Here we have Moody Martin with black loincloth (is that what these are???) and he’s had enough of this love shit.

With him, Sidekick Simon donning a pineapple loincloth, because duh. He picks up all the love that Moody Martin just can’t with anymore.

This is for the beautiful @stylesforinfinity who is an absolute babe and who yesterday was super sweet about my writing, so this is the only form of thank you that seems adequate. 

This isn’t how Andrew expected the day to go…

The day starts normal enough. Or as normal as it can with house guests. He and Neil picked up Nicky and Erik from the airport yesterday, and with the jetlag, both are up especially early. It’s them puttering about in the kitchen–the gurgling of the coffee maker, the clinking of mugs, and their whispered voices–that wakes Andrew. Andrew opens his eyes to Neil still fast asleep beside him. The striker’s cheek is creased from where it’s pressed into the pillow, and his bangs have curled over his eyes. Andrew’s fingers twitch to fix it. 

It’s only a few moments before Neil’s eyes flutter open, the blue of them softened by the early morning sun bleeding in through the curtains. 

“Morning,” Neil mumbles, a lazy smile tugging at his lips. 

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The relationship/connection between Adam and Cabeswater, and the way it grows and develops, is probably one of my favourite things about the entire series. From the moment in tdt when Adam figures out how to properly communicate with the forest it becomes one of the most supportive and comforting elements in Adam’s life. It’s constantly there to reassure him and comfort him during times of anxiety, stress, disassociation or fear, as well as making him feel like himself. The descriptions for the way Adam so vividly feels its presence create such amazing imagery. And then the sadness Adam feels when it sacrifices itself for Gansey is so bittersweet and heartbreaking. So, here is a long list of all my favourite (and mostly underrated) Adam/Cabeswater quotes:

The Raven Boys:

  • “It both awed and saddened him, Cabeswater’s brand of bittersweet beauty.”
  • This place should not exist, Adam thought, and at once, he hastily thought the opposite. Cabeswater had become bright just as Adam had wished that it wouldn’t be dark, just as it had changed the colour of the fish in the pool as soon as Gansey had thought it would be better if they were red.”
  • “Kneeling in the middle of the pentagram, digging his fingers into the soft, mossy turf, Adam said, “I sacrifice myself.” ”
  • “On his terms or not at all. I will be your hands, Adam thought. I will be your eyes.

The Dream Thieves:

  • “He was Cabeswater, and he was the dreaming tree, and he was every oak with roots digging through rocks, looking for energy and hope. He felt the suck and pulse of the ley line through him.”
  • “He would be Cabeswaters eyes and Cabeswater’s hands, but he wouldn’t be Cabeswater. He would be Adam Parrish.”
  • “It had been a while since he felt like this - like he could devote his thoughts to something other than when he might get to sleep. Like his mind was huge and whirring and hungry. Like anything was possible if he only threw himself into it hard enough.”
  • “He could feel Cabeswater in him. Cabeswater couldn’t offer him eyes or hands. But it was something else. Something he wanted to name life, or soul, or knowledge.”
  • “He walked to the tiny stream that used to lead into Cabeswater and now led only to more field. Kneeling he hovered his hands over the trickle of water. There was no one to see him but he smiled anyway, bigger and bigger.”
  • “Adam felt it in his hands. He felt it in his spine. He could see it mapped in his brain. The ley line travelled beneath him, waves of energy…”
  • “Adam was different since making the bargain with Cabeswater. Stronger, stranger, further away. It was hard not to stare at the odd and elegant lines of his face.”

