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Predebut Baekhyun doing hapkido




“Kyungshin (possibly the guy’s name) start”

“Brazilian Kick”

“It didn’t end yet you crazy bastard”

“No its this”

“No you have to get up while kicking”

“Show us beatbox, hurry please”

“Do it once”


“What what ?”

“Beatbox to the end !”

“Charge charge”

“Look at his butt" 

credits: sooyeon / @psyeons 


calum + blue/water ft my narcissistic ass

Expose me for what I really am,
For this world is about to meet its end
(x) (x)

Listen, it’s yugioh rule that the protagonist’s special necklace must break at least once…

friend’s mom & aunt: *visiting our apartment*

me: *starts getting up from table I’m sitting at so they can sit down*

friend’s mom: oh no you don’t have to move, you’re doing homework, we should go into another room

me: ……

my laptop screen: *visible to friend’s mom & aunt*

my laptop screen:

me: …..don’t worry about it.

That moment when you are supposed to be seeing X-Men: Apocalypse, but the theater messes up and starts playing Civil War so you’re just sitting there like

cause you are both unprepared for all of the emotions that come with December 16, 1991 and upset because you are not watching the movie that you left the comfort of your own home to see

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From how they were talking about Pyrrha before vol 2 was finish and how they didn't want to spoil who she was based off of, it was pretty predictable they were planning on killing her.

Yeah, everyone knew that Pyrrha was eventually going to die.

Ahhh, that’s great, the power went out so i didn’t have class this evening… But you know when i discovered this? When i arrived at the school 😑

I woke up wanting a boyfriend bc in my dream I had moved to my new school and it was during lunch some boys were making fun of me and I clapped back at them and then I got the attention of devil may cry 3 Dante and he walked up to me asking if it was me who talked back to those guys, me being new I was shy and I just didn’t talk bc that boy was cute and I just got up before he got back to talk to me once again. Flash forward I wake up in my room 3!dante is there too I start changing clothes and he helps me get my clothes on and starts touching my butt in a cute way(????)

…You know something that I noticed just now? The entire crew is atheist.

….Unless I got the term wrong. I might simply trash this if it’s the case.

Trevor and Trish had their faiths extinguished at a relatively early point in their lives.

D-3 never learned of a “benevolent God that watches over everyone and helps those in need” or stuff like that, and he tends to question the concept whenever it appears in a conversation.

Omega was born in a world where God isn’t believed anymore, despite being used as a reference every now and then.

And Spade… I couldn’t really find anything that could open the possibility of religion existing in Avalice inside the game. The closest I could find would be the legend about the Kingdom Stone, but I’m not sure if that counts. Even if it is, Spade knows that things didn’t happen quite as they are told.

I know you all saw tons of pictures and edit of the Paris show but I simply can’t resist to edit them too. Sorry not sorry. 

so I kind of came out to my dad today

Every time I go to scratch I think of you
Of wanting to tell you so you’ll talk me out of it
Of talking things through with you until I can fall asleep with a smile

But then I think of how you wouldn’t reply
Or if you did, with minimal response
Or of how it must annoy you, me being broken like this-
I can’t go a week without seeking comfort in your words, in your arms

I think of the last time I spoke with you while in an anxiety attack (although I did not know it was so until weeks later)
I told you ‘suddenly everything went wrong’ and you simply said
“It’s okay” then tried to move on, tried to change the subject- off of me, onto you
So I felt bad,
'I must be such a nuisance,
Such an attention whore-
I’m probably exaggerating
Or just wanting him to tell me what I want to hear.
After all, if the guy who always tried to make sure I was okay
And that nothing was wrong
Was the one telling me I’m fine,
Then I must be making it up.’

So no, you do not bring me comfort any more,
Thoughts of you don’t make me feel safe.

Every time I go to scratch I think of you
Of how you dismiss me and no longer care
Of how you would rather me seem perfect and sweet,
Than know of the dark that lies just beneath,
Still seeping through my pores and stealing my sleep
You’d rather believe me to be okay
Than know how I miss you
At the end of each day.