cracking jokes and laughing. Laid-back and loves to have fun. Probably has tons of friends. Loud, open, in your face. Very spiritual people, always looking for deeper meanings to things. Optimistic af // Wide features, exciting eyes, prominent features, loud laughs

Capricorn Risings come off just as intimidating as Scorpios, in my opinion, lotsa people confuse them. Always invested in their work, comes off serious as hell, master at bitch faces. Always guarding themselves, always practical and fairly organized // Heart shaped faces, delicate features, high cheekbones, stern facial expressions

Aquarius Risings come off pretty standoffish and detached or very offbeat and friendly, there’s no in between. They’re such humanitarians, they’re always doing things for charity and things like that. Very strong in their opinions and they don’t like when people disagree with them. Quirky as hell, into all the weird topics // Offbeat looks, huge eyes, comes off very awkward, sharp features

Pisces Risings come off very mysterious and like they’re constantly in their own world. They’re also very adaptable like shape shifters. Hella dreamy and always looks like they’re about to cry. Very sympathetic and mystical. They give off a vibe like they’re very hard to read and you just can’t put your finger on something // Dreamy eyes, somewhat oval faces, soft features/skin, big, watery eyes

Also take into consideration that a person might have a certain planet in their 1st house or conjunct the ascendant so that might throw you off a bit!

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Hi! How long do you think it would take for plants to overgrow an abandoned and destroyed city with no human life in it? For reference this city was bombed and burned (not radioactively).

It would depend on how thickly forested you would want the area.

  • 5 years: You will see some small trees and concrete being busted up by new growth. Priorly planted areas will be over grown and unmanageable. Small animals, insects, and large herbivores will be attracted to the area and establish populations.
  • 10 Years: Concrete will be almost overgrown and trees will be further busting up the side walks and buildings may start to collapse due to the plants or disrepair from severe weather. Herbivore populations will have attracted small predators and the occasional lone large one.
  • 25 Years: Large buildings will have mostly collapsed due to damage done to their structure by tree roots. Asphalt and sidewalks will be mostly gone or reduced to patches of rubble. Roads will be unusable due to their disrepair or gone completely. Ecosystems will be mostly developed and water sources may begin to appear in areas where they may not have before.
  • 50 Years: Most traces of buildings and other human civilization except for heaps of rubble will likely be gone or covered in plant growth. Roads and side walks will have disappeared and full blown ecosystems will have re-established themselves in the area.
  • 100 Years: Ecosystems will thrive without human civilization and most if not all traces of humans will be gone or buried under new dirt and substrate, allowing plants to grow over it and life to go on without it. Areas will be thickly grown in with trees and shrubbery that would resemble a national park or state sanctuary.

It really depends and most of those times are a guestimate. For cities like NYC or Chicago,  would guess it would take about 50% longer because of how heavily industrialized and concreted the area is while small towns or rural areas could disappear about 25% faster due to the spread out nature of most small towns. Severe weather such as hurricanes, wildfires, heavy flooding, tornadoes, tsunamis/tidal waves, sinkholes, and earthquakes would speed things up drastically by the thorough devastation of a civilized area.

I hope this helps and is what you were looking for! So sorry this sat in the ask box for so long!
-Mod Fluke

(Most of these time estimates are just that, estimates, and are based off of what I know about plant growth and the behavior of ecosystems interacting with human civilization.)

Considering Homestuck started on 4/13/2009 and it ended on 4/13/2016 (credits nowithstanding and epilogue pending) and the 2012 kickstarter claimed the game would release in 2014: 3 years past due is actually an improvement on his guestimation. 

Feeling artsy, here’s a late night doodle of the nerds before I slip off for the night.
Issun likes to feel tall.

Versace on the Floor (m)

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Taehyung x songwriter!reader 

Genre: smut? like a soft M rating tbh

Words: 2.6k

A/N: Something I wrote to motivate me past writer’s block. @loby12 this is for you, except not really bc I’m a tease and too tired to actually write the entire thing but one day you’ll get the smut fic you deserve lol (also the tile makes me wanna cringe okay bye)

Summary: It isn’t that you’ve had no chance to wear it - no, there are plenty of chances to dress up. The problem is your boyfriend; he loves you in a Gucci dress.

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Bones somehow ends up as acting captain of the enterprise. It's stressful for everyone but good in the end, cuddles and relaxation.

