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Story behind this photo….

So, I was hanging out with Caliope, who was waiting to meet the band, even though she didn’t have a ticket to the gig, because it sold out before she could get one. So the band arrived, but went straight from the van into the venue as it was nearing 5:30 and they still needed to soundcheck. Caliope needed to go to the bathroom so she took off and I went to check out how the queue was going. After about 10 minutes, I decided to walk back around to see if Calope was back, and lo and behold, Jon and Josh were outside having a cigarette. I approached Josh and he was like “Ohhhh hey Sweetie, how are you?” and walked over and gave me a HUUUUUUUUGE hug. He said he remembered me from the front row the night before and I showed him the other pic I got of us and he was like “Ohh yeah, the jail photo” haha. We were chatting for a bit and I asked him how his knee was, he told me that he’d had an MRI and needs surgery again, but was proud and happy that he hasn’t cancelled any shows, as he should be!

When Caliope came back. Josh noticed Caliope also had a walking cane (she’s got a bad knee) and he started sword fighting with her haha.

Anyway, we got some photos… Here’s Caliope’s

(Props to the photog, me! lol)

We all chatted a bit more and it came up somehow that Caliope didn’t have a ticket because they sold out so fast, and Josh was like “Let me guest list you” and we were like “Whaaaaaaaaaat! That’s amazing!” So he was like write your name down for me, and none of us had paper, so he got his phone out and put her name in it and gave her a +1. What an absolute sweetheart!

Dear Journal,

This morning I got woken up by Sirius leaving butterfly kisses all over my face. He had a big bouquet of white roses in his hands. My favorites. He fell on the bed next to me and Kissed my lips lovingly.

“What’s the occasion?” I smiled.

“I just wanted to tell you that I love you.” He smiled, his cheeks getting red.

“How did I get so lucky?” I blushed too.

“Ready for the second part of the suprise?” He smirked.

“Why are you smirking?” I asked.

Then all of a sudden he sat down on the bed and spoke up.


The door of our closet opened and a little Teddy came out making this adorable bear noise.

“Wrawrr!” He giggled.

“Ahhh!” I yelled, laughing.

He crawled to the bed and Sirius picked him up so he could join our cuddles.

“We have a bear in our bed!” I laughed.

“Nooo Dadda!” He giggled, putting his small hands on my clean shaven cheeks.

“Oh! It’s only Teddy! C'mere my love..” I smiled, hugging his small figure.

We ate breakfast in bed together. Regulus and Sophie left for Spain early in the morning. Sirius had made some good cinnamon rolls. They were more than delicious! We decided to have a pyjama day and that made Teddy really happy!

“Pyjymama!” Teddy said, clapping his hands together.

We let Teddy watch the teletubbies and play on the carpet with his toys while we planned the wedding. We were sitting at the table, looking over Teddy. We already had the location. Paris! We only needed to send the invitations and make some calls for a cake and some flowers. For the suits, we were going shopping next week with James.

“Okay so I made the guest list, tell me if we missed someone.” Sirius said.

We were having a small wedding. Only family and close friends. We wanted it to be private.

“Okay so I have: Your parents, James, Lily, Regulus, Sophie, Marlene, Dorcas, Mary, the Longbottoms, Andromeda, the little Nymphadora and Peter even though he probably won’t come!” Sirius said.

“That looks about right..” I nodded.

“Meee!” Teddy yelled.

“Of course you’re coming love!” Sirius yelled back.

“Okay!” He said, playing with his toys.

“I’m really excited!” I smiled.

“The last time I saw you in a suit, it was the winter ball at Hogwarts.” He smiled, placing one of my curls back to it’s place.

“Merlin it feels like it was only yesterday..”

“If I could go back to my younger self who thought his life was over because he was disowned, and tell him that everything was going to be okay. That I would marry Remus, that we would have an adorable son, that Regulus and I would made up.. that I would be happy.. I don’t think he would believe it.” Sirius said, a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Someone did tell him.” I said.

“Tell him what?” Sirius asked.

“That everything would be okay.” I smiled.

“Yes, and that person was right.” He smiled.

He was talking about me. That day he got disowned, he was broken. I carefully picked up all the pieces and fixed him.

“I love you Remus. More than the words can tell.” He smiled.

“I love you two Sirius. To infinity and beyond.”

“Did you just quote Buzz lightyear?” Sirius asked.

“I did.” And we laughed.

I told you my love, everything would be okay.

May 9th 1998

Cheater’s Party-Requested

Anon: “YOUR BLOG IS LITERALLY GOALS! You put so much effort into your work and your writing is amazing! Anyway, I see that requests are open, can I have Shawn Mendes (or Sammy if it has to be from the Omaha squad) where he thinks I’m cheating on him? (And we make up in the end) Thanks boo, Ily ❤️”

(Shawn’s POV) 

I fell asleep watching hockey again. The Maple Leaves weren’t playing, but watching hockey usually kept me occupied while I waited for Y/N to get home. She had to woke me up at 2 when she came in exhausted and headed for the shower. I yawn and lay my head on the pillow, staring at the bathroom door. This is the third time this week that she has gotten home after midnight. I can barely keep my eyes open when she finally crawls into bed next to me. “Hi beautiful” I say softly. 

“Hey Baby,” She kisses my temple. “I’m sorry about the late night again. Things have been pretty crazy at the studio. We have to get this coreo down before next weekend.” 

“Right” I yawn. My girlfriend runs one of the biggest dance studios in LA and next weekend is her giant end of the year show so she has been working around the clock. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages. Can I come grab you for lunch tomorrow?” I put my chin on her thigh as she reads an email off of her phone. 

“Yeah sure. Just call the office first to see if I’m free.” She pats my head and I nod. 

“Okay,” I say softly before rolling over, turning off my lamp and going to sleep. 

The next day, I spent the whole morning doing PR for the album I’m dropping tomorrow morning. I went to 3 radio shows and prepped for the photoshoot I had in the afternoon. I had about an hour for lunch so I called Y/N’s office to let her know I was coming to pick her up. 

