listen i get it. yknow? the how i met your mother finale sucked. it was bad and y’all hate it. but theres so many good things that u love about it…like you watched the show for a reason and i know the last episodes fucked up certain things but c’mon…isnt it about time y‘all stopped tagging every goddamn himym post w/”GARBage SHoW RUNied MyfaVES AND i will NEVER bE HAPpy AGAIN!!1!” how are u gonna let 1 bad episode ruin someting u clearly love so much

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What does that mean? Idgi. So HDD posts an article about how Harry hates everyone... and in exchange gets that quote from Modest?

So HDD has had multiple solo Styles hints in their Rumor Mill articles. I’ve always wondered if they had a source specifically or they just based it off of general assumption. Now I think they had a source. 

Even in that Harry hates everyone article they posted around Hell Yacht time, they had something new about management worrying the animosity would get physical during tour? And then that article got pulled.

Considering they ended up with a Modest exclusive, I can guess their source has been someone from Modest and the one who pulled it was probably an Azoff. 

haters gonna hate - proverbs 9:8

I normally don’t do this stuff but after seeing so much hate lately towards Tori I just need to address this:

there’ve been so gosh dang many posts about how Tori get’s everything handed to her, that it’s only because of her management that she’s nominated for a Grammy and also performing there, that there’s nothing about her Grammy worthy and oh, that this and that artist deserves it so and so much more to be nominated for a Grammy cause they’ve worked hard to get one, etc…..

first of all, management: guess what, a management is meant to MANAGE an artist and to book them performances and gigs and what not. if this is brand new information to you, then you’re welcome. I’m happy to educate you.

second: her management did NOT book her that Grammy nomination (shocker, right?). the girl is nominated for one because she can sing, she can write music, she can perform and most of all because she’s a freaking workaholic who does all of these things all the time. she’s nominated for delivering high quality music and being able to actually perform live. you guys should be glad that at least award shows sometimes care about the actual art of an artist and not about how flashy and over the top the choreography and the outfits are.

third: the girl’s been working her butt of for the past decade to get where she is now. she has never ever gotten anything handed to her. Tori always was the girl seeing this and that artist perform at award shows and whatnot, but was she complaining for the past 10 years about how it’s not her on that stage but another artist who worked hard? she was not. if you are telling me that a 23 year old girl who’s been making music since was was a little kid, who self wrote, self produced, self recorded and self mixed her first EP alone in her bedroom (to releasing another EP and a #2 album), someone who’s been touring since 2013 (almost non stop through all of 2015) and who’s going back on a 30-something dates tour, isn’t Grammy worthy, then well…you’re dismissed. last time I checked the Grammy’s weren’t about album sales, amount of fans or how many mainstream #1 singles an artist has.

I’m sorry that your fave isn’t performing at a specific show or not nominated for a Grammy, but don’t make that Tori’s problem. if you’re mad about this go and rant about it to your fave’s management or whatever but this has in no way anything to do with Tori Kelly.  

if you don’t like her music style: cool.
if you don’t like her lyrics: congrats.
if you don’t like her voice: good for you.
if you don’t like the way she doesn’t try to push the limits of what is considered “naked” and what’s not: awesome. happy for you.

everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion. however, after more than a decade of hard work Tori can finally live her dream, so don’t you dare trying to degrade it in any way. 

thanks. moving on…


i bumped into kamala khan and it made me so happy so i had to share. also i didn’t manage to get a cap of the whole thing but she said to me (when i was playing steve rogers) “i wrote this awesome fanfic about you! yeah, you were paired with… actually i’ll tell you about it later.”

which, on the one hand, kamala is truly one of us. on the other hand – kamala!! keep the fourth wall between you and the person you wrote sexy fanfic about, yeah!!


… still stealing Derek’s apples and apparently his favourite pink undies ~^__^~


I was feeling nostalgic for my old oekaki days & wanted to test the new paintberri site. Plus I finally figured out why my bamboo wasn’t working and fixed it (it helps to update the drivers every once in a while). 

I haven’t done this in forever and managing with just 2 layers and basic tools was kinda hard, but also fun.

Inspired by this awesome fic I read recently and everyone should check out immediately ♥

Abominable (20,277 words) by Revenant

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale & Laura Hale

Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Laura Hale, Lydia Martin, Original Characters

Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Abominable Snowman Stiles Stilinski, Yeti!Stiles, Alive Laura Hale, Hurt/Comfort, Schmoop, Fluff, Slow Build, Hunters, Romance, Carpenter Derek, Alternate Universe, Post Hale Fire, Orphan Stiles, Small Towns, Mountains, Forests, Beta Derek, Wolf Derek, Alpha Laura, Domestic

Summary: Where Derek buys a secluded cabin halfway up a mountain, meets a yeti and falls in love with Stiles, but not necessarily in that order.


