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Predebut Baekhyun doing hapkido




“Kyungshin (possibly the guy’s name) start”

“Brazilian Kick”

“It didn’t end yet you crazy bastard”

“No its this”

“No you have to get up while kicking”

“Show us beatbox, hurry please”

“Do it once”


“What what ?”

“Beatbox to the end !”

“Charge charge”

“Look at his butt" 

credits: sooyeon / @psyeons 

I Still Write

I’m telling the truth. I would write to you, I promise. I would sit in one spot and grab another piece of paper. I’ve always liked writing so when I spoke to you for the first time I wrote about you. My thoughts became pages and they were all written about you. Your name signed with swiftness, and a sense of tranquility overcomes me. I would write to you, I swear. At the end of the day I wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer. So, I’d take a seat and let the thought of you grasp my hand, twist and curl would the letters flow. Although, sometimes the i’s and y’s would collapse and drag along until their misery was put to end by punctuation. That’s when you were upset with me and you didn’t want to speak. There were evenings that my articulation would be sprayed with anger unevenly. There were afternoons that my hesitation would be decapitated and thrown to the side and your name would take its place. There were mornings when every trace of you swirled into a storm of an essay. One that no one would ever read but me. I would write to you, I guarantee. Most times when you spoke my pages were already being filled and flipped. Like an old typewriter every tick, click, and switch. The alphabet isn’t nonsense, it’s anger, it’s volume, it’s an eruption of emotion. Just find the right muse and put it to use. It was just at the time you happened to be my muse. I would write to you, I vow. When my sorrows would howl and I had no choice but to plow through. You’re still who I write about don’t get me wrong, but the letters aren’t as vibrant as they used to be. They cower out of terror and the shade of the tallest consonants frightens most until there is not much left to spell. I would write to you, I assure. However, now it’s somber and incomplete. Now vowels are the only thing left and they just spell ‘you’. I know it’s pathetically pointless to write but I still do.

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Just in case you ever feel like doing something horrible to yourselves just remember… I wouldn’t be spending hours of my life making art for you guys if I didn’t care. 

Does this sound obsessive or creepy? Idk

Anyway, over the last few months that I’ve followed the four of you I’ve seen all of you (except maybe Julianna) break down, one way or another.

I know that it’s hard to really think about some kid from tumblr when you’re in the middle of tearing yourselves to shreds but… please, at least know that I care.

I care about you guys damn it! I look up to you guys a LOT and it would hurt me, and so many other people if you hurt yourselves.

So please, know this:

You are loved.

Whenever relationships with people get a little difficult I have to fight the dire need to run away bc I feel like I’m going to go through the same emotional trauma I did w my past relationship

@ Jeremy from @cinemasins I spend a lot of time freaking out about The Ables, screw you for ruining my life man.

My mom and sister are in the other room talking and all of a sudden I hear”…true, your sister…” so I responded with “what”, and apparently they were talking about how I “just know things”. (they were talking about my occasional precognitive knowledge and acute intuition) Of course I was not witty and said “Well, I do have the capacity to retain information, thank you for noticing”. I know I’m not funny to other people, but I think I’m hilarious.

so i haven’t done ANYTHING at all this weekend and i am feeling very calm (which is very rare) but then again i ate so much i could go without food for like two weeks so idk man i feel very chill but also i regret all that food 

Some random guy sat w me @ lunch and just talked occasionally. He gave me his phone number and said that he’ll come back tomorrow?????


I just wanna talk about something that’s been annoying me a lot recently. Anfield is known for its “famous atmosphere” and a lot of fans who unfortunately don’t get to come very often say that’s why they really want to go; to experience the atmosphere. In recent years, the atmosphere, or lack thereof, has just annoyed me so much. Tbh I don’t remember my first game purely because I was so young, and it was a Coventry City game not Liverpool (they’re my home team), but I definitely remember my first game in the Kop. Everyone was on their feet the whole game, so I had to stand on my chair, and we all sang our throats sore. At today’s game, they were sat down pretty much in silence. At so many games the away fans have been singing: “where’s your famous atmoshpere?”, “is this a library?” and “your fans are shite” and I can’t help but agree with them. Where the fuck has our famous atmosphere gone?! You’ll Never Walk Alone was the only song we properly sang at today’s game, and even that didn’t impress me. It used to make my ears hurt, because the fans would sing so loudly and with so much passion. I really really hope Kloppo can bring this back.