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I’M DONE!!!!!!!!

I just submitted my very last thing ever for my job from hell!!! (I had to guest edit an issue of our graduate journal and write an introduction for it and coach all the students through making their papers ready to go).

It’s DONE!!!!!! The leech that was my job for the last 3 years is OFFICIALLY behind me! No more having to create something from nothing, or being lied to, or gaslit, or called into my department chair’s (or dean’s or provost’s) office to be yelled at for doing my job, or having my signed contract detailing what I needed to do for tenure mysteriously disappearing from my file TWICE. 

It felt good when I turned in my key and moved to my new city and my new home, but honestly, this is the moment when it all feels real.

I’m free. And they can’t take that away from me.

Emanuel Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851

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Insta Series: Kenma Kozume

In which Kenma has a thing for cats, flowers, and Kuroo. 

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If she’s the one who’ll break the spell, you must finally learn to love…

Side by side 1991 animation and 2017 live action                                               Go and watch xBenQCatx video on youtube *^*