  • It’s been three days since Spock and Sulu have beamed down on Klingon territory. Three days since they lost contact. They should technically still be alive, but it’s mostly a guestimate according to everyone. Jim has refused to leave, beaming down to the ground himself with Uhura and a few others to investigate, but they’ve returned empty-handed. Jim feels terrible, miserable without his family in a safe place. He doesn’t really sleep at all, regardless of Bones’ warnings that sleep is extremely important. 
  • And then finally they get that message from a Klingon ship. Spock and Sulu have been captured. Jim’s furious about it. “Jim,” Bones tells him while he follows Jim and Uhura towards the transporter room, “what are you going to do, walk in and demand they let them go? Don’t be such a fool.” “I’m not,” Jim says, “I’m going to walk in, Uhura’s gonna fly in in secret, together with Jaylah. I’ll be a distraction.” “You’re going to get yourself killed,” Bones complains, and Jim rolls his eyes. “What’s the alternative? I’m not letting Spock and Sulu die. I brought us out here, I’m going to get everyone home safe.” “If you’re out there,” Bones says, “who’s in command of the Enterprise? Neither Spock or Sulu are here.” Jim spins around once they’ve reached the transporter room, gently patting Bones’ shoulder. “You are. You’re gonna do great.” Bones watches Uhura, Jaylah, and Jim step on to the platform. Jim throws Bones a small smile, though Bones can tell he’s under a lot of pressure. And it’s really only after Scotty beams them away, Jim’s words are dawning on Bones. “Wait, what?”  
  • “So, just that I have this clear,” Bones says, “technically, I could tell us to fly out of here and back home?” “Well, aye, doctor,” Chekov says, “but captain Kirk and the others-” “I know,” Bones interrupts him, “I won’t do it, but it’s nice to know that I could, theoretically. Something to throw at Jim’s face when he makes it back here alive.” Chekov stares at him blankly, and Bones frowns. “What?” “Are you going to sit on the chair or what?” Bones is so used to standing next to Jim, he’s never actually sat down on the chair, and it feels foreign to him when he does. A whole lot of responsibility he doesn’t want to carry on his shoulders at all.
  • “Doctor,” the substitute communications officer starts, “I’m getting a signal from Captain Kirk.” “Hail,” Bones says, and pretty soon Jim shows up on screen. “Looking good in that chair, babe,” Jim says. “Get to the point, Jim,” Bones replies through gritted teeth. “I got myself locked up. Spock and Sulu escaped with Uhura and Jaylah.” “Okay, we’ll get them on board and then beam you aboard.” “No can do,” Jim says, “they’re after the Enterprise. You gotta prepare to leave, Bones.” Bones takes a deep breath, narrowing his eyes at the idiot on the screen. “We’re not leaving without you.” “Don’t worry about me, just keep a comms channel open. Get the others to safety, Bones. Time’s running out.”
  • Bones isn’t meant to be a captain. The sole purpose of his command classes in the academy were to become a CMO. Captain is not a thing he wants. And just like Jim predicted, pretty soon there are multiple Klingon ships chasing them. Bones hears about Spock and Sulu having returned to the ship - both escorted to medbay. He wants to be there; it’s his comfort zone, after all, but instead he’s in Jim’s chair. He’s worried about his best friend. Every time a Klingon ship attacks their shields, Bones cringes and wishes at least Sulu would be back here to take over. He’s not that lucky, though, and Bones pretty much refuses to escape in warp drive, too afraid to leave Jim behind on hostile territory.
  • “Shields are down to 40%,” Chekov informs Bones. “Fire at those damn ships with all we’ve got.” “Shouldn’t we attempt to leave the orbit?” “Not without Jim,” Bones says, though he’s actually happy with Chekov’s input. There’s a crew of roughly 300 man now depending on him more than they do usually, and he feels increasingly more stressed out.
  • Until Jim calls again. “Where are you?” Bones asks immediately. “I’m in a Klingon ship,” Jim says, “I’m chasing the after the Enterprise – and the other Klingon ships.” “Don’t bother with the ships,” Bones says, “get straight to the Enterprise. Give your coordinates to Scotty so he can beam you off that ship.” “Aye, captain,” Jim replies, smiling at the screen more comfortably now, and Bones smiles back, too, though a bit more on edge.
  • Getting Jim back is easier said than done, though. Because pretty soon the Klingons catch on, too, and Jim’s shuttle ends up being chased. The Enterprise has to make some nauseating moves to avoid getting more damaged - and avoid getting Jim and his ship hurt as well. “Chekov,” Bones says, “see if you can intercept that ship before it gets to Jim.” “Aye, doctor,” Chekov says, and Bones watches Jim’s ship making desperate moves to escape the Klingon ship. “See if you can hail Jim again,” Bones tells Uhura. He’s uncomfortable on his chair. “Are you ready to be beamed back?” Bones asks, and Jim nods. “More than ready. I’m going to send this ship on a collision course to theirs.” “Be careful,” Bones says, “we’ll get you here in a few seconds.”
  • Bones is pretty sure he can write himself off with severe stress symptoms afterwards. Jim is fine. Spock’s fine, and Sulu’s going to be fine, too. Bones sees to that, after visiting them in med bay. “How was being a captain?” Jim asks after Bones checks him out carefully, but other than a black eye, Jim should be fine. “I hate it,” Bones says, and Jim laughs - though he winces lightly when he does. Bones reaches out, gently running his fingers just under Jim’s eye. “You’d make a good Captain,” Jim promises. “I don’t want to be,” Bones says, “the only reason I did take command classes was just so that I could be assigned to the same ship as you.” Jim looks up at that. “What?” “D'you think I would’ve really gone into space if it weren’t for this idiot guy who walked into my life like a-” Jim leans in, pressing a kiss to Bones’ lips, right there in medbay. Bones looks stunned when Jim pulls away. “You saved our lives,” Jim says, “I figured that’s worth a kiss" 