Taintedtale -Slice of Happiness- 5~8 (end of chapter 1)

Part 1~4 [x

“Do you hate me that much… ?”

“I guess even the sweetest moments can end up this way, isn’t it? I’m not the one in control anymore…” 

I managed to finish these parts today, I have been working on them even before I had posted part 1 x’D! I don’t know when chapter 2 or part of it is going to be done for posting… but I’ll try to keep them coming as fast as I can Ò^Ó (Determination!!)

Have a nice day everyone!

PS: THAT is flour.

Just here to put you all up to date with what’s happening.

It looks like the final strike was due to KamiHaji 132 getting flagged. The way the posts have been flagged one by one and no message asking me to stop translating came in makes me assume it wasn’t the official licensing company, and seeing as AkaYona posts weren’t attacked it seems illogical to assume blogger was cleaning out possibly problematic posts from its database….. but none the less, the reality is that I received a few DMC complaints, leading to my account getting suspended, and though I ceased posting translations on my blog after I got the first one I guess blogger doesn’t really care about that. Strike out.

On the other hand! Thanks to the wonderful anon that told me about the caches I’ve managed to retrieve most of my posts. Not only that but a really kind someone (who’s name I won’t mention in case they’re not okay with it) messaged me yesterday and spent hours helping me retrieve the posts last night. Of the 153 posts on Kira Kira I have taken back 117. There was a few announcement posts and stuff about my daily life too, but I wrote those up to inform you pretties of what was going on so I don’t care much about them. Now I’m trying to figure out if I really wrote up 36 unnecessary posts of if I’m forgetting something…

Unfortunately, Kamisama 132 and 139 have been lost for obvious reasons…….. along with all of the stuff I had in drafts, which is what hurts the most because a certain post I had been working on for days was meant to eventually become a Japanese linguistic paper I wanted to hand in was between them.

Google still hasn’t sent me any sort of message. I’ll wait a few more days, but I’ll try once again appealing to them with the whole linguistics paper thing if they say I can’t have my files back or if they don’t answer. I really want my drafts back, even if it’s just that post. If I get that post back, I guess I can forgive the other 17 drafts I had on Kira Kira (rest in peace, my many hours and days of work…)

A curious case of shipping and interpreting a scene

I managed to see a plethora of clexa/anti-Bellarke posts on the mobile app last night because I guess the words were within the post text, I don’t know. Anyway, here is what I don’t get. Almost all of those posts were essentially bashing bellarke fans and saying they “spin” looks and moments between Clarke and Bellamy to fit their own ship.

 Okay, but isn’t that what everyone who ever shipped a couple does? In the scene where Bellamy asks Clarke to come back, she said I’m sorry and gave a rather ambiguous look. I saw bellarkers interpret that look as “she’s clearly conflicted because she cares for him and wants him to know that she hates this decision but is truly doing it for her people.” And then I literally saw a pro-clexa post celebrating that same look and “I’m sorry” as “lol Bellamy I’m staying here with my wife.” Where’s the difference? We all take tiny movements and gestures between our fave ships and spin them into tale of grandeur love.

 Like, so many Lexa fans watched Lexa bow to Clarke ( a symbol of respect for someone higher than you) and say some words and instantly labeled it “grounder married.” Completely disregarding anything about their completely broken trust up to this point.

 If you’re looking at Clexa and yelling “married” and then blasting bellarke fans for thinking bellamy’s actions mean something more than this show has ever stated or that Clarke actually does care about his feelings bc they truly have been through hell and back together and sometimes her expressions towards him are not in fact disdain or lol I’m gonna go to my lover now, then please re-evaluate how you treat people who ship different than you. 

 Bellamy, Clarke or Lexa have never declared any sort of love for the other. We’ve just all interpreted what we want from their actions to fit our own desired narrative. ALL OF US. 

 We’re all a tad crazy with this stuff. Please don’t be mean crazy. Of if you’re going to be hypocritical in your tumblr hate, at least own up to that hypocrisy. You know Lexa would.

a little intro

I guess it’s customary in the studyblr community to make a little intro post so here goes!

I’m Alyssa, I’m 21 and in my third year of college (but I won’t graduate next year). I’m a journalism major with a minor in marketing and management, so I’d love to follow more people who are studying those areas! I’d also love to find some veterinarian majors, or anything to do with animals. I want to start up an animal shelter some day. I love getting ,essays and chatting with people about anything -school, animals, relationships, life in general.