A guy’s deep voice that I recognize immediately answers. It’s my really good friend, Nick Jonas.  “Hello? Y/n Y/ln’s office. Who is this?” He was panting a little. 

“Um it’s Shawn. Can you tell her I called? I am coming to get her for lunch.” I say, still confused. There’s rustling in the background and a pause. Nick comes back to the phone. 

“Yeah she says no to lunch. She’ll see you tonight. Sorry, Bud” he hangs up and I sit there in silence. I try to find another explanation but the word CHEATING keeps popping in to my head. After a quick sushi run all by myself, I am completely convinced that Y/N is going to leave me for Nick. 

(Y/N’s POV)

“Shit” I gasp when Nick hangs up the phone. “He’s going to know! Why else would we be hanging out!” 

Nick shakes his head “I really don’t think he suspects anything, Y/N.”

“Are you kidding me? The late nights, the weird mysterious cancelations of plans, you answering my phone?” I roll my eyes at my favorite Jo Bro. “He has to know we’re throwing him an album release party tonight.” 

“Well, let’s keep moving forward as if everything is normal.” Nick says before heading back into my office to make some phone calls. The caterer canceled last minute, but he says that Demi’s sister runs one of the best catering companies in LA. I canceled rehearsals and classes for the rest of the day so we’re going to use the studio for the party. 

“Nick?” I duck my head into my office. “I’m going to go grab my dress for tonight and pick up some more balloons. Can you double check the guest list for me and make sure we have a bouncer lined up?”

“Yes boss” Nick rolls his eyes. “Remind me again how I wound up as your assistant?”

“You love Shawn almost as much as I do” I laugh and turn back to look at him “Plus you love being bossed around, you kinky weirdo” 

“Hey!” He calls out down the hall and I laugh. 

(Shawn’s POV)

The best album I have ever written is coming out in less than 24 hours and all I can think about is Nick Jonas feeling up my girlfriend. I could barely focus at the photoshoot. I am dreading seeing Y/N when she gets home (probably late) tonight. I don’t know if I’ll cry or yell or what. I get out of the shoot and am about to head back to our apartment when she texts me:

“We need to talk. Meet me at work.” 

I reply with out thinking:


Fuck. I’m not ready for this. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do. Of course we’ll break up, but maybe not? No, we have to. No one cheats on Shawn Mendes. But it’s her! I love her. NO! Absolutely no cheating. God damnit.  

I’m shaking by the time I get to her studio. I pull into the garage and take an elevator up to her office. Damn the parking is crowded for 7:30 on a Friday night. I hope no one sees me if I break down crying. 

The elevator opens and she’s standing there waiting. I feel like I’m going to shit myself. I’m sweating like crazy. She pulls me into her office and sits me down. “Shawn”

I can barely speak. “Yeah?”

“I need to be honest with you.” She half smiles and looks around nervously. 

“Is he here?” I ask, panicked. “Nick! Nick!” 

“Damnit! I knew you would find out.” she hunches down in her office chair. 

“Of course! He’s my best friend” I choke on the word best. “I mean maybe not now, he destroyed the bro code”

“What?” Y/N’s brows are furrowed. 

“We can’t still be friends! He’s the reason you’re leaving me!” 

“What?” Y/N starts to laugh. 

“Why are you laughing? Cheating on me with my best friend is a pretty shitty thing to do Y/N and I have an album dropping tomorrow and I’m really stressed so just tell me it’s over and I’ll go.” I sigh and meet her eyes. Her eyebrows are the highest I’ve ever seen them. She starts laughing even harder. 

“You idiot” She chuckles. “Go ahead Nick, throw the lights up!” She calls out into the dark and I flinch for a second before looking around. 

“Wait.” I say realizing that my album has started playing. My agent, producer, friends and family are all here. 

“I was throwing you a surprise party for your album release?” She says with a grin. 

“Wow. I am an idiot.” I laugh coming over to hug her. She puts her arms around me. 

“If I was going to cheat, I could do better than Nick” She nods over in his direction. 

“I heard that!” Nick calls out. We both laugh. 

“I am so sorry.” I say planting a kiss on my girlfriend’s lips. 

“I’m the sorry one! You poor thing, you’ve probably been so upset all day!” she kisses me again. 

“Yeah it’s been kind of sucky. But the big party to celebrate how great I am kind of helps.” She laughs and rolls her eyes. We come out of her office and I dance with her to the track she helped me write. 

Hope you enjoyed!




The Wedding - Part VI

(x) (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)

“People are looking…silly man.”

“I’ve got one: your favourite colour?”

“I dunno. Probably pink. Like Peppa.”

There was a momentary pause.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah. A bit.”

They hadn’t moved, not since Sherlock had joined them on the tiny bed. Half of his long body hung over the side but he didn’t seem to care; he was too busy tenderly stroking the curly strands of his daughter’s hair. She blinked up at him, her Dad, and smiled.

“It’s weird.”

“Very weird,” he agreed, wearing his trademark lopsided smile. There was a moment of silence before he asked, “good weird?”

Scarlett nodded, rubbing her eyes with her fists; she’d had a long day, after all…it’s not every birthday you gain a parent. Her arms snaked around his waist and she cosied up to him, breathing softly.

“Do I have to call you Daddy now?”

