A Moment of Truth

Cloud is the sole survivor of an infantry patrol gone terribly awry, and unfortunately for him, the Army is looking for a scapegoat. No one was prepared for a SOLDIER to crash the court-martial.

Chapter Eleven - (FFnet) (Ao3)

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honestly it's a bit discomforting that people sexualize Frankie to the point that they make it appear that his greatest mission in life is to "get some dick". it's hard to tell if it's fetishization vs agendas vs straight teenage fan girls or a combination of any of the above. surely if you want him to "get dick" bc it makes him happy (?) you can find less invasive ways to support his happiness... but what do I know

i guess it’s a mix between people who want to see hot boys make out above all else (so fetishization, like you said) and the #anyonebutzach group fulfilling their own life mission to ship frankie with people they know absolutely nothing about probably up to and including convicted felons at this point. there’s a lot of overlap between those groups. not so shockingly, there’s also a large percentage of them that are straight females between the ages of, say, fifteen and twenty five. i think you’re on the money here. 

look, we all know frankie loves sex, and that’s super awesome for him, and i think that’s a great attitude to have. but. repeatedly tweeting and posting on instagram about how awesome it is that he “got pounded” (this is my new personal favorite) when he has, what, taken a handful of photos with attractive men in which he’s barely touching any of them basically sends the message that you only value him for his promiscuity, and that’s not cool. i’m not being a hypocrite here either because while i may make innuendos here from time to time, you ain’t gonna ever see me tweeting ‘congrats on the sex’ to him no matter who it’s with unless he’s decided to personally brag about it. to do otherwise is ugly and invasive on levels, imo. 

A band member who’s hot like Summer?

Yuya: I guess Koyama? He makes me think of summer rather than winter. Like he might say “Here’s a summer power spot” and go to some waterfall. (laugh) By the way, if I were to talk about a “hot event”, while I was in Osaka on the tour I went drinking with Shige. We weren’t really talking about work, it was totally a private outing but we naturally had passionate talks. It was such a pleasant night~

QLAP! 2015.07

Ok, talking about offtopic. You don’t know the struggle of translating Tegoshige stuff making sure it’s accurate and unbiased.

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Finaley found that Paris picture. I wouldn't use it as a proof in court, but I am fairly sure that is Abbie. Pictures were posted only 17 minutes apart. I never believed Sam was in Paris anyway because of purely logistic reasons, I guess this is just a confirmation of that. For me at least. As far as that instagram like goes... Really anon? That's your proof? I guess other people who liked that were also there with them, having "hot nights". And they call us delusional...

Yep I feel the same way. Not really definitive proof but it certainly looks like her. Right?! These people have nothing else to go off of. An IG like means Sam and A are together, but a drunken picture alone in a hotel bed (while A was in the same city) means nothing. It’s kind of ridiculous! 


I guess we see who wears the “hot” pants in this relationship.

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