I made this blog to help keep me motivated and to get ideas from other people for studying. My goal for this semester is not to fall behind in any class and to finish the year with at least all Bs! I have 3 other blogs(!) and my main is foreheadalex, so if I follow you that’s who you’ll see!

So far, I’m following a few other studyblrs:
@my-little-studyblr @omgstudytime @studyspoinspo and @elkstudies !

My sister playing Arkham Origins Sentence Starters
  • Go fuck yourself.
  • I’m so bad at this game.
  • Guess who is going to scream.
  • Get off of the rail.
  • Don’t hit me. What’s your damage?
  • These guys all have anger management issues.
  • He’s so fucking insane. I love it
  • What is going to cause the most chaos?
  • She’s already in love with him, it’s to late for her.
  • Have I reached internet fame yet, because something good better become of this.
  • Infact, I’ll take you out no— why can’t I take you out now.
  • I love the writing on the wall.
  • They killed my gargoyle.
  • Damn I’m about to have fun.
  • As soon as they run into the other door they’re fucked.
  • That’s my new favorite way to kill people.
  •  Don’t throw a grenade in here, don’t do it.
  • What’s another interesting way to kill people?

Oh, wooohoooooo! Guess who’s just completed Chapter 01 for Timetale story?

Me, dat Faboo Chetto. XD Actually not really, but I managed to sketch out about 15 pages and they DO still need cleaning up and color steps and such. C: But, nevertheless, it’s been quite an interesting experience! XD Man, can’t wait for moar “adventures”. *rattling down to BONE*

Although I would like to post some WIPs, most of last pages are too spoilerish and wouldn’t be very fair if I show “secrets”. XDDD

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Stop being sick, you get sick a lot!

Not really, it probably just seems like it since I don’t exactly post about not being sick very often.

My whole house (of 8 people, including me) has been sick for the last couple weeks. Some of them more than once. Until now, I managed to remain the one and only healthy individual in the house. I guess my socializing yesterday with the roommates was premature. Oh well.

shylittledeer-inthebusheso-o asked:

Congrats on being discharged from the hospital Michi, hope you are feeling better! ^~^ also sorry for bugging you, idk how best to get into contact with you (I tried reblog and plain messaging but idk if that went through 0^0) but anywho, it was about an old post (the one with chapter titles) and I thought possibly the 36 chapter title could be a play on refute, what do you think? (Again sorry for bothering you ;-;)

Thank you! I’m feeling alright but I guess I just feel more tired than usual since I haven’t really managed to sleep properly for the past 24 hours;; That and the shots I took still kinda hurt.

And no worries, you’re not bother at all! I’ll include it in the list but I personally think that the pronunciation is closer to ‘rift’ rather than ‘refute’ but thank you so much for sharing! :D

Little shoutout!

Hey guys, one of my favourite Facebook pages “Shit Tumblr Says” recently got deleted. They made a second page and managed to get a couple thousand of their likes back but by far not all of them. They post pretty much what we do, but with less personal opinions I guess. They’re really great, please give ‘em a like if you want. Thanks! <3

- Mod Jewel

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so i started trying to practice with energy and i managed to activate it i guess you could say/go through that first exercise in the help post you made just fine, but now i can't seem to "turn it off"??? like i can still feel all the energy going to my hand and its pretty warm so its kinda uncomfortable more than anything. and ive tried visualizing it moving back but it only works for a bit. is this a common problem or did i just do something wrong? and how do you stop it

Sounds like you need a decent ground and centering exercise. Also, it helps to stop pulling the energy from whatever source you’ve conjured up. I’ve never actually ran into anyone with this issue.

Have any of my followers had this issue? Have you resolved it?
The Tabletop RPG Works of Wesley "Dammit Wes" Moots
Welcome! Here you'll find much of what I have created for tabletop RPGs. For the most part I write...

Alright adventurers, npcs, monsters, and everyone who falls somewhere in the in-between - here is the link to my new blog.

It only has one lonely post on it so far, but that will grown until one becomes many and more than I’d care to count.

What’s my specialty? Well as an ex-barback, ex-youth pastor, ex-janitor, ex-food truck manager, ex-camp counselor, and current AV technician (this week, who knows in the future), I can say that your guess is easily as good as mine!

Head on over and give it a look, better still give it a follow, and best yet ask me a question over there and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions with as much veracity as any fiction I’ve ever written contains.

Thanks to Paizo (who I don’t work for…yet) and my collegues (friends and more) generally, awesome Tumblr people @jessicalprice, @amazonchique, @wesschneider, @blankadude, @lastsf, @teddymarinaro and my amazingly supportive girlfriend @mindofamun specifically, and Harry Blackstone Copperfield Desden, Kvoth the Bloodless, and a million other characters fictitiously for inspiring me to be the storyteller I will be someday.