@lieutenantriza said: Adam says that Ronan must have spent at leasr 900 dollars to piss Declan off, but that was from Adam’s POV in TRB, so before they knew Ronan was a dreamer and Adam was basically guestimating the price based on how huge and complicated it was. Given the way it’s described, with it changing and almost moving, I think it’s likely he actually dreamed it.


[inception voice] we have to go deeper

Okay so there are two options. Either a) he got the tattoo done by an artist or b) he dreamed it onto his skin. 

If option a is true then that would have hurt like a motherfucker but also Gansey would have needed to lotion the fuck out of that. Was it back massage central in the Gansey-Lynch household for awhile? Sorry, Gansey-Lynch-Czerny. Just a dude bro lotioning his bestie bro’s back. Good content. In which case he also would have had to spend at least $900 dollars which he definitely would have relayed to Declan to piss him off.

OR if option b is true, then Ronan lies to Gansey and asks him to lotion his back tattoo for him because he 1. can’t tell Gansey he dreamt it the fuck onto his body and 2. I mean you can deduce the fuck outta this for yourself. But also, I imagine in this scenario Ronan still tells Declan he purchased the tattoo to piss him off.

Either way, Declan is pissed and Gansey lotioned Ronan’s back tattoo.

Thank you for your time. 

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I take your HTDave/john ending #2 and raise you an even worse ending #3. John gets integrated inside of HTDave where his body is attached to a tentacle-y dream machine situation and his consciousness gets trapped in a dream bubble. HTDave can keep john safe and forever under his watchful (l̶o̶v̶i̶n̶g̶) eye. Everything is normal there, as if the game never happened, but john sometimes feels clocks are staring right back at him...

on X and X

sHIT man I really wanna draw a thing for this but I don’t know how to convey this into art stuff?! 

I imagine the dream bubble to be replicated perfectly to match up with John’s past memories, the only “off” thing in there will be everything time relevant being distorted because of Dave’s aspect?? Uhhhhh some examples I can think of will be people never seeming able to care about the exact date ((they’ll have a foggy idea like “oh, it’s summer,, so either June or July idk idc”)), and guestimating time all the time. Calenders and clocks are hard to read and your mind goes hazy looking at them.

ALSO I don’t know if you have the intent of letting HTDave replicate the dream bubble based of off John’s broken pieces of mind but I wonder how he’d feel seeing John’s memories of regular Dave…… or maybe presburb Dave is gone from the bubble……

have a doodle because i feel guilty for not knowing what to draw for this A++ prompt

Game of Thrones handmaiden dress tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a very adjustable, one size fits most dress inspired by the Game of Thrones TV show on HBO. A lot of the women in King landings wear this summery style of dress. It can be seen on serving and working girls alike. I have also seen it called the King’s landing maxi dress, in any case it is a lovely contrast to the heavier court dresses seen on Sansa or Cersei.

This is a fairly simple tutorial, so even if you are a beginner, don’t worry this dress is made from two rectangles. You just need to sew in straight lines and have a little patience, I finished mine in a just an afternoon!
To begin, I started out with a lightweight cotton in a orangey-pink colour, it was about 2$ a meter on sale at my local fabric store. I bought about 4.5 meters and it is about 55" wide.

