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There was the physical puppeteering and the facial stuff. Essentially, you go from these incredibly lavish, amazing, tangible practical sets on these stages at Shepperton [Studios] — and everything’s looking gorgeous and there’s me looking like a crash-test hippo on stilts — and you’ve got to do all that again, but you’re now essentially in Tron. I’m sat wearing a black t-shirt in a sort-of UV booth with 27 cameras. The whole thing felt very very magical in a way. It just felt like pure magic how they fused these two experiences together. - Dan Stevens [on bringing the Beast to life in Beauty and the Beast]

"Weekly Idol" Spotlight – The One With The Rare Guests

“Weekly Idol” Spotlight – The One With The Rare Guests

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Previously, I wrote an article listing out the must-watch episodes from “Weekly Idol” regulars – those who had appeared on the variety show at least eight times or more. This time around, we shine a spotlight on the episodes with the rare guests: the ones who have only appeared once or twice in the show’s six-year run. These guests are considered the “big guns”; they’re very well-established and…

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www(.)archiveofourown(.)org/works/4749764 Hey, so I saw this AU gifset and got the idea Enzo dared Caroline to break into some old castle and later she got caught and turns out its Klaus' castle(would be cool to see Klaus jealous because Enzo gets to corrupt Caroline and he doesn't+ smut!):D

Written by our brilliant guest writer @accidental-rambler

AN: The usual canon of no magical or otherwise babies at all. Hope you like ☺

Hung Up (On You)

[Somewhere in Bavaria, Germany]

Caroline was not amused in the least.

Not even one bit. And it was all Enzo’s fault.


Sure, she might have agreed to do this. but it had been Enzo (or was it Kol?) who had come up with the idea.

And now she was hanging by the chains in some moldy dungeon and trying not to dwell on on how it resembled a torture chamber because the thought was just too disturbing. She had struggled for a bit in an attempt to get out of them, but it was futile.

They were probably spelled anyway.

“Don’t fret, Gorgeous, we’ll find our way out of this, alright? We always do,” chirped her friend slash devil incarnate, the one responsible for this whole mess.

Immediately, she bit back, “Says the guy who was held as a guinea pig for almost 60 years.”

Feigning hurt must’ve been hard when one was dangling from the ceiling, but Enzo somehow managed to do just that, pointing his foot at her accusingly.

“Ouch. That was uncalled for.”

“Oh, really?” she scoffed. “Because I’m pretty sure this was your brilliant idea.”

“Was it? Even if that’s true, you had no qualms about it when you agreed to it. Merrily,” he pointed out, sending her a knowing look.

“That’s so not how I remember it.”

“Gorgeous, that isn’t saying much, considering you probably don’t remember anything.”

Caroline had always been a lightweight. Even with a few decades as a vampire under her belt, this one fact still remained true.

After she had finally put on her grown up vamp panties and set foot outside Mystic Falls and into the big wild world, the blonde had learnt many great things about herself. The greatest being that no matter how many nights she’d spent binge drinking - there was no way she could drink Enzo under the table.

Which was highly unfortunate, considering how the three of them had indulged generously in the finest German lager while lounging in the local tavern. Kol had joined them over a week ago in Poland (not surprising, given the liking he had taken to Enzo the last time their paths had crossed), where they had been enjoying music and tourists at the Woodstock Music Festival. Though Caroline wouldn’t exactly say she’d particularly enjoyed the taste of sweaty people drunk on cheap beer.

Thus, a palate cleansing was in order.

“I’m bored,” Enzo drawled and the Original nodded along, which was a dangerous sign.

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papyton request: mettaton brings papyrus on as a guest on his late night talk tv show and the discussion gets....heated ;_)

I hope this is okay. 

“Hello my darlings, welcome to late night talks with a killer robot!” Mettaton announced spreading his arms wide and offering a dazzling smile as he strode confidently onto the stage, lights flashed and jazzy music playing. The robot took his place in the center of the stage, standing in front of a pair of large matching comfortable looking arm chairs that were angled to face both the camera and the opposite chair.

When the lights finally calmed and the music quieted until it was just a gentle hum Mettaton gracefully lowered his arms. He posed in front while blowing a kiss to the camera before spinning on his heel and sashaying towards one of the chairs. He flopped down into the left chair and crossed his legs with ease.

