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Chell: Oh come on, why don’t you try to be good at something for once?

Wheatley: Hmmm…nah. You see, when you try but fail, people think you’re a twit. But if you skip the trying and decide to fail right away, then everyone thinks you got the talent but you’re to cool to waste it on them. It’s like chickens, no one knows if they can really fly or not. That’s what makes them cool!

Chell: So that’s your life plan, huh? Be a massive chicken?

Wheatley: Yes! And cackle at the eagles when they crash and burn!!!!!

GFs out for a walk

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So, I’ve noticed a lot of you, Baccano reader, have been posting their quotes and various reaction here on tumblr as you discover the story.
Fact is: I have about 35 document full of various Baccano quotes saved on my phone ever since I’ve read 1933 for the first time. So maybe I was thinking of posting a few of the best/most clever one? Maybe?

When you accidentally discover the shoplifting fandom on tumblr.

And it reminds you why you want to go into law enforcement.

bisexualwolverine replied to your post “Majority of the fandom: AAHH, POSSIBLE 11 MINUTE CUT SCENE MIGHT BE…”

It’s gonna be 5 minutes

oh! i dont know why i saw/thought 11 haha. Regardless, if its like, leaked and if it does contain anything that could be considered a spoiler, id still like to be warned.