I am about 5'5" tall so this tutorial will follow my measurements. It’s easy to guestimate how much fabric you will need by measuring from around you collarbones down to your ankles where your hem will be. In my case it was 1.5 meters. I doubled that measurement for the back of the dress, 3 meters, and cut my two pieces of fabric.

Start with the front piece. Sewing a ½" wide channel so I could lace a ribbon through.

Take your ribbon and thread it through the channel. I clipped a safety pin to the end of mine as something easy to grab onto as I pushed my ribbon through the channel. It should look something like this when gathered together.

Next, take your piece of fabric for the back. I would recommend sewing the ½" neck channel first, it’ll make getting the length easier.

Take your drawstring from the front of your dress and lace it through the back neck channel to create a circle that will go around you neck.
Try placing the dress on a mannequin or yourself to check the length.
There was a little too much fabric at the bottom of my dress, so I cut off a few off the unfinished edge. When you are satisfied with the length you can create the channels at the back of the dress.

At this point you should hem the front of you dress at the appropriate height.

Snip any extra threads and bingo! Your dress is finished!

Accesorize with a belt, necklace and a bracelets and you are good to go. This dress is particularly great for summer Conventions, easy to move in crowds and very lightweight!
If ever you have any questions, pictures, finished images, shoot them my way I would LOVE to see them.

Thank you so much for following!
Coral Peachy

GORETOBER - DAY 5: Stitches

this is….. me…… tryna get used…….. to ben barnes as jigsaw and stay in denial that tps might be a basic bitch™ and make him the surprise villain….. n e wa y s…….. obs idk what he’s gonna look like but here have my guestimate (also: if he doesn’t call frank frankie-baby in tps, im suing)


        Information can be found HERE as well!

   Since I am going back to classes my emergency commissions will be open. About 5 to 6 spots will be open for others to make purchases, so please, Inbox, IM, or however you would like to contact me about a drawing or purchase you would like. From there, I can give you a price, and guestimate how long a piece will take me. 


   I WILL NOT be doing NSFW, nudity, or any other type of art due to the fact I will most likely be doing these in public places alongside my college courses. OCs are fine, but will be charged slightly extra as it states on Commission’s Page! If you cannot order, please, reblog or share this with your friends. It means a lot to me as an artist in hard times like this when I need a bit of extra money during my college days!

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I don't know about other klance shippers but to say most klance shippers don't like Keith is ridiculous. I follow a ton of klance blogs and I have seen maybe 3 blogs say anything that is somewhat anti Keith but I know that real true klance shippers love Keith just as much/ equally to lance and I was sad Keith was barely in this season as well as lance but They didn't even show the trails which I was super excited for :/ also sheith as the whole "Keith gets dominated by shiro" trope but the thing

-the thing is everyone/ every fandom ship has its stupid tropes that makes their ship bad so instead of saying “I don’t hate klance BUT” why not just say hey people who don’t like Keith maybe treat him better because he is a awesome characters and deserves a better season then the season this gave him and if you hate on Keith then maybe don’t ship him with someone and make him the “rude asshole” btw I’m totally understand what your saying but maybe just don’t group all the klance people together


Hey nonnie, I’m going to start by being perfectly genuine here when I say that I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. And you are right that I shouldn’t group the entire Klance fandom together. I will revise my earlier statement, because you pointed out something that I shouldn’t have said. I don’t think that the majority of Klance fans hate Keith. I do think that a large majority handle him poorly and tend to not care about his emotions and strongly wish they would treat him better. But thankfully not all of Klance fans do this.

Here I'm going to get really controversial, so nonnie or anyone who is sensitive to how they are perceived, please don’t read.

I’m also going to make some guestimates with percentages in the Klance fandom. Are these numbers absolute fact? No. Are they researched? Partially. Are they the impression that the Klance fandom has left me with after I’ve gone through their content and seen how they portray the characters? Absolutely.

But yes, I really did misspeak when I said the majority of Klance fans hate Keith, and I apologize for that. Guessing on the low side, I would guess that maybe 15% of Klance fans absolutely hate this character. And I mean hate him. To an extent that can be shocking sometimes; I’ve seen some of them wish truly horrible things upon him here on Tumblr. Death and dismemberment type things. Not to mention how often they whitewash him, which I thought Tumblr fandom was past doing to animated characters with debatable ethnic origins after people educated others about anime characters. But I suppose I was wrong.

