Bangtan Fic Rec

All of these are on ao3, they’re all shipping fics. I’ll add more as I read, these are just the ones I’ve read so far. My opinion is in italics, I only added the pairing, summary and theme of the fics, not the warnings and ratings so check those out when you’re gonna read them because some of them contain either smut, death or violence. You’ve been warned.

Fics in this list: 43.

I dream in the shape of your mouth by jonghyun | Namjin, College!AU.

Summary: Seokjin spends a lot of time in the library. Now, Namjoon does too. Taemin tries to summon Satan, and Jimin is a fuckboy.

*Jackson voice* Cute

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Kavbj | Taekook, College!AU, Fantasy!AU

Summary: Taehyung has magic in his veins and Jungkook’s determined not to let it kill him.

Dude. This fic is so creative and well-written… I finished it and felt empty.

beat for me (live for me)  by bakkushan | Namjin, Mafia!AU part of the offer me your deathless death series.

Summary: Namjoon’s looking at himself and then at Seokjin and all he can see is Life and Death lying next to each other under a starless sky.

I cried like a bitch with this one, painful as fuck.

All you need is love (and pink) by vppa | NamJin, Angels and Demons!AU.

Summary: Most people only have one miniature angel or devil riding on their shoulders to serve as the physical manifestation of their conscience. Poor Namjoon has five, and they’re all telling him the same thing: “fucking talk to him god dammit what the fuck is wrong with you”

Funny and sweet. I like it.

Can I Get Your Dewey Decimal Number? by melecs| NamJin, Library!AU.

Summary: Seokjin loved working at the library, but some patrons got on his nerves. Take, for example, the grown man who sat in the corner every day and leeched off of the Wi-Fi. And Seokjin worked in the children’s department.

Ah, this is… something else, for sure. Cute as hell. Funny, too.

The less I know the better by mucha | Taegi, Namjin, Fake Relationship!AU

Summary: “Together with their families, Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin… Wow, this is formal… Wait,” Hoseok squints at the paper, before looking back at Yoongi with a quizzical look on his face. “They invited you with a guest? But… You’re single, right?”

“Min Yoongi,” Jimin glares at him over the bar, crossing his arms sternly over his chest. “If you’re seeing someone and you didn’t tell us I will kick your ass, so help me god.”

“I’m not dating anyone,” Yoongi sighs, grabbing the invitation and scanning it quickly. The words “with a guest” are underlined and Yoongi can almost see it: the smugness on his brother’s face as he nods with satisfaction, putting the pencil down.

“So what does it mean?”

Yoongi shifts uncomfortably in his seat, avoiding making eye contact.

“I might’ve… invented a boyfriend,” he finally mumbles to the glass in front of him.

This is so good, amazing, incredible. Brilliant. Entertaining as hell.

Star Light, Star Bright (The Last Star I’ll See Tonight) by DreamsOfAnotherReality | Taekook, Yoonseok, Teen!AU.

Summary: Jung Kook and Taehyung fall in love the summer Hoseok goes missing.  

Hoseok just wanted to see the stars and confess to Yoongi gdi bye I’m gonna fucking kill myself.

Creating a home series by CheekyBrunette | Namjin, Foster Parents!AU

Summary: A BTS Foster Care AU

This AU is so cute and fluffy I love Domestic!Namjin

The Professor’s Family series by EquinoxSolstice | Taekook, NamJin, Family!AU

Summary: Professor Kim Namjoon is married.

He doesn’t have a wife.

They have a sort-of son.

And Jeon Jungkook just crossed paths with them.

Read this. It’s great, I promise.

The Greatest by Little_Dimples | jikook, College!AU, Sports!AU.

Summary: Person A is a hockey player person B a figure skater. Person A is told he needs more grace on the ice so he is forced to get lessons by person B. Problem is they hate each other.

Or Person A is Jungkook and Person B is Jimin.

I had so much fun reading this you don’t get it. As I was reading in class i had to hide my face because I was smiling so much. Really good fic.

400 minutes | yoonmin, School!AU.

Summary: Min Yoongi expected a lot of weird experiences to happen when he went to college, but being the roommate of his high school love who apparently “moved away for good” was not one of them.

Angsty but in a good way.

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka | Namjin, Yoonmin, College!AU, Frat!AU.

Summary: A collection of events occurring within (and without) the walls of the Beta Tau Sigma fraternity house.
At Beta Tau Sigma, there are only a few rules:

1) have a declared major in the College of Music;
2) keep your GPA above a 3.4;
3) don’t let Taehyung into the liquor cabinet;
4) don’t fuck up with Kim Seokjin. The rest is all fine print.

(Rating changed to M for sexual content in ch17.)

OKAY, THIS FIC IS THE END OF EVERYTHING FOR ME. My Favorite Fic Of All Time. Nothing is ever gonna top this for me, even House of Cards. This fic has it all, humor, angst, fluff, smut. Everything. Incredible fic. Golden fic.

cuz in a sky full of stars (I think I saw you) by wowoashley | Taekook, Namjin, Fake Relationship!AU

Summary: taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

This is so cute and cliché but in a good way, I really love this fic.

ce monde est une têmpete by astringxnt | Taekook, Yoonmin, Namjin, College!AU

Summary: they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

the concept of strings in space time theory is that on a one dimensional plane, one only has the option of going backwards or forwards in their direction of travel. Jungkook chooses to be swept along into the unknown, with Taehyung as his only anchor.

AMAZING! I really like the plot of this one.

Safe and Sound by bazooka | Namjin, Royalty!AU.

Summary: From a tumblr prompt: Jin is a prince, and Namjoon is his bodyguard.

“You’re sort of bad at this.”
“Nah. You’re safe, aren’t you?”

Prince!Jin. That’s all I have to say about this fic. Amazing.

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo | Taekook, Yoonseok, Namjin, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Taehyung nearly chokes, but only nearly. Instead he raises an eyebrow and puts on the most suave smile he can manage. Hopes he looks far more collected than his for-some-reason racing heartbeat would let on, more suit-and-wine than elementary-schooler-with-a-new-crush. “You like me?”

Jeongguk blushes, and looks at his feet. He’s smiling. “Of course.”

“Really?” Taehyung says. “Like? Or like like?”

(So much for suit-and-wine.)

Nothing to say apart from it being amazing.

Common Thread by sugafree | Yoonmin, Namjin, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Red String of Fate AU where Yoongi doesn’t believe in soulmates and spends a long time trying to avoid a certain someone on the other end of his red thread.

I’m a sucker for Soulmates, but this fic is good regardless, love the way it’s written.

for you, anything by kadotas | Vmin, Yoonkook, Namjin, Marriage!AU

Summary: “Talk dirty to me,” Taehyung says lowly into Jimin’s ear, breath ghosting Jimin’s earlobe, eliciting a slight shudder from the latter.

“I’m not wearing underwear,” Jimin whispers back, pulling back to look Taehyung in the eye.

Taehyung groans gruffly at this, breaking the eye contact to lean down and nip Jimin’s jawline gently. “God yes baby that’s just-“

“I’m not wearing any underwear because you never fucking put the laundry in the fucking dryer like I’ve asked you to 100 times,” Jimin hisses, voice strained with vehemence, glaring at him and Taehyung sighs defeatedly.

(in which Taehyung and Jimin navigate through married life together, realising belatedly that it’s not always smooth sailing.)

Domestic Vmin is the best Vmin.

Let me know by TheOrgasmicSeke | Yoonmin, Yoonkook, Jikook, Yoonminkook, Namjin, Vhope, I Need U!AU, Poly!AU

Summary: Talking about it, of course, became harder as the days passed by. Yoongi could never find the right time to bring it up. He was still wondering if he was just imaging things. If he was just thinking he was feeling the things he was feeling. But that was quickly disproved every single time Jimin curled up around him and Jungkook kissed him. He was a fucking idiot in love with two bigger idiots and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. Except probably ruin it by talking about it. Hell, maybe it was better to just never mention it and pretend it wasn’t happening.

So good. No other words.

