Hi all, i am an army based in the Philippines. Being an international fan, it really hurts to see and watch all these things happen to Bangtan. I know you will understand in the end so please keep reading. We all love Bangtan right? So i am encouraging you to PLEASE SPREAD THIS POST so that it reaches whoever is incharge of security at the concert. The management has to know of what is about to happen because i’m guessing it’s much worse than these pics. Watching the incident at the airport, i could really imagine what will happen at the concert. The fact that they got injuries, someone managed to get up to the van, and even a death threat. This is no joke at all. They have to take notice of this, this would help the security team plan for the worst.

The boys are already so terrified and traumatized, the reason why Jimin posted that in Fancafe. I’m sorry but i hope the hitouch gets cancelled. It’s not safe. I’m so afraid for our boys rn, i can understand the feelings of fans (as i am one of you) but this is just UNACCEPTABLE, it’s too much.

Please just think of the boys, what would they feel towards y'all in mexico? Will they be able to perform as much as they had during the US tour? I doubt it. This experience could greatly affect their emotions, their performance, the concert itself.

Keep in mind that WHATEVER HAPPENS, THEIR SAFETY IS STILL THE PRIORITY. I would not be able to forgive myself if something happens to them and not have helped in any way to prevent it. So please help spread this. Every army anywhere on earth please do something even if it’s just through social media.

If the management cancels the concert or what, well it’s your fault. If you still want it, please just behave, dont stalk them dont throw yourselves at them, dont hurt them. And if in case the concert is not gonna get cancelled, PLEASE don’t throw any undergarments on stage that’s so gross and disrespectful! Hoping for their safety… 😯😣😢

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(Credits to the owner of the photos)


“I uh…Y…your hair’s gone bright red, Trinket!” 

More of the AU I posted yesterday lol, I couldn’t help it!

Metamorphmagus!Effie just leaves me with so many possibilities and yesterday I came up with this dumb thing. Effie can control her emotions really well and so it doesn’t show in her appearance, unless she’s really pissed off that is xD (Or she’s upset, but more on that later). Guess who can manage to get on every single nerve on her body? That’s right, little shit Haymitch! Despite all they still kinda get along, although they won’t admit it

Long post because I’m sleepy and thinking too hard.

I feel like that Bernie Sanders post is the perfect example of how the whole #StayWoke mentality has been overplayed and/or misused in certain cases. 

Like, Sanders has stances that I do not agree with. His stance on Israel is one of them. Yet, there isn’t a candidate I can think of that does not have that same particular stance AND still manages to embody the other ideas that I believe in. 

The claims being made by the post were such a reach. I guess I can see where someone would take issue with it. That issue would not be based off of his exact words, but rather the inferences(Reaches) that the reader makes. 

This ties into the bastardization of #StayWoke because people have gotten to the point on tacking that onto the most basic things. #StayWoke, in its carnation, applies to serious matters, mostly of race, that are often obscured from media and general information outlets. #StayWoke was intended to educate people about things that were being kept from them/covered up. It’s application has been used amongst the black community to spread information about the oppression of and violence against our people. 

 In this situation: A politician is nuanced and holds some viewpoints you disagree with? #StayWoke is an often touted out response to this situation. It’s the same thing as “problematic” and “unproblematic”. People seem to be falling into the trap of expecting politicians, celebrities, and others to be entirely faultless even though “nobody’s perfect” is a cliche that we encounter in so many forms. It’s elementary. 

So, what is it about officials and other famous folks that has us tripping over ourselves whenever they do something wrong? I believe that it’s just a matter of putting people on a pedestal and stripping them of the human traits that allow them to make mistakes. We expect them to be paragons of our ideologies rather than of their own. 

(This is not to say that some people are not just bad [though it’s very rare that I consider myself morally equipped to make that judgement]. It’s to say that our perception of “problematic” seems to be more tied to our feelings and opinions than actual reality.)

It’s irrational to expect a person to be entirely infallible. And realizing that they are not infallible is not a matter of being asleep, but rather a matter of growing up. 

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Hi! I see you have a really pretty new icon. Did you draw it and is it a picture you've posted? Thanks!

Yee I drew it. No it isn’t posted

You’ll probably see it in a few weeks… if I manage to finish the series I’m planning for this ;) I’m glad you like it, and thanks! 

