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Submission by @clevercatchphrase

(undertale spoilers)

When I first played through Undertale, I found it very amusing that the Snowdin Shopkeeper didn’t realize you were human, even after you’ve completed the Pacifist Route and talk to her before leaving the Underground. But then that got me thinking… exactly how many monsters do know you’re human on sight?

So after a bunch of re-watching other’s Let’s Plays, replaying the game and doing A LOT of talking to NPCs, I’ve come up with three categories: those monsters who recognize you as human, those monsters who clearly DON’T know you’re human, and those whose dialogue still left me unsure due to how they worded it. (Maybe they do know you’re human and just don’t bother to outright say it, or maybe that’s just how they talk to everyone). What’s more, some monsters’ understanding of you change depending on what route you take in the game (mainly pacifist/neutral vs. genocide).

Anyway, this isn’t really a theory or headcanon, but I thought someone out there might be interested in this (not so) little list! SO, without further ado, here are all the monsters and their idea of what you are in the order we meet them.

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((Guest Mods Post))

hello this is a post by the guest mods!

as you may have heard hetaseeu’s mod is currently having some personal issues right now and cannot continue updating this blog at this point of time. Hsu’s mod also mentioned here that there are other mods who have volunteered to take over the blog in her absense. In total 8 other mods have offered to help out:

Mod A (of

Mod B (of

Mod C (of

Mod D (of

Mod K (of

Mod P (of

Mod M (of

Mod N (of

Mod Z (of

we cant be certain for when we can update but we will all try to update this blog as regularly as we possibly can (please be patient with us). Well, i hope we can keep up your expectations of this blog…Please excuse the different art styles and possible differences in the headcannon but we will try our best until the original mod can come back!

- Mod B



Hey there regular Mod here~~

I still can’t update that much but seeing I’m on more than I expected I shall try to update- BUT my friends will still be helping me out and update for me when I can’t… Im still not sure how long this will go on, but please bear with us and thanks for all the support thus far~~

On another note, all ‘birthday asks’ not already answered will be posted on SeeU’s release date! Thank you so much~!!