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Ive been reading @handsomedogs guess the breed game and I've noticed something interesting, dogs who are mixed with Labs, esp. Labs and only one other breed look very labbish, do you know if Labs have some kind of dominant genes that make that happen or is this just random?

You’re absolutely right! The lab phenotype is apparently super dominant to a lot of other things, so lab mixes tend to look very labby. (I learned this when a client’s Embark test came back mostly Rottweiler and the dog straight up looks like a weirdly constructed lab).


Ok so the first dog in the photo is our old family dog Lilly, next to her is one of her son’s.
Lilly was an awesome dog I mean the best. My sister saw her wandering around for a couple of days and she was obviously pregnant so my mom went and caught her no problem, brought her home, and gave her a bath and a nail clip (again with no problem)
A couple of days later she had 7 puppies (all blonde and white one brown.)
We never were able to find her owners (if she had any. She looked pretty rough but who knows tbh)

She was small(30-40 lbs) had a thick medium coat and pretty short.
She usually held her tail up kinda like a fluffy lab like tail if that makes any difference.
Personality wise she was a pretty great dog. We brought her into our home and she instantly settled in with us and our other dogs with almost no anxiety.
She could be walked off leash, we could leave the doors open and have her with us in the front yard, she accepted any dog and person we invited into the house but was typically aloof with strangers.
Good with other animals too though had an incident trying to eat a toad once.
She was VERY protective of the family when she felt she needed to be though.

The first couple of days after we found homes for her puppies, she’d jump our 6 foot fence and leave (one time taking our golden with her??? Idk man) but she always came back and eventually stopped doing that all together.

Idk if her voice makes a difference but she had a very big bark. Like v scary sounding if you know what I mean.

Anyway she was a cool dog and I always wondered what mix she might be. I was really young when we had her but I remember how awesome she was. I’m considering doing a wisdom pannel on her son that we kept.

Also fun side note a while ago I had a dream I went outside to call the dogs in and she was with them and I was like “OMG LILLY UR BACK” and she was super happy and was petting her and all the sudden she got super aggressive and I was like shit and ran inside and she was like a zombie dog throwing herself at the door and I was super scared and called my parents like “OMG LILLY is back and she is a zombie now”
And then I woke up yeah that was great.

ANYWAY please guess away.

My sister, Jessica there, caught me and I ended up like this… I’m sure she’s satisfied!

It’s my fault, I guess. We can look identical since we’re twins as long as we try. Well, I was trying and I ended up sleeping with her boyfriend- a couple times. I didn’t mean to, really! He mistook me for her one night and… I got carried away.

He was so amazing though! I couldn’t help myself, I’d let him think I was her any day if he’d fuck me like that again~

This last time was the best by far! I’d went over to his house, dressed up in Jessica’s cloths. He let me in and we talked for a little bit about her volleyball team- I had to make some stuff up but he didn’t notice.

Finally we were both getting ready. Before I knew it we were making out. I got up to go to his bed room but I guess he was too excited to wait because he actually bent me right over his kitchen island and pulled my black yoga pants down.

He grabbed my hips and slammed in like he was in heat! It was fantastic. God, it was so sexy- he kept groaning about how sexy I was and how much tighter I felt than usual, moaning Jessica’s name as he pounded me. And he’s big too! I couldn’t believe Jess could take his thick, eight inch shaft so easy, I had to work not to moan to loudly.

He pressed down on me, leaning over me as he pounded me into the counter! It felt so good, I loved it so much~

Before long I could feel him twitching and pulsing, signalling he was almost done. I sighed a little, he always pulled out. I didn’t want to get pregnant, but I wanted it to go on forever. But… he just kept slamming into me, pounding deeper.

I tried to look back and as what he was doing but before I could he slammed in, balls deep and started to pump the thickest load of cum right into my womb! I panicked knowing his cum was meant for Jessica, not me, but couldn’t stop him. I just listened to him groaning as he unloaded, as if he’d wanted to breed me all along!

Finally he pulled out, but not before leaving my belly full of hot cum… I moaned, pulling my cloths on as he waved good by.

It turns out, Jess found out! And she told her boyfriend, the next time they had sex, she’d be safe so he could finish in her. That sneaky little-!
…Ugh, I guess I deserve it. But now I have to live with his baby swelling my belly up for nine months. And every time she sees me, she rubs my belly and asks how I liked her boyfriend with a laugh.

That’s what I get, I guess…


These guys are all F2 25% wolfdogs. One parent was a pure dog, the other a 50% F1 wolf/dog cross. Can you guess what *dog breed in these animals?

Fgen plays a huge role in content– because of how much ‘softer’ a higher F-gen animal is in looks and temperament, it is an important thing to know. Two animals who are both 50% on paper would be different contents if one is F1 and the other F5–the F1 would be a mid while the F5 a low due to the loss of wolf genes over many generations, and they would be very different in intensity and temperament. A 75% F1 might be upper mid depending on the non pure parent’s lineage, but a 75% F5 a solid mid. 