GUESS WHICH AU (and is it obvious who it is)

(is there a fic for this au? no ship is complete without this au. i love this au. i need this au like i need sleep)

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What did tony jones do?

To be fair, I think he was really really nice to them during AHL. I actually really liked him. It was really cute with Jimin… But then after, I guess when he noticed how popular the boys really were… it kinda made him different. Anyways most of the points about this have been summarized by memeguk (i am too shy to tag you) in a post HERE. Thank you for making this post~

And then yesterday, he tweeted that he needed TRBinLA tickets. HE TWEETED THE DAY BEFORE THE CONCERT. Like really?!? REALLY!? DUDE CAN’T BUY TICKETS?!?!?! REALLY!? DUDE. 

Sure enough, earlier, he went inside the concert venue with BTS Manager Sejin without spending anything. And as the photos clearly suggests he went backstage too. Can’t he even support BTS properly? I read that Nate, another mentor in AHL, bought his own tickets and waited in line with the fans. Why can’t Tony Jones do the same? Can’t he show REAL support for BTS even just a little?! Does he really care for them at all? It’s also really super unfair to fans who worked so hard to get tickets and everything.

He probably didn’t even know half the songs they performed at the concert.

incoherent tl;dr keysmash pp movie feels

I can’t believe I let myself get carried away and wrote nearly 2.5k words of insane keyboardsmashing affdgjjkh 

Soooo remember I said I’d wanted to post about the Psycho Pass movie I watched nearly two weeks ago but couldn’t properly articulate all my thoughts/feelings about it? Well, here I am, still not quite certain I can word it all right, but attempting to do so anyway. May or may not be riddled with spelling errors, run-on sentences, etc. etc..

As always, extremely lengthy commentary and major SPOILERS under the cut:

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smh a blog posted something that said "5sos are being so sexist with this song title. i refuse to listen to it" but i guess they forgot that they posted that bc a few minutes ago they said "i was so excited for this song to come out omg"

Literally it was kinda obvious the title is deliberately misleading like why would management support a song that was sexist or the boys for that matter OR the people who wrote with them?? The whole reason they chose that name was to go “hey you can assume what you like about us but the truth is you’re being shallow and we refuse to fall into the labels you assign to us”

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Sasha so we saw Zayn leaving da club with his tattoo obviously enhanced and a day later they posted a pic of him at the tattoo parlor. Are they even policing the shit they do? They are so incompetent.

LOL, that’s true.  I guess you’re just supposed to squee over the new pix and not think too much about it. Like just take the pix, run to your bedroom and masturbate violently like your name is Niall Horan. LMAO No thought required!

TRBinNYC - Airport - Fan Acc

As you may or may not know, I hail from Canada. When I heard BTS was coming to NYC I figured it was about time I cross the border. And boy was that truly a feels trip. This isn’t your typical fan account I guess (for that reason) because not only was there things about the concert that influenced my experience but also about travelling to a foreign city/adjusting to new surroundings.

I left Canada on Tuesday around 7pm with excitement and high expectations of an amazing trip. As hours went by on the bus though, it drained the life out of me. Conditions weren’t ideal and the wifi was kinda terrible but I did manage to load the TRBinNYC FB page where someone had posted that BTS left Incheon airport…and then I realized that if they had left then (it was around 10pm EST) I would make it to the city before them…That being said, I didn’t want to go to the airport. I’ve done it before and it was a wonderful experience because the European fans in Berlin were so well behaved and respectful and I didn’t expect the same from North American fans. And I was right to assume so. Nonetheless, the friend I was travelling with was ADAMANT on going so I was like fine, let’s go. -.-

We arrived in NYC at around 7am Wednesday and after getting lost in the city and ditching our bags in a sketchy luggage storage facility, we made our way to JFK airport. We waited about 2 hours at the airport because although their flight arrived on time they took awhile to come out. Even before the fansites noticed, I saw Kim Tae’s head pop out from behind the exit and I was like OMG. They are here. Stay calm @self. And then, the running. Everyone was waiting on the left side of the exit (expecting them to come out that way) but they chose to go through the right side (bc ofc we’d all be wrong LOL). Right when they were spotted the masses RAN to the other side knocking over innocent passerbys at the airport… it was a good indication of the kind of behavior the concert was to bring and thus disappointing in some respect. The boys stood near the information desk for a bit and the fans started climbing the railing along the aisle in anticipation. When the boys finally walked by there was so much rush and running it was almost terrifying. I tried my best to stay out of it and used my touristy selfie stick to record above the masses. It kind of worked.

