Prepping for Christmas made me more tired than I am thought. Plus, I am still working on feeling better. In the meantime I am shutting things down and go to sleep. I need to be alert to read over my last guest fashion post for the year one last time before I submit it to Luevo. It’s still feel weird typing that especially since it will be my eighth article for them. I have come a long way since winning their Designer Interview contest back in September. Of course being “worker bee” that I am I have already started working on my 1st post of the new year in my spare time. Sweet Dreams folks and signing off. .

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“I think we need a photo for the book cover, something eye-catching and direct, like… oh, I dunno… a black-and-white close-up of a gun or bullets or something?”

“Don’t over-think it, George.”

(from alexmuninn)

Thanks for the muzzle sweep, fella!