When Sophie Comes to Babysit
  • Sophie:well hello lovely children
  • Sophie:we are going to have so much fun today!
  • Sophie:now, i know that having parents such as Tedros and Agatha will be frustrating at some point, given their poor taste in fashion
  • Sophie:but dont worry! You dear auntie is going to make sure that you won't only have those two to emulate regarding your clothing choices
  • *minutes later*
  • Tedros:*runs into the room, concern and fear etched onto his face*
  • Tedros:Sophie, what have you done to my children?!
  • Sophie:*looks up from braiding her niece's hair after securing her nephew's hat on place*
  • Sophie:well, i was simply-
  • Merlin:*walks into the room*
  • Merlin:Sophie, i'm not too sure if we can dye the twins' clothes of the exact shade that you'd like, and given that you've bought almost all the fabrics from the market-
  • Merlin:*stops at the sight of Tedros*
  • Tedros:*jaw drops open in shock at the sight of his shaven and pink-clad advisor*
  • Merlin:oh
  • Merlin:my king, i was simply seeing to it that our guest be well-accomodated and-
  • Tedros:Merlin
  • Tedros:you're wearing pink
  • Merlin:*rubs chin* yes well, Sophie was rather persuasive-
  • Sophie:hey, you were the one who suggested the color!
  • The Founders of Hogwarts:
  • Slytherin:well great job everybody!
  • Ravenclaw:yeah this place will be great for education!
  • Hufflepuff:*snickers* hey...hey guys...guess what I did?
  • S & R:*???*
  • Hufflepuff:I...haha...I charmed all the staircases in the WHOLE Castle to move and change direction whenever they feel like it!!!! *laughs hysterically*
  • Ravenclaw::O you? You decided to do that?
  • Hufflepuff:Ahuh :D
  • Slytherin:But why? What possible reason could you have?
  • Hufflepuff:*laughs* Because it is going to mess the students schedules up sooo badly! Just imagine the looks on their faces!!! *laughs some more*
  • Ravenclaw:Seriously? You did this...what? This we expected from Slytherin...
  • Slytherin:Hey!
  • Ravenclaw:...But you...that's totally out of character!
  • Hufflepuff:*wipes away tears* Ahhh...I know right! I'm so awesome.
  • Gryffindor:*comes around the corner panting* Hey sorry I'm late you guys, some asshole charmed the stairs to change of their own free will.
  • Hufflepuff:*rolling on the floor laughing*

Prof: Write an essay about your saddest or your most inspiring moment. Due on Monday.

Me: *writes about kataang being endgame as my saddest moment* 

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Number 20 for the micro fic meme?

microfic meme #20: alone, finally

– Stone –

When the change came and shivered his flesh, Randolph was already where he wanted to be. All around him shone the pale blue faces of flowers, watching silently as his body transmuted day from night. Randolph knew it was finished when his hair tumbled down over his shoulders in a thick red wave.

Randolph raised one slender arm and, being finally, blissfully alone, he began to dance.

Here, there was no need to think - to consciously remember - instead the body acted in place of the mind. The certainty of muscle memory took hold and he felt a pleasant emptiness surface.

With the night air sighing in his ears, he felt his magic overflow into the scene around him.

As Randolph turned, the magic turned; as he dipped, it followed the curve of his hand and spilled over. Small golden flecks of light descended from his fingers to the waiting petals of the flowers below. Their faces leaned toward him - their sun - as they drank in the gift he gave them this and every night. Their color renewed and their stems straightened.

So long as Randolph lived, the flowers planted in memorial of Randy March would never die.  

He leapt, and the inherent lightness of such a slender form propelled him into the air further than his daytime body could ever hope to reach. How strange it was that the contract he had come to hate could offer hope for someone else, and the promise to protect a petrified student was the result of another promise so very similar.

More than woman or man, night or day, spelldancer or headmaster - more than any of these - his promises defined him. That’s who he was, after all these thousands of years.

He was the guardian of those who slept in stone.

I’m so fucking tired of posts like this. Yes, Marvel and DC have seperate tones to their comics. Its literally always been like this. Marvel literally started off with the intent of their universe having a different tone. Its why they set their stories in real cities and had crossovers basically from the get go. And it works because they write a different type of hero. 

DC’s superheroes are a pantheon of gods.

Marvel’s superheroes are closer to real people.


James sat in the common room, a large stack of papers in front of him. He sighed, resting his chin on his palm as he gazed not at the stack of papers, but at the drawing he had made in Potions earlier. He hadn’t taken enough time to see whether or not Lily had looked amused during his speech or indifferent, as she had been for the two weeks since their planned date. Since then, they had been avoiding each other, with the exception of one interaction when Snape threatened to punch him. She had eagerly defended him, but why? A headache grew from the countless number of thoughts swirling through his head, not to mention the agonizing Quidditch practice which felt like it had taken hours to finish. Pulling out his quill and ink and resting the picture in front of him, James began to add more detail to the already elaborate drawing of the flying snitch with the initials ‘L.E. & J.P.’ entangled with the intricate design of the object itself. 

Stuck Day

I might be able to pump these out once a week if I actually can focus enough, though my mind has been all over the place lately. Mostly just school stress and scholarship troubles. As usual, thank you for all of the wonderful messages of support. Man, I love you guys.

Shoutout to the anon wanting to shove their fist in Sans, the one that begged for Temmie for the past month, and to someone who wanted ASL Frisk. Hope I satisfy.

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Warnings: Temmie, uncomfortable Sans, butter

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To prove I’m actually fucking doing something besides essays and obsessively scrolling Tumblr…

This post it totally dedicated to likethestarsthat-shine and other people who are also hanging on by a thread because Strange Magic never played in their town and they’re living off of the repeats of fantastic fanfiction.

Just hold on!

More are on the way! From everyone.

See below for tons more spoilers…


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