Find the value of an elephant by tired angry egg (Mirabelle) | Namjin, Highschool!AU, Tutor!AU

Summary: When Kim Taehyung’s academic situation takes a turn for the worse, his mother is convinced to hire a highly recommended tutor in the hopes for a miracle that would turn her son into a conscientious student. Her eldest son, Seokjin, has a far more skeptical opinion on this entire thing, expecting it to be-lest he sugarcoat it-a complete failure. And Kim Namjoon is just really bad at making good first impressions (or second ones, or just impressions altogether).

Cute and funny.

A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Epenthesis in Academic Convergence by bazooka | Namjin, College!AU, Professor!AU

Summary: Epenthesis
A phonological phenomenon in which two disparate sounds meet, creating a third sound between them which wasn’t there before.

There were a lot of jobs worse than being partnered with world-renowned Absent-Minded Professor Kim Namjoon, but Professor Kim Seokjin couldn’t think of what any of them were at the moment.

THIS! IS! SO! GOOD! Honestly, I’m in love with this fic.

The Mark of an Educated Mind by bazooka | Namjin, Metafiction.

Summary: At three o'clock in the morning after he’d been working for ten hours straight and everything he touched came out wrong and all his words were stilted and clumsy and all his music was rough and tangled… for some ungodly reason Kim Namjoon opened up a new browser window, typed bangtan sonyeondan fan fiction into the search bar, and then (god) hit enter.

No comment.

A Wonderful Institution by bazooka | Namjin, Yoonmin, Wedding Planner!AU.

Summary: Kim Seokjin is a wedding caterer. Kim Namjoon is a wedding planner.

Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life. Neither of them would know Real Love if it came up to them at a wedding and made a wager.

I love this fic because it’s so cute and funny to me.

Just Skin by syubology | Taegi, College!AU.

Summary: Yoongi is small and angry and 200% done with having feelings; Taehyung is Taehyung; Hoseok harasses Yoongi with petnames and Jimin ships Yoonseok. That’s basically it.

The fic that made me ship Taegi.

Pour up (Drank) by mindheist | Taekook, College!AU, Frat!AU.

Summary: If you can read this, take another shot.

LISTEN. This fic is so good it’s almost Beta Tau Sigma and that’s saying a lot because I love that fic. Anyways, the story in this one is great and it has its funny moments as well as fluffy and frustrating ones. Great fic.

Sidereal by darling | Vmin, Childhood Friends!AU.

Summary: Here we observe the Earth and the Sun in their natural habitat: each other.

This is all cute and fluffy in some parts but deep in others. Beautiful fic, I like the concept.

half a soul divided by jynxu | Minjoon, Taekook, Yoonseok, Soulmate!AU

Summary: Park Jimin has never been on a date. Nor has he had his first kiss, flirted with anyone, or fallen in love. His classmates would ridicule him and base nicknames over his distaste toward anything romantic. (Look, here comes Saint Jiminie!) Even his younger brother would make fun of him while his parents watched with pitying looks on their faces.

Nobody understood.

or: soulmate au where your soulmate’s date of death is tattooed on your wrist.

This made me cry. At school. No joke my friends were worried. Great fic, read if you want to cry.

Out of My System by xxdevilishxx | Yoonmin, Vhope, Namjin, One Night Stand!AU.

Summary: Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.

I read this instead of studying. Really good and interesting, I like the characters.

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks | Taekook, Gangster!AU, Mafia!AU.

Summary: Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?”

Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand.

Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

Cute and a good read, the concept is awesome and I like the way it’s written.

House of Cards by sugamins | Taekook, Vmin, Jikook, Vminkook, Mafia!AU, Gangster!AU.

Summary: Jungkook is the heir to a mob empire, the most notorious in the whole of Seoul. Taehyung is a rookie sent in to infiltrate by his select team and bring the empire crumbling down.

“You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated.”

Trailer. This fic. I have no words. It’s beautifully written and the plot is amazing, really interesting and just plain good. The fic to end all Mafia!AUs. Nothing is ever gonna top this for me. It’s also a long read.

Let Me In Or Let Me Down by noraebangbang | Yoonmin, A/B/O.

Summary: Yoongi hates dealing with heat cycles and suppressants and life in general. Everything is a terrible mess, and then there’s Jimin to make things a tiny bit brighter.

Now, listen, I don’t really like ABO, but this fic is so good that I wanna like it because if there are any other ABO fics like this gem then I’m in for a treat.

Kickstart series by Error401 | Yoonmin, Namjin, Vhope, Gangster!AU, Hitman!AU

Summary: Hitman!Yoongi AU.

The plot of this series is really interesting, I read it all in one sitting because I just needed more. It’s really good.

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes | Yoonseok, Reincarnation!AU, Soulmates!AU, Multiple lives!AU.

Summary: Because Yoongi doesn’t know how this started, or how this will end, but he knows this simple fact: he knows that there is a love between them that is much fiercer than the burning sun. There is that love then, and there is that love now, and surely there will be that same love the next time.

(Or: the one where they’re reincarnated over and over again and Yoongi meets a different version of Hoseok every time but Yoongi is the only one that remembers.)

Ok, this fic made me cry really hard and I’m still affected by it. It’s beautiful and sad and you should totally read it.

Our Pet Monster

TW: Mentions of Pedophilia

When we moved to Pine Drive, I never expected to find a conspiracy among the kids there.

I was an only child and a loner, thanks to my parents always moving. My dad’s job had him hopping from state to state. It was a pretty tough going if you wanted to make friends. But he promised that we’d stay at least six months here, so I had a chance to make at least one friend.

And whadya know, on my block, there were a ton of kids to make friends with.

I didn’t even really have to try. Two days after moving in, the Langley twins Diana and David were pounding on my door, asking who owned that bike parked in the front yard and if they wanted to play. I was shy but the twins were ecstatic to meet me.

Apparently their group had an odd number before I moved in and they needed equal teams to play their games with.

There was Alicia, who was six, she was the baby but she was very sweet. The oldest was Fletcher who was thirteen but his social skills were a bit behind so he didn’t mind hanging out with a bunch of nine and ten year olds. I think there was about ten of us all in all.

But I learned soon enough that there was a secret each of them shared.

Keep reading

California, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Louisiana are drafting laws to limit protests on college campuses

  • Wisconsin is inching closer to enacting a law that would allow universities to expel students for protesting.
  • The State Assembly passed the Campus Free Speech Act in a 61-36 vote Wednesday night in an attempt to protect First Amendment rights at Wisconsin’s public colleges and universities. 
  • Under the law, students who are found guilty of engaging in “dangerous or other disorderly conduct” at speeches or events on campus on two occasions would be suspended for a minimum of one semester. 
  • Those with three allegations of disrupting free speech would be expelled.
  • Supporters of the Campus Free Speech Act allege that the bill protects the First Amendment rights of guest speakers, but critics argue that such a law would infringe upon the protesters’ right to free speech. However, bill sponsor Rep. Jesse Kremer said this isn’t the case. Read more (6/23/17)
Wedding in Hawaii || Part 2

hi. well i must say that part 1 went down pretty well, you all seemed to love it which makes me extremely happy! currently i’m working on part 3 and considering that harry styles just rocked up to the airport in a pair of glasses and a shirt that says “women are smarter” i am going to have to write about that too so get seated loves! i hope you’s will enjoy part 2, it’s really really fluffy and you will cry if you are sensitive. even if you aren’t you will shed a tear or two bc harry’s amazing. ok i shall stop rambling. hope you’s enjoy, don’t forget to like and follow and i think there’s an option to turn on my post notifications as well so if you don’t wanna miss out on cute harry stuff i suggest you turn it on 😘 lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 1 •  Part 3

It was around 12 pm when Harry and I finished our time in the gym that Harry desperately wanted to visit. He said it tends to help with his hangover and I knew about that because he’s done it before, I just didn’t think it helps. For me at least.

Once we got back from our work out session we both showered then got into something comfy to go and hang out in with the others.

Harry was wearing blue shorts with a grey shirt that had an eagle on the front, white sunglasses and a yellow snapback.

I think it was safe to say that he looked stunning. Gorgeous. Absolutely breath-taking. Beautiful.

