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What was the journey to becoming Canterlot’s most loved and adored red horse model like? The ups and downs?

“Being a model isn’t always glitz and glam hon.”

“There are times I feel photographers treat me more like their art project than an actual pony. So, to begin with? After working as a guest model for fashion designer friends I knew, I quickly began getting calls for other modeling jobs based on their recommendations. Now, to be fair a lot of my earlier jobs where small-time with little pay. Namely, I ended up helping photographers make albums of “Stock Photography” that they can sell wherever and make profits on my image. They’d ask me to do all sorts of things from the mundane like sitting at a desk busy at work that I’m clearly not doing… to some more extreme things like keeping my balance for an action pose or like this one time they asked me to purposefully trip forward while they used this high-speed shutter camera to catch my images in mid-fall… Had to do twelve takes until they got the one they wanted… But now most of that is behind me. I’ve made some valuable contacts back in those days and as word spread of my willingness to get the best picture possible… and a few fabulous couple of head-shots where passed around studio big-wigs… Suddenly I got calls for runway shows, fashion catalogs, magazine and billboard ads. I even scored front cover appearances on some prominent fashion and culture magazines … not to mention a few centerfolds I might add… and it’s just been absolutely wonderful. None of it would’ve happened though if I didn’t put myself out there in the first place and made connections with ponies in the industry early on. I thank them each and every day.”

PHILIP JOHNSON, Rockefeller Guest House, New York 1950. Man Pointing bronze sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, 1947 (nowadays part of MoMA’s permanent collection). / NY Times


a lil ghs sketch dump! which i actually started way earlier in the summer and just never got around to coloring, but i finally finished em up today so i can finally get em posted! even if it is way later then originally intended,,

hello !! i’m making this post since i think a lot of people are confused on how the Met Gala actually works !

Designers buy a table inside the gala for 275,000$. They then invite whoever they want celeb wise to have a seat at their table. When they invite a celeb that celeb has to walk the carpet in that designer dress. Every designer and guest of the designer has to be approved by Anna Wintour. You can not get into the gala unless you have been invited by Anna or by a designer. Last year for example Gigi Hadid was invited by Tommy so she wore a Tommy dress. Zayn was her ‘date’ but he wasn’t invited to the gala. Zayn said he designed his own suit and we all know he left after photos were taken. Thats because he wasn’t actually invited to the Met Gala, he just showed up for photos with Gigi.

So sadly if Louis isn’t there publicly he’s 99.99% not actually there at all. Designers are very specific with who they invite since this is basically just for people to see their designs. Hope that helped everyone understand how the gala works !!

AU masterpost: Shiro being part of the batfam 

collection of the headcanons by me and anon  (anon if you want to be named please let me know ur username!)

  • Ok shiro being adopted by batman and then people mixing him up with Jason from a distance or in poor lighting bc they’re both tall and jacked with a white forelock 
  • imagine the batfam reacting to shiro going missing/presumed dead on the mission that was supposed to fulfill his dream of being an astronaut, and like this is a “death” with no body to try to resurrect 
    • shiro lowkey trying to find a green lantern to contact an earth one to tell his family he’s alive
  • Shiro being so mad at Bruce because of what happened to Jason?? and leaving to the Garrison on bad terms with Bruce only to disappear in the Kerberos mission, and this makes Bruce feel like shit??? So Bruce begs Clark, Diana, Hal, etc all to search the universe for him and is devastated when they find no trace
    • UNTIL THEY DO!! And that’s how they find Shiro post season 2 and help him get back with Voltron and defeat Zarkon!!!!
    • ALSO the team coming back to Earth and meeting Bruce and the batfam, and now Shiro is no longer the “adult” in charge??? And it’s so odd for them to see Shiro be pampered by Bruce and Alfred and have Dick and Jason be his brothers (who are basically his age)????
  • Shiro feeling like Bruce bc he’s leading kids into danger and thinking “what would Bruce do” in situations the Paladins remind him of his brothers 
  • The worst: Shiro thinking of Bruce and his strict no killing rule and shiro having to kill in the arena /the angst/ (shiro confessing his actions back on earth to his family and feeling so guilty and worried how they’ll react because it’s one thing to want to kill the joker but some of those were more the equivalent of petty crooks )
    • Shiro being like, I killed so many, and being unable to look Bruce in the eye. But then Bruce just pulls him into a hug and holds him close, doesn’t say anything. The Voltron team is surprised because Shiro never confessed about this haunting him, and it’s just all so new to them?? But Bruce just holds him close.
    • and when he finally lets go, Jason pulls Shiro into a tight hug and pats his back. tells him that he would have killed the entire Galra race if it meant getting Shiro back alive. and though Shiro feels guilty abt this, it makes him feel good/safer to hear Jason say it.
  • the Paladins all getting designated guest bedrooms and being honorary Waynes bc theyre Shiro’s family now and now part of the extended family. 
  • Bruce treating shiro tenderly even tho Shiro’s killed more than Bruce ever will and feels like he’s aged so much but Bruce and family still treats him like he’s his kid and it’s exactly what shiro needs to feel less like a monster). 
  • The batboys bickering over which lion their personality fits. 
  • Coran and Alfred bonding
  • Dick claiming the blue lion. Jason claiming the red lion. Damian fighting over Bruce for the black lion. Tim calling the green lion. Cassandra gets the green lion. 
  • Selina and Allura being friends?? Cassandra/Allura??
  • batfam actually hears about shiro in space before they know it’s him, Hal (or another GL) comes back from deep space talking about the galra and all these ex-prisoners and this Champion and he just shares it like it’s interesting gossip but then months later when shiro is back and either an alien the league/group meets or one of the Paladins mentions that he’s the Champion and suddenly his family knows all the gory details without his thoughts behind them
    • Shiro feels a bit violated and embarrassed cuz he wished they never knew this about him but they all provide him with so much support