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Disney XD’s hit Star Vs. The Forces of Evil has a surprise up its sleeve in next Monday’s episode – rocker Patrick Stump (“Fall Out Boy”) appears vocally to play a character who comes to the aid with a brand new song.

On the episode “Face The Music”, which premiere’s Monday March 27th at 7pm EST – it’s Star’s Song Day. Star and Marco work with principled songstrel,’Ruberiot’, to create a ballad for the event. Stump guest stars as Ruberiot. Here’s an exclusive first look clip:

So Trixie was the celebrity guest at a Pride event near me today. My friend, who is a local queen, shared a dressing room with her. She said that in the dressing room, Trixie was texting both Katya and Kim. My friend also told me that Trixie was wearing a necklace with Katya’s baby hands on it. When asked about it, Trixie says she always likes to keep a piece of Katya near her. If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what to tell you.




Guess what, peeps?


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I decided to have a guest for the blog for and event! And that (hah, not too hard to guess) guest who will be here from the 12th July - 20th July is…




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Blue Blooded (M)

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: You’ve been happily married to Crown Prince Seokjin for months now. Or so it would appear to the public. What only you and the palace staff know your shameful secret: you never consummated your marriage.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 8.6k+

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

A/N: Requested by @forever-young-got7! Because Jin really is royalty, isn’t he?

Ever since that night you’ve keep asking yourself. What did you do wrong? Was it the way you looked? Something you said, something you didn’t say? Did he just… hate you?

If anyone had asked you prior to your marriage to Prince Seokjin, you would have never even entertained the notion of him hating anyone. The man just seemed too perfect, not only in looks, but in disposition as well, never one to lack poise, always composed. The few times you and your family had visited him prior to the wedding, he had been nothing but a gentleman.

And certainly it didn’t seem like he disliked you, in fact it seemed to be the opposite, even if there seemed to be some distance between the two of you but you attributed this to the fact that you had not known each other for very long, and had expected things to gradually change once you two had actually wed.

The warm expression on his face as you walked down the aisle gave you a hopeful outlook on what the rest of your marriage would be like. However, it all came crashing down later that night.

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I can’t help but see parallels (Super Far Fetched thinking)

Colonel: Wilford

Described as eccentric and likes to wave a gun about as seen the party montage

Mayor (Damien): Dark

Has known Mark since he was a kid. Seems to be good friends with The Colonel. Sees himself as a leader.

(Now this is where it gets a little more far fetched than it already is)

Butler: Host

Welcomes you warmly, guides you to the rest of the guests. Tells you the events of the night.

Chef: Google

Uses tech (little buddy) and is quite threatening in nature. Has a fondness for stabbing things

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Where are the doctors or nurses, is there anyone that can at least tell them something?!

“My name is Dr. Patricia Pig, and I will be keeping Mute under my care.

“Now, if you would kindly follow me…”

Ares and Artemis are now looking quite dapper for their event!

>>Remi and Stephanie have arrived to volunteer at @dailypokedaycare ‘s adopt-a-thon!

Remi will be handing out refreshments! She’ll also be keeping an eye out for suspicious characters, so be on your best behavior unless you wanna get bounced!

Along with helping Remi out, Stephanie will be entertaining the little ones and watching over eggs while Ares and Arty are preoccupied.