You get the gist.

While he was literally shining I was looking like trash next to him but I didn’t mind because his beauty was enough for me too.

“I lost count on how many times I’ve caught you staring at me just since we got back from the gym,” Harry told me as he laughed.

We were sitting on the grass because we liked to make a show of ourselves in front of other people. It was chill as we were both having a glass of champagne, not minding one bit that we just got over our hangovers.

That’s how you roll when you’re a wedding guest, right?

“Can you blame me?” I asked him as I brought my glass up to my mouth and took a sip of my cold and bubbly drink. It felt good as it slid down my throat into my stomach, the coolness of it giving me a refreshing feeling for a little while. “You’re quite possibly the prettiest human being here.”

“You compliment me too much. It should be the other way round,” he shook his head which I saw from the corner of my eye. “Sometimes I feel like our roles are reversed.”


“Don’t know,” he shrugged. Wow, thanks for helping me. “I just do. But I don’t mind. It feels good to have someone like you beside me. Giving me compliments when I feel down and stuff, always making sure I’m grounded. I’m glad to have you.”

“You’re gonna make me cry, stop,” I laughed. As the words left his lips I just suck all of them in which totally messed with my emotions. He just had his own way of making me feel all these things and I will never be able to explain just what he does to me. “You deserve it all, honestly.”

“How much do you wanna bet that you’ll be the one to get down on one knee?”

“I’ll be getting down on two tonight,” I blurted out which caused him to just look at me with a smirk on his lovely features.

“Y’know what I meant you cheeky girl,” he squeezed my thigh, his hand eventually going more and more up. “I swear you got more confident ever since we got together.”

“Ever Since New York.”


“Your song, silly boy.”

“Still don’t know what you’re saying.”

“You said I got more confident ever since we got together. But those are not the lyrics to your song.”

“Oh,” he said. “Oh my godness, baby, really?”

“I’m a proud girlfriend. Did you know that by the way? I’m proud of you. Like, super-duper proud.”

“Thank you,” he smiled and leaned closer, his lips touching mine in a sweet, champagne flavoured kiss.

A small moan escaped from me as he massaged his soft and tender lips against mine, his tongue slightly tracing over my upper lip causing me to open my mouth. Soon enough our tongues were slapping together and tasting each other, the familiar taste of the champagne rolling off of his sweet lips and tongue made my head spin and body shake. 

Our kiss started off totally innocent then ended up quite heated. But I loved it. Every time Harry and I kissed I just fell in love with him more and more.

The heated moment was interrupted when a ball was thrown our way, our lips parting ways quickly with a smacking noise. My cheeks were turning slightly pink as I licked my lips and turned my head where Harry was looking.

“Harry, play with me!” the little girl asked him, well, more like demanded then soon enough she ran away.

She was basically in love with Harry. Her name was Lily one of the men’s daughters, only 5 years old if I remember correctly. She was the cutest little girl I have seen in a long time; her neediness for Harry’s attention reminded me a bit of myself.

I looked back to Harry who was laughing as he was already staring at me with his eyes, licking his lips which caught my attention straight away.

His lips were pink, shiny and kissable. Whenever he would talk I’d sometimes just zone out and admire his mouth, the way he forms each word is just absolutely mesmerising to me.

Well, everything he does is mesmerising to me.

“Guess I better go and play,” he laughed before pecking my lips softly. I put my hand on the side of his neck, biting into my lower lip as I scanned over his face not missing one bit before seeing his little side smirk appear alongside his dimples. “You’re literally obsessed with me, aren’t you, pretty girl?”

“I just love you. I’m in love with you. Badly,” I told him what he probably already knew. Wow I loved him so much I would jump off a cliff for him if it meant he’ll be happy for the rest of his life and nothing bad will happen to him.

“I love you so much,” he said as he pressed a kiss to my forehead then got up to play with Lily.

And if I wasn’t an emotional mess before than I sure as hell turned into one the moment they started to play.

Harry had his phone in one hand while his champagne glass was in the other one and Lily was just chasing after him as he jogged in front of her. Their laughter added to the vibe of the people who were already talking and it made the atmosphere livelier and more welcoming to those who only just got to where we were.

Moments later Harry gave me his phone as he continued to play with the little girl. When he bopped her nose and she laughed then he joined in as well my whole heart melted like a big block of butter in the hot weather and I couldn’t stop the semi-loud “aw” rushing out of my mouth.

That was honestly the cutest fucking thing ever.

Lily was so small and Harry was so tall and gorgeous and the way he just messed around with the little girl was so adorable and all I wanted to do was get pregnant and give him a baby. I know I sound crazy but honestly.

He was so damn adorable I wanted to cry in happiness. He was just the man of my dreams. No, wait, scratch that.

Harry was better than any man in any of my dreams ever. Harry was something else.

He was better than anyone I have ever met, he raised my expectations and standards to an unhealthily high bar and I almost felt stuck up for it.

I loved him so much it was quite pathetic and indescribable; he made me so happy I sometimes wondered what my life was like before I got to know him.

“What are you thinking, pretty girl?” his voice was so close to me I almost jumped out of my skin. I wasn’t expecting him to be next to me but I guess my thoughts totally drowned me.

“Nothing much,” I answered finally as I looked up to him.

“Alright, if you say so,” he sat back down next to me, pushing his sunglasses up so that they were resting on his head on top of his snapback. “We have a dinner to attend tonight. Would you do me the honours of being my date for it?”

“I would absolutely love that,” I told him smiling which he returned. “You get tanned so easily I’ll have to get my game on.”

“You’re so fucking competitive,” he shook his head laughing.

“I am. Do you have a problem with that?” I asked back sassily.

“No just know that I will not let you win. I will be tanner than you are by the time we are going home.”

“Is that what you think?” I raised one of my eyebrows, challenging him. “Fifty quid when we get home?” I put my hand out, knowing full well he’s gonna have to pay.

We’ve done this before when we were in LA and I was twenty quid richer when we got back home. I had to raise the bar by thirty to make some profit.

“Alrighty, miss,” he took my hand and shook it. “Fifty quid right as we land at Heathrow.”

I winked at him, lifting up my new glass of champagne and taking a sip. I can’t wait to spend that fifty quid on shit that I don’t even need.

Christine and Chloe eventually convince Michael to tell Jeremy how he feels
Michael decides to do it over text since he doesn’t think he could handle doing it in person

Michael: Hey Jeremy can we talk? 
Jeremy: sure whats up
Michael: This is gonna be hard for me to say but
Jeremy: hey its ok take your time
Michel: I have a huge crush on you and I’ve had it for a few years now.  Sorry.
Jeremy: shit im sorry michael but I dont feel the same im sorry
Michael: Oh right yeah sorry dude didn’t mean to make this awkward haha
Jeremy: you ok
Michael: I’m sure I’ll be fine 

Michael’s crying at this point 
Both Chloe and Christine had convinced him to tell Jeremy because they thought he felt the same
But obviously, they were wrong
Of course they were
Why would anyone like Michael
He was annoying
A loser 
A stoner
And to top it all off now he didn’t even have a best friend 

When Michael tells her, Chloe is all ready to fight Jeremy but Michael tells her to let it go
Over time the group splits
With Michael, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine in one grou[
And Jeremy, Rich and Jake in the other
Over time the two sides of the group lose most contact
Though Chloe and Jake still talk from time to time 

In his second year of college, Jeremy works out that he is definitely bi after a few nights at a club 
In his last year of college, Jeremy realises that he was actually in love with Michael 
But it’s too late to do anything about that 

Chloe invites both sides of the group to her and Brooke’s wedding  
Everyone shows
Except Jeremy
Michael tries not to let it get to him
But it does
He’s just so angry that Jeremy allowed all of this to become so awkward between them
They were meant to be a team
Player 1 and Player 2
Who cares if it’s platonic or romantic?
He just wants his best friend back

Rich and Jake’s wedding? No Jeremy 

When Brooke has her first kid? No Jeremy 

When Jenna gets promoted to head of her newspaper? No Jeremy 

When Michael is half asleep on his sofa with a glass of wine in his hand after looking after Christine Lohst all day? Of course that’s when he shows up 

