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One could claim that each poem herein exists on the knife edge between what we call the everyday and what we call the night, that liminal space between what we see and what we sense, playing that game we play every morning upon waking, trying to remember the dream we are just now leaving, and how it will color our day, if we are open to it.

Nick Flynn guest-edited our poetry for this issue. Read Garrett Burrrell, Cynthia Cruz, Graham Foust, and Rachel Eliza Griffiths, whose poems are “are all speaking from some otherside, some subterranean, somewhere outside the chatter.”

Some Otherside, Some Subterranean by Nick Flynn - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics


We’re very excited to release Le Happy’s curated collection for ShopWasteland! Enjoy our Q&A with this NY Wasteland babe! 

Can you tell us a little bit about you and how you grew up and what led you to fashion blogging? 

I was born in Peru and lived there all my life before moving to New York! I loved fashion since I was a little girl and grew up loving clothes and playing with all kinds of pieces in order to create combinations with different styles, but I grew up in a scenario where I felt limited because fashion was not about creativity but what magazines tell you. Since I’m an Internet addict I started seeing how many bloggers shared their vision and eventually started my own blog!

How did you come up with the name “Le Happy”?

Its funny because I literally wanted to create my blog quickly so I could post my first look… I only needed a name for the blog so I looked all over Tumblr and finally found an image with those two words and thought it sounded lovely.

Who shoots most of your photos?  

My boyfriend. He’s a great photographer and actually just started his tumblr (

What’s a typical day in your life?

I’m a fashion student so some days I’m at school. Other days I usually wake up early (veeeery early as in 5-6 am) and grab a cup of coffee at the deli and get on my emails, check my to do list, post and then go to the city to run errands and meetings. Sometimes I stay home and work from there.

Describe your personal style in a couple words. 

I always have a hard time with this question! Never ever I have been able to describe it in a couple of words because it is ever changing. I always blend different elements from various styles like grunge, gothic, rocker and bohemian, all leaning towards a darker vibe… it’s pretty much eclectic.

How’s the city been treating you?

I couldn’t be more in love with New York.

Where are some of your favorite hangs?

I live in Brooklyn so you will probably find me in any bar or thrift store around Williamsburg or Bushwick.

How do you get inspired?

Almost everything inspires me. Old movies, music, street style in the city, tumblr and other sites with a lot of inspirational images and of course from other blogs.

What do you miss the most about Peru?

The food, my mom, dad, sister and little dog. Oh and also the looow prices.

Do you read any other fashion blogs? So many on my mind it’s imposible to name them. I love street style blogs the most though, such as Style Sightings. 

What’s your favorite season in fashion and why?

Fall! You can never wear enough layers.

What’s your favorite decade in fashion?

As cliché as it sounds, the 90s.

Who’s your ultimate fashion icon?

Brigitte Bardot has always been my muse.

What’s your favorite trend in fashion right now?

Even though I haven’t tried that one yet I love the all white trend! Need to step out of my comfort all black outfit zone.

If your apartment was burning down, what would you take with you?

My laptop.

What’s your favorite item you picked from your Wasteland collection?

The UNIF Neo platforms by far!!!!

Dazed & Confused 200th Issue - Björk Guest-Edit. 

This week sees the 200th issue of Dazed & Confused celebrating the publishing milestone by inviting Icelandic singer, Björk to guest-edit the entire issue and “show us the future”.

Dazed editor Rod Stanley met songwriter at her home in New York to find out all about her new album and “app suite” Biophilia, currently making its performance debut in Manchester. Also in the issue, she presents many of the scientists, designers, programmers, musicologists and artists that inspired and created the project.

The cover was shot by artist Sam Falls, and styled by Katy England. 

Hitting the shelves from July 7, you can head to for more information.