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so I went to the Drowners show in Atlanta last night and I was front and center and they were SO GOOD. Matt and I made eye contact and he smiled at me and it was so cute wow but after the show we to the place where the bands come out cause I wanted to meet him (obviously) and the bass player was sitting there so I talked to him for a min and then JUST SO CASUALLY Matt walks out with a cigarette and a beer. so I go hiii Matt and he said “hey! I saw you singing along out there ALKFDK it was me, my mom, my mom’s bff (my aunt) and like four or five other people and we were just hanging out talking. after a minute I asked him to sign my cd and he asked my name so I told him and he says “is it like precipitation?” so I told him how to spell it and he said he really liked it and then I asked for a hug and he goes “sure, Rayn!” and then my aunt took her phone out and he just kinda kept his arm around me so I was like oh are we taking a picture? and he said “I think so” and then my mom came over and we took some pictures and he was SO NICE and then I was like “okay can I take some by myself with him” to my mom and they were like ooh you want him to yourself and I just shrugged and he was smirKING AND HE GOES “THATS FINE” I can’t remember what I said but I said something and he goes “I dunno about my wife” and I leaned back and go “wife?” and he laughed and pulled me back in and goes “nah I don’t have a wife” ugh so we took a few pics and i said I really like your jacket and he goes “thanks I’d give it to you but it’s all sweaty” NICE so then I was trying to get him to do that thing he does in pics (look at my previous pics on Twitter if you don’t know what I’m talking about) so I said “now do something different” and he was LOOKING DOWN AT ME WITH HIS ARM AROUND ME and he goes “like what” and I said “you know that thing you do” and he was just grinning and he said “I dunno what you’re talking about” and I said “come on Matt” touching his all chest all jokingly wow I sound creepy but it was cute and he just sMIRKED AND DUCKED HIS HEAD AND HE SAYS “HAVENT YOU READ MY LYRICS? I GET SHY AROUND PRETTY GIRLS” and I wanted to die because Matt Hitt just called me pretty and after that him and this other guy were talking about his jacket and I really didn’t do it on purpose but I was still standing right next to him and I go fuck it’s freezing (because it was really cold) and he sAYS “I’D GIVE YOU MY JACKET BUT ITS DRENCHED” NICE. and then we were just hanging out talking about New Orleans and stripclubs and he gestured to me and my mom and said “you’ve got good genes” so we were like thanks and then we were talking about his hair so my mom & aunt were telling him how they’re hairstylists and he was like “oh you could fix this mullet I’ve got going on here” AND HE WAS MESSING WITH IT FUCK and they were like yeah totally we’d definitely work you tomorrow and he was about to take picture with someone and HE LOOKED ME DEAD IN THE EYES WITH THAT DAMNED SMIRK AND SAID “YOU WORK TOMORROW?” AND I WAS LIKE HUH OH NO I DONT DO HAIR AND HE WAS LIKE “AW” fuck and then a few minutes later he goes “it’s true what they say about southern girls” and my aunt goes “that we’re pretty?” and he just laughed and nodded and I said “well it’s true what they say about British boys” and he just smirked at me for a second and then said “what, that we’ve got bad teeth?” and I was like “mm no that’s not what I meant, you have nice teeth though” and he said “ehh I don’t think so. you have nice teeth” THANKS MATT so then my mom was like how old are you? and he goes “real age or press age?” and he joked around and said 42 but then he told us 27 and I said “damn really?” cause he doesn’t look 27 and he nodded and said “how old are you?” and I said “eighteen” bc you know and my mom goes yeah press age and he kinda laughed and said “yeah I believe that” and I was like hey! so he just grinned at me and then my mom asked about his hotel and he just messed around w us for a bit but then told us (room 4102 at the Hyatt HAHA) and my mom goes “don’t worry we won’t stalk you. well, she might” and I said “no don’t worry I’m chill” and he was signing someone’s cig case and he just smirked at me a sec before saying somewhat under his breath but loud enough to hear “feel free to, please” I ALMOST FELL OUT and so some of the people left but he just kept talking to us & the other four girls there weren’t saying anything they were being so weird I wanted them to leave and Matt had nearly turned himself away from them and was just talking to us and being so cool and nice and flirty KILL ME and then he took out his cigarettes and my mom goes are you about to give me one of those so he did and then I was like hey, can I have one? so he hELD OUT HIS CARTON TO ME AND I TOOK ONE OUT AND HE GOES “oh you got the lucky one!” (at first I wasn’t going to smoke it so I could keep it but I didn’t want to make it weird) he gave me his lighter and I handed it to my mom and it didn’t light all the way for me so I said “oh wait it didn’t work” and he GOES “I’VE GOT YOU RAYN” AND HE HOLDS OUT HIS SILVER SPARKLY LIGHTER TO ME UP TO MY CIGARETTE THAT I BUMMED FROM HIM AND LIT MY CIGARETTE. YEAH. HE DID. WHAT THE FUCK. HOW IS MY LIFE REAL. so we just chilled and talked and smoked our cigarettes and I asked about the next show and he said its North Carolina so I looked at my aunt and was like road trip and she was like for real so I was like lets hit the road! and Matt looked me in the eyes and goes “you’ve got to go?” and I was like what and he was like “do you have a long drive or something? why’ve you got to hit the road?” LIKE HE DIDNT WANT ME TO LEAVE IF YOU COULDVE HEARD HIS TONE OF VOICE FUCK so I was like nonono like for the show in north carolina and he was like “are you gonna come?” and I said “if you wanna get me tickets” and he says “I can you put you on the guest list” LOOKING AT ME WITH THOSE BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES so we talked for like ten more minutes and then those girls were being so weird so he was like “alright I’m gonna go get a drink, it was nice talking with you” so we were telling him bye and I was like “can I have another hug?” and HE SAYS “BRING IT IN, RAYN, BRING IT IN” AND HE HUGGED ME SO TIGHT TO HIS CHEST WITH BOTH ARMS IT WAS THE BEST HUG IT WAS SUCH A GOOD HUG and then he said bye and waved one more time and left and I fell in the bushes yeah it was fucking great he’s so nice and hot and his personality is so cute and called me pretty three times and lit his lucky cigarette for me and I’m really happy and I don’t believe my life is real thanks for reading

anonymous asked:

Tell your story!!!! About meeting van and bondy!!!! I am intrigued, don't care how long!! xx


On Sunday, I found out that CATB was doing a private session at the Rave in Milwaukee on Wednesday the 14th and I could win passes if I listened and was the 11th caller. So then I had my friends help me call in for two days straight and join the Facebook event. Unfortunately I did not win and I was so upset. Then on Tuesday I saw that WKQX which is the Chicago station was opening up the new Soundlounge and that CATB was going to be the first artist to perform. I then immediately texted the radio station and 20 other people did it too. Then on Wednesday as the boys were in Milwaukee, I stared at my phone and prayed to get a call from the station or hear from my friends, but none of us won. MY BEST FRIEND AND I WERE CRUSHED. I then attempted to reach out to some of the winners and asked if they could tell me what time the event was. None helped me ;( then to make matters worse, I had a fever and my best friend did not want to ditch school to try and meet them again. 