Ugh they’re gonna start to shout soon
Oh hell yeah I’ll open it soon
It sucks Chlo left me here alone
Here in this toddler’s battle zone
I feel a headache coming up
Is Chloe ever giving up?
Splash splash splash splash
Throw some water in my face
Now I’m in a better place I open up the door and - 

“Wait why are you surprised? This is my house”
“Christine said it was he- oh shit”
“Christine said what?”
“You’re a terrible liar Jeremy”
“But she didn’t say ANYTHING”
Michael raises an eyebrow
“Ok fine well she may have told me that this was her new apartment and so I was stopping in to visit her like I usually do”
“…you usually visit Christine?”
“So are you two…”
“NO NO NO she’s not my type”
“Why are you still here Jeremy? Christine’s not here.  Unless you wanted lil Christine in which case she’s sleeping in the guest room”
“Right yeah sorry.  I’m bothering you aren’-”
“You’re no-”
“I’ll jus-”
“You don’t ha-”
“Uh what?”
“Would you like to come in for a drink?”
“Oh I…”
“You don’t have to Jeremy, it was just an idea”
“No it’s ok I’ll come in”

Michael finds another wine glass
“Red ok?”
“Red’s perfect thanks”

“So Jeremy how’s everything? What are you doing now?" 
“Oh I’m a games developer”
“You don’t look particularly excited about that? That was like your dream job”
“Oh well normally people get really bored when I talk about work”
“Jeremy you’re talking to the guy who was tempted to play apocalypse of the damned with his adopted niece this morning”
Jeremy looks at up that
“Apocalypse of the damned huh? We never did finish it did we?”
“Never too late to continue”
Both of them look at each other and then there’s a quick scramble to the living room

“I don’t know how well it’s gonna work cos I obviously haven’t played it in years" 
“Dude the console doesn’t have a speck of dust don’t lie to me you probably played this yesterday”
“Shut up Mr Games Developer”
The loading screen comes up and it’s just like high school again
Just the two of them
Michael presses start an-
Lil Christine comes in
“Uh hey Chrissie”
“Uncle Michael why didn’t you tell me Uncle Jeremy was gonna be here”
“I didn’t know myself”
“Mom’s gonna be so happy”
Both men look at each other
Michael speaks first
“Uh why?”
“Because mom is always talking about how you two should have been together and now you are!”

Jeremy and Michael both go bright red and neither of them speaks
Michael manages to get some words out  
“Nah Chrissie it’s fine.  Why don’t you back to bed and I’ll come in and see you in a moment”
“But I want to talk to Unc-”
“Christine Lohst - bed now”

"I’m sorry about her”
“She’s not the one who’s apparently been telling her three year old that we should be together”
“Chloe has very strong feelings about what happened in high school”
“So do I”
Michael stares at him, saying nothing
 "I shouldn’t have let your feelings get in the way of our friendship and I’m so sorry that I did.  It was stupid and I hate myself for it"
“Wait shit no don’t say that.  I’m just as much to blame as you are.  It’s not like I really tried to keep our friendship together.  I thought it’d be easier to just let it fall apart.”
“So we’re both sorry and stupid and wish we could be friends again?”
“Then I’m glad to be your new old friend Michael Mell”
“And I’m glad to be yours Jeremy Heere”
“I should probably tell you something though”
“In my last year of college I worked something out - I was an idiot in high school.”
“We already said this”
“For another reason.  I was an idiot because I didn’t realise I was head over heels for you" 
“I’m sorry Michael.  It took me so long to figure it out and I just rejected you in high school even though I felt the same”
“What about now?”
“Do you feel the same now?”
Jeremy takes in Michael
His scruffy hair, his glasses that need to be pushed up, the oversized hoodie he still hasn’t gotten rid of and looks into his eyes
“Well, what about you Michael? Do you still like me?”
Michael doesn’t even hesitate

OtaYuri fic recs #14

Just A Little Something New by SKJC, explicit, 3.2k

“I was thinking maybe we could try something a little different. You know, in bed.”

“Are we talking whips-and-chains different or wear-a-dress-and-call-you-Daddy different?”

Second Chances by sarahyyy, general audiences, 1.1k

There’s a text from his sister, and it reads: Did you hear about Yuri Plisetsky?

Otabek doesn’t answer the text, doesn’t bother telling her that Yuri Plisetsky is in his guest bedroom right now, because that will only lead to more questions.

The Worst Part by Halrloprillalar (prillalar), explicit, 1.4k

After Worlds, Otabek and Yuri’s sightseeing plans are rained out so they’re stuck in Otabek’s hotel room. Yuri has one question for Otabek.

The worst part is Otabek doesn’t know why. Things have been okay between them on Skype and Telegram. They talk several times a week and message a lot more. They’ve been talking during the competition, though there hasn’t been time for much, mostly Yuri chattering and Otabek listening. A single flaring kiss in a corridor, before someone came around the corner and they pulled apart.

Up On the Road Ahead by chwangdol, explicit, 4.1k, AU: prostitute, warning: mentions of non-con

Otabek comes into Yuri’s life bringing violence and the promise of a better life. Based on All the Stars in Texas by Ludo.

For the Asking by LadyMerlin, general audiences, 938

Yuri has everything he needs, everything he could possibly ask for. Yet, he wants more - things that he can never have.

(the irony is, it’s there for the asking, if only he dared)

feat. a Stray Kitten.

We’re All in Our Private Traps by kanekki, mature, 2.6k, AU: mafia

“Beka, it hurts,” Yuri whimpered, breathing labored, “Please, make it stop.”

There are a lot of things that Otabek can forgive. But this isn’t one of them. Someone had hurt his Yura. Someone, some filth, had hurt his kitten. And they weren’t going to live for very long.

Esto a ti te va a calentar (que?) by harlequindreaming (armydoctor), explicit, 3.9k, warning: daddy kink

“Someone’s all worked up,” he taunts, although it’s marred by a hitch in his breath. Inside Otabek’s pants, his hand twists, slides slow and torturous. Otabek’s only answer is a grunt as his hips jerk forward, his teeth press into Yuri’s throat. Yuri tips his head as far forward as it can go when Otabek still has him by the hair, nips at Otabek’s lower lip.

“That all you got, Daddy?”

// because there’s never enough hot DJ Beka in the world

Good Morning, Good Morning (To You) by kyaasnow, teen, 2.1k

Otabek loves watching Yuri wake up.

The View From Cloud Nine by BewareTheIdes15, explicit, 9.2k

“It’s the same as a dance belt,” comes off wobbly around the edges, not quite hot enough yet despite the burn pulsing in the tips of his ears.

Otabek wears hipster briefs with his costumes, because to the great loss of the world at large, Otabek’s costumes are cut roomier in the leg than Yuri’s. Still, he did ballet for the two years before he crapped out, and Yuri is so far from the only guy in the seniors division sporting a tiny strip of fabric under his outfits, so it’s not like Beka shouldn’t fucking recognize a perfectly normal, functional athletic garment when he sees one.

“It’s satin,“ Otabek points out. “And sparkly.”

No Mercy by annabeth, explicit, 545, warning: underage

What happens after Welcome to the Madness.

In Love With The Shape Of You by SKJC, explicit, 2.9k

Otabek is very, very pleased with Yuri’s post-growth-spurt body.

After the Madness by Bassarid, explicit, 841, warning: underage

Spirits are high after Yuri’s exhibition skate and changing room make-outs ensue.

Click by IdleLeaves, general audiences, 1k

Otabek’s been taking photos of Yuri since he arrived - now, Yuri wants to see them.

Oil Tan by bloodscout, explicit, 2.4k, AU: trans Yuri, warning: boot kink

The smell now is intoxicating, and it’s so fucking soft under his hands. His every sense is filled with the leather; its slight sheen, its heady, earthy scent, the way he can almost taste it on his tongue. He wonders if Otabek would object to a spit shine in the future. Otabek shifts his foot, pressing the ball of his foot against Yuri’s crotch, and Yuri feels blood rush south. 

