• me:this is my deepest, darkest secret. i will lock this information far, far away, in the most remote and hidden depths of my mind, which no one but myself will ever find, let alone dare delve into. this will go with me to my grave, and not even with my last rattling breath will this secret escape my lips. no one will ever know the truth. it will die with me.
  • me, after 11pm:hey guys guess what

well ah. i wanted to put these up before school starts tomorrow.. 

just gonna say these were influenced by something i was helping out with for the last few months. now that it’s done and over excitement just took over and couldnt help but make a crossover aha 

also decided to try out small new things with these.. in case things look weird;;
Thomas Gibson Suspended From ‘Criminal Minds’ Over On-Set Altercation
Aaron Hotchner will be going MIA. I’ve learned that Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson has been suspended for at least one and likely two episodes after a physical altercation with a writer-pr…
By Nellie Andreeva

well season 12′s off to a great start and it hasnt even been aired:)))

I’m so fucking tired of posts like this. Yes, Marvel and DC have seperate tones to their comics. Its literally always been like this. Marvel literally started off with the intent of their universe having a different tone. Its why they set their stories in real cities and had crossovers basically from the get go. And it works because they write a different type of hero. 

DC’s superheroes are a pantheon of gods.

Marvel’s superheroes are closer to real people.

my mom got a huge zucchini from our neighbor and it’s like the size of my thigh and she brought it to show us while we were eating lunch but she said (to my sister and her friend) “who can guess what this is guys!!” and i immediately said “a good time” and i dont think ive ever seen an expression like that on her face before