The other 75% of Klance fans I would say just don’t care about him.

Why do I think this? Well,

  • Partially because of the fact that people who hate Keith are still fairly accepted in the Klance fandom; I never see them called out by their fellow Klance fans, and in fact see other Klance fans interact with them pretty often.
  • Partially because this mindset of ‘Keith gets too much development, Lance should get development instead of him’ is strong in even the Klance fandom. Which is fine for Lance fans, but confusing for fans that supposedly love both characters that should want to see them both developed, not for one to lose their development so the other can shine.
  • Partially because of the content Klance fans produce on AO3. So, so much Klance fic is designed to prop Lance up and tear Keith down. Here are some of the tropes I’ve found most often in fics when going through the Klance tag:
    • No (or one-lined) focus on Keith’s feelings about his (lack of) family, in entire scenes (or fics) written about how much Lance misses his.
    • Lance gets multiple suitors, cause Keith has to be jealous and realize how lucky he is to have Lance, while Keith is usually viewed as the unfriendly one, lucky to have Lance.
    • Lance gets to have his skills recognized by other characters, while Keith’s skills are either unmentioned or sometimes downgraded.
    • Lance gets to be deeply emotional and complex, while Keith’s one emotion is usually him pining over Lance (sometimes, he gets two! Usually relating to him being gay!)
    • Lance gets sick, Keith gets to take care of him.
    • Lance gets Langst, and Keith gets to comfort him.
    • Lance is the best boyfriend in the world, while Keith is a jerk and makes Lance sad.
    • Lance gets to be angry if Keith treats him poorly, but Keith is made to understand that it’s just because of Lance’s insecurities and usually forgives him right away. 
    • Lance is portrayed as an overly submissive figure to Keith’s dominating self.
      • All of these are tropes that I’ve run in to in Klance fic, though rarely all in the same fic, thankfully. And I can’t say that it’s just me, that I’m just hitting the wrong ones when I go through pages and pages and pages of fics that contain one or more of these. I’m not even mentioning the fics that mischaracterize Lance into this feminized, weepy version of himself, because I think that those fics treat Lance poorly too. Mostly by not recognizing his strength and making him incredibly OOC.
      • Look at the Klance fics produced after this season that deal with Keith leaving the team. Unless there were ones that I’ve missed, they were all dealing with Lance’s feelings. How Lance feels like he’s not part of the team (when Keith left because he didn’t feel part of the team.) How Lance is hurt by Keith’s decisions, with no exploration into Keith’s mental state that might have pushed him to make those choices.
  • The last part is Langst itself. Langst probably started off being a harmless way to focus on Lance, but it is now something that seems to always need to degrade at least one of the other characters and turn them into jerks just so Lance can be sad. Usually (though not always) that character is Keith. The fact that Langst has that sort of agenda and yet is so wide spread throughout the Klance fandom speaks for itself.

So, for those of you that don’t hate me yet, I would like to end this on a high note. There are Klance fans that care about Keith. There are the ones that produce content for Klance that explore both characters so beautifully that it touches my heart and makes me love this ship. There are Klance fics that I genuinely love because of such fans, because of the hard work they put in portraying both characters so well and beautifully. Those 10% of Klance fans that love Keith as well as Lance? I adore them. I would like to thank such fans from the bottom of my heart.

And I hope that I don’t come off as entirely selfish (though I probably will) when I said that I wish someday there will be more of them.

Dr. Schneeplestein is Dead (SepticEgo Theory)

I understand everyone’s basically loosing their shit over the return of the Antipocalypse, but we need to use our brains again while there’s time so Anti could possibly answer us. As the title suggests, you know things are going to get dark.

Now I’m just going to get straight to the point here.

Dr. Schneeplestein has seen many things in his career. One of which was his case with Chase Brody after he shot himself in the head.

Imagine being inside a surgeon room, and you’re watching your best friend slowly die right in front of you after being shot. That’s exactly what Schneeplestein had to go through with Chase.

Now luckily Chase made it through his injuries, and is now living happily with his wife and kids according to Schneeplestein, but you can only imagine how scarred the doctor was after this.

And this isn’t the only case Schneeplestein has gone through to save his friends. He saved Jack back in Say Goodbye when Anti slit his throat for the first time. He stitched his throat back together.

He’s been doing this and many more cases for a century. Don’t believe me?

Well remember this?