They were in good spirits and seemed really happy to see the fans. 

  • Jin and Jimin waved in my direction! But of course I didn’t capture that haha because I have terrible aim and only recorded their faces. I still consider that an accomplishment since last time I was so phased I only recorded Jimin’s chest.  
  • Taehyung waved at us too, only I couldn’t capture it because he was behind Jin ;A; 
  • It’s true that Yoongi was really tired looking all of them were to be honest so I don’t blame him for not interacting with the fans. Pls get rest Yoongi why are you still composing while abroad. 
  • It’s not unusual that Jungkook was shy/quiet. (He was like that in Berlin too, probably drained from the long flight). 
  • Namjoon seemed a bit reserved (compared to when I saw him before) but he was conversing with Jimin/Tae so I didn’t see it as a problem. 
  •  I’m sorry to say but I didn’t notice Hoseok because I was too distracted OTL so I have nothing to tell you about him you can see from the video that he was waving wildly and excited to be welcomed by so many fans. 

When they got into the car the fans were outside screeching and I could see Jimin from inside the tinted van laughing at us (or out of amusement at how popular they are abroad). Dont be rOOd Jimjams we just really love you guys it makes us cray. 

And then it was over. They drove away and we were left stunned, looking through our phones to prove that actually happened and confirming that indeed bangtan may look like angels but are real people. Even though I had seen them before much more close up, from less than a meter away, it never gets any easier seeing them in the flesh. We left the airport and met a few other ARMYs on the AirTrain back to Manhattan. With plans to meet up at the concert and maybe even after, we exchanged numbers and smiles and that was the end of the first chapter regarding bangtan in NYC.

TRBinNYC JFK Airport (x, x, x, x, x)

BTSinBerlin Tegel Airport (x, x, x) SPECIAL (x) 

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hi taylor, i've just finished reading the WHOLE silverton lake tag and i LOVE it! i have a few questions regarding how the founders lived for the first few weeks, like what did they eat (instant meals..?) and how you managed to keep their motives up. also i was wondering how did you keep npcs from appearing, like the hobby leaders? and also how did you deal with their wants and aspiration failure? thank you so much! i cant wait for your next posts! :)

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you just read all of those posts <3 Thank you so much :3

I miss those first few weeks where the founders were camping, it was surprisingly easy to keep them happy.

I use quite a few mods as I’m sure you guessed. Important ones for the camping survival time (for me anyway) are this invisible fishing pond, which I used to allow my sims to fish on a beach lot since it makes more sense to me that they would fish out of a huge lake rather than a tiny pond in their backyard, and this mod which makes it so that sims have no food in their fridges. 

You can see they have a teeny tiny fridge (by Ja here) and a grill. They lived almost exclusively off fish and, once the crops started growing, salads.

I used a couple of mods to prevent npcs. Most important is probably anti-redundancy which prevents npcs from being spawned until they’re needed. The second one was the visitor controller which allows you to ban certain sims from the lot. I also have no newspaper delivery (because eventually I’ll have a post office and if sims want a paper they’ll buy one from there) and because Callum and Kayla were teens I also used the sign from here to prevent the school bus from appearing. (I don’t have the sign anymore because it conflicts with inteen and the summer school mod and because my sims go to school now)

Keeping their motives up wasn’t too difficult. I only really looked after Kate because she was pregnant, everyone else was left to their own devices. They had a bathroom with 1 toilet and 1 bath so sometimes they had accidents, they kept their fun and social up by themselves by hanging out and playing the bongos and swimming in the lake. I also didn’t really have to work hard to keep their aspiration level up. I think that because they were on a beach lot they kept rolling wants to sunbathe and comb for seashells, and they did all of that autonomously. The hardest things was preventing them from freezing/over-heating. I had quite a few times where a sim would freeze solid XD

Tbh I’m quite a relaxed player, I’ll usually just leave my sim to do what they want. I do play by their wants so they don’t get married until they roll the want to. They have an affair if they roll the want for it. If a sim has an aspiration failure or becomes enemies with another sim then I just let it happen. I like some randomness, that’s why I have acr, inteen and realistic sickness. I’m probably going to start rolling random occurrences soon too. there was never really any point to rolling them before when there weren’t any community lots and only 10 sims. I’m looking forward to having some drama :D


So yesterday I was telling Missginevra how I have a ZNT/HP AU that’s been sitting in my drafts for forever (it’s a random little thing with no real plot) and so she asked me what my headcanons for the houses of each ZNT character were.

