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I imagine other people thought about it before right? I’ve only been here since 2015, but yes. What if this famous scene from “The notebook” that Harry loves

inspired his birds tattoos and were a testament to Harry and Louis’ love and devotion to each other? 

In that scene, the female character talks about reincarnation to her bemused lover, and she says she would be a bird. To him it’s a no brainer, if she’s a bird, he’s a bird. 

it’s been 7 years and Harry’s still talking about that movie.

Guess who else has a bird on his body?

Let's play a game!

I will be posting quotes throughout the day tomorrow (Saturday July 22, 2017) from 12pm-12am and whoever has the most correct guesses (character and movie) will be able to make a request from any of my fandoms that can be found at my rules page and it will be posted on Tuesday. I don’t know what other awards I can give you but if you have any send them in!

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I watched it a second time and became curious about if there was a ship and lo and behold Tumblr supplied me with Napollya xD I was dragged into it for a while and now it kinda just sits here as one of those I'll visit here and there :p

oh tumblr…. Ohhhhh tumBlrrrr….. 

Me: Ah yes the movie was alright. 

Me after searching up the movie on tumblr: I guess this movie is my religion now.

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Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.

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Why does Mojo Jojo have pointy ears in the later seasons of the show?

…aesthetics? I guess? After the movie came out, they freshened up the designs of the characters on the show to reflect the new design from the film, and that’s where his pointy ears first showed up:

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I’m just gonna go on a limb and say it was just a stylistic choice to make him look a little more evil and bring in some more angles (and I’m sure a certain individual here on Tumblr could further elucidate if he was so inclined to! :D), but… ick. I’m personally not a big fan of the choice. It’s a little less extreme in the movie than in the show where it makes him look more like a goblin than a chimp. And I think they ended up kind of making his face a little more narrow for the show, too, so he kind of looked…

…icky. Bleh.

I dunno. I was glad that for The PPG Rule!!! they went back to his original design with his rounded ears (and I was happy they did it for the reboot too… even though the rest of the design is lacking) ‘cause he’s not JUST a super serious evil angular villain. He’s gotta be able to look goofy and chimpy too! He’s our little antihero!