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Ok so Louis and Steve are under the Guests tab on the Tonight Show site. The guest page is organized so the most recently announced guests are first. The row below Mike, Tim, Steve and Louis has the guests for next Monday 1/23.

I would expect them to announce that Louis and Steve are performing on 1/24 during tonight’s show. They’ve just added them on the site a little early.

More incredible guest work, this time from the one and only @tanglefootcomic! Need I even describe the gasping that went on when I first saw this?
I know that face. She’s playing F-Zero GX.

I’ve forgotten to mention it all along, but tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday I’ll be tabling at my first convention ever, MICE in Cambridge, MA! [a handy map of the con floor]

I’m still without a computer. Here’s hoping I do well enough at the con that I can afford a replacement sooner than later.
Thanks for sticking around!

Coming this February:


Mike Costa (W), Gerardo Sandoval (A/C), Joe Jusko (VC).

·Venom’s back and badder than ever!

·But people are starting to take notice, including Mac Gargan, who’s suited up as the Scorpion for the first time in years!

·Also featuring another web-slinging, wall-crawling, spider-sense-ational guest star!

32 pages, $3.99.


Preorder for KouAo doujinshi books and merchs starts today!

Pre-order period : 16 April - 14 May
For International order, please fill this form (x)
For Indonesian order, please fill this form (x)

I will send you an e-mail to inform the total price and shipping price afterwards! Payment method is Paypal only, the due date for payment is 14 May 2016. You can choose either to buy the merchs only or books only or both!



Yajuu Monogatari
DRAMAtical Murder- KouAo doujinshi #3 (Yokai AU,PG-15)
Size A5/ 140 pages/ Perfect binding (+ postcard and keychain bonus)
Price 25USD
Preview (x)
There will be 110 pages of main story + epilogue special 22 pages + 5 guest art from 5 different artists! (junjoupurelove, vickipiki, adrianelinerush, ayuuka, paper-bag-with-holes)

DRAMAtical Murder- KouAo doujinshi #4 (R18)
Size A5/ 46 pages / Perfect binding
Price 10USD
Preview (x
There will be 4 guest art from 4 different artists! (junjoupurelove, vickipiki, adrianelinerush, foxyladycpz)


Acrilyc stand KouAo/NoiAo/MinAo/CleAo/RenAo
Size: approx 9x6cm
Price: 6USD
Preview: (x) (x)


Shipping Price:

For Indonesian order, I will use JNE (6000 IDR-30.000 IDR). For International order, I ship worldwide! I will send the book from Indonesia and will give you two options: EMS or Registered Airmail Service.

Registered Airmail ranges between 7USD-10USD worldwide!

EMS ranges between 10USD-25USD.

  • Malaysia/Vietnam/China/Japan - 10USD/11USD/12USD/11USD
  • Australia/Russia - 18USD/ 20USD
  • Spain/Germany/Great Britain - 22USD/ 24USD/ 25USD
  • USA/Canada - 16USD/ 18USD
  • Argentina/Brazil - 27USD/ 14USD
  • You can message me to ask for more country option!

EMS takes 5-10 days to arrive, Registered Airmail takes 2-4 weeks to arrive. Starting March 2016, Registered Airmail Service doesn’t provide tracking anymore when the goods have been sent out of country.


Important! About package’s weight measurement:

The shipping price above is for every 250grams.

  • Countdown is 100gr, so if you want to buy 2 copies, the price is still the same. The price will be different if you choose to buy more than 3 books.
  • Yajuu Monogatari is 270gr
  • Each acrylic stand is 50gr

If your order is more than 250grams, the shipping price will be doubled.


After you’ve completed the form, I will sent an invoice to your paypal within 2-3 days. A reminder, I will be away between 21-27 April so your order will be processed after 27 April!

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me via inbox, chat or e-mail me to YOU SO MUCH!


Food Hates You, Ch.3 - Page 25 + Guest Page

Will there be another chapter of Food Hates You around the corner? Nope. Just kidding, of course there will. Or will there? Yes.

Everyone check out the work of my very talented friend Eleora Nelson, who did the guest page for this chapter. You can see her work on her website, or on tumblr here.

Chapter 4–hereby known as one of the longest chapters in the comic for some reason–is officially a wrap! Thanks for everyone who retweeted and reblogged us along the way. To celebrate our first year, we’ve decided to do something a little special!

For the next week, starting on Monday, we’ll be posting guest pages from an incredible roster of artists every single day! Shaderunners will be back on July 1st, but in the meantime, you can always check out our creator blog at @duckpatchcomics for extra artwork, meta, asks, and all sorts of little behind-the-scenes stuff pertaining to the comic!

We have a wonderful lineup of great artists and we can’t wait to show you what they came up with! Stay tuned!


Tenerife Sea - Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran live at Rock In Rio 15/5/15