guest sketch

“Finished [the book] already?”

“Oh I couldn’t put it down! Got anything new?”

(I saw Beauty and the Beast today, and honestly, didn’t feel as much of the Disney magic as I wanted to. However…it doesn’t stop inspiration from hitting!)

Inktober Day 17: An elderly couple came to the door.  They didn’t rent rooms, they said.  But they would be glad to have them stay overnight as their guests.  They had plenty of room, and they would enjoy the company. -Alvin Schwartz 


“DON’T DISCUSS ME,” says Theon, “JUST WORSHIP ME. Or… admire me. Or at least love me. Okay if that’s too much to ask for then just hug me, whatever (I’ll take pretty much anything really)”

Anyway discussion is great but I hope that you have all resumed normal posting so that I can continue normal lurking, thank you and that is all, ilu u__u

Theon Greyjoy, a summary: can’t dominate his own life, can’t dominate his own portmanteau ship names, can’t dominate his own hbo storyline, can’t dominate his own tumblr tag


[Insert a placeholder link here to whatever buggu’s new blog is gonna be] wrote an AMAZING fic about Mini-con Minimus purring when his back is rubbed and I just

have you ever seen those cats that get so relaxed when you pet them that they fall asleep by literally falling over very slowly?

It takes Rodimus all his self-control not to start screaming and hollering when Minimus falls asleep on his desk, it’s so damn cute!


finally another a new post by me! i’m out of luck right now with my pc burning down and other stuff happening, BUT i still wear clothes!! XD

tee: behemoth merch
pants: second hand
boots: deichmann
necklace: etsy

(my boyfriend hates this pants for some weird reason, so he has a guest appearance in the sketch)