What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened on a Clean Bandit stage?
Once, Neil felt ill, and I looked at him, and he was gesturing that he was about to throw up, and asking where he should do it! I think he almost did it into his coat or a cello case, but managed to run off stage just in time! [laughs]

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Elderberry. The one who was overly enthusiastic when seeing that nichijou post on your dash. So how was it? Did you like it or was it not really your thing?

Elderberry: I’ve anon-ed you something personal before. 

Oh. I think I might know which Anon you are. 

As for Nichijou…I got up to episode 4 back then, went out to eat, and I guess I forgot to pick it back up. xD But from what I’ve managed to see, it was very entertaining. Thanks for reminding me, though! I’ll try to finish it and give my final verdict. :D 

Just Play Pretend (Luke Imagine)

Summary: You and Luke are forced to date because of management, but you end up falling in love. (Requested)

Hiii so this first part is super short, but if you want, I’ll write another! Hope you like it!

Also: MY ROWYSO CONCERT IS TOMORROW! if anyone is going to Saratoga Springs, hit me up and we should totally say hi! I’ve been screaming pretty much all week and I’m so so so excited! I’ll make sure to post tons of pics!


“So…” Luke stared at you from across the conference table. “I guess you’re my… girlfriend?”

“Uh… yeah,” You replied, scratching the back of your neck and offering him a small smile. Sometime last month, a man had seen you at your job, and later introduced himself as the manager of 5 Seconds of Summer. You had always been a fan, and didn’t quite understand his motives until he requested to meet with you. There, he offered you the title of ‘Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend’ which apparently was some type of publicity stunt for the young star to profit from. You agreed, not being able to resist the massive salary. Plus, Luke was always your favorite, so it would give you a chance to look into his life. He, however, was less than ecstatic about it.

“I just don’t like faking stuff,” Luke huffed, turning to his manager.

“I know, Luke, but the media will thrive off of this story, and it will be great for all you guys.” His manager nodded to you.

“It’s too soon,” Luke responded quietly. You vaguely remembered that he had just gotten cheated on by his longterm girlfriend -a real one- and apparently it had left him heartbroken for weeks.

“This is just temporary, Luke,” His manager sighed. “To prove you’re still in the game.”

After that meeting, you and Luke received a schedule of several set up dates. The first two were horrible, Luke still being too heartbroken to want to do anything. By the fifth date, he was slightly better, and you assumed that someone had talked to him.

Slowly -painstaking slowly- he started opening up to you. On your ninth date, you both had gone to a movie, returning to his hotel to keep appearances up. When you were about to leave, he surprised you by suddenly requesting you to stay.

“You want me to stay?” You asked,  surprised he wanted you behind the cameras.  He nodded slowly.

“I mean, it’s raining and your hotel is pretty far. We can just chill and watch Netflix.” He shrugged, so you set yourself down on his fluffy bed, glad that he wasn’t being grouchy for once.

You learned a few more things about him as you both watched a few hours of Netflix. Just little things, like the movies he liked or favorite foods. After the third hour, you both decided you were hungry, so you got room service. It was as you were finishing your gourmet meal that Luke suddenly broke the silence.

“I’m really sorry.” He blurted out, cheeks seeming to flush right before your eyes.

“For…?” You raised an eyebrow at him, chewing carefully.

“Just, um, being a dick,” he swallowed thickly. “At the beginning, I really hated this whole thing.”

You chuckled. “You weren’t very good at hiding it.”

“It just was tough, you know?” His eyes clouded with sadness. “I know our relationship isn’t real, but it was so hard to think of being lovey with someone after, well, you know.” He looked down at his empty plate.

“I completely get that,” You sympathized with him. “It’s okay.”

He gave you a small smile. “Thanks. I know I’m a pain and I don’t know how long you’ll be my 'girlfriend’, but I’m glad we’re friends.”

“Me too, Luke,” you smiled back, continuing to learn things about him throughout the night. It wasn’t until much later that you were dropped off at your hotel, and your heart dropped when you felt a strange emotional ache running through your chest. You recognized the feeling, your eyes squeezing shut as you realized what was going on.

You were falling in love with Luke, and fast.

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How do you manage to make such a clean lines? The are beautiful?

Hey there!
I’m not even sure how to describe it, but l usually starts out with a rough sketch.

