totally legit 100% accurate not fake steven universe episode summaries
  • Restaurant Wars:peridot’s literal interpretation of “cutthroat kitchen” goes too far. gordon ramsay guest stars
  • Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service:kiki's new anime obsession nearly puts fish stew pizza out of business...because anime
  • Monster Reunion:steven is reunited with a beast we've all been dying to see again: that one weird plushie that's always about to puke
  • Alone at Sea:the entire 11 minutes is about a fish that has absolutely 0 relation to the main cast
  • Greg the Babysitter:greg accidentally sits down on a literal freaking b a b y
Fresh Off the Boat Is Going to Taiwan for Its Season 3 Premiere
The three-day shoot will show off some of Taipei's landmarks, cuisine, and street markets.

Remember the Chinese polite fight between Fresh Off the Boat’s Louis (Randall Park) and his younger brother Gene (guest star Ken Jeong) in the second-season finale that resulted in Louis announcing to his family that they were going to Taiwan? Season three will pick up where the Huangs left off, with the family on vacation in Taipei for Gene’s wedding.

But the action won’t take place in a Hollywood back lot. The cast and crew will actually travel to Taiwan to film the season premiere next week. The three-day shoot will show off some of Taipei’s landmarks, cuisine, and street markets.

“Knowing we were already picked up (thanks ABC!), we thought it would be fun to end season two with a cliffhanger that would set the table for us to start season three in a really epic way, with the family arriving in Taiwan,” said showrunner Nahnatchka Khan. “It’s also a callback to the pilot episode, where the Huangs arrive in Orlando, the quintessential ‘fish out of water.’ Now they’re in Taiwan and, even though Jessica and Louis were born there, the boys weren’t — they were born in America and have never been out of the country. It’s that idea of not quite fitting into either place, of being both Asian and American. That’s a really cool thing we’re excited to explore.”


Caity Lotz (Guest Starring Stephen Amell) for Legends of Tomorrow at SDC…

There is a mention of Captain Canary by 2:10. No new news. We’ve heard it before but still, right? 

Transcript of the Captain Canary part below:

Interviewer: We also got to see a very interesting development with your relationship with Snart. Is that something you knew about going into the show did it kinda develop organically over time?

Caity Lotz: I think it just developed organically because of Wentworth and I, but it’s also..I remember Wentworth being like, “Hey, so I feel like, you know I’m just gonna like, lean in and do that really flirty, if that’s okay with you.” And I’m like, “Yeah, it’s okay with me!” And then, we just…we started playing cards? We’re like, “Hey, let’s play (a little bit of that) during the scene.” We’re like, “We’re gonna sit on the floor and play Gin.” And they’re like, they’re just like, “Okay. Cool.” So it was very…I think those characters, that’s why people like it ‘cause it really grew naturally. It wasn’t forced by the writers like, “You have to do this”. It just kinda happened so it felt real.



Nick Spencer (W), Paul Renaud (A), Marcos Martin ©, Mike Deodato (VC), Paul Renaud (VC).
* “Take Back the Shield” starts now!
* The world has received an Ultimatum: Peace in our time…or face the fury of The Flag-Smasher! Amid cries of “TakeBacktheShield”, Sam Wilson stands against a rising tide. But he is not alone! Guest-starring in this issue – Steve Rogers: Captain America! Only, Steve has a secret…
32 pages, $3.99. 

Source: BUZZCOMICS.   


Caity Lotz (Guest Starring Stephen Amell) for Legends of Tomorrow at SDCC 2016

Strange animals// Dean & Candice


In 2009 Candice had parted ways with WWE, the typical American Dream had always been what she thought she wanted, kids and a white picket fence, but as soon as she found that she realized it wasn’t at all what she wanted. Seven years following her departure from the company she had divorced her ex husband and followed her heart back to WWE to work as a lot of former stars do, guest staring on panels and doing promos for the company. Her most recent assignment was to cover the aftermath of battle ground, today she would talk away with superstars and divas on the network about the paper views outcomes and where they looked to move from there. She had just about finished the day’s work, one person left, dean Ambrose. A name which she had watched from his indie days, fascinated and somewhat frightened by the man who’s claim to fame was just beginning. As she sat waiting for his arrival she ran over her outfit one last time, allowing the beauty gurus to adjust her makeup as desired. Finally she noticed him walk into the set “hi, Candice Michelle! It’s great to meet you” the brunette smiled as she extended her hand to meet the man

I finally found an article that contained a few more details over what happened during The 7D/Penn Zero panel!

- A storyboard clip was shown to the audience from the upcoming “Bummer Vacation”. Contained in it is a new song from Hildy called “I’m Not Very Nice”!

- It was revealed that guest star “Weird Al” Yankovic will have a song in the upcoming episode “Shapeshifter”!

- Plus, Parry Gripp retells a funny, yet heartwarming story over meeting “Walt Disney” when he was a kid!

Full article:


Because @the-punk-innovator ‘s recent posts finally gave me the motivation to post some of the Tulia art I’ve been hoarding over the months. The world needs more fancy genderfluid folk.

(Guest starring Marco the Sniper and Aiko the Jorogumo)

So apparently mentions is broken and the mention keeps sending people to the wrong tumblr. Please use this link instead:

• SOMEONE is taking over the continental United States, but Squirrel Girl is stuck in boring ol’ Canada! UH-OH.
• Canada’s not actually that boring, though: Did you know we have the world’s longest covered bridge, in Hartland, New Brunswick? It’s true! I’ve seen it!
• It’s pretty long, I GUESS.
• Anyway enough about Canada, we’re here to find out why you should buy this comic! REASONS INCLUDE: fights, teamwork, continental USA domination and a special guest star who you’ll find a TINY bit familiar? Everyone is at least a LITTLE bit into this guy and I cAN’T imagine you not being excited to discover who it is!
• Anyway, yeah, it’s Ant-Man.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

The world has received an ULTIMATUM: Peace in our time…or face the fury of The Flag-Smasher! Amid cries of “#TakeBacktheShield”, Sam Wilson stands against a rising tide. But he is not alone! Guest-starring in this issue – Steve Rogers: Captain America! Only, Steve has a secret…
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99