Hallelujah vs. Ryan Ross (?

well, first of all *cracks fingers*

if you haven′t listened to hallelujah then get the fuck away

and now!…as i now and figure, music is like poetry, which means it never means what is literally written sooooooo here we go

after smthng like 6 days of making my mind, i think i have an idea, maybe a theory about cape town and basically ryden but first….hallelujah

the song stars: A moment you’ll never remember
And a night you’ll never forget

ok, maaaaaaybe we’ve all noticed that in almost every song of TWTL, TWTD (to weird to live, to rare to die) brendon talks about a night…THE NIGHT which could be either cape town or seattle… but anyway..

i think that: moment you’ll never remember is because, maybe, they were drunk.. i guess

night you’ll never forget..well…how could you forget that right?

then the song goes:

‘My life started the day I got caught
Under the covers with second hand lovers
Oh, tied up in pretty young things
In a state of emergency
Who was I trying to be?’

Well, i’m pretty sure brendon already had his girlfriend/wife when either cape town or seattle happened, so….second hand lovers? People refer to ‘lovers’ when is not the ‘usual’ thing, or the official one *cofcofryancof* also, he says ‘who was i trying to be?’ i think this means that maybeee, he wasn’t sure about having something with a boy, sooo he didn’t know what was happening in his mind..

Then the time for being sad is over
And you miss ‘em like you miss no other
And being blue is better than being over it

Well…this couldn’t be any clearer…right? He’s basically saying, he’s done with being sad for ryan, he misses the band, and he’s responding to an actual question in one of ryan’s songs

(if you don’t know which song i’m talking about, is “Lie to the truth” from the young veins, and it says: I know i broke your heart
mine is broken too
now if we’re even
then why are we both blue?

so brendon answers with: being blue is better than being over it.

Now, Hallelujah keeps with:

I was drunk and it didn’t mean a thing
Stop thinking about the bullets from my mouth
I love the things you hate about yourself
Just finished a daydream
Who were you trying to be?

OK, as i said before, they were drunk…  and if you read only the first line, you might thing he’s talking about loving ryan, but then you keep reading..

stop thinking about the bullets from my mouth’ CLEARLY they had a fight… they said awfull things to each other…maybe… and brendon is apoligizing… (also, in one of ryan’s songs *cape town* he says: Woke me in the morning
asked me if i meant it (i didn’t)
so basically they both agree they didn’t meant to say the things they said) (also, another reference that it happened something in the night)

I love the things you hate about yourself’ …… do i have to explain something?

And then…. ‘just finished the daydream, who were you trying to be?’ nowww, brendon maybe is saying that is over, oveerr, ooooveeer yet it was like a dream…and also asks ryan the same he asked himself… what happened? what they were trying to be?

And finally:

No one wants you when you have no heart and
I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars and
You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again
So let’s try
Let’s try
Let’s try

Maybe in here, brendon was trying to say that ryan should stop being so mean…or maybe he was saying this to himself *which would be good*

Then, he says: ‘i’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars’ this could be brendon refering to the way ryan hurted him, but now he’s fine and the wounds healed.

but ALSO he says: ‘you’ll never know if you don’t try again, so let’s try again


like… let’s try again…let’s…we…both of us….

Also, in: Casual affair (a song where brendon CRIED while singing it on SEATTLE), Far too young to die, Collar Full, The calendar, Trade Mistakes and OBVIOUSLY in Northern Downpour he refers to a night…spending with someone the NIGHT

If you don’t believe me, then:

Far too young to die: ‘Well I never really thought that you’d come tonight

Collar Full: ‘I’ve got a collar full of chemistry from your company, so maybe tonight I’ll be the libertine

Casual Affair: ‘Hey, a casual affair, that could go anywhere, and only for tonight

The Calendar: (a song brendon admited was about ryan leaving the band) ‘At night your body is a symphony, And I’m conducting

Trade Mistakes: ‘I may never sleep tonight, As long as you’re still burning bright

Northern Downpour: ‘Hey moon please forget to fall down ,Hey moon don’t you go down

Well, I know Northen Downpour was written before cape town, but ‘Cape Town’ from the Young Veins did not. And it says:’Woke me in the morning’

Soooooooo, my theory about Cape Town: They played, they got drunk (brendon and ryan) they went somewhere, the fought, said awful things to each other, maybe even said they didn’t meant nothing for each other… in the morning brendon felt bad, went to wake up ryan, talked and maybe apologized, maaaybe ryan said he loved brendon, as the song says ‘asked to be her husband‘ (he couldn’t use the ‘he’ in a he’s talking about a girl’) and maaaybe brendon said no.. and then…they left…and now they don’t know each other…