Blue Lily, Lily Blue:

  • “He stepped onto the line immediately, his face turning to gaze along its length as naturally as a flower looking into the sun.”
  • “He knew he was different since aligning himself more tightly with the ley line. He was himself but more powerful. Himself, but less human.”
  • “There was something comforting and anxious about the way it twined through him now; he could no longer tell if it was a powerful friend or if the power was now actually him.”
  • “Only Cabeswater could hack into the record of Adam’s mind.”
  • “The branches leaned towards Adam, curling around him protectively, a thicket with thorns pointed outward.”
  • “Cabeswater stole him away for a blissful second, leaves curled against his throat, and then released him. How desperately Adam wanted to cling to Cabeswater. Strange as it was, it was familiar, and on his side”

The Raven King:

  • “Cabeswater beckoned to Adam, offering to support his tired form, and for just a minute he allowed it. For a few effortless breaths, everything was leaves and water, trunks and roots, rocks and moss. The ley line hummed inside him, waxing and waning with his pulse, or vice versa.”
  • “This close to the forest, Adam felt very…Adam.”
  • “It seemed like he should become more other, when he was near Cabeswater, but in reality the closer he was to Cabeswater, the more firmly present he remained.”
  • “Closing his eyes, Adam allowed the ley line to seize his heart for a few beats.”
  • “Tilting his head back, he sensed the stars pricking overhead, and he felt how he was oriented in relation to them. Cabeswater unfurled careful vines, testing his mood as it did, never pushing boundaries these days unless under duress”
  • “Now that Adam had fully opened his senses, Cabeswater clumsily attempted to communicate with its human magician. It took his memories and turned them sideways and inside out, re-purposing them for a hieroglyphic language of dreams.”
  • “Cabeswater gently prodded Adam’s thoughts, calling up a dozen happy memories in the space of the previous year. […] When Adam still resisted, images of himself flickered through his mind: himself as seen by others. His private smile, his surprised laugh, his finger stretched towards the sun.”
  • “Cabeswater didn’t quite understand humans, but it learned. Happiness, it insisted. Happiness. Adam relented…he threw out intention of his own.”
  • Cabeswater. Keep me safe. Cabeswater!” … Leaves were pressed up against the glass as if it were a window. The forest whispered and hissed in Adam’s deaf ear, urging him to help it find a channel. Gratitude burned through him, as hard to bear as the fear. If something happened to him now, at least he wouldn’t be alone.”
  • “The magician’s wistful regret twisted through what remained of the trees. Without this, what was he? Simply human human human. Cabeswater pressed leaves against his cheek one last time, and they took that humanity for the life it was building”
  • “Even without Cabeswater’s force, he could feel it glimmering coolly in his eyes, and he did not disguise it. Magician.”
To Do List

Friday, December 30

  • organize today’s guest pick ups
  • write vows
  • pick up wedding clothes
  • paint lines on shinty shinny rink ice
  • bake scones
  • attend groom’s party with Jamie
  • remember to take cab home

Saturday, December 31

  • organize today’s guest pick ups
  • decorate church and hall
  • confirm order with bootlegger
  • practise sword dance for talent show
  • confirm top-secret honeymoon arrangements
  • participate in wedding rehearsal
  • attend rehearsal dinner at Jamie & Claire’s

Sumday, December 32

  • organize today’s guest pick ups
  • deliver scones to church ladies
  • trim beard, cut hair, bathe, scrub knees
  • host meet & greet guest brunch
  • captain Fraser shinty shinny team
  • marry my sweet boyneriver
  • party like it’s 2016

Sunday, January 1

  • enjoy first full day of life as a happily marrit man
Stiles and Lydia music Season 1 - Season 5b

S 1 EP 5 -  The Tell: Falulah - I Lay My Head
S 1 EP 11 - Formality: She Wants Revenge - Not Just a Girl
S 2 EP 3 - Ice Pick: Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

S 2 EP 4 -  Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat

S 2 EP 7 - Restraint: Nicky Blitz - Hawk  
S 2 EP 12 - Masterplan: Emma-Lee - I Could Live With Dying Tonight 
                                       Midnight Starlet - Foy Vance
S 3 EP 7 - Currents: Of Verona - Intro to Revelations
S 3 EP 11 - Alpha Pact: Gabrielle Aplin - Start of Time
S 4 EP 1 - The Dark Moon: Deorro - Dechorro