This is why generally, wolfdog breeders and owners use contents over percentages. Very few lines have complete enough lineage to even assign an *accurate* percent–if there’s even one unknown or misrepped animal in the pedigree, the percentage really becomes guesswork and a moot point? 

Answer: West Siberian Laika is the dog in them!

wc animal size ref

i think a lot of wc fans / artists dont realize certain animal size ratios AKA how big a fox is compared 2 a cat, or a badger or some types of dog, sO heres some photo refs

cat to badger

cat to fox

cat to doberman / rottweiler (what we can guess the dog pack breeds might be)

so yee - badgers actually arent….that big compared to most cats, foxes are a little bigger but mostly just taller, and yes dogs are still HUGE compared to kitties


Not sure if I’ve posted the answer before or not, but does anyone want to take a guess at what his breeds are?

He’s about 2,5kg, probably just above 20cm, and about one and a half years old! And his coat isn’t actually matted. It just looks like that :’)

Hint: 3 breeds involved here! His litter was not an accident, as far as I understand it.

The fact that GSPs are number 13 on the AKC’s most registered/popular breed list is baffling because NO ONE SEEMS TO RECOGNIZE HER.

The most recent weird “breed guess”?

Lab/Irish Setter mix.

What. This animal looks nothing like Alice or a Lab. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given the person owned a doodle, which are kind of notorious for being all over the place, but still. Boggling.


After clueless guessing about the breed of this beauty we gave up and asked the owner. Turns out this girl is a Chortaja Barzaya, imported from Russia. 

I think she is 9 months old, but we don’t know the name yet. let’s hope we meet her at another coursing soon. 

Also: she and Panti somehow figured that they are both Russian long-nosed dogs and got along really well!

i love people who dont know dog breeds that well bc its so fun and honestly heartwarming in a way to see them guess ur dogs breed when u take ur dog for a walk. like one day i was walking my dog sadie whose a mutt, but resembles a pitbull terrier a lot and some guy saw us, pointed and said “what kinda dog is she??? is she a beagle or a corgi??”

like this is a pitbull terrier

this is a beagle

and this is a corgi

like sadie looks nothing like a beagle or corgi. those dogs are two completely diff breeds. but that guy didnt know that. he genuinely didnt and i just find it kinda funny but not in a mean spirited way, in an endearing way. people who dont know dog breeds but try to guess are really endearing to me and i just think its kinda funny, like i just went “oh no she’s a pitbull mix, but thank you!”

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Okay. I'm going to do it. Let's have Tendo being the new boyfriend of the reader, and while they're on a date, they meet by accident with Ryota, her ex boyfriend. Like, Tendo goes for 5 mins, and when he returns he's already talking with his gf and Tendo knows perfectly who he is. Give me some jealous Tendo pleeeease hahaha

So this came out a bit more…angsty and while there is jealousy it blends more to insecurity which I guess is something that breeds jealousy. Either way, I hope you like it and thanks for adhering to my call out! 😊

“Thanks for coming with me Satori-kun! It’s always so much more fun having someone to go to games with,” you say taking his hand and squeezing. The red head returns your smile though his is a bit more strained. He knows you’re a friendly person, good with people and generally the complete opposite of himself, but he wonders not for the first time why on earth you’re coming to your ex-boyfriend’s basketball game? As far as dates go, this one must be on the bottom of his list of favorites. Scratch that, it’s not even going on the list! He knows he shouldn’t care, that he can trust you, but when he’d heard where you were going and who you were going to see, he couldn’t stop himself from saying he would take you.

The gym is full, basketball fans as far as the eye can see, pumped and ready for the Winter Cup to begin. Tendo has never had any interest in the game. A bunch of tall, sweaty guys running back and forth lazily shooting a ball into a basket? Boring!

“Just you wait and see,” you’d commented when he’d said as much to you in the train on your way to the arena, “These teams are anything but boring.”

As you take your seats, rather close to the court he notices and figures someone must have arranged for you to have such a good vantage point on, of course, Kaijo High’s side, Tendo realizes he forgot to take you to the snack stand. Looking at the time, he figures he can make it there and back before tipoff. Not that he really cares but he is trying to for your sake; it’s not your fault he’s bitter, that’s his own issue to deal with.

“I’ll be right back,” he says standing, “gonna go get us some snacks. Gotta make this trip worthwhile somehow and greasy, sugary arena food is the way to do it.” He smirks down at you, ruffling your hair and kissing your pout before leaving.

It takes him a bit longer than he anticipated and he misses seeing the teams’ entrances catching them on the TV screens scattered throughout the hallways. What he doesn’t miss is the roar of the crowd, particularly the squealing screams of the girls as Kise Ryota, the literal golden boy of Kaijo’s team, makes his way onto the court. Nearing the front of the line, he’s assessing the menu choices when a question of, “I wonder who that girl is that Kise is so interested in?” catches his attention.

Looking back at the screens, his pulse pounds in his ears as he watches the blonde lean into your space, his face exceptionally to close to yours and your smile a bit too bright for his liking. Gritting his teeth and forgetting all about his reason for being where he is, he rushes out of line.