“Yowzah! That did more than tickle, doc!”


Who would this doc be? It was confirmed by Jack himself that Dapper was referring to Dr. Schneeplestein.

Now according to my research, this pumpkin carving film had to of taken place as early as the 1890s to as old as the 1910s, because these were the times of the creation of silent films. And we’ve seen Doctor Schneeplestein as early as of 2017.

So if this time period is correct, I would guestimate Dr. Schneeplestein has been a doctor for 100+ years. In those 100+ years, just imagine how many cases Dr. Schneeplestein has had to go through. Lots.

Now the statement “100% Real Doctor” is no joke.

Dr. Schneeplestein as of now we know is basically the most experienced doctor in the world for being a doctor for as long as he has been. We can only assume he’s almost never had a death in his surgeon room. He’s probably only had one every once in a blue moon, and even then it could’ve been because of something as simple as a malfunctioning. Or in most cases we’ve seen with Dr. Schneeplestein, it’s intentional.

But none of that was the case with Kill Jacksepticeye.

Jack is one of Dr. Schneeplestein’s closet friends he has. After Anti infected Jack, Dr. Schneeplestein knew he had to help him.

But Scheeple had no idea what he was about to go up against. He had no idea of Anti’s existence. He didn’t even know what was wrong with Jack in the first place.

If you were an experienced doctor, shouldn’t you be able to figure out the disease someone is infected with? Especially before conducting a surgery?

What occurs throughout the rest of Kill Jacksepticeye is basically self explanatory. Dr. Schneeplestein fails to save Jack, Anti succeeds in his plan, etc. It’s what happens afterwards I’m here to discuss about.

After the death of Jack, Schneeplestein still didn’t know what had caused him to die. He had yet to know of Anti’s existence.

Here’s where my theory mainly comes in play.

Schneeplestein most likely ran off after Jack’s death from the depression of his loss right in front of him. He may have ran home or locked himself in one of the bathrooms of the hospital; Basically anywhere that he was capable of isolation from everyone. Schneeplestein thought he was the reason Jack died. He failed to save him.

He most likely grieved for hours over Jack’s death alone. And then… he couldn’t take it anymore.

He’d seen enough. He’d done enough. He’s been a doctor for over 100 years. His friend dying right in front of him was the last straw. He didn’t want anymore blood to fall upon his hands. He didn’t want to go around in fucking circles anymore. Dr. Schneeplestein injected himself with deadly poison with his needle, killing him ten minutes later.

Now just because Dr. Schneeplestein would be dead wouldn’t mean we had seen the last of him.

Anti could possess Dr. Schneeplestein’s dead body as a disguise for himself. This would be perfect for manipulating the other SepticEgos, and even us fans. He could use this tactic to kill off the remaining Egos standing (Marvin, Jackieboy Man, Chase, etc.)

Now obviously over time, Dr. Schneeplestein’s body would most likely rot over Anti’s possession of it. His skin would go pale, and his hair would fade in color. When Anti would leave Dr. Schneeplestein’s “useless” body, he would become repossessed as his own entity again. Almost exactly like Michael Afton from the FNaF: Sister Location cut scene when Ennard left his rot body, Michael possessed it again.

This would result in the forming of the Ego we all know, Robbie the Zombie.

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I’m working on the meta/headcanon for the Killer Whale potion right now. Long way around the barn, I’m trying to calculate a witcher’s heart rate. Doesn’t their heart beat once for every 4 of a human’s heart at rest? (Is that canon or did I read it in a fic?- the eternal question)

This is some impressive bullshit because average resting heart rate is 60 - 100 bpm. ¼ th of 60 = 15, and ¼ of 100 = 25 bpm. A witcher’s heart at rest is 15 to 25 beats per minutes. That is reasonable, but also ridiculous.

 But then let’s say the witchers can get heart rates up just as humans can during exercise. To calculate max heart rates for humans, it is 220 minus your age (HAHAHA). To guestimate, Vesemir was considered a middle-aged witcher, but he was still very fit. So I’ll say he would be considered to be in the 50s as a human on a human length lifespan. Geralt is ¼ of Vesemir’s age. This would calculate to human Geralt being 12 and a half, but what the hell. Let’s say biologically, Geralt is 25-30 (Small headcanon: Geralt is biologically older than Eskel because of all the stress he has dealt with. If anyone needs a break to relax for a few years, it’s Geralt).