“Today,” He began right on cue. “we have a truly special guest joining us.” A spotlight began to dance around the suddenly dark stage. “Please welcome, Papyrus!” Upbeat jaunty music began to blare loudly as confetti rained down from the ceiling. The tall skeleton stumbled into the stage and the spotlight landed on him. The blinding light caused Papyrus to cover his eyes with one hand as he stared out into the darkened studio. The lights quickly turned back on and the spotlight disappeared.

“Come come, darling.” Mettaton called drawing the skeletons attention. He motioned towards the empty chair opposite of his own. Papyrus walked over and settled into the plush cushioning. The idol settled his elbow into his knee and then propped his chin on his palm.

“So Papyrus your visit has been long overdue, I must ask you, why did you suddenly change your mind on making a guest appearance?” The tall monster huffed rather grumpily and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Well you see Mettaton, it’s all my lazy brothers fault! Apparently our mail kept getting mixed up and since he never checks his mail I never received any of your invitations.” Mettaton nodded along, eyes never straying from Papyrus. “But I happened to get home early and found him about to throw it away! He said he hadn’t even realized what it was, he is lucky to have such an observant and intelligent brother like me!”

Mettaton giggled softly behind his hand as Papyrus posed majestically, his chin high in the air and one hand placed proudly on his chest. Mettaton let his hand slip away from his mouth and he batted his eyes coyly at the other monster.

“You forgot handsome.” He purred shifting so that he was leaning back against his the chair, one arm slung over the armrest while the other relaxed on his leg hand curling over his knee. Papyrus’ jaw drapped and his eyes bulged as he stared at the robot host.


“I mean in your description darling; perceptive, intelligent and handsome.” Mettaton’s voice flowed like silk as he spoke and his cheeks barest hints of pink dusting along his high cheekbones. “Sans is ever so lucky to have such an incredible brother.” As he spoke Mettaton slowly dragged his fingers up his knee along his thigh in a tantalizing motion. Papyrus swallowed thickly as his eyes followed the movement before snapping up and cheeks burning in embarrassment.

“Well I suppose we will move on to our first topic.” Mettaton announced his eyes no longer heavily lidded and his posture became straighter. Papyrus also found himself relaxing as they made their way back into familiar territory.  

Things went smoothly for a good part of the show, they talked and joked easily. Mettaton laughed at Papyrus’ antics but never in cruel manner. Mettaton listened intently whenever Papyrus shared his opinion and didn’t criticize him even when he didn’t agree. Mettaton was nothing but charming and agreeable. They talked about a number of subjects and it wasn’t until Mettaton caught site of one of the stage hands motioning that the show was coming to a close that he took control of the conversation.

“Well, it seems our time is running out!” He smiled sadly at the camera and a pre-recorded chorus of ‘awwww’ rang out. “But worry not! We have time for just a bit more!” He clapped his hands together in delight and turned back to Papyrus.

“So Papyrus we’re all dying to know, how’s your love life?” Mettaton asked teasingly, his pearly white teeth toying on his plush bottom lip. He gazed at Papyrus from beneath his ashen eyelashes watching with amusement as the skeleton floundered.

“W-well I, the great Papyrus, am very busy! I don’t have time to date the numerous amount of people who wish to go on a date with me!” He bragged a few beads of sweating slipping down his face.

“Oh that’s a shame darling.” Mettaton whined jutting his bottom lip out in a pout. “Does that mean you would shoot me down too?”

Papyrus eyes practically rolled out of his head and the heat on his face only grew stronger as he attempted to speak. Mettaton laughed at his expression and then slid from his seat to his feet. He strode towards the camera and struck a pose, legs crossed and hands behind his head as he gazed almost seductively at the camera.

“Well it seems we must say goodnight but tune in for the next episode!” He exclaimed with a flick of his wrist and a flamboyant bow. “I will see you next time my darlings!”

With that the bright lights went dark and normal lights came back on, stage hands and camera workers began to scurry around. A few interns rushed forward offering water and snacks to both Mettaton and Papyrus. After waving them away, or in Papyrus’ case politely declining, both monsters turned towards each other.

“Thank you for joining me this evening sweetheart, you have been requested frequently. You are quite popular.” Mettaton complemented with sparkling grin. Papyrus fitted his fists on his hips and gave a hearty laugh.

“But of course I, the great Papyrus, am nothing less than amazing!” He quickly grew sheepish afterwards, scratching his face nervously. “Thank you for allowing me to participate Mettaton, it was an honor to be on the same stage as you.”