More and more, I’m viewing activism as…not necessarily a “requirement” of my faith, but a logical application of that faith.

If it is true that the land is sacred, it is my duty to cast down systems of oppression that ravage it.

If it is true that cultural ancestors are sacred, then as a queer disabled person I must continue the fights that previous social justice movements started.

If it is true that hospitality and guest right are sacred, then I must fight to create and maintain safe spaces for those who need them.

If it is true that even the gods need each other in order to survive, then I must be mindful of intersectionality and use my privilege to amplify other voices.

I don’t want you ( Part 1 )

Originally posted by farous

GIF not mine 

Jace Wayland x Mundane!Reader 

Warnings : cursing , verbal violence , smut ( a little bit ) , Pregnant Reader 

Part 2

     His body was moving on top of yours , stealing moans and whimpers from you , his lips pressed to your neck and chest . You were close , you knew this and he knew it to , he moved even faster , slamming your body into yours , soon you were both done , satisfied and sweaty . 

     “ I love you .” he said and you looked at him shocked , you didn’t belonged to his world , it was dangerous for both of you to be together and the only rule that you two decided on when you got together was do not fall in love , but you both did .

     “ I love you too , Jace .” you whispered kissing his lips . “ But you know that this is wrong , I don’t even want to image what will happen if someone finds out and tells to the others , you told me about what the Clave does with the shadowhunters whi fall in love with mundanes  I don’t want something like that to happen to you .” you were concerned , you didn’t wanted to see Jace losing his right for using runes because you two fell in love . “ And you think I don’t know this ? I tried to stay away from you but I can’t and you know this to well .” Jace said a little bit angry , he got up and gathered his clothes from you floor , he got dressed and kissed you once again . “ I need to leave , I don’t know when I’ll be able to come here again , if you need me call me or go to Magnus .” he said and jumped from your window . You sighed , it was dangerous , way to dangerous for both of you , if the Clave finds out they will take his runes away and he will have to live as a mundane and he wasn’t made for this life , if one of his enemies found out about the two of you they could use you against him . Everything was fucked up . 

     You thought about becoming a shadowhunter but Jace refused to even think about this , he didn’t wanted you to be part of his world but you wanted to because this was the only way in which you could be with him . But how to convince him when he doesn’t even want to talk to you about the Shadow World or his missions .

     Two moths passed and you didn’t heard anything from Jace , still you weren’t worried he does things like not talking to you a lot and then coming back to you for a night . You hated that he saw you like a person to whom he could go whenever when he needed some action for a night but you couldn’t give up on him , The love that you felt for Jace was way to strong for you to let go .

     You got up from you bed lazily just to be hit by a wave of nausea , you ran to the bathroom and washed your face hoping that the feeling will go away but it didn’t and when you fell on your knees vomiting everything that was left on your stomach , you realized that you were pregnant . ‘ This can’t be true , I can’t . It’s not true .’  you said to yourself over and over again . After vomiting your stomach out you washed your teeth , got dressed and went to the nearest pharmacy and bought five pregnancy tests , you ran back home and after doing what you needed with the test you waited five minutes for the results , you were nervous , so nervous that you started to walk in circles . when the five minutes were done you looked at the tests . A sob broke trough your mouth , you fell on the ground and cried until yo had no more tears to cry . 

     You went to the loft that Magnus owned and hoped to find him home . As you stood in front of his door you rang the bell and waited for him  to open the door , you thought about how miserable you looked but now it didn’t mattered . Magnus opened the door and saw you almost crying .

     “ Come in , darling !” he said and let you in , he hugged you and you couldn’t help but to sob in his chest . “ What happened ?” he asked concern filling his voice .

     “ I need to talk with Jace .” you said and he just nodded . He placed you on the couch and called Alec .

     Minutes later Jace , Alec and Izzy entered into the loft . Jace looked at you a hard expression on his face . You couldn’t say anything , it was to much for you to see him looking at you like this . Magnus looked at the two of you and came to you . “ Let me lead you two to another room so you can talk .” Magnus said and you followed him to the guests room , Jace right in your back .

     “ What do you need (Y/N) ? You know that I can’t give up on my missions to come and listen to your drama or to take care of your whorish needs .” Jace said and you felt more tears burning your eyes .

     “ I need to talk to you .” you said slowly and Jace looked at you , a stern look on his face . “ If you could just tell me what the hell you want faster so I could go back to my life .” he yelled and you flinched shocked . Isabelle heard and walked to the door so she could hear what’s going on . She left Magnus and Alec in the living room as they were to busy making out to hear Jace shouting .

     “ I’m pregnant .” you whispered not daring to look into his blue , filled with rage eyes . “ What the hell did you said ?” Jace said to calmly thing that scared . “ I’m pregnant and it’s yours .” you said and he just looked at you , even more angrier than before , his whole body was shaking . 

     “ Don’t you dare to do this to me !” he yelled “ Don’t you dare to go fuck with every thing that haves two legs , get pregnant and then come and tell me that is mine ! You are nothing but a whore and I’m not going to believe not even one word that came out from your mouth . If you ever dare to search for me again of to tell me that this child is mine I’m going to make your life a living hell . Got it ?” Jace said his hand gripping hard on your neck , you looked at him in terror and nodded in approval . Jace pushed you and let go of your neck .

     Izzy heard everything and couldn’t help herself but to feel disgusted about Jace’s behaviour  . She went back to the living room to see Magnus holding Alec in his arms , looking at him lovingly and couldn’t help but wish that (Y/N) will get someone like that in the future .

     Jace got out the room and went to the living room . Alec could feel the rage coming from Jace and he wondered what (Y/N) told him to make him that angry . Anyways he didn’t asked , Alec knew that Izzy heard them talking and that she will tell him later . Clary ran into the room and went straight to Jace sitting on his lap , kissing him passionately just when you entered into the room heading to the door , if until then tears were running down your cheeks now they were like a waterfall on you cheeks , you sobbed and ran to the door . Not turning around when Magnus called after you .

     “ Who’s that girl ?” Clary asked as she pulled apart from Jace when she heard you sobbing .

     “ No one important .” He said and Izzy shot daggers from her eyes in Jace’s direction . 

     You ran back home and packed all your stuff in some bags , then you bought thickets for the next flight to London .

     Now you were going to live life by your own rules . 

     “ I’m going to do everything the way that I know it’s right and Jace it’s going to pay for doing this to us .” you said rubbing your belly . “ I’m going to make your dad pay for this .”

     The next morning you took a taxi to the airport . Taking the flight to London you thought about your next moves . 

     “ What’s going on with Jace ?” Izzy asked as she entered in Alec’s room . “ I don’t know Izzy . By the way , what did he done to (Y/N) ? I thought that he loved her .” Alec said as he didn’t knew what was happening to his parabatai . “ She told him that she was pregnant with him and he got angry , told her that she is a whore and that he doesn’t wants to ever see her again . I don’t know what is going on with him and maybe we didn’t spent so much time with her but we both know that she would have never cheated on Jace .” Izzy said looking very pissed .“ He did what ? “ Alec said shocked “ Fuck , he is way more stupid than I thought he will ever be . He know that a girl pregnant with a shadowhunter is practically a magnet for demons and he does this to her . Hell I’m going to break his face .” Alec said getting up .
“ No , Alec . I know (Y/N) , believe me she will get her revenge alone , and it will be way more painful that being hit in the face . For the moment we should try to look after her from the shadows , just to keep her and the kid safe .” Izzy said and Alec nodded , he knew that a hurt girl is way more dangerous than an angry man . “ I’ll ask Magnus to put a spell on her so if she is in danger she will call .” The phone from Alecs nightstand rang and he answered when he saw that it was Magnus that called him .
“ Hi ! What’s going on ? “ … “ What do you mean she is not there ? How all her things are missing ? Did you tried to track her ? … Ok , bye !” Alec said and Izzy looked at him .
“ It’s (Y/N) ? “ she asked and Alec nodded . “ Magnus can’t track her down , neither she died or she got a magic necklace that stops any type of magic from getting to her .” Alec said and Izzy nodded .” Don’t tell anything to Jace , he needs to find out on his own .” Izzy instructed Alec and he approved .