220- 30 = 190, meaning Geralt’s target heart rate would be 50% to 85% of his max heart rate of 190. Target heart rates: 95 to 161 bpm. But that is for a human, so let’s divide by ¼th! 24 to 40 bpm for general exercise. That is not going to work. 

So, for the sake of giving witchers a reasonable heart rate, here is how I’m going to interpret witcher heart rates:

  • Sleeping: 5 - 15 bpm
  • Meditating: 7 - 12 bpm
  • At rest, but awake (reading, writing): 15 - 25 bpm
  • Low energy tasks (Walking, talking, etc): 30 - 40 bpm
  • Moderate energy tasks (running) : 45 - 75 bpm
  • High Energy tasks (Fighting): 75 - 150 bpm
  • Dangerous: >150 bpm

I gave the greatest range to high energy tasks because witcher can fucking fight! Their fights can go from “eh, sure, whatever” to “this is taking some time” to “I’ve been fighting ten enemies for a while now- I’m starting to feel it” to “TRY ME, ASSHOLE. I’M READY TO GO FOR ANOTHER HOUR”

And this isn’t even with potions and decoctions. (Now I have heart rates to play with for how Killer Whale affects heart rate c: ) I’m trying to decide if I even want to go into breathing rates. 

TLDR: Witchers are perfectly built to be the best at monster fighting so WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO EVER FIGHT A WITCHER, GOOD GOD

April 13, 2017
Jake’s Birthday!!!!❤

He is 6 today ( he was 3 yrs one month supposedly) if we go by the age the Humane Society gave us when we got him), which 2 veterinarians also guestimated him to be no older than 3 at the time.

But new info has come to light that says he may be 8 going on 9 in October. NOBODY that sees him play at the dogpark agrees with that age for him.

So…..when people ask how old, I say “ six or sevenish” I just know we love him and however long we have with him we will treasure every moment. ❤

Uta Pri: 6th Stage Report Pt. 2

Continues from Getting Tickets

PRE-SHOW: The Goods Line & Trading @ Sunshine City 5/25

In my research of Japanese concerts and seiyuu events, I learned about goods sales typically happening before the show. I noticed people mentioned that you could line up any time before doors opened, there wasn’t a set time that the merch tent would ~open for business~. Sometimes there was order forms, sometimes not. Either way, you’d be waiting a while to get your stuff before the actual concert. I spent a good few weeks trying to mentally prepare myself to get to Met Life Dome on the first train out, trying to figure out a schedule, make sure I was super rested for a really really longggggg daaaay.

Of course, for 6th Stage, with such anticipation of getting goods, the staff decided to make a separate event over several days leading up and including the live weekend to join the queue at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro for the majority of the available merch. This…..threw a wrench in my planning! Just when I thought I had a whole day to dedicate to 6th Stage, I now realized the first thing I was ever ever ever going to do in Japan…….was going to stand in line. For hours. To try and buy merchandise. Of fictional idol groups.

Me: (to me) why are you l i k e t h i s

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I made a fundraiser to help me afford a good binder that won't hurt me (like my last one) or break (again, last one), to afford the right gender attire and also Testosterone. But I don't know how to go about spreading it around. Tips on where I should go to drop the link?

Lee says:

Posting a link in the description of your social media accounts are a good place to start! You can also contact people one-on-one and ask them to donate to you. 

This article is about surgery fundraising, but the “Crowdfunding For Surgery Money” part could apply to crowdfunding for any transition thing and the links at the end are also helpful, so I’d give it a read. This tag has a post on fundraising too, which you could take a peek at as well. 

Free binders:

How do I buy a binder if I’m not out?

From what I’ve read, people will want to see how you’ve tried to get the money yourself and why you’re unable to pay for it, so make sure you’ve tried all of your options before crowd fundraising. When first I wanted a binder I was 15, and I got enough money for it through chores and yardwork and birthday and christmas money all added up. When I wanted a packer I was 16, and I applied to part-time jobs and started working 3 hours a week so I could save up my money to get one. When I was 17 I wanted to start testosterone as soon as I turned 18, so I looked into the insurance laws for my state and the insurance my family has covers testosterone. You’re going to need to demonstrate that you’re too disabled to get a job, or that you’re too poor to save up the money or people won’t donate to you.

On affording testosterone: You can use GoodRx coupons if your insurance doesn’t cover testosterone. Before you do that though, it’s really important to see if they do cover testosterone, because a lot of insurances do (mine does!). Once you’ve done all your research, you’ll know how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket. The How much does it cost to start testosterone? post and the What is the monthly price of different forms of testosterone? post are guestimates that’ll give you a vague idea of the cost, but until you’ve dealt with your insurance, you won’t know how much it’ll be.