And then I’ll work on the clean up on the actual sketch, outlining and erase any unwanted lines. Sometimes l use quick strokes for curve lines while slower strokes for details. I guess it also depends how confident I put on my lines.

Also be patience with it and take your time. I work on my stuff on photoshop, but Sai is really great for lines so you might want to try that out! 

Bucky is very injured and traumatized, yes but literally at the end of Cap 2 he had found clothes for himself, tended his own wounds, and managed to get into the Smithsonian without attracting attention or hurting anyone. He’s spent his time up til whenever Cap 3 picks up (but at least the whole timeline in AoU) taking care of himself and killing Hydra people. He’s doing well enough to elude Steve and Sam on his own, if nothing else. So can we please end this bullshit theory that he’s a) a rabid dog constantly in danger of lashing out at civilians, or b) a helpless, infirm child that wets the bed and can’t feed himself or complete basic tasks without assistance?

While we’re at it, could we possibly lay to rest the idea that acquiescence under duress, brainwashing or torture is somehow the same thing as personal agency or informed consent? Bucky “following orders” ala memory wipe and reprogramming is not the same thing as Bucky choosing to follow Hydra indoctrination or somehow believing their cause to be just. They literally had to continually destroy parts of his brain in order to force him to do their work. It was made pretty damn clear in Cap 2 that Bucky’s was a prisoner in captivity, and that his “work” was servitude, not volunteerism. There are several instances in the comics where he talks about screaming and fighting inside himself to break out of the programming and fight back, countless times he watched people get hurt or killed while he was unable to respond. That’s not meta, that’s canon Bucky. 

He’s a very intense, complicated, interesting character just as he is. Erasing the non consensual nature of his captivity and “service” as the Winter Soldier doesn’t serve to spice him up. It’s victim blaming, pure an simple, and at this point we have plenty enough canon evidence that contradicts the “Bucky is a villain” angle that I guess I just don’t understand why or how it still exists.

tl;dr Bucky’s not a goddamn villain. He’s not a Hydra agent. He’s a traumatized, brutalized prisoner of war. Please stop victim blaming Bucky Barnes 2kforever.

so i was on tv tropes and found that there was a whole page of scenes that was slipped under the radar in TCW so obviously i looked through it to see what kind of crap they managed to get on cartoon network and


Somebody asked me the other day where I managed to get all my content and how I managed my blog. I didn’t really have the time to answer it and I guess I deleted it because the message isn’t there. But, I’ll explain. :)

I have a folder saved on my hard drive called SOW that has three subfolders: pictures of wrestlers, documents about wrestling, and pictures of me with wrestlers. On days when there’s not much in news or nothing has popped out to me as interesting, I’ll pick through the pictures of wrestlers and find one, usually of someone I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll either look through an old magazine, recall a moment from a shoot interview, or read articles online about said wrestler and derive information from those to add to the post, so it’s not just a picture. Or, I’ll go through the documents about wrestling, find some articles that I’ve saved or old drafts that I’ve started, and come up with content based on them.

The pictures in the folder come from either Googling or when I see a random picture pop up on Tumblr without any context. Some people consider that stealing, but the way I see it, most of the pictures I save from Tumblr were taken by someone other than the person that posted them, so what’s the difference? I don’t save edits, because people actually put work into those. I use to, but I’ve quit being such a little bitch about it. You all put in work, and it’s awesome. Keep it up!

When it comes to matches, a lot of times, I’ll just think for a second about different wrestlers and then look up matches based on different things. Let’s say I think of The Undertaker, for example. I’ll think “What was a big match in his career? Who did he face that people might have forgot about? When he won the title, who did he beat? How many companies has he been in, and how many matches are online from those companies?” I’ll factor in whichever of those stands out to me, find a match, watch it, and if it’s good, I post it. I’d say I watch about 15 matches a day to pick the 3-5 I wind up posting on my queue.

I also take recommendations, too. Some people want me to check out wrestlers they enjoy, so I do, and if I like what I see, I post it. Admittedly, sometimes, I forget, but I get around 20-30 messages a day on here and it’s hard to keep up with people. It may not seem like I get that much, since I don’t reply publicly, but I only post the replies that I think are either interesting enough to mention or that I think people would laugh at. I have a lot of conversations through SOW with followers about wrestling. Some match recommendations come from friends, like Nick Maniwa, or other wrestlers who will say “Hey, have you seen this match from x years ago?” It just depends on what pops up.

