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“Finished [the book] already?”

“Oh I couldn’t put it down! Got anything new?”

(I saw Beauty and the Beast today, and honestly, didn’t feel as much of the Disney magic as I wanted to. However…it doesn’t stop inspiration from hitting!)


The S9 Super Trailer is here!!!

Gag on our EXTRA special guest judges, and get ready for a sickening season you’ll never forget!! –>

#DragRace Season 9 Premieres March 24th at 8/7c now on @vh1!

A new rpdr ask thing bc i still see that one going round that was made before season 7 and it annoys me

1. Fave runway outfit ever worn
2. Least favourite outfit ever worn
3. Favourite season 1 queen
4. Tatianna or Detox
5. Ideal lipsync song
6. Favourite design challenge
7. Laila or Cynthia
8. Aaa girls or team NYC from s8
9. Favourite season 6 queen
10. Who is more iconic: jasmine masters or gia gunn
11. Phi phi or Roxxxy
12. Shalaska or Katlaska(?) friendship
13. Trixie or Bianca
14. Favourite top 3
15. A queen who was robbed of being in the top 3
16. Best lipsyncer
17. Best makeup artist
18. Funniest queen
19. Best Rupaul pun
20. Fave Rupaul outfit
21. Favourite queen who went home first
22. Most shocking moment
23. Favourite catchphrase
24. Willam or Latrice
25. Ideal guest judge
26. Kim Chi or Thorgy
27. Favourite underrated queen
28. The time the fans needed to chill the most(other than just generally)
29. Unhhhh or Fashion Photo Ruview
30. Predict a season 9 top 3 and a winner

Mr. Min - Chapter 05

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 23,243

A/N: Eternal thanks to my number one cheerleader and motivator, @avveh, for constantly rooting for me even when I felt like banging my head on the keyboard.  Not to mention for beta reading this monster.  For anyone who can’t read this on the tumblr app I suggest checking out the AO3 link or opening it on a browser/computer.

PrologueCh 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04

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Rupaul’s drag race au where jack, the first openly gay hockey player, is a guest judge who just can’t stop staring at the cute drag queen Georgia Peach.

RuPaul: just between us squirrelfriends, what do you think?

Jack: give Georgia Peach the crown

RuPaul: this…this is only the second episode, jack


Contestant Nursey: *says anything*

Cut to Contestant Dex in the private interview room: *rolls eyes* girl, whatEVER


RuPaul: today, you will all be working in teams of two

Holster & ransom: *grab each other’s hands at lightning speed*

35 Drag Race questions

1) Who’s you’re favorite queen?
2) What’s you’re favorite season?
3) Favorite challenge?
4) Favorite mini-challenge?
5) Least favorite queen?
6) Favorite entrance phrase?
7) Favorite entrance look?
8) Favorite pair/group during drag race?
9) Favorite pair/group after drag race?
10) Favorite queen who hasn’t been on drag race?

11) Which drag daughter from the transformation episode do you think should of stayed in drag?
12) Who’s the most controversial queen?
13) What is your least favorite outfit ever?
14) Who would you like to see on season 8?
15) Who would you like to see on All Stars 2?
16) Who should’ve been on All Stars 1?
17) Which queen should of stayed longer?
18) Which queen shouldn’t of stayed as long?
19) Favorite untucked episode?
20) What do you wish you’d seem more of in season 4/5/6/7

1) Which queen has changed you the most as a person?
2) Which queen would you cry if you met?
3) If you had to think up a mini/main challenge, what would you want the queens to do?
4) If 1 queen were to guest judge, who would you chose?
5) Who is the most underrated queen and why?
6) Which queen is overrated and why?
7) Favorite guest judge?
8) Which queen’s backstory can you relate to the most?
9) What is Ru’s worst EVER decision?
10) Which queen did you dislike in the show, and now is a big fan of?

1) Which queen’s would you want to see lipsync against each other?
2) Which lipsync disappointed you the most?
3) Choose a queen’s outfit to steal.
4) Choose a queen’s hair to steal.
5) Choose a queen’s makeup skills to steal.

Omgcp Drag Race au things i think abt a lot

- bitty doing Paula Deen for snatch game

-jack, NHL star and guest judge on rupaul’s drag race, asks rupaul if she’ll give him the number of that cute drag queen, Georgia Peach

- Nursey and Dex having to be partners for a challenge, and go from hating each other to making out in the “untucked” lounge, after winning said challenge

- Holster proposing to Ransom onstage at the season finale. It goes something like this:

RuPaul: so, Eve (Holster), you gained quite the fan base durin-

Holster: RuPaul can I do something real quick?

RuPaul: ….uhh…..

Holster: *turns to Ransom, who’s sitting next to him* wanna get married, babe?

Ransom: sure.

Audience: *claps excitedly and confusedly*

- chowder does the splits at the perfect moment during a lip sync and everyone goes crazy

- Dex gets into an all-out cat fight with Michelle visage

- bitty lip syncs to halo and everyone cries

- Dex doing cool things with his freckles, like painting them shimmery gold

- “Hockey Couture” runway theme, where the queens have to glam up old NHL outfits

- bitty’ specialty is dancing and modeling

- Ransom’s specialty is acting and comedy

- Holsters specialty is lip syncing and comedy

- Dex’s specialty is fashion and modeling. He sees his own clothes and they are AMAZING

- Nursey’s specialty is makeup and acting

- Nursey acts very “flazeda” throughout the show but near the end he has an emotional breakthrough/breakdown, and starts being really sincere about his emotions for the rest of the show.