SO I DECIDED TO DITCH SCHOOL  (SENIOR YEAR’17) BECAUSE EVEN IF I COULD NOT ENTER THE STUDIO I COULD STILL WAIT OUTSIDE FOR THEM.  I deactivated all of the messages my school sends to my parents if I’m absent and blocked the number from my parents phone’s. I then left my car at my friend’s house (so my parents would think I was at school) My ass then walked to the metra station and hopped on the train to Chicago. 

I knew that WKQX was recently moved to the NBC tower (which is where all the radio stations mainly are) I walked around  the tower at 10 am looking for their van but didn’t find it. I then went inside the tower’s little food shop, bought some Swedish fish ( you’re not allowed in the tower unless if you work there, are a guest, or are buying something) and asked a worker if she knew anything about the sound lounge. She then went to ask the security guard and she told me that the boys were already in. I felt like crap because I found out that the event was at noon and I thought I could catch them before their set. I asked the security guard if I could go up and she said no. lol. She then asked me who I was waiting for and i told her “CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN, a British band that not a lot of people here know of.” And she told me that a different band was already in the studio. SO THERE WAS STILL HOPE BECAUSE THE BOYS WERE NOT IN THE TOWER JUST YET.

She pointed at the elevator that Van and Bondy would have to use in order to go inside the WKQX floor. I asked if i could sit and wait and she said “no” but she suggested to me to buy a coffee from Illy and just sit facing the elevator. SO I DID. Then around 20 mins later, i saw the contest winners because I recognized some of the people whom I reached out to. They all went outside and sat in the little garden area. i QUICKLY JUMPED OUT MY SEAT AND WENT OUTSIDE. I TOLD THEM MY STORY AND HOW I WAS DOING THIS ALONE. THE SAME GIRL WHO I MESSAGED WAS LIKE “Sorry :/ good luck” 

THEN WKQX CAME OUT AND STARTED CALLING OFF NAMES TO GIVE WRISTBANDS TO THE WINNERS. As the winners got their wristbands I was feeling so shit because I was thinking that I was probably not going to get in and that I would be in deep shit if my parents knew i ditched. Then these three girls whom I’ve seen on insta who have met the boys many times and were at the Milwaukee event the night before were also there. I asked them how they were so lucky to have won both Chicago and Milwaukee. They then said that they didn’t win Chicago, but they asked CATB’S manager if they could get passes into the private show. I told them my story  and they were like “awwwww. that’s really cool.” Then WKQX asked the girls for their names and the three girls were declined by the station. So the four of us were left outside the tower :(

THEN ABOUT A MINUTE LATER A VAN PULLS UP AND I COULD SEE A BLACK HAT FOLLOWED BY EYE CONTACT BELONGING TO BONDY THROUGH THE WINDOW. THE VAN WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US AND I FELT EVERYTHING AROUND ME STOP. The van then drove a little bit down the street away from us and i was like nooooooo, so close.. so far… Then a lady came out of the van, and the three girls told me to follow them. They spoke to the lady and that lady turned out to be THE MANAGER OF CATB. I was trying so hard to keep myself composed. I told her how bummed I was for not getting in and that I had no legit plan but to wait outside, then I politely asked her if she could help me get in and that if she couldn’t I would be fine with it because it’s all to pushy. Then she said “oh yeah, I definitely understand you. what’s your name?” and INSIDE I WAS LIKE HOLY FUCK.  I said “Jennifer! Wait, Jen!” then she smiled at me and walked away towards the van and pulled out her phone and started talking to someone on it. 


When I went back inside the tower, the security guard clapped her hands and smiled at me. She said “good for you” :’) I went up the elevator and I felt as if I were entering heaven or some shit because I could not believe that I was actually going to go into the sound lounge. Once I was inside, the studio people directed us four to the winners area and there were refreshments and stuff. BUT WHEN I WALKED IN, I MADE EYE CONTACT WITH THE GIRL WHO DIDN’T HELP ME OUT AND SHE SAID ‘HOW DID THEY LET YOU IN” AND I WAS LIKE “THEIR MANAGER GUEST LISTED ME” #FUCK YEAH #TAKE THAT

I sat in this little booth and met a girl named Rachel whom I also messaged on via twitter and she was like “I’m so sorry, I did not see your message.” I told her that it was fine! and we talked and I told her the shit I did to get here . She was really cool (and now her and I are meeting up for CATB’s show on 10/12). One of the workers came up to me and was like “DO I KNOW YOU? YOU LOOK SO FAMILIAR? HMMMMM” and I was like “lol we’ve probably moshed together or something” As we were talking I could softly hear Van & Bondy doing soundcheck and singing Business and I felt so FUCKING ALIVE.

THEN AT NOON, THE STUDIO TOLD US TO FILE INTO THE ROOM. I SAT DOWN IN THE FRONT ROW AND WAS BEYOND READY. The studio told us some basic rules. Then Van and Bondy were to my right infront of a glass wall and they waved and then disappeared. Then Larry came out and did his guitar tech job. He tuned Bondy’s guitar first and re-arragned the wires near Van’s Guitar. Then Larry walked away, and the radio guys were like ‘ARE YOU READY FOR CATFISH! AND THE BOTTLEMEN!” AND I WAS LIKE “FUCKK YEAHHHH!!” Then Van walked out.. and he said “Bondy’s gone to the toilet” then VAN SAT DOWN DIRECTLY INFRONT OF ME AND I COULD NOT RESIST SMILING. Then Bondy walked out and everyone was like “Happy birthday!” and he was like da fuck “that was unexpected” then they tuned their guitars once again and sang  COCOON:  , FALLOUT, AND  . It was such an intimate performance and I cried a little bit because I was still in shock at how lucky I was to be there directly infront of them and to listen to acoustic versions of some of their best songs. They both gave it their all and it was so lovely to watch them do what they love. 