Coming down the stairs, he can see Kise still talking to you, mouth opening in a laugh, his eyes squinting in mirth at whatever you said. Tendo clenches his fists unable to stop another type of monster of the green-eyed variety from emerging. Just who does this guy think he is, touching you like that! Wait, touching?!

Sure enough, Kise’s hand is on your shoulder, his thumb tracing back and forth and Tendo can feel his eyes narrowing, a deep inhale of irritation filling his lungs. Doesn’t he know you have a boyfriend?!

The sudden realization of the possibility that you’ve said nothing about him quakes Tendo to his soul. Mind racing to worst case scenarios he feels faint, sitting down heavily on the ground and leaning against the wall. Maybe he’s just a fool. Maybe you don’t really like him that much and he’s just a rebound to get over Kise. Who was it that broke the relationship off again? In his flustered brain, he can’t remember at the moment. You? Him? Mutual breakup? Does it even really matter?

And what is he, the “guess monster” compared to golden boy? Tendo doesn’t even play the sport that made him infamous anymore and here you are, placed right back in front of someone with fierce ambition and natural talent. A good-looking guy (hey, he can admit it), taller than him (by only an inch but still) and so freaking sure of himself. Not to mention his career as a model (really, what do you see in Tendo?), he’s probably filthy rich too.

The sound of the buzzer snaps him out of his haze, prompting him to stand back up; the game has started. He looks back to your location, eyes becoming sad when he realizes you’re completely absorbed in the game, not even turning around to look for him; do you even notice he’s still gone?

Heaving a sigh, Tendo makes his way back down to your seats. When he sits down, you flash a quick glance at him. “There you are! Did you get lost or something?” you say teasingly elbowing his side.

Normally, he’d just grin or quip something back at you but now he can’t help thinking you that you think he’s stupid. But you’re already looking back at the court, not even noticing his face falling at your light-hearted jab.

“Go Kise-kun, whoohoo!” you shout, fist up in the air. The blonde smiles at you, sending a wink your direction and making the girls behind you swoon. Again, Tendo can’t stop himself comparing you with him and you with Kise; did you cheer this loudly for him as his games?

“Aren’t they amazing?” you ask looking up at his face and finally you see, something’s not right. “Satori-kun? Are you feeling ok? You look a bit…green.”

Closing his eyes, Tendo takes in a deep breath. He can’t do it. He can’t sit here and watch and hear you have such a good time cheering for, encouraging and fawning over your ex-boyfriend; he just…can’t…do it.

Standing up again, he says briskly, “I’m gonna go, I was right, this is boring me to tears.” His eyes are a little watery and you stand up as well, grasping his wrist.

“Hey, wait a second, why- “

He wrenches his hand away, startling you as he snaps, “Just let me go, huh? Have fun watching your golden boy!”

Completely caught off guard by his anger, you hastily follow, apologizing to people as you trip over their legs in your haste to catch up with your clearly upset boyfriend.

“Satori-kun, wait!” you call, rushing up and standing in front of him, hands pushing against his chest to get him to stop moving. “What on earth is the matter?!?”

You’re unprepared for the vitriolic tone of his voice when he answers, “You! You’re what’s the matter! This whole, “date”, is what’s the matter! How can you not know?!”

“Wait? You’re jealous of Kise-kun?” you ask bewildered. “Why on earth would you be?”

“Oh, don’t give me that! The flirting, the cheering, how can you stand there and pretend it doesn’t mean anything?!” he shouts.

“Because it doesn’t!” you yell right back. “Flirting? If you’d take two second to really look you’d see that he was flirting with me because that is what Kise-kun is! A flirt! That’s part of why I broke up with him!”

Tendo blinks, dropping his arms and you take the opening, stepping into his space and placing your hands on his cheeks, looking deep in his eyes. “That’s one of the things I love most about you, Satori-kun,” you say more softly, “you treat me like I’m the most important person on earth. Kise…Kise just didn’t know how to turn off. He was always making a scene wherever we went because of fan girls, never thinking about how his behavior was affecting me.”

Tendo feels his heart burning, ashamed he’d accused you of what he did when you were the one who’d been treated unfairly by the blonde. “Then…then why are you still friends with him?” he asks, finally reaching for you, hands rested on your waist.

You sigh. “Because we’ve been friends since middle school. We have a lot of history and even though he hurt me by his behavior I knew he wasn’t being malicious, he’s just a dumb blonde sometimes.” Tendo snorts and you grin up at him before going on, “But we had a pretty good friendship and I guess I wasn’t willing to just throw that away because we’d made the poor decision to date.”

Drawing you into his arms, Tendo rests his chin against your head. Very softly you hear him say, “I’m sorry, _____-chan, I just…gosh it hurt to watch that.”

He feels you nod against his chest. Pulling back, you angle your head up, getting on tiptoes to kiss him gently. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” you say.

He shakes his head. “Not your fault, it’s all my own stuff.” Taking a deep breath, he says, “So, want me to finally get you those snacks and we can go finish the game?”

You shake your head with a soft smile. “No, they’ll be playing again another time, let’s just go.” Taking his hand in yours, the two of you make your way out of the arena.