I decided to make a post to explain my choices since yesterday was AU day and I didn’t manage to post my Magical Alternate Universe fic. 

So here goes.

To be honest, when I started writing my idea for the HP AU (which came from a very random scene from Deathly Hallows) I didn’t even give much thought to the houses and their attributes, they just came to me as I started writing. You know when you’re so certain of something that you don’t even second-guess it? 

Twelve // Gryffindor - Twelve just screams Gryffindor to me. He can be such a showoff (especially at the beginning), and so very reckless. But he’s also extremely brave. He made some very difficult decisions and mostly let his heart decide his next move every time. Daring, chivalrous, and corageous are definite Twelve traits. He doesn’t always make the best or safest decisions but he’s true to himself, and to what his instincts and heart dictate. He will put his loved ones first before any cause, and stand by his choices until the very end.

Lisa // Hufflepuff - I am soooo fond of Hufflepuff. I see it as the house of the pure cinnamon rolls that must be protected at all costs but that can definitely pull through on their own just fine if they must. Always underestimated but definitely a force to be reckoned with when you least expect it. Maybe that’s why my mind immediately assigned the house to Lisa. She gives, and gives, and gives some more. She avoids conflict when possible but stands up for what she believes is right. She has such emotional strength and she never gives up. She’s a hard worker to the core (remember her trying to help on episode 6/7 even when she was so out of her depth? and her attempt to cook a second time even after her disastrous first results? The girl doesn’t give up.). Lisa is loyal, forgiving, and so very caring. She doesn’t hold grudges and she genuinely just wants everyone to be happy. 

Plus, and this really is just a *plus*, yellow robes <3.

Nine // Ravenclaw - Nine has such a flexible mind. What I respected the most about Nine was that no matter how many obstacles were presented to him and how sometimes his plans had to change at the very last minute, he always managed to have a plan B under his sleeve, even when it was at the spur of the moment and under extreme emotional stress. (Ep. 7, for example, when Twelve insisted they save Lisa and it literally took Nine less than seven seconds to come up with a whole new plan, involving Shibazaki). Maybe he’s not as free-spirited as a lot of Ravenclaws but he definitely fits this house the most. Individualty, Wisdom, Intelligence. All evident traits in Nine.

Five // Slytherin- Now, you might think I chose this house for Five because she’s the “antagonist” and can come off as “evil”. But I swear that wasn’t it. I have a lot of respect for Slytherin and hated how in the film they were all sent to the dungeons instead of giving them the option to fight. I loathe how Slytherins can be so misunderstood when really they are just very complex people. And that’s mostly what made me think of Five for this house. She’s so competitive, so driven to be the best, which is an excellent attribute if all that drive is chanelled correctly. She wasn’t inherently bad, she was just raised under circumstances that not even the Sphinx duo could fully comprehend, as they escaped the grasp of Athena and the government at a still very young age. 
Slytherins are also characterized by their traditionalism, which reminds me of Five and how she was hesitant to escape, deciding, ultimately, to stay behind. I am probably one of the few people who thinks her decision was justified in that all she knew was the institution and no matter what, she probably felt the safest with the people that had raised her until then.

Five was resourceful, cunning and ambitious. She was a natural leader with an excellent mind. A true Slytherin in my books.

I feel like there’s always the possibility that another house could suit the characters just as well. You know how most characters, even in the HP universe, have attributes of more than one house? It can never be said they fully belong to one house or the other. But mostly, I think I’ll stick to my first instinct. I’m pretty happy with how I sorted them.

prime-minister-tony-abbott well that is a good question… difficult to answer though. see, if I say just one, I’ll be neglecting all of the other ones. but if I say all, this blog will never end because a) I will probably always manage to have another otp that isn’t canon, PLUS some of my otps are from shows/movies/books that are seemingly finished so there may never be an opportunity for them all to become canon… let’s just say, for now at least, I will continue this blog for an indefinite period of time.