At the end, the studio let us take photos with Van and Bondy,  but we could not take selfies. When It was my turn, I shook Van’s hand and I said “Hey, I met you back in Milwaukee in June, my name is Jen” and was like “yeah I remember you” and then I ended up in a full embrace from Van and I felt  so fucking emotional. When I was released  Bondy said “hey, how have you been” and I said “I feel great” and we hugged as well. I hugged Van again because honestly I wanted to make the most of it because fuck, that whole day was legendary. I pulled back a little bit and asked him “Are you coming out afterwards” He then said “yeah, just wait a bit” 

Then the studio took our photo. I looked at Van and said “i’m gonna do it!” and he knew that I was referring to the selfie because the girl before me tried to and the studio yelled at her. I WHIPPED OUT MY PHONE AND THE STUDIO WAS LIKE  “NO”. AND I SAID “I’M GONNA DOO IT” AND VAN WAS LIKE “FUCKING GOOOOO!!” AND BOTH HIM AND BONDY WERE LIKE LITTLE KIDS WAITING FOR ME TO OPEN UP SNAPCHAT. THEY WERE SO EXCITED. HAH Then as we took the snap, the radio station pushed me away from them and Van was laughing it was so fucking funny. 

After getting basically kicked out of the studio, I was shaking because It was all so surreal.  Rachel and I waited about 40 minutes infront of the van that I had seen earlier. I saw Van walk out with his guitar case and his shades and my heart stopped each time he and Bondy got closer. Then Rachel and I were the only two girls with Bondy, Larry, and Van. I told Van and Bondy everything I did to get to the tower and that even though I’m 17 I was actually terrified of everything that could have gone wrong. Van went “WOAHHH. HAHA. THAT’S CRAZY. YOU’RE CRAZY! AHH GENUINE THANKS LOVE” and he hugged me again. Hugged Van for about a total of 5 minutes if I count. fuckkk,

I talked to Bondy about music and guitars and he was so relaxed and he started smoking and I mentioned how I like a certain kind of cigarette and he was impressed. lol. Then he was like “i don’t know if I’m the best influence on you ;)” and we had a laugh basically the majority of the time. Van and him are fucking legends. I asked them about Bob and Benji (i love them too) and they were telling me how Benji was with Dani and Bob was getting ready for tour. I told Larry how i was sorry for being so weird in Milwaukee and he laughed and said “hahah , no mate you’re fine.” I was with the boys for about 20 minutes and I thanked the manager and told her how I’m eternally grateful to her. She  told me that she better see me in the barricade at their Chicago show and if she did, she would make sure the boys would go out to meet fans after the show :) All I know is, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 is probably the best day of my life. Also feel really bad ass because my parents have no idea I did this and my friends who saw my snap story throughout the day were like “holy fuck Jen. That’s sick” I feel super grateful to have been lucky enough to experience this and I cannot wait till October 12 to see them again. I’m also seeing them in Philly because I have four day weekend and senior year is all about making memories. So here’s to a memorable year. 



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I recently went to Orlando again and this time I got to go see Farewell, My Love, Dead Rabbitts and also get to go go Warped Tour! The Saturday after I arrived was F,ML. I was super excited. We pulled up in the car and I saw Logan walking about. Safe to say I freaked out. My sister had to calm me down. We got out and I saw Chad walking about. He was meeting some other fans. He saw me and said hi then I told him I came from the UK to see them and he was shocked. He posted a picture of me and my family on is IG. I met the rest of the band, except Charlee, before the show and we stood talking for about half an hour. Once they started setting up for the first band I saw Robby and he smiled at me. Every time one of them saw me they would smile. Ryan gave me a shout out on stage and I could feel my face turning red. After the show I spoke with the guys for a while then Robby and Chad gave me some signed posters. I had a great night!! The next day was Dead Rabbitts. As I was walking up to the venue I met a guy who was also from the UK going to see Dead Rabbitts. We stood waiting for DR and spotted Craig standing at the bar. We went over and spoke to him and told him how we came from the UK to see him in DR. I thought he would just be like “oh cool!” But no! He was shocked! He asked if I had my ticket for the ETF UK tour and I was still needing to get them but Craig told me “I’m not having you pay for tickets after coming this far to see me!” Then guest listed me! Craig then gave us both a free shirt then we also got a shout out on stage. Someone behind me at DR said “I thought my 3 hour drive was impressive.” A week later was Warped. It confused me how it worked but I figured it out. First I met Nick Mathews at the Get Scared merch tent. He just appeared and I got all excited. I met the youtubers. All but BryanStars :( I met MIW and Chris said he loved my shirt (MIW shirt with the middle finger) he said it was his favourite. I met Jeffree, who is flawless!! Half of LNR. Timmy, VeeOneEye, Jacky Vincent who remembered me from when I met him 2 years before at the thug in me is you tour and still has my gift I gave him. I would happily do warped all over again!!

Vegas - Luke Imagine

There is smut in this, so read at own discretion. 

I sat on the lounge with heaps of receipts and numbers of people involved with the wedding. My mum thought it would be a good idea to plan my entire wedding for me, which I didn’t want. She had done everything the complete opposite to how I want it. I hung my head in my hands, “babe, are you okay?” Luke asked, coming into the room I shook my head not bothering to look up to him. He sat beside me, without saying a word he wrapped his arms around me pulling me to his chest. “I just want to marry you, I don’t want all of this! I just want to stand in front of my family, the boys and your family and say ‘I do’, put a ring on your finger, you put a ring on my finger, we kiss and someone plays some slow romantic song and we dance. I don’t want…” I said angrily gesturing to all the paper on the coffee table. “I mean my mum invited my third cousin who I have never met! Another man who is an old family friend who again I have never met!” I said looking at the guest list she had given me. “Y/N, would you marry me before the actual wedding date we planned for?” Luke asked, I sat up straight looking at him through teary eyes. “I would marry you now if I could.” I said sweetly, he smiled blushing. “Well, if you want a wedding that is as simple as you said there’s a solution for that do you know what it is?” He asked, I hoped rhetorically; I shook my head. “Vegas.”