“Oh darling!” Mettaton laughed, one hand on his metal chest and the other cupping his cheek. “You flatter me. But I am serious, anytime you feel like being a star you just let me know.” He leaned forward invading the tall skeletons space. His hand gently worked it’s way into Papyrus’ boney one, slipping something into his hand. He leaned up, his lips lightly brushing Papyrus’ cheek. Then Mettaton was stepping away and with a wink and flip of his hair turned on his heel and strode away, leaving behind his flowery scent and Papyrus’ fluttering heart.

Papyrus blinked as he regained himself and realized he’d been standing there in a rather dumbstruck manner for a while. He turned and began walking towards the exit, excited to get home and tell Sans all about it. A quick crinkling noise drew his attention to the note Mettaton had slipped into his hand.

He flattened it gently before getting a better look at it. His cheeks quickly flushed red and he felt his head spin. He quickly hurried home, not so sure he wanted to tell Sans about it anymore. Or at least, not all of it.

If your wondering what the note was, you can see it here. I hope you enjoyed. I appreciate feedback, feel free to send me a prompt!


MoCCA Arts Festival 2016 was an absolute blast, thanks to Societ of Illustrators and Bill Kartalopoulos for having me as host for Rebecca Sugar’s Feature Guest spotlight Q&A.  

An official video of our 1 Hr talk (with the slideshow included) will be coming soon on the SOI YouTube channel. I can’t wait for you guys to get to hear it and enjoy!


Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: Hollister
Shoes: Sperry
Bowtie: Burlington Coat Factory
Jacket: H&M Kids
Belt: American Eagle

Just a few quick remarks: I have a few pretty dapper friends and as I try to figure out what direction I’d like to take this blog, I’ve been torn about whether or not I should do guest spotlights. Ultimately, I decided I might every now and again. I made this blog because seeing a lot of dapper, androgynous girls on tumblr being positively received helped encourage me to dress in what I felt was the most authentic form of myself. So, in order to promote queer visibility in a relatively hetero-normative world I will spotlight a few friends. In theme with the goals of this blog, it will all be very queercentric and once again, focusing on those that deviate from heteronormative standards. Also, a few of you have asked about submissions, and ultimately I decided I will not accept submissions because I’d like to maintain all original content. Apologies, but I hope you understand.

Guest Spotlight: Laekin, [Guest:1]

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become." – C. S. Lewis

The first ever Philippine Literary Festival will feature lectures on reading, writing and even teaching basic literature. It is packed with local authors as its guest speakers and a spotlight on NY Best Selling author, Amy Tan and PEN/Hemingway Award-winner, Chang-Rae Lee.

If you’re a local, and who is a literary buff then this is the festival you MUST attend.

Learn more about the festival at its official website.

You can find the complete schedule of lectures throughout the event here.

See you there!

140411 Super Junior Kyuhyun Will Take Care of Your Stress

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is surely refreshing to watch. He is currently performing with Super Junior M and their title song “Swing”. “Swing” is a pop-dance song that mixes R&B and Electronic sound. The song carries a message about letting go of all the stressful things that plague everyone’s lives. The members dance on desks and perform choreography with paper and towels to help viewers visualize the message of the song. Kyuhyun’s strong voice stands out among the members, and it truly does deliver a refreshing vibe.

Kyuhun is also a panel MC of the variety show “Golden Fishery: Radio Star” on MBC. He has been a panel MC for the last three years.

His role is to side with MC Kim Gura and ask the pointed questions. He sometimes draws criticism of the guests who deem him disrespectful and unlikable. At the same time, Kyuhyun draws out the most laughs and more often than not makes the person that he “picks” on the spotlight guest of the show. Kyuhyun’s warm smile, strong vocals, and smooth MCing skills continue to relieve the viewers of stress.

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Day 17: Favorite Bad Guy/Girl

So I know this is kind of cheating, as drunk and disorderly is probably the most heinous crime on Elsie Tizzard’s rap sheet, but this lady is pure, uncut comedic magic and deserves a few minutes in the spotlight. Favorite guest star ever, bar none! I just adore her, quite as much as Jack does (very few people besides Phryne have the ability to make him smile!). If they ever did a 1920’s Melbourne version of COPS Elsie would most definitely be featured. The actress (Gillian Jones) is so damn good I completely forget she’s acting.

And that scene where she drags Hugh back to the station with a GSW is probably one of my favorites in the whole show…I just kept snickering to myself like an idiot the entire time I was making these gifs.

The only question I have is WHY isn’t this woman a series regular?!? Please, please, please bring Lizard back for Season 3!!