Cast Member Story
  • *2 guests are looking at the Beauty and the Beast collection*
  • Guest 1: Oh I love Beauty and the Beast!
  • Guest 2: Me too! Who is it that voiced the original Mrs. Potts?
  • Me: It was the beautiful Angela Lansbury!
  • Guest 1: *clearly hears me, rolls her eyes & ignores me* Um, it was Agatha Christie
  • Guest 2: Oh right! I love her.
  • Agatha Christie had been dead for 15 years by the time Beauty and the Beast came out but ok.

anonymous asked:

How would RFA and Saeran react if MC is the one not paying attention to them, because she's too preoccupied or upset that they were too busy for her? If this is accepted????

How can anyone not pay attention to these precious beans(for extended period of time, at least). Hope you like these ^_^


  • He had an important tournament in LOLOL
  • Which lasted a whole week, resulting in him completely ignoring MC
  • Needless to say, they are not pleased
  • They just want to cuddle ffs
  • Well, if he likes this damn game so much, he can date it
  • MC is not going to deal with this
  • Well, at least Yoosung’s team won
  • So he finally leaves his gaming area to share this news with MC
  • Yeah, MC is not really impressed
  • Gives him the silent treatment
  • Yoosung starts tearing up 
  • “MC, did I do something wrong?” – no answer
  • Try to guess, you game junkie
  • It took him some time to figure out why MC is upset
  • -“Oh.. honey, I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll limit my gaming! D-don’t be angry with me, please?
  • MC is determined to keep their composure but he has this irresistible puppy look his face
  • It’s impossible to stay mad at him
  • Yoosung actually doesn’t game for a whole week after that
  • Instead he does little things for MC, like cooking them dinner or giving them flowers


  • MC was drowning in work for their finals 
  • They completely shut themselves away so nothing would bother them
  • So Zen was feeling a bit lonely
  • His text messages were left unanswered, and even the selfies he sent them didn’t get any reaction
  • He knew that MC was using one of those social media blocking apps but he was still upset
  • Then he started to worry
  • “But what if something happened to them? Even if it didn’t, they still should take breaks from time to time, I should go check up on them”
  • So he goes to their house
  • MC is glad to see him but too busy to entertain guests right now
  • “Help yourself to something from the fridge, but please don’t distract me, I have an essay due tomorrow and I need to focus”
  • Zen is very understanding
  • Turns out MC’s fridge is even emptier than Zen’s so he goes out to buy groceries and he also tidies up the apartment a little bit
  • All while giving MC space to study
  • Doesn’t stay the night, otherwise the beast will come out (and distract MC from their essay)
  • He made sure that MC is fine so he’s not very upset now
  • He will definitely catch up on their attention as soon as their finals are over


  • She has a gazillion of cat projects to work on
  • The poor girl runs solely on coffee and energy drinks
  • Naturally, she has no time for MC
  • They don’t even see her: she leaves for work when they’re still sleeping and comes home when they’ve already gone to bed
  • So MC thinks she doesn’t care about them anymore
  • Until one day she somehow gets home from work early
  • But MC completely ignores her
  • She sighs: “I know you must be upset that I have been very busy lately but you know that I have a lot of work”
  • Well, quit your job then – snaps MC
  • Jaehee is taken aback for a moment
  • “I can’t just.. do that… or can I?”
  • Why the hell not?
  • And that’s how jealous MC made Jaehee quit the job she didn’t enjoy and use her abilities for something more rewarding


  • He’s a very busy workaholic, and MC is quite used to that
  • But lately it’s been too much; all these business trips, countless meetings, staying late at the office late far too often
  • MC was actually starting to suspect he was having an affair
  • So MC did the most logical thing imaginable – start being distant
  • Which puzzled Jumin a great deal because to him it seemed they were being irrational
  • “Go cuddle with your cat. Or with that girl you go to see when you claim you do extra paperwork late at the office..”
  • “MC, I’m not interested in women. Except for you, I mean. Things just have been hectic at the company. I’ll make it up to you”
  • Takes a couple of unplanned days off to spend them solely with MC


  • He was having one of his “I don’t deserve to be with them. I’ll ignore them until they lose interest and leave me” episodes
  • Well, two can play that game
  • If he doesn’t want that, MC is not going to bother him
  • Seeing them grow distant, Luciel starts to regret his choices
  • Suddenly completely changes his attitude and starts being super clingy
  • Which annoys MC
  • Until he opens up about how he really feels
  • That he doesn’t deserve them and that’s why he was ignoring them but would like to be with them, if they want it too
  • How could anyone be cross with him after this sentiment?
  • MC forgives him and they make up


  • MC was busy with work and didn’t have much to pay attention to him
  • He claims he doesn’t care
  • He does
  • Saeran needs his daily dose of MC’s attention
  • Makes sure to be in the same room with them while completely avoiding contact
  • Just like a cat
  • A lot of hugs happen after MC is done
  • He craves that bodily contact even if he says he doesn’t need it
His Remedy - [BTS] Jungkook!Au

[A/N] My friend asked me what song comes into mind when I think of Jeon Jungkook, and truthfully? I couldn’t think of a better song than Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful”

Father told you to hide behind the closet and you did as told, without much question. You were just twelve but you understood everything. With as much power as your father had, it was only natural that he was taken, the way he did.  

Even though eleven years had passed, the memory stays vivid in your mind. Squeezing your eyes hard, breathing heavily will never make it better. Your hands tremble as you reach your mug of lukewarm water, sipping nervously. Unfiltered thoughts rushed out your tongue but unsaid, as you stood up, holding the edges of the desk, as you walked. Your knees almost give way until you caught yourself. You stare at that leather chair your father sat on, your grandfather sat on, your great grandfather sat on. That leather chair is where wretched plans were made. It had your father’s stained blood on them when he was shot.

They try to take the ‘throne’ away, not knowing that the heir is armed and ready.

Keep reading

shaolisfantastic  asked:

hi butterfly! sorry if this is a stupid question, but is the bread & salt / guestright thing literal? does the host really have to present the guest with bread & salt, like a ceremonial thing, or is it just assumed the guest has guest right once he has eaten his first meal? somehow grrm wasn't quite clear on the issue.

No worries, it’s not a stupid question, but nope, “bread and salt” isn’t literal. Any food will do.

Catelyn shifted her seat uncomfortably. “If we are offered refreshment when we arrive, on no account refuse. Take what is offered, and eat and drink where all can see. If nothing is offered, ask for bread and cheese and a cup of wine.”
“I’m more wet than hungry…”
“Robb, listen to me. Once you have eaten of his bread and salt, you have the guest right, and the laws of hospitality protect you beneath his roof.”
Robb looked more amused than afraid. “I have an army to protect me, Mother, I don’t need to trust in bread and salt. But if it pleases Lord Walder to serve me stewed crow smothered in maggots, I’ll eat it and ask for a second bowl.”

–ASOS, Catelyn VI

“And we’re guests in your father’s hall besides.”
“Not you,” she said. “I watched. You never ate at his board, nor slept by his fire. He never gave you guest-right, so you’re not bound to him.”


“If you had been discovered… taken…”
“Your father would have had my head off.” The king gave a shrug. “Though once I had eaten at his board I was protected by guest right. The laws of hospitality are as old as the First Men, and sacred as a heart tree.”

–ASOS, Jon I

Mind you, some form of bread tends to be served at meals (as it is today, in our world), because it’s a staple food and filling. And salt is the most common way to season food, otherwise it’s bland. Plus even plain bread has salt as an ingredient, so the simplest and most stingy of meals should at the very least contain bread and salt. Therefore, “bread” has become a synonym for meals (as in “to break bread with someone”) or food in general, and in ASOIAF “bread and salt” is used as a metaphor for making a living.

So he found himself clad in Groat’s painted wooden armor, astride Groat’s sow, whilst Groat’s sister instructed him in the finer points of the mummer’s joust that had been their bread and salt. –ADWD, Tyrion IX

The Snail shrugged. “I may not have been at Ashford Meadow, but jousting is my bread and salt. I follow tourneys from afar as faithfully as the maesters follow stars.” –The Mystery Knight

That said, when one is hosting a guest, and deliberately and demonstratively engaging in the practice of guest right (which FYI means that neither the host nor the guest may harm the other), bread and salt is customarily offered as part of the meal.