“You want to go to Vegas?” I asked shocked at his ambition. “Yeah, let’s elope and get married. Just you and me. I know your family won’t be there but we’ll get what we wanted.” He said softly, I smiled nodding. “Yes Luke! I’ll go to Vegas with you!” I gushed hugging him, he laughed as I accidently pushed him down too far. “Woah babe, let’s do this after the wedding.” He teased knowing how I felt about getting intimate. “Shut up, Luke!” I said getting off him. “When are we going?” I asked, he smiled. “Four hours from now.” He said casually. “Holy crap I need to pack!” I said running into the bedroom.


I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Luke and I were actually eloping to Vegas. We wanted a simple wedding but everyone else wanted an extravagant night of over the top celebration. I just wanted to marry the man I loved and spend the rest of our lives together, but mine and Luke’s family all wanted a big celebration. “Are you okay babe?” Luke asked, when we walked into the hotel room, I swallowed and nodded. “I’m just worried about what everyone is going to say. What are the boys going to say, they don’t get to see their band mate… well brother get married, what about your actual brothers?” I said, he didn’t say a word he just hugged me tightly. “I’m sorry if I knew you felt this way I wouldn’t have asked you to come here with me. I just want this to be perfect for us. It’s our wedding and we should be able to do it how we want. Right?” I nodded against his chest. “And the boys will see us get married and my brothers were the ones who gave me the idea.” He winked at me, before I could question him. Calum, Ashton and Michael burst through our door. I smacked my palm against my forehead. Of course they would be here. “Please don’t hate us! We couldn’t miss you getting married and we understand what you guys want.” Ashton said, holding his hands up in surrender. I looked up at Luke. “Okay, since you can’t be seen in the dress before the wedding. One of us will go with Y/N and the other two will chill with Luke.” Michael announced, my head was spinning I didn’t even know what was happening anymore. I sat down on the bed, I buried my face in my hands. Luke’s arm wrapped around my shoulders. “This is a bad idea.” I groaned, I heard a door close. “They’re gone, Y/N look at me.” Luke coaxed, his fingers taking hold of my chin angling my face towards his. “Is this what you want? I can easily send the boys home.” He said softly, I shook my head. “No but I know what I want. You know how my dad isn’t around anymore, well… I want to be walked down the aisle to you. That’s how I’ve always wanted it. And since none of my friends are here I want a bridesmaid.” I said, Luke’s smile broadened. “This is why I love you!” He beamed kissing me, I giggled as he pushed me down on the bed. “Hey, hey. Keep it PG kids.” Calum teased coming back into the room, Luke and I sat up. “And yes we did hear that. I will not be your bridesmaid.” He said, getting in early. “Okay, Michael, Ashton? One of you has to do it.” I said firmly, Luke leaned close to me. “Pick Michael.” He whispered, but loud enough for him to hear. His eye brows rose like a shot. “Okay, Mikaela.” I said clapping him on the shoulder. “I hate you Luke.” He said, I laughed hugging Michael with one arm. “Okay who wants to be her stand-in dad?” Luke asked, I looked at Ashton. “Me?” Ashton asked, I nodded. “It sounds weird but I’ve always looked up to you, not just literally. You’re my go to guy… well after Luke.” I said, he grinned and hugged me. “Everything has been booked, Y/N and I just need to get dressed. Calum you come with me, Michael and Ashton you go with Y/N. There will be a limo to pick you up at five o’clock and take you to the chapel.” Luke explained, we all nodded. “Can you guys give us a minute?” Luke asked, the boys all stepped outside. Luke pulled me close, his forehead pinned to mine. “I love you sweetheart. I can’t believe the next time I’ll see you we’ll be getting married.” He whispered, his lips brushed mine. “I love you too, Luke. Isn’t it crazy?” I gushed, he smiled and then kissed me softly. “Come on, we have to get you ready and us too.” Ashton said coming back into the room. Luke kissed me softly, before I got my dress and stuff and taking it with me to Ashton and Michael’s room.

Before I even thought about changing, Ashton and I went downstairs and into a dress shop that just happened to be in the hotel. We found a bright pink dress to fit Michael, I was going to make this wedding what I wanted and nobody could stop me.

We went back upstairs, Michael’s eyes became the size of saucers when he saw the dress bag. “Come on Mikaela, you’ll look beautiful.” I gushed, he rolled his eyes knowing he wasn’t getting away with it.

Ashton and I were in fits of giggles as Michael came out from the bathroom wearing the dress, his cheeks bright pink from embarrassment. I looked at the time, I didn’t have long. “Guys I need to get dressed.” I said, I went into the bathroom. I got my dress on which was quite constricting so I couldn’t do it up myself. I walked out, “Can one of you zip me up?” I asked, Michael was closest to me. He tugged the zip up my back. “Y/N you look gorgeous. Luke is very lucky.” Ashton complimented, he must have changed while I did. He was now in in a suit looking very smart. “Thanks.” I said looking at the ground, I sat on the bed pulling on my shoes. “It’s ten to five we should go down now.” Ashton suggested, I nodded. Michael looked horrified. “I did not think this through. What if there are fans down there?” He asked, Ashton and I laughed. “Too bad. I’m getting married and you are my bridesmaid.” I said taking his arm. Ashton got the door for us.