First and foremost, this blog was created to spread the joy of wrestling. I don’t try to show off how much I know, I don’t try to “out-do” other blogs, I don’t post shit that JUST I like (because if I did, there’d be about 20 Roddy Piper matches per week). I just love pro wrestling. I want to share that joy with people who also love it, and for as long as I’ve been alive (29 years), I’ve enjoyed learning and sharing that knowledge. Shitloads Of Wrestling is my haven to share knowledge, and I’m happy to have amassed 10k followers who enjoy what I post. You all are fantastic!

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It isn't a prompt in a specific au but more like a one word prompt in an au of your choosing? - Predatory (x27 or 27x) please. Thank you!

ugh sorry this took so long i over thought it a lot. also i am ver y weak about this pairing oh my god.

I guess this is probably Birthright continuity but like, idgaf it’s just gayness and sexual tension post-spar because all i care rn about is tsuna holding xanxus down and making out with him and xanxus being Really Into That.

“Careful,” Xanxus manages to murmur, never looking away from Tsunayoshi. “You could burn a man alive like that.”

The pressure on his chest increases for a moment, as Tsunayoshi leans into his knee, and then eases as the brat shifts his position until he’s straddling Xanxus’ waist.

“You aren’t complaining,” Tsunayoshi says, once he’s steadied himself, leaning close. He braces himself with a hand beside Xanxus’ head, and it would be intimate, except for the vast, wrecked room they’re in. The flame curling around the hand inches from his ear would be a threat, except for the way that it’s an afterthought.

Xanxus can’t help a bark of laughter, and the faintest edge of a smile touches Tsunayoshi’s mouth for a moment, before he releases his Flame. It wisps away to nothing around his hands and on his brow, and the orange haze over his eyes fades.

It does nothing to gentle him. 

Tsunayoshi emerges from behind his Dying Will like a sky full of stars appearing from behind clouds. Xanxus watches, fascinated, as flat orange fades into piercing amber. It’s like being watched by a hawk who hasn’t quite decided whether to settle upon the glove, to savage the falconer, or to slip away in a whirl of feathers.

Xanxus meets those unblinking eyes for a long moment, waiting for Tsunayoshi to make his decision, letting his Flame warm him in case of an attack. 

Finally, Tsunayoshi closes his eyes for a moment, mutters something incomprehensible, and leans even closer, his lips brushing against Xanxus’ cheek.

I could burn someone alive, Xanxus?” he says, and his voice is warm and heavy with his Will. The hand he’s not using to hold himself up is pressed to Xanxus’ chest, over his heart. Xanxus can feel it, still fever warm through layers of cloth.

“You,” he says, and Tsunayoshi huffs a laugh, hot breath fanning over Xanxus’ cheek.

“Flatterer,” he says, with all the fondness of old friends or new lovers, moving his head so that his lips just brush Xanxus’ as he speaks. 

Xanxus groans quietly, tilting his head, not sure how to ask for what he wants. Tsunayoshi obliges him anyway, bridging the scant fractions of an inch between them with a sharp, biting kiss.

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Honestly its not just about you "being a role model" its about you realizing that alcohol addiction ruins lives while you clearly glorify that shit. All I see you talk about is drinking. You're an adult, not a 14 year old who thinks drinking is cool.

you literally don’t know anything about my family history or my issues so, like, whatever. i know that alcohol addiction ruins lives, that’s why i personally waited to start drinking. and guess what? i managed to do that despite every show on tv telling me that DRINKING ALCOHOL IS WHAT TEENAGERS DO TO BE COOL. i’m pretty sure my followers, who are generally a pretty intelligent bunch, can survive with one blogger who they barely even care about, talking about drinking wine with her friends.

and most of my posts on this blog are actually talking about television?? that’s why i have so many followers?? because i talk?? about television?? and the fast and furious franchise??

also, you don’t…have to follow me…

anyway, i’m going to go to the movies tonight with my FRIENDS, where i will NOT DRINK ALCOHOL, and we are going to have a GREAT TIME as people who DRINK SOCIALLY but NOT ALL THE TIME

and you can unfollow me if you want. i promise i won’t hold a grudge.