My lord!” Catelyn had almost forgotten. “Some food would be most welcome. We have ridden many leagues in the rain.”
Walder Frey’s mouth moved in and out. “Food, heh. A loaf of bread, a bite of cheese, mayhaps a sausage.”
“Some wine to wash it down,” Robb said. “And salt.”
“Bread and salt. Heh. Of course, of course.” The old man clapped his hands together, and servants came into the hall, bearing flagons of wine and trays of bread, cheese, and butter. Lord Walder took a cup of red himself, and raised it high with a spotted hand. “My guests,” he said. “My honored guests. Be welcome beneath my roof, and at my table.”
“We thank you for your hospitality, my lord,” Robb replied. Edmure echoed him, along with the Greatjon, Ser Marq Piper, and the others. They drank his wine and ate his bread and butter. Catelyn tasted the wine and nibbled at some bread, and felt much the better for it. Now we should be safe, she thought.

–ASOS, Catelyn VI

(btw, note Walder’s use of “mayhaps” here)

She saw to the mulling of the wine first, found a suitable wheel of sharp white cheese, and commanded the cook to bake bread enough for twenty, in case the Lords Declarant brought more men than expected. Once they eat our bread and salt they are our guests and cannot harm us. The Freys had broken all the laws of hospitality when they’d murdered her lady mother and her brother at the Twins, but she could not believe that a lord as noble as Yohn Royce would ever stoop to do the same.

–AFFC, Alayne I

He tore the bread apart and offered half to Davos. “Eat. It’s good.”
It was, though any stale crust would have tasted just as fine to Davos; it meant he was a guest here, for this one night at least. The lords of the Three Sisters had a black repute, and none more so than Godric Borrell, Lord of Sweetsister, Shield of Sisterton, Master of Breakwater Castle, and Keeper of the Night Lamp… but even robber lords and wreckers were bound by the ancient laws of hospitality. I will see the dawn, at least, Davos told himself. I have eaten of his bread and salt.

–ADWD, Davos I

But still, when it comes down to the simplest and most basic interpretation of the laws of hospitality, any food or drink will do. (For the most notable example, reread ADWD and see how Bowen Marsh never accepts Jon’s food when visiting his rooms, whether he’s serving breakfast (eggs and sausages) or only wine.) So really, Robb could have asked Walder Frey for popcorn, and the results would have been the same… well, they would have been the same however that wedding went down, that is.

Summer (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Word Count: 1088

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: I love over protective uncle tony lmao

You couldn’t believe you were resorting to this, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Sighing as you dialled the numbers to your uncles mobile, you were already beginning to regret this decision as you raised the phone to your ear. He picked up on the fourth ring and you seriously considered hanging up with no explanation but you didn’t allow yourself to back out now. You were determined to spend your summer in New York City and if that meant having to spend it with your over protective uncle then so be it. “Y/N! What’s my favourite niece calling me for?“ 

Chuckling at his words you couldn’t help but roll your eyes, your uncle clearly hasn’t changed since he’s been making that joke as long as you can remember. "I’m your only niece Tony. Anyways… I can’t believe i’m saying this but I need your help." Letting out a small sigh on the other end of the line the Stark doesn’t seem fazed by this question as he hears it almost every day. "Who doesn’t these days. So what can I do for you?”

“Listen Stark you need to be cool about this alright. Like, don’t freak out." 

"I won’t freak out." 

"Alright well…I need to come live with you." 

"What?!” You winced at the raise in his voice, you were hoping he wouldn’t get mad. "Just for the summer please! I wanna stay in New York and my parents said I could only go if I stay with you. Pretty please uncle Tony?“ You pleaded over the phone, hoping that if you sucked up to the man he would eventually cave in and it seemed to have worked. "Uh fine. I guess you can stay.”

 Letting out a squeal that made your uncle pull away from the phone momentarily, you quickly rushed out the end of your sentence before he could change his mind. “Great i’ll be there in two days. Okay bye love you!" 

With that you hung up on the Stark leaving him sitting at his desk with a shocked expression, his eyes widened after processing your words. "What?! Two days?!" 

 Before you knew it you were already in New York being dropped off by a taxi right outside the famous avengers tower. Your jaw dropped as you took in the sight in front of you, not being able to believe that this is where you’d be spending your summer. In New York with some of earth’s mightiest heroes, this was seriously going to be the best summer of your life.

Going to knock on the front door you’re almost scared to death by a robotic voice greeting you, but calmed down upon realising it was just Jarvis. "Welcome Y/N. Your uncle is with a guest right now but i’ll guide you to your room in the mean time." 

Thanking the computer you made your way into the house, the computer guiding you. You were walking past what seemed to be the kitchen and living room when you heard an all too familiar voice call your name. "I see you remember Jarvis.”

Immediately turning around you see Tony Stark, not wasting any time in rushing over and attacking him in a hug. You couldn’t help but grin up at the man, you were really close but hadn’t seem him for almost two years due to his busy work schedule. “How could I forget? It’s great to see you uncle Tony." 

Pulling away from your embrace he too sent you a smile in return. "You too kid." 

It was only now you realised that you both were not alone in this room. Right next to Tony stood a teenage boy, who you must admit was incredibly attractive. His hair was dark and slightly curly and his strong jawline was enough to make any girl go a little crazy. "Oh ah…who is this?" 

Realising he forgot to address the other person in the room, Tony cleared his throat and gestured towards the boy. "Oh sorry my bad. This is Peter Parker but you may know him as Spider-man." 

The boys eyes widened at Mr Stark’s words, he couldn’t just go around telling people his secret identity! "Dude my identity is a secret for a reason!” Feigning offence Tony looked over at the boy, raising his eyebrow to intimidate the boy knowing it would work.“You don’t trust my niece?”

Peter stumbled over his words while he tried to form an explanation but failed, making you feel a little bad for the boy. “W-well no of course but-”

“You’re Spider-man?!” You questioned eagerly as you admired the boy in front of you. You would never admit it to anyone, but Spider-man was you favourite hero and you kind of had a crush on the guy. And now you were standing in front of him?! This was all too much.

 "Well yeah.“ Noticing Peter became nervous under your gaze you sent him a friendly smile outstretching your hand for him to shake. "Oh sorry how rude of me. I’m Y/N, Tony’s niece. I’m staying here for the summer so I can explore New York." Gratefully shaking your hand the boy smiled wide back at you, causing butterflies to swirl in your stomach at the sight. "Well if you’d like I’d be happy to show it to you." 

Tony, who had been observing the exchange between the two teenagers noticed the way they both smiled friendly at each other. Almost too friendly for his liking. "Absolutely not! I see what’s going on here and I won’t have it. My niece is off limits to you spider-ling." 

Embarrassed by your uncles words you try to interrupt him before he humiliates you in front of Peter any more. "Uncle Tony-”

Ignoring your plea however, the Stark continued his little speech making you want to hide away. Now Peter would never like you for sure!  "I need to finish something with Parker but I should be done soon. I’ll have Jarvis finish showing you to your room.“

Letting out a sigh you turned towards the boy one last time sending him a sad smile. "Goodbye Peter.” Sending him a small wave goodbye he nervously returned the smile. “Bye.”

As you walked away following the directions Jarvis gave you, you could faintly hear Tony’s voice behind you scolding Peter. “Hey! Don’t look at my niece like that. What is wrong with teenagers I swear.” The words caused a blush to creep up onto your cheeks, maybe your chances with Spider-man weren’t destroyed after all.

Happy Birthday Tony

Tonys birthday was never anything special. He was pretty sure that he had a few good ones when he was a kid. But he remembers not getting any presents, because he already had everything. Or so his father always told him when he asked for a present, once.

But he had Jarvis and sometimes even Peggy there. So that was good.

After his parents died, Tony didn’t want to celebrate his birthday anyway. So he wasn’t mad when Rhodey didn’t plan a party for him. It was enough for him to cuddle with Rhodey and eat cold pizza.