We went down stairs into the hotel, Michael was right, there were a few fans there. Hopefully we could get out. “Oh my god! Ashton Irwin! Michael Clifford!” A girl screeched, Michael and Ashton both took my hands. We ran, out of the hotel the fans following us. We found the limo, the driver opening the door so we could easily get in. We were all short of breath, “Are you okay Y/N?” Ashton asked, I nodded. “Michael?”

“That’s gonna be all over twitter!” He complained, we all laughed it off. I kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry about it, Michael. Everyone one of your fans knows that you’re all crazy.” I said, Ashton nodded.

We arrived at the chapel, Elvis opened the car door for us. The woman in reception explained everything to us.

We were stood out the front of the doors. “You ready?” Ashton asked, I nodded. I was definitely nervous. Michael was ahead of us. Ashton leaned down and kissed my cheek. “If he hurts you let me know.” Ashton said, I nudged his side. “Sorry I had to.” The music began and the doors opened. Michael walked down the aisle holding a bouquet of flowers, Luke and Calum burst into laughter.

“I hate you guys.” Michael said as he stood where he was supposed to. I held onto Ashton’s arm tightly as he walked me down the aisle. Luke and Calum’s laughter stopped. The way Luke looked at me, I never felt more beautiful in front of him than I do now. The walk to Luke seemed so long, Ashton and I stopped finally getting to the end. Luke took my hands in his. Ashton kissed my cheek, he went and stood with Michael. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, I blushed. “You’re so handsome. Who knew you could rock a suit?” I asked, forgetting about the people around us. 

We stood hand in hand not really listening to anything that was being said just speaking when we needed to. We got to the rings which luckily Luke had both. “You may kiss the bride.” Was the next thing I heard, and then Luke’s lips were on mine. His arms wrapped around my waist. “Mrs. Hemmings.” He mumbled against my lips, I giggled kissing him back softly. “Save it for the honeymoon.” Michael said, we pulled away. We couldn’t keep in our laughter.“There’s a suit out the back for you. Take that ridiculous thing off.” Luke said pointing to a door. “Can we have one picture with him in the dress?” I whined, Michael nodded. 

We got our photos taken and then we went back to the hotel, running into some fans, some were nicer than others. The boys made sure I made it safely into the elevator and up to our room. Which had been changed to the honeymoon suite on the top floor. The boys got off at their floor. “Have fun.” Calum said cheekily, Luke and I blushed. “Bye guys, thank you for coming to see us.” I said, hugging each of the boys. “That’s okay, we would do anything for you guys.” Ashton said, I stood with Luke again.

We went up to our room, it was massive. I couldn’t believe it! “Luke this is beautiful!” I gushed, he wrapped his arms around me. “Not as beautiful as you, Y/N Hemmings.” My heart fluttered at his words. “I’m so happy we did this.” I said, my face close to his. “Me too. I just wanted you to have the wedding you have always dreamed of.” He said softly, I smiled. “I know you did. Thank you so much, I love you Luke.” I said pressing my lips to his. “Is there anything else you want?” He whispered, I smiled. “I want a first dance.” I said, my hands on his shoulders. “As you wish.” He took his phone out of his pocket, turning it on. He pressed play on a song, ‘All of Me’ began playing. I smile shyly, he knew it was my favourite partly because it was our song. His arms wrapped around my waist, mine around his neck. We swayed to the music, it was anything but graceful but no one could see us. I stopped to pull off my shoes, Luke chuckled as I stumbled a little. My shoes were tossed onto the floor, our height difference now much more. Luke leaned down to kiss me, his hands moving down to my hips pulling me closer. “I never want this to end.” He whispered, I pecked his lips. “Me either.”

We danced around the room a little longer, until we realised we were idiots and I kept tripping over my dress. We laid on the bed beside each other, his arms tightly around me. “Want to order a pizza?” I asked, I was feeling hungry. “I want to get this dress off you first.” He whispered, kissing my shoulder.

We both rolled off the bed, his hands finding my waist, holding me in place. My back to him, I jumped as his calloused fingers brushed over my skin. He tugged the zip down, I shimmied out of the dress it pooling at my feet. His arms wrapped around my stomach pulling me back onto the bed. “Luke! Ahh! What are you doing?” I cried out, laughing. He grunted as I squirmed in his grip. We fell onto the bed, him over the top of me. My fingers fumbled with his tie, finally getting it undone. I pulled his buttons open, he shrugged his shirt off his shoulders. His toned torso pressing down to mine as he kissed me passionately. My hands moved to his belt, and then undoing his pants. “Forgotten about that pizza have we, Y/N?” He chucked against my lips. “Shut up and kiss me, Hemmo.” I replied pushing his pants down as far as I could reach. He kicked them off until the fell on the floor with a soft thump. “You’re so beautiful, I love you.” He whispered, his lips moving down my jaw to my neck. “I love you so much Luke.” I whimpered as he softly sucked on the skin at the base of my neck. “Luke, my garter.” I whispered, he pulled away confused. He looked down at the lace band around my thigh. “Take it off.” I added, he smirked at me. I moved up the bed to give him room. He softly kissed down my stomach, hips and then my thigh. He caught the lace between his teeth tugging on it. His blue eyes locked with mine, I blushed as he winked at me… well tried to. He pulled my garter down my leg and then threw it on the floor. He kissed back up my leg. I sighed at his soft touches. Before we could do anything else, we heard voices coming from outside. Luke moved quickly so he was above me, shielding me if it was the boys. We froze when we heard the door open, Luke pulled back his eyes wide. I looked past his shoulder to see my mum, Luke’s parents and my best friend. We both moved to find something to cover ourselves, we grabbed the blanket at the end of the bed pulling it over ourselves. “Y/N, Luke. How could you do this?” My mum asked sounding upset. “I wanted a simple wedding not an extravagant night talking to people I don’t even know. Everything was stressing both Luke and I out and we didn’t want the wedding this way, we had no other choice. I tried to tell you.” I said, Luke’s hand found mine, his thumb softly rubbing over the back of my hand. “But you always said you wanted a big wedding.” She said, I shook my head. “That was until I met Luke. I love him and our wedding is about us, not a reunion with people I don’t even know. “And you could have told us you were leaving! I had a heart attack this morning when you were gone.” My best friend said loudly. “That would defeat the purpose of eloping.” Luke said, I looked between my friend and Luke. “Okay can we put some clothes on and then we’ll talk?” I suggested, they nodded and left the room. “Well then… that was awkward.” Luke said, I looked at my hands in my lap. Luke’s hand dwarfing mine.