S 5 EP 14 - The Sword And The Spirit: SYML - Where’s My Love

S 5 EP 16 - Lie Ability: Eric Arjes - Find My Back 

                                     Kina Grannis - To The Wonder

Yoann Lossel - Her                                                                                       Mixed Media, graphite and gold leaf on Arches Paper                             Framed, 28.5 x 28.5"

If interested in this piece, we can be reached at

Winner “1st Place” and “Guest of Honor Pick” Norwescon 2015 Juried Art Show

anonymous asked:

Amazing blog you have! I was wondering, I always see that the usual rules at Photo OPS are just hugs, no kisses, be respectful. But then I see pictures of guests holding fans, fans holding guests, kisses everywhere, some weird and intimate leg-hugs (?), hell I've even seen photo ops of fans kissing Misha's hipbones! How does that even happen? Do Photo Ops rules change from one Con to other? Are those special Photo Ops where you have to pay more? Are those fans just really lucky? I need answers

Hi there

I just came back from Vegascon, and the Creation volunteers where specifically saying, no face holding and no kissing. The rules are also no picking up the guest or asking the guest to pick you up - for safety reasons. These are the rules - and for the most part are enforced.

Otherwise, yes, being respectful is the key when asking for poses.

Remember though that some of the guests have got to know some fana from multiple conventions and therefore may be more playful/intimate with them through familiarity. Maybe that’s what you’ve seen. But the rules are as I have said above.


smolsamberg  asked:

music ask: 3, 11, 18, 29 :)


3. what is your go to sad song when you need to cry
Hmm….I don’t know if any song has really made me cry but Time - Hans Zimmer from the Inception soundtrack gets me feeling weirdly nostalgic?
11. if you could have your favorite artist sing one of their songs to you which song would it be

Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club

18. what song are you unable to resist dancing to
This Head I Hold - Electric Guest
29. pick three albums to take with you into the afterlife
Saintmotelevision - Saint Motel

Beacon - Two Door Cinema Club

Blonde - Frank Ocean

You're on Your Period.

Michael: You and Michael had been planning a beach party for months. You hadn’t long been in Australia when you decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather by suggesting a little get-together. Everything was mapped out; the barbecue, the beer, the guests. You’d even picked out a beautiful white swimsuit to sport at the gathering. On the afternoon of the party, the glistening sun shone through the cloudless sky, illuminating the twinkling, foamy sea.  Michael was just setting out a few deck-chairs when you felt a sharp, shooting pain in your lower abdomen. Your hand flew to your stomach, your eyebrows furrowing in hurt.
“You alright babe?” Michael asked.
“Uh yeah, sure, one second.” you said hurriedly before sprinting off to the nearby bathroom. “Fuck!” you thought, as you looked at the red streak down the inside of your new swimsuit. Poking you head out the door, you called for Michael, who quickly came running over to you.
“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” he questioned anxiously.
“No, but I think you need to get me some tampons.”
You and Michael spent the party by the fire, cuddling and laughing with your friends. He got everything you needed and always had a comforting hand on your belly, ready to rub soothing circles on your skin should he see you flinch in pain. At the end of the night, when all your friends had left, he cheered you up by promising you a new swimsuit. :)

Calum: You hated English Lit. It was so boring. Why the hell couldn’t you just read for pleasure, rather than analysing everything to death? Why was dissecting literature and plucking it to pieces necessary? You sighed in defeat as you laid back on your bed, knocking the empty Ben and Jerry’s carton that was next to you. You were currently on your period and just didn’t have time for homework, however important your teachers made it out to be. Your thoughts drifted to the mountain of Sociology work you had on your desk and you couldn’t keep it in anymore. You just cried. You weren’t even too sure why, you just knew that you were tired and missing your boyfriend, Calum, who was currently on tour. Hardly bearing your separation from him, you rang him and sniffled down the line.
“I-I’m sorry I know it’s late there.” you cried softly. Calum hated hearing you cry and his senses took over him, wishing he could reach out and cuddle you, remind you everything would be okay.
“Hush now baby, don’t worry everything’s gonna be fine, okay?” he cooed.
“I-It’s not! I c-can’t take it anymore! My tummy is killing and I miss you.” you snuffled, your tears falling freely now.
“I know baby, and I miss you too. I wish I was there to hold you and rub your tummy. I wish I could watch soppy romance films and hand you tissues when you cried. I even miss the emergency tampon runs.” he chuckled, “Just a couple more months I promise, and then I’ll be in your arms again.” he reassured you. He choked back his tears as he said his goodbyes, leaving you to fall asleep without him.

