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Mun Sassy and I would like to start by thanking all of you lovely followers once again for your unwavering support of this AU Blog. We have gotten so many questions, it’s hard to believe how much love this blog has gotten! As much love as we get, we’d love to give it back and get more answers to these questions.  

That’s where you guys come in. We would now like to welcome any able and willing illustrators to take part in a Guest Event on @bundlebones! We already have several wonderful artists who have agreed to help us with the event, but we will open 10 more slots for anyone willing to join in the fun!


-Pick a piece of Undertale™ fan art from your blog and submit a copy or link of it to the blog @bundlebones​ so that we know what your art looks like.

-Submissions for entry will start on Wednesday [2/24/2016] at 9:00 PM Eastern and Standard time.

-And submissions will end Friday [2/26/2016] 9:00 PM Eastern and Standard time.

-If you are added to the list, and we will send you a question (or series of related/similarly worded questions) to answer. 

-Event deadline is currently undecided and will be subject to change depending on how much time the artists need to finish their pieces. 

ask-ag-serket-deactivated201605  asked:

lets get married r8 now

TG: srry bruh ill have to decline while im still young n beautiful

TG: u on the other hand i can see why ure lookin for marriage lmao

TG: thx anyways tho 


((The guest artist who drew this is !! Please go follow them; their artwork is so nice and Judesprite is hella adorable!!!))


((This was a lot of fun and I hope to do it sometime in the future!!

Special thanks to: ask-mini-handmaid, asktavrosghost, ask-miss-witch-of-space, asktavrospeixes, askthealpha-kids, whatsuplatula, ask-this-particular-rose, ask-vampire-dave, ask-kanaya-fashion-queen, and askjudesprite for participating!!

Also just a little note to anyone who wants to do their own guest artist/art trade thing: it is A-OK with me if you want to do one; it’s not only my thing!! If you’re going to and you need any help with what to do or promoting yourself, my ask box is always open 0u0!))

ssj4goku  asked:

(from whatsuplatula) LATULA: yo grl wh4ts your f4v v1d3o g4m3? >8]


((The guest artist that drew this is: !! They even looked up what Roxy’s favourites are, and apparently they’re Pikmin and Earthbound :0! Please go follow them!! The art is so so pleasing to look at, and the portrayal of all the alpha kids is spot on!!!))

[Guest Artist is going to happen!]

Okay guys this is how this works:

All the people interested on participating in this thing, please send me your e-mails to my personal blog so I can make you co-admins of the blog where I put all the asks (I will not give your mail to anyone else and I won’t spam, I promise!) don’t send the message as anon, please.

The participants will chose one or various asks and will answer them however they like:

  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Drawing + Writing
  • Reaction Faces* + Writing (not random gifs, they’ll have to draw Darks’ reaction faces ofc).
  • Use audio along with their submission.

Participants will have a month to make and submit their pieces of art to this blog, starting from right now and until December 5th before I go to bed \o/ /shot

Also, participants will have to attach to certain rules but I posted them on the special blog I made just for them to not make this even longer -u- don’t worry, they’re basically reminders of how this blog works.

You all can join whenever you want! Just remember that there’s just a month to make your answer -w- ♥