We got up and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. We let them back into the room, Luke’s dad gave us both a hug. He seemed to be the only one happy with our elopement. “Congratulations.” He said, I smiled thanking him. “How could you do this to me Y/N? I wanted to see you get married.” Mum said sadly, I saw the boys coming upstairs. “Don’t worry Elvis filmed it.” Ashton joked, I prayed for everyone to leave and it would just be me and Luke. “Yeah and I wanted a wedding that Luke and I would actually enjoy.” I replied, she had nothing else to say. “You can let yourself out.” I said going into the bathroom, I sat on the toilet seat, tears threatening to fall. “Y/N? It’s Liz open up.” I opened the door just a fraction, she came in and shut the door behind her. “Are you okay?” She asked, I shook my head. “I wanted mine and Luke’s wedding to be mine and Luke’s wedding and when we do get married no one is happy for us because it wasn’t how they wanted it.” I said, wiping my tears away roughly. Liz just hugged me, “I’m happy for you.” She said, I smiled. “Thank you.” I said.

Liz went back out and told everyone to go. My mum, my best friend, Luke’s parents and the boys all left us. When I was told that they were gone, I came out of the bathroom. Luke grinned at me. “Now where were we?” Luke asked his arms around my hips, I giggled as he lifted me up. My legs wrapping around his narrow waist. “Oh that’s right. I was about to make love to my wife.” He teased his forehead pressed to mine, he kissed me hungrily. We fell onto the bed and our clothes were stripped off quickly. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Luke asked, his body pressing into mine, I nodded. “Yes, one hundred percent.” I said smiling up at him. He leaned down and kissed me softly, which slowly turned hard and passionate. His hands roaming all over my body, I whimpered when he skimmed over my breasts. I felt like my entire body was tingling, I still couldn’t believe that I had married him and I was about to make love to him. He pulled back from the heated kiss, he waited for my nod for him to start. I gave the slightest movement of my head, he positioned himself at my entrance. “It’s going to hurt sweetheart. I am so sorry.” He whispered, his shaking hand finding mine. I nodded, he pushed in slightly, I winced my hand tightening on his. He ducked his head down into the crook of my neck, his hot breath puffing out against my cheek. It somehow calmed me a bit, he continued to push forward. Tears welled in my eyes, he softly kissed along my jaw. His fingers came up to brush my tears away. “Please don’t cry. It will be over in a minute.” He said softly, his eyes locking with mine. I could only nod. “Can I keep going?” He asked softly. “Yeah, slowly.” I replied squeezing his hand, he pressed all the way in. That was the worst of the pain, I felt like I was being torn in half. I wrapped my hand around his neck pulling his face to mine, he was entirely pressed to me. His chest pressed to mine, his forehead pressed to mine. We were both breathing so hard, his other hand wrapped around my back pulling me close to him. “Can I move sweetie?” He asked softly, I pecked his lips. “Just slowly.” I whispered, he pressed his lips to mine as he slid out slowly. My hand squeezed his, his hand tightened on my side. “Ugh, god babe.” He groaned as he slid back in. “Luke.” I whimpered against his lips, the pain was slowly beginning to fade. My head rolled back as he went deeper this time. “Are you okay?” He asked suddenly concerned, my eyes fluttered closed. “Yeah, it felt good.” I whimpered, he lazily smiled. “Can I go a little harder?” He asked softly, I gave a small nod. He slid out slowly, and then rolled his hips forward a little harder. I dug my nails into his shoulder, softly moaning into his ear. My back arched, my chest pressed tightly to his. He groaned, “you’re so fucking sexy.” He whispered, kissing my neck. He continued thrusting into me at a steady pace. He whispered soft I love you’s in my ear and my name. “Are you close baby?” Luke asked, I felt a knot in my stomach. “Yeah, are you?” I puffed out heavily, his hand came down between us. His finger softly touched my clit, he began rubbing harsh circles. I moaned in his ear, he grunted as he continued thrusting in me. “Come for me beautiful.” He whispered, I let go, coming around his length. “Shit, fuck… oh god! Y/N!” He moaned loudly as he came.

He pulled out and rolled to the side of me, his breath short. We moved under the covers, his arm wrapped around me. “Was that okay?” He asked softly, I smiled blushing. “Luke it was perfect.” I said kissing his chest. “Did I hurt you?” He asked nervously, I sighed nodding. “It’s okay.” I said, he held me so close. “I love you so much. You’re so beautiful, Mrs. Hemmings.” He whispered against my skin, I blushed pressing my warm cheek to his chest. “I love you too Luke. You’re the best husband a girl could ask for.” I said softly, he kissed me softly. I never felt so loved, safe or beautiful than I did in that moment. Luke’s body shielding me from anything bad or upsetting. It was just me and him. Husband and wife. And that’s all I ever wanted.                  

A/N: Hope you like it! This was the extended version from the preference… as you can see I got really carried away! Haha 

~ Lucy xx

John Ostrander, Kim Yale, the Suicide Squad, and Me

This weekend is Baltimore Comic Con, and one guest on their list has me more excited than literally every other con I’ve attended this year combined: 

John Ostrander. 

I’m a huge, huge, HUGE fan of the Suicide Squad. His run, cowritten with his wife Kim Yale and drawn by Luke McDonnell, John K Snyder III, Geof Isherwood (who will also be at BCC) and others, is my favorite series that DC Comics ever published. I read it in college, via…means that shall not be named…and I immediately wondered why NO ONE HAD EVER TOLD ME ABOUT IT BEFORE. 

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