Luke: You didn’t like flying on a normal day, but on your period? It was hell. You and Luke had managed to get quickly through the airport, somehow dodging the swarms of fans that stuck to you like glue. During the take-off, you gripped Luke’s hand and bit your lip, hating the ringing sensation you got in your ears. When the seatbelt sign was taken off, you and Luke watched films on the plane’s TVs, him lifting his arm rest to snuggle you into his side. About an hour into the journey, you knew you had to change your pad, so you got up reluctantly, only to be pulled back down by Luke.
“Lukey please,” you giggled, “I need the bathroom.”
“I think you left it a little late.” he muttered into your ear, pointing out the dark stain on your shorts.
“Shit,” you mumbled, “What the hell am I supposed to do?” you whispered frantically.
“Don’t worry.” Luke said. He wrapped the blanket around your waist before pressing your back into his chest, covering the space the blanket couldn’t. You did an awkward shuffle towards the bathroom where he waited outside for you with a change of shorts, hastily grabbed from your carry-on. When you were done, he smiled lightly as you thanked him, the two of you returning to your cuddling session.

Ashton: You sat on the black, leather sofa with your 5th carton of ice cream. Ash had made you a hot water bottle that was currently pressed against your stomach, as he was away in the kitchen making the two of you some lunch. You were watching Batman Begins, a film you’d watched countless times but still fell back on during times like this. Devouring the cookie dough, your eyes lazily scanned the screen before you heard the thud of your spoon colliding with the bottom  of the carton. Your bottom lip trembled at your lack of ice cream as Ashton walked in with a plate of lasagne for you.
“Hey baby, how ya feeling?” he asked soothingly, setting the plate down on the coffee table. Tears brimmed your eyes, threatening to spill as you looked up at him.
“Oh no gorgeous don’t cry on me.” he said as he jumped onto the sofa next to you. You buried your head in his chest as the explosions in the film played in the background, representing your ovaries. You cried for a while before Ash cleaned you up with a tissue. You ate your lasagne and watched films together all day.

A/N: Hi guys so this is my first imagine and I’m still getting used to how to pitch it. I’m not sure, what are your thoughts? Too long? Too short? What do you guys want to read? Please send me some requests as I enjoy writing little things and I’d love it if you read them. :)

  • Geoff: Well a huge, huge fan of Achievement Hunter came up with this idea for a Let's Play a long time ago and we've been meaning to do it but we never got around to it. So I wanna give a shoutout to little Ray Narvaez Jr.
  • Michael: Awww
  • Geoff: He's a big fan. This was his idea. Uh, he's send it via letter-
  • Jeremy: *in a weird voice* I took your spot
Have you received your daily dose of pickup lines yet~?

Kuroo: “Ohohoho~ ´sup guys! today, we´ll have a special guest over here for the “pickup lines” section, hope ya´ll enjoy!. Oikawa san, would you make the honors?”

Oikawa: “Of course Kuroo chan~ *ahem* *ahem*: ”

“Are you the square root of -1 because you can’t be real~ ”

Secret Room Info:

-There are 12 envelopes.

-Each house guest can pick 1. Only 1.

-The envelope holds a ticket, only one holds a “round-trip” ticket which will send the house guest back into the house after their eviction.

-The ticket can not be opened before the house-guest is evicted or it will be void.

-House guests cannot tamper with each others tickets.

-The ticket is to be read by Julie Chen at eviction.