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playlist: billdip :0

send me a word/character/show and I’ll make a 5 or 10 song long mixtape/playlist for it

a;sldkfjadf I have sadDER SONGS BUT LIKE…. I’LL TRY??? TO KEEP THIS HAPPY???? if you want the sadder stuff I guess just send another one a;lsdkjf

  1. Out Of My League- Fitz and the Tantrums
  2. That Man- Caro Emerald
  3. Crazy for You- Hedley
  4. Disgusting- Ke$ha
  5. Animal- Neon Trees
  6. Animals- Maroon 5
  7. Irresistible- Temposhark
  8. Do I Wanna Know (cover)- Christina Grimmie
  9. Favorite Gospel- Fall Out Boy VS  Panic!at the Disco (posted like this cuz my fave mashup person deleted and all of the songs are gone and I only managed to save my faves ;alsdkjf this is my absolute fave)
  10. Shiver Shiver- WALK THE MOON



Hello everyone, Dank here. Again with it what I manage to made recently in blender. Well, I finished my ‘unwithered’ Nightmare Freddy, I guess, I can call him this way.

Well, it took me a while to make the rest of him there. But, I’m happy how he looks! 

Even tho…there’s couple of differences between my model and original one. I probably will fix those in future. But, for now it stays the way it does. (I’m gonna turn him into the way he actually does look soon tho.) And I need to re rig his entire arms, since its bones don’t work the way I want them to.

I’m mostly likely gonna make the rest of nightmares…sooner or later. Hopefully they don’t take that much of time.

Also, I won’t give anykind of download of the model. Since, I don’t know, I don’t feel like it would be a good idea. Sorry, guys, but, maybe in future we’ll see.

And yeah, that’s all from me for now!

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1: Write your name in song titles:

(okay so I’m really bad with song titles I always fucking forget them so what what I’m gunna do is just use the songs on my computer which are 90% homestuck songs rn sorrrrrry)

Judgment Day  


Carry me away

Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!!

She’s a Sp8der

Ocean Stars Falling

Nautical Nightmare

2: Why did you choose your URL?

There was this “kawaii” name generator thing on my dash, and my result was “Strawberry Bun”. I thought it was cute and hated my then current url so was like “i’ll change to this until I can think of a better url/username”. The name was of course taken, so inspired by my buneary in the nuzlocke run I was doing at the time, I decided to pokemon-up my username.

3: What’s your middle name?

Don’t have one!

4: If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

hmmmmmmm…. you know being a water bender would be pretty sick

5: Favourite color?


6: Favorite song?

Don’t really have one sorry :<

7: Top 4 fandoms?

Pokemon, Yogscast, Steven universe and um… avatar? idk there’s a lot

8: Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

um idk actually? a bunch of small reasons, there’s not really any big pulls for me.

9. Tag Mutual people, or whoever wants to do this

Not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it go ahead I guess

06:49 August 20 - Egochan [G+ post]


Good morning ♪


Have you already 
watched the 5th gen’s
shaved ice speed eating contest yet?

For this year, 
I came in 2nd (^^)

Naochan came in first
she kept speaking the whole
time but still managed to win it,
I guess that’s Naochan for you *laugh*


Did you all guess right~?

I hope that all of us will still be able to do this again next year ♪


Everyone, please treat me well for today ♪

Off I go 

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I liked your last post. I myself do not post much. I like to see how others manage time and running. I'm Ken, 61 years old, and from Chicago. I have run since 1976, and usually run 100 miles a month. Have done 8 marathons, 1 ultra, and usually do a 5K every other weekend in the summer. I guess its hotter there than Chicago. But it has been hot here lately.

Hi Ken! :)  Thanks for following along!  I can’t promise that I’ll have anything helpful to share about running.  I do enjoy running (mostly when it’s not 100+ degrees–which it is in TX right now).  However, I’m not much of a distance runner, no matter the weather. (Little bit about that here.)  A comfortable 5K or 10K is more my speed.  I like yoga, dance, circuit training, swimming, and body pump classes in addition to my running.  I post about them occasionally, but mostly I post about whatever’s on my mind when I login.  :)  I have only been blogging for a few months, but I really love this positive, supportive Tumblr community!

It really brightened my day that you took a moment to introduce yourself!  Also, 100 miles a month is AMAZING!!!  :)  If my very random posts aren’t helpful (which I’m sure they’re not), my ask box is always open! :)  Have an awesome day!