the warden trying to seal off darkspawn: *firmly cements the door shut,buries the entrance,bricks over the mound, places strong magical ward on the bricks to ensure they never break*

the warden: man maybe that’ll hold them back for like 10 years, who knows

the inquisitor trying to seal off darkspawn:

the inquisitor: problem’s solved, guys!

imnotacommittee  asked:

Happy New Year! Thank you for offering doodles! How about the Tenth Doctor's New Year's enthusiasm juxtaposed with Alec Hardy's complete lack of it?

…Happy New Year?


the most comforting couple in the galaxy// for @artsypsychotic, who (once a very long time ago) threw into the void a request for spiritassassin but “in the scene where we first meet Ruby and Sapphire”

note: artsypsychotic did not reblog her own post;; I reblogged it [yep those are my tags too] as a bookmark to my Highly Organized ™ dumpster blog.

  • Alex: Since when do you wear lipstick Kara?
  • Kara: What are you talking about Alex, I've always worn lipstick.
  • Alex: *smirks* Let me rephrase that "since when do you wear lipstick on your neck"?
  • Kara: *blushes* Oh well, you know- *flys off*
  • Alex: *looks at Lena* What about you Luthor?
  • Lena: *mumbles* Stupid flying powers, leaves me with her sister. Guess who's sleeping on the couch tonight Supergirl.
  • Ahem, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Alex: *laughs* Yeah, sure. Let Kara know she has a place to stay when the couch gets lumpy.
  • Lena: I'll be sure too.
  • Kara: *eating potstickers* My angry girlfriend senses are tingling.
  • Lawless: Why do you always keep your door shut? What are you hiding??
  • Sleepy Ash: I've been listening to the same song for 8 hours I was trying to be considerate