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I was spending my sat eve with some artists and an idea came up that I wanted to share for next year. A minion per section whose job it is to make sure all the artists are doing alright. Many artists have social anxiety, and sometimes need support.

We have that! It’s a whole department called Guest Services and they visit Artist Alley and Exhibitors throughout the day. They’re pretty great, and you and your friends came up with an awesome idea :)

Server Life, as explained by Karen Walker gifs

The first time you get stiffed by a table

The first time you get a double-digit tip

When a guest requests something bizarre with their meal, like ketchup for their eggs or mayo for their fries

When a guest goes into too much detail about their dietary quirks

When a guest makes the same cheesy joke that 200 people before them have made and you still have to “laugh”

Counting your tips and realizing you made a lot more than you were expecting

Getting home after a double shift

#1: Tip the housekeeping staff.

Out of all the people working in a hotel, housekeeping staff are possibly the most under-appreciated.

According to the workers I’ve talked to, most people don’t tip housekeeping at all. Online sources say the same thing.

Hotel maids do NOT make very much money. They are often over-worked and asked to take on extra shifts. They have the most physical and the most dangerous job at the hotel, with the most frequent injuries. (Thus having to take on extra shifts when another member of the staff is injured.)

I have not seen ANYONE else as exhausted at the end of their shifts as the maids. It is back-breaking work, sometimes literally.

TIP YOUR MAIDS. Tip them generously. They have to deal with so much shit. They clean your toilets and wash your pubes off the shower floor, they pick up your trash, they wash your dirty sheets, they work in overheated and under-ventilated laundry rooms, and they do it for minimum wage or barely above.

Even a $1 or $2 tip is appreciated, but dammit, if you tip the bellman $2 just for bringing up some luggage, you can tip the maid a little more taking care of pretty much everything else.

I’ve generally tipped housekeeping when I’ve stayed at hotels, but after seeing just how punishing their work really is, I will tip a lot, lot more.

This is pretty much the first thing I learned after starting work here. Tip your maids. Please.

Things they don't tell you when you get a hotel front desk job:
  • For many of the smaller hotels, you run the place solo at night. That means if anything happens, it’s all you. I’ve had to check to make sure someone didn’t die, I’ve had a minor fire, flooding. 
  • When a guest is unhappy about something, it’s your fault. Room didn’t get cleaned? Your fault. It’s raining outside? Your fault. They walked in a sold out night so they can’t have a room? Your fault. Everything is your fault. Did you say it’s not? Yes it is.
  • You’ll learn how to fake interest and kindness quickly. I don’t think I genuinely smile anymore. 
  • The majority of people you’ll encounter do not have common sense. They won’t know how to operate the shower, or the tv, or anything else, for that matter.
  • You will not get recognized for how much effort you put into making things right for a guest. Did you just sit on the phone booking for a hotel in a different state for 30 minutes, upgrade them, bring them a rollaway bed, extra pillows, a thing of shampoo, AND order their pizza for them? Doesn’t matter. 
  • The assholes? The ones who complain and get upset over tiny little things? They’re basically encouraged to do so. They’ll get a discount so that it won’t go to corporate and then they’ll do it again at the next hotel. It’s a sad process.

Some days I love my job. Most days I hate it. I’m just trying to get through school and make money along the way. I’m very good at my job, but it’s a pain without much gain. I wish anyone who decides to make a career out of it good luck.

Another rant, but….

We had a few teams in house on saturday night, and a full house of mixed leisure/business people. A pipe in the boiler room burst so the fire alarm went off at midnight. Some asshole ripped off the smoke alarm in their room, so it went off again at 2 am, and 4 am. 

I understand sleep is precious. I understand you stay at a hotel to sleep. But this situation was literally out of our control. 

I had almost every guest demand their room comped. I had a 3rd party guest, who already prepaid, voice his concerns. We were handing out starbucks gift cards to people to get coffee. He’s third party, no honors, so i can’t do points OR reduce his rate. I apologize profusely, and hand him the gift cards…… HE THREW THEM IN MY FACE. I shit you not, tossed them like a frisbee, in my goddamned face. I about lost it, i had to leave. I made sure I told my manager what a douche he was.


And to make matters worse, it went off again this morning at 6am. ugh. Kill me. 

  • guest:so you're charging me for a night I am not staying at your hotel?
  • me:yes, our policy states that if you cancel within 14 days of the date of arrival you are responsible for 100% of your stay.
  • guest:but that wasn't made clear to me yesterday when I made the reservation.
  • me:the person making your reservation would have confirmed those policy details with you.
  • guest:can I speak to a manager about that?
  • me:yes, its the same person that made your reservation for you yesterday
  • guest:......