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“Finished [the book] already?”

“Oh I couldn’t put it down! Got anything new?”

(I saw Beauty and the Beast today, and honestly, didn’t feel as much of the Disney magic as I wanted to. However…it doesn’t stop inspiration from hitting!)

Hey, so how about that Divinity: Original Sin 2, huh?

Still getting used to drawing this crew (and I’m not totally sold on my character’s hair just yet), but I am getting very fond of them.

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headcanons for tattooed kaz? (i know he has two already but what is he added way more?)

  • Kuwei notices Kaz staring at him when the gang’s all at the Van Eck mansion for a reunion, so he slinks to one of the more secluded guest rooms to sketch in peace.
  • Of course, Kaz finds him, but by then, Kuwei’s so immersed in his drawings he doesn’t hear Kaz come in the room. He uses his fingers to send little flames down his fingers to make artistic swirls of soot, ash, and burned paper.
  • “Starting fires on silken bedsheets? You’re asking for one angry Wylan, Kuwei.”
  • Kuwei starts, and his fingers hastily try to to burn the paper he drew on. Kaz is quicker, and in a blink of an eye, he crosses the room and snatches up the paper.
  • Kaz’s eyes turn contemplative as he looks at the designs. He glances at Kuwei, who’s staring up at him with slight terror.
  • “Have you considered pursuing your artistic potential with a less dangerous medium?”
  • Kuwei blinks, shocked.
  • And so Kuwei becomes Ketterdam’s newest and best tattoo artist.
  • Kaz only goes to him now when he wants a new tattoo.
  • Kuwei gets very confused when Inej suddenly visits his shop and gives him a warm hug with a smile that could light up the sun.
  • Later, Inej uses her eyes to trace the thin balancing wire inked below Kaz’s collarbone.
  • She leans her head on his chest, careful to let only her hair touch him.
  • Inej hears a shaky huff of breath, before she feels Kaz’s cool fingers steadily combing through her hair strands.
  • When Nina sees him acting as a card dealer during another job, she’s startled to see the faint tendrils of black ink on his palms.
  • “Wanted to live up to your name?” she teases, though she’s genuinely curious.  
  • Kaz doesn’t answer, his shoulders suddenly tense. Nina steps forward, but then remembers how swiftly Kaz scrambled away from Matthias’ hands after they dragged his body from the water, the way Kaz glared at her when she hung onto his sleeve in Hellgate. So she stops herself.
  • “Well?” she asks, trying on a playful smile to hide her realization. “Am I right, or am I right?”
  • Kaz’s eyes flicker over to her, and after a long moment of silence, nods once. Nina’s smile gets bigger, but she spares Kaz from further teasing. It’s unlike her, she knows, but if he allowed someone to mark his skin like that, she knew it was crucial to him, and she wasn’t so cruel to ridicule him for it.
  • Jesper notices the curl of an inked letter on the back of his neck one day when they get jumped by another gang; it looks like an ornate K. Strange, Jesper thinks, because Kaz is never one for flourishes and decoration.
  • “Did you get your own name on your neck so even more people can recognize you?”
  • Kaz stiffens, his hand gripping his cane instinctively before breathing out slowly. “No.”
  • Jesper eyes Kaz and nods once, noting the sudden sharpness in his walk, the dangerous glint in his eyes.
  • When Kaz enters his office, Jesper’s about to talk to Annika until he finds himself something dragging him backwards
  • He turns and sees Kaz’s crow head on his collar, tugging him back into Kaz’s office
  • Kaz locks the door behind Jesper, and then wordlessly discards his waistcoat. He hesitates before he slowly unbuttons two of his shirt buttons, but that’s as far as he gets before he turns around and tugs down his collar for Jesper to see.
  • “Kings and Queens.” Jesper says aloud, stepping closer. “Who’s it for?”
  • “The rightful heirs to Ketterdam.” Kaz replies, swiftly tugging up his collar and buttoning up his shirt.
  • Jesper tries to keep his face stoic, but he felt his mouth tug upwards. “I didn’t think you’d value us that highly.”
  • Kaz opens his mouth, and then closes it. Jesper’s eyebrows rise and his smirk turns into a smile.
  • “Not everything is about you, Jesper. Now, get Rotty in here. We need to discuss the distribution of the rest of the Dime Lion territories.”
  • Despite the abrupt dismissal, Jesper saunters out of the office with a wide grin, not fooled by Kaz’s facade one bit.
See Harry Styles Play Mick Jagger, Perform New Songs on 'SNL'
Harry Styles took over 'Saturday Night Live' as the One Direction singer popped up in multiple sketches while also serving as musical guest.

Harry Styles took over Saturday Night Live as the One Direction singer popped up in multiple sketches while also serving as musical guest.

 In one sketch, “Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition,” Styles was called upon to play a young Mick Jagger, with Styles hilariously embellishing the Rolling Stones singer’s trademark mannerisms.

When Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey complimented Jagger’s solo output, the singer responded, “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo? That is insane,” a nod to the (temporary?) dissolution of Styles’ One Direction.

The “Celebrity Family Feud” bit was one of three sketches that the singer and burgeoning actor appeared in as Styles planted the seeds for a potential  SNL hosting/musical guest double duty spot in the not-to-distant future.

Styles also made a cameo during Jimmy Fallon’s David Bowie-inspired opening monologue, then reappeared again during the a musical sketch about Civil War soldiers around a campfire: link

On top of all the sketch appearances, Styles also debuted a new acoustic number titled “Ever Since New York,” a track off his upcoming self-titled solo LP : link

Styles also delivered an impassioned rendition of “Sign of the Times,” the first single off Harry Styles, due out May 12th: link

My Belle drawing from a few weeks ago needed an outfit change 🌹💫 There’s nothing like that classic yellow dress 💕

(Drawn in @adobe Draw on iPad)


“DON’T DISCUSS ME,” says Theon, “JUST WORSHIP ME. Or… admire me. Or at least love me. Okay if that’s too much to ask for then just hug me, whatever (I’ll take pretty much anything really)”

Anyway discussion is great but I hope that you have all resumed normal posting so that I can continue normal lurking, thank you and that is all, ilu u__u

Theon Greyjoy, a summary: can’t dominate his own life, can’t dominate his own portmanteau ship names, can’t dominate his own hbo storyline, can’t dominate his own tumblr tag