As for the clothes, sometimes you can get donations from local LGBT organizations that have clothes for trans people who can’t afford to buy them! Looking into that could be helpful.

Followers, any advice for anon on where they should send their fundraising link?

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(secret crush) ok the boys sleeping in the tent one night and everything is fine until Prompto wakes up. He rolls over towards Ignis who is still sound asleep and leans down to sneak a peck on their cheeks… but right when he’s about to kiss, Ignis stirs slightly and Prom accidentally kisses his lips instead. Would Ignis have felt it? If he didn't, would Prom be able to calm down?

big gay awakening (or the fallout, as it were) promnis

It was 3:30 in the morning, exactly eight days after they set out from Insomnia, that Prompto realized that maybe there was a tiny little possibility that he was gay. Or maybe bi. He didn’t really know how these things went. 

Okay, it wasn’t like the possibility hadn’t occurred to him before. He wasn’t dumb–he and Noctis had had far too many sleepovers where they coincidentally ended up in the same bed, or sharing the same blanket on the couch while Noct fell asleep on his shoulder. He wasn’t prepared for the Prince of Lucis to be his b-b-boy-

For two months he couldn’t even bring himself to think the whole word through. But then he was going on a grand coming-of-age road trip with Noct and his other two friends and the end goal was to get Noctis hitched. So he was a little relieved, that they never tried to be more than friends, that was. Dealing with heartbreak before he’d even come to terms with the idea…yeah, that was no good. 

Ignis, though. 

Ignis was not off limits. 

Ignis was perfect. He was everything Prompto wanted in a friend, or…more. He was kind and patient and cunning and calming and really, really pretty, if Prompto was being honest with himself. Beautiful, even.

And Prompto couldn’t help himself. His cheeks just looked so…so soft. Just a little touch wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? A little touch with his lips. Yeah.

He laid awake in the tent, guestimating the time to be somewhere around 3:30 A.M. The last time he checked his phone it had been 2:56…but the memory of Ignis’ smile could keep him awake all night, it seemed. 

And the object of his affections was lying right next to him, no less. But Ignis was sound asleep–he slept like the dead, a fact Prompto learned from far too many nights lying awake staring at the other man’s pretty face. 

It was now or never. His inhibitions were low like the time Ignis let he and Noct drink a bunch of champagne last new year’s, and he wasn’t planning on getting drunk around Ignis anytime soon. He rolled over a quietly as he could, lifted himself up on his arm, leaned in…

A smell that was distinctly Ignis flooded his senses. Something like the herbs he cooked with mixed with the residual scent of his citrusy cologne from the day before. Prompto opened his eyes–when had he closed them in the first place?–and was greeted with the sight of Ignis’ beautiful grass green eyes…


Ignis’ eyes?

“U-uh, hey man!” he whispered, desperately trying not to let out a very unmanly scream. Wouldn’t want to wake Noct, you know? “I don’t know what you think this is, but it’s definitely not what it looks like!” He tried to laugh the comment off, but it fell flat. 

Ignis was silent, blinking the sleep out of his eyes while Prompto’s heart pounded in his chest. 

“Look, Iggy, we can just–”

“I’ve had a crush on you since the first time you made Noctis laugh,” he said it plain as day, like it was just a recipe written down in his book. Prompto didn’t have the first clue on how to respond. 

“You were insatiable and bright and everything Noct and I didn’t get to be in our everyday lives. I…” and Ignis finally turned his head to meet Prompto’s gaze, “I couldn’t take my eyes off you, for the longest time.” 

Prompto wished he could have snapped a photo of his own stunned expression, just for posterity’s sake. Just as he managed to pick his own jaw up off the floor, Ignis spoke again. 

“It’s no matter…” he murmured, letting his eyes slip closed again, “This won’t be real in the morning, anyway.” And Ignis surprised Prompto for the second time that night, slipping an arm around his waist and pulling him closer, “Let me hold you, while I still have the chance…” 

After Ignis drifted back off Prompto was tempted to wake him again, tell him this was real, that they could be real, but the subtle spice clinging to Ignis’ skin was far more relaxing than it should have been. Maybe if he just closed his eyes…for a few minutes…

Ignis thinks he’s a pro at lucid dreaming, but really it’s just Noctis lying and tricking him and seeing how far the trick can go.