- winner: bitty
2 & 3: Nursey and Dex
4th: Holster (lost to bitty during the epic halo lip sync, his fan base is tearing shit up until he gets on allstars)
5th: chowder (lost to holster bc the guy can Lip Sync!)
6th: ransom (lost to holster. It was very dramatic and emotional. There was crying. They kissed at the end and Michelle visage needed to take a moment to dry her eyes)

- Dex and Nursey start officially dating after the show. Dex makes their drag outfits and Nursey does their makeup

- Dex, Nursey, Holster, and ransom all end up on allstars bc not only r they amazing queens but their respective romances bring a big audience

- bitty gets a call from a certain NHL athlete. They start dating soon after.

Two Truths, One Lie (short story)

the classic party game that every teenager on the planet has played, hee hee (btw Gabriel went to America to be a judge on Amercia’s Next Top Model, because he is world renowned and he gets bonus points for being french, so yeah that made no sense, sorry i’m blabbering enjoy)

“Girl you look fine”

She shot Alya a glare.

“Fine you look ugly”

“Ugh Alya!”

“Listen it’s just a small party to watch Mr. Agreste on America’s Next Top Model, its not a gala”

Marinette kept torturing herself, she was wearing a nice blouse with a red velvet skirt. It was the first time she was actually going into Adrien’s house as a guest, not as Ladybug. She had to look nice. It was at times like this where she wishes she had Ladybug’s confidence, but once that mask comes off and that boy walks by, she’s just helpless.

“You look great, let’s just go and have fun, yeah?”



The house looked just as cold as it was when she entered it before, no decorations, no new renovations, just the same old marble.

“Hey guys!”

Adrien appeared at the top of the stairs, remote in hand.

“Come on, the show is starting”

They headed to his room, Marinette’s heart beating faster with each and every step.

“Hey dudes!”

Nino was content, sitting in one of Adrien’s bean bags on the floor.

“Oh man, i forgot the show doesn’t start until 9, i invited you guys over an hour early”

“That’s fine, we can just play some party games or something”

Alya was always one for party games, then again she was really good with gossip too, so it was no surprise. But Marinette’s blood boiled when she mouthed “spin the bottle”, earning a low grumble of “don’t you dare” from her.

“Truth or dare?”

“Nah that’s lame”

Nino said, throwing popcorn into his mouth.

“Two truths, one lie?”

The three were shocked to hear this from Adrien, they never thought he even knew what that game was.


They all sat down in a small circle, getting ready.

“Oo! I’ll go first!”

Nino chimed in

“Okay so, I’ve never been on a rollercoaster, I’ve seen every single Barbie movie, and my favorite genre of music is classical”

They all took a moment to think it over.

“It has to be the classical music thing, you’d never listen to that boring junk” Alya said.

Adrien and Marinette looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Nope, are you kidding? I’m the king of coasters”

He laughed. “Wait you’ve seen all the Barbie movies?”

Nino’s face turned bright red.


The four burst into laughter.

“Okay me next”

Alya rubbed her hands together, thinking up something good

“I’ve stage dived, my ladyblog has over 200,000 followers, and my pinky has a deformity because i’m on my phone so much”

“No way you have a deformed finger”

Adrien said, shocked

“No way the ladyblog has that many followers”

Marinette mumbled under her breath.

Alya shot her a look.

That’s what you get for even entertaining the idea of spin the bottle

“Come on guys! I mean as much as i love Jagged Stone, there’s no way that i’m risking breaking a bone”

As the group laughed, Adrien’s eyes somehow met Marinette’s, causing both of them to blush.

Why can’t you have the same confidence when you’re around him

“Okay Marinette’s turn!”

Alya said, shaking Marinette’s shoulders.

She really had to think. She’s a horrible actress and if she even tried to utter a lie she’d burst out laughing.

“Okay, well I’ve almost burnt down the bakery, someone once caught me picking my nose, and, and…”

Come on, think!

She knew it was crazy, but she felt a surge of red hot confidence flow through her, and she knew what she was going to say"

“And i’m Ladybug”

Both Alya and Nino bursted into protests of, “no way you’re ladybug”, “that’s impossible”, and “you pick your nose?”. But Adrien just sat there, looking her dead in the eye.

no way

He thought

Her face turned crimson when she saw the way he was looking at her, she thought it was flirting at first but then her mind started to wander, does he know?

“You guys are too good at this, yeah i’m not ladybug”

She laughed as genuinely as she could, but Adrien’s expression from before never fell.

“Alright, Adrien’s turn!” Nino said, bursting with confidence that he would know the lie right away

“Um, i fell once on the runway, my favorite food is broccoli, and-”

He turned right to Marinette and said a phrase that sent chills down her spine.

“I’m Chat Noir”

Protests burst out again. “You guys are making this too easy”, “you have to make it at least believable”, and “wait, broccoli?”.

“yeah you’re right, i’m not Chat Noir”

The two were locked in intense eye contact while the other two hashed it out, but sitting there, they both knew.

“Oh guys the show is coming on!”

Nino grabbed the remote and turned up the volume as they presented Mr. Agreste as one of the exclusive guest judges.

Alya swiftly pushed Marinette into the bean bag right next to Adrien. They sat in an awkward silence as the show proceeded. Half way through the show Adrien leaned over to Marinette and whispered

“Nice earrings”

She blushed and whispered back

“Nice ring”

They both smiled at each other.

“Glad i finally found you my lady”

“Silly kitty”

Their moment was interrupted by Nino shouting at the T.V

“Oh come on! Her posing skills are totally wack Mr. Agreste!”

~🐱🐞(that was laaaaame)