When he was in a relationship with Pepper, she asked if he wanted to do something special on his birthday. Tony wasn’t sure what you would want to do on a birthday, so he told her he would just …work. Like always.

He can’t help the pain around his heart. It would be nice if someone would do something for him anyway.

He knows that he has no right to be this bitter. He could say something and Pepper and Rhodey would buy him the world. He loves them and he knows they love him, too.

Then came the Avengers in his tower and Tony secretly hopes they would throw a party for him. He had spent months of works for their birthday presents, so he was excited to see what he would get.

His last birthday with the avengers were unimportant. There was always an ultron, civil war or Loki. But now they had peace for almost two months. So he cant wait to see his friends.

The civil war was hard the first month but now he is glad that the team is back. He also met the guardians a few months ago and liked them as well. So yeah he was pretty happy.

Maybe this would be his first birthday that he actually liked!

Or not….

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Training Tip Tuesday

Raise your puppy to become the dog you want them to be. For example, if you don’t want your adult dog jumping on guests, teach your young puppy how to greets guests politely right from the start. The sooner we teach our puppies appropriate behaviours, the easier they will have adjusting to our expectations of them.

anonymous asked:

Is guest right a thing any where in history? I understand the historical precedence for condemning kin slaying, but is breaking guest right as terrible in real world history or is that a unique part of ASOIAF?


In many premodern cultures, guest right was considered sacred and breaking it was right up there with matricide or patricide in terms of crimes against the natural order set down by the gods. In Greco-Roman culture, for example, the right of xenia or hospitium was enforced by Zeus/Jupiter in his role as Zeus Xenios. Zeus would enforce this by disguising himself as a beggar (sometimes Hermes/Mercury would hang out with him, as he was the patron god of travelers) and then showing up to people’s houses, punishing people who turned him away and rewarding the generous. 

Ovid formalized this tale in his Metamorphoses, where he tells the story of  Baucis and Philemon, who take in Jupiter and Mercury and treat them generously while their rich neighbors bar their doors. In return for their generosity, Jupiter and Mercury spare them from a flood that wipes out the entire town for failing their duty of xenia. 

Likewise, a lot of Greek tragedies have their roots in breaches of hospitality. The fall of the House of Atreus is littered with murdered guests and guests being unwittingly offered human flesh, the Acheans during the Trojan War have the support of Zeus because Paris abducted Helen while a guest under Menelaus’ roof, Penelope’s suitors in the Oddessy die because they have abused the right of hospitality. 

And you see this in other cultures too - in Norse mythology, Odin/Woden frequently disguises himself as a traveller and shows up at the front door of King Geirodd to test him. Geirodd, being a sadistic bastard, has his guest chained between the two fires of his hearth to torture him and refuses him food or drink. Geirodd’s son takes pity on the traveler and gives him food and drink. Odin reveals himself, slays the wicked king, and elevates the son in his place.  (btw, Tolkein totally stole his look for Gandalf)

You can find very similar stories in Celtic myths, and in the Upanishads of Hinduism, where the maxim “Atithi Devo Bhava” means “the guest is god.” 

Guest-right is not GRRM’s invention.


The guest right is a sacred law of hospitality. When a guest, be he common born or noble, eats the food and drinks the drink off a host’s table beneath the host’s roof, the guest right is invoked. Bread and salt are the traditional provisions.

When invoked, neither the guest can harm his host nor the host harm his guest for the length of the guest’s stay. For either to do so would be to break a sacred covenant that is believed to invoke the wrath of the Gods both old and new. Both the teachings of the Old Gods and the Faith of the Seven hold to this. Even robber lords and wreckers are bound by the ancient laws of hospitality.

Why does she need to die?

In terms of disagreeing with J/B as a canon romance, the position of “no romantic feelings on either side” is more difficult to comprehend, in terms of literary analysis.

(IOW: How much of the text from Jaime’s and Brienne’s chapters do you have to ignore, distort, or willfully explain away, to think there are no feels happening?)

But you know what bugs me a lot more?

It’s the position in which Brienne is in love with Jaime…and the most logical conclusion of her arc is to die to save him from Lady Stoneheart. Y'know, because she couldn’t save Renly, so dying for Jaime would make up for that. That grosses me out.

If you think Brienne’s scheduled for death because you just can’t imagine how a nice person can stay alive any longer than that in Westeros, well, I have some counter-arguments, but I see where you’re coming from, and I sympathize.

If the argument is that Brienne “should” die in the LSH conflict because her dying for the man she loves makes the best sense for where her story has already gone…that’s a whole other sort of wrong. That’s where I have a moral objection.

Any character in the ASOIAF universe who’s ever gotten to know Brienne would be perfectly unsurprised to find out she sacrificed her life to save someone dear to her. (The surprise, for most, would be that she cared that much about Jaime.) This is not a character who needs to experience a moral overhaul to be willing to die so someone else can live. She’s already at that position. Her conflict is not “Oh no I’m going to die, poor me!” It’s “Oh no, I haven’t rescued Sansa and I’ll let Jaime down and I can’t take care of Podrick if they kill me.” This is a girl who already thinks her life is only valuable to the extent that she can protect others. And why is that?

She’s a Westerosi noblewoman who’s used to being told she’s hideous. All her life, she’s been taught no one would ever love her except for her lands and titles, and she believes it. She’s still very young, and she’s completely resigned to the idea that romantic love is unavailable to her. Rather than accept a toxic marriage of convenience with some controlling old man who doesn’t understand how lucky he is to have her, she sets out to serve someone worthy of her loyalty. (Renly is a piece of shit, but starry-eyed teenage Brienne has only seen his nicer side, so there she goes.) She’s used to being roundly mocked whenever she tries to act like a lady, so she walks away from the pretty gowns and dancing and picks up a suit of armor and sword. She joined Renly’s army because she honestly believed that was the place where her life would have meaning and someone would appreciate her talents.

And here’s the thing: she beats herself up for not saving Renly, but really, she was a much better ally than he deserved. He had no business claiming the throne ahead of his brother, and he mocked Brienne behind her back. She would have died for him had it been possible to do so, but it’s a good thing she lived to tell about that shadow. She didn’t fail him. He failed her.

So now she’s carrying around the guilt of having failed to stop an act of magic that was specifically designed to be unstoppable by any human combatant, and also the guilt of having outlived Catelyn Stark, as if anyone could have saved her lady from an entire castle full of Freys and Boltons violating guest right. Was she supposed to have been in two or three places at once? Was she expected to know what nobody in the Stark-Tully force knew about Walder Frey and Roose Bolton’s arrangement with Tywin Lannister? Was she supposed to be unarmed, unarmored, and unprepared at that wedding feast, and still get her lady to safety? Was she supposed to know more about Arya Stark’s whereabouts than Catelyn or Robb knew by then? Should she have teleported down to the Red Keep before the Lannisters had a chance to force Sansa into marriage? And then teleport back up to the Twins before the Red Wedding? What exactly does this girl have to apologize for?

So now she has that burden of survivor’s guilt on one side, and Jaime’s friendship complete with priceless sword on the other side, both pushing her to bust her ass and lose her mind for her quest to look after Ned Stark’s daughter. I should note that she still hasn’t found Sansa in the book version. I think that girl would appreciate a protector who really doesn’t want anything from her except for the honor of being at her service. (For Sansa’s sake, it’s a good thing Brienne was far away from the Red Wedding, as she would have inevitably been part of the body count.) In Brienne’s mind, showing up for Sansa is as much about doing right by Jaime as helping the Starks. She’s conflated the two interests into one concern. “For her lady mother’s sake. And for yours.”

Now that she’s been captured by Zombie Catelyn and her goons, how is this a good time for her to die? She already thinks her life is worthless unless she’s protecting someone else; and no one will ever appreciate the joy of her company in life as opposed to the gift of her death; why does she need to be proven right? Why does the ugly butch girl need to die for the handsome rich man before she even gets a chance to rescue the pretty femme girl? Why does Jaime need to be the man she dies for?

Why can’t he be the man she lives for?