Andy Shanghai Fanmeet (16 Jan 2016)

This is an expired post. Way past its due date! I was really contemplating if I should forgo this post but I guess it’d be nice for myself to relive the day one more time?

Before I start on anything, please remember to stream Hyesung’s Roco Drama! <3


Attending Andy’s fanmeet had been a promise made to myself ever since his hiatus in 2013. The promise was actually to attend his very first FM (the Ningbo FM in 2014) after the long period, but work didn’t accommodate to my Shinhwa schedule so I only managed to fulfill this promise in 2016.

The price of the Shanghai FM is almost 5 times that of the Korea FM. But it includes an extra perk – SHAKING ANDY’S HAND! I am wondering if the handshake is worth the extra money. Regardless, that wasn’t the reason why I chose Shanghai (I was quite indifferent to the hand shake tbh).

My rationale:

1)      I know I’ll be visiting Seoul a lot in the future because of all Shinhwa related activities so Shanghai got 1 point over Seoul on this

2)      I can understand mandarin so I’d be able to understand the Shanghai FM more than the Korea one

3)      I seriously didn’t know the Korea FM is going to be this affordable! KWR 60,000?

Anyway, I regret nothing going to the Shanghai one. Maybe I am bias, but I really like his outfit in the Shanghai FM better xD


The hand shake session starts at 5.30pm. It was quite a funny sight to see Shinhwa Changjo spamming hand cream and hand lotion when we were queuing to get into the theater. I did not do the same partially because I was lazy. But I assure you even though I felt indifferent about the hand shake, I was getting pretty nervous in the queue because I am going to see him at really close proximity!!! =O

The mc told us that Andy will be slightly late because his interview dragged and he had to touch up his make-up after the interview, making the audience laughed. But it was bad for my heart because I was totally unprepared when he entered (faster than I expected)!!! OMG! That white suit!!! Faint! Faint a hundred times!!! The moment he stepped in was BREATH-TAKING. I stick to my stance that Andy looked much better in person.

Going to the question I kept getting after the FM – How does his hand feel like?

I don’t know!!!! I was too overwhelmed with everything! My proximity with him was decreasing with each step forward. I was simply staring at his face. The wrinkles behind his eyes (which I had NEVER NOTICE BEFORE EVEN DURING THE HONG KONG CONCERT WHEN I WAS SO NEAR TO HIM) made my mind incapacitated for a short while. I haven’t decided if it was because I wasn’t expecting those wrinkles or I was attracted to them. LOL! Oppa has deep wrinkles behind his eyes!!

After the SHCJ in front of me shook his hand, he turned to me. I got no idea how I survived that!!! That smile, that eyes T.T His expression was so warmth! (OMG I got no idea my fan account will be a spazzing post).

And his voice! I really really love Andy’s talking voice. He replied my “Happy Birthday” with a “Thank you”!!! It was in English, and it was for me T.T

A simple “Thank you” that made many of my days! ^^

I just saw a video taken by another fan where I shook his hand. The time I spent was half of what the rest of the fans did T.T I must had been really really nervous to walk away so fast!!

So you see, with all these, how am I going to concentrate on his hand?! I deeply regret not concentrating on how it felt like now. For that I will go to another FM with handshake =P And when that time comes I am going to buy some bulky birthday present so I can spend more time in front of him. *wink*

When I was nearing the exit, I couldn’t resist tapping on the shoulder of the SHCJ in front of me and asked if she is an I-SHCJ. Because she came alone and said “Sorry” to me in English when she accidently brushed her jacket against me. It ended up with her, JJOSS and I spending our evening and night together =D It is always nice meetin up and getting to know new SHCJ!!!

So the 3 of us sat outside and chit-chatted. Managed to grab some loots from the different fan-clubs. I brought some Andyyahhh postcards to give out too and the reaction to the design was very positive. LOL! Thank you @ployshinhwa​ for your ero design!

Okay, time to the recount the actual Fanmeet. I will try to spaz less and give a proper fan account here (with some help from audio recording and the videos taken).

The FM opened with Andy walking onto the stage and performing “Propose”.  His outfit was not as prince-like as the white suit he had earlier but still charming enough =) He left the stage without saying anything.

MC came onto the stage and introduced himself. He talked a little about Shinhwa before welcoming Andy back onto the stage. And I was slain by his mandarin!!!

“大家好,我是Andy (Hello everyone, I am Andy)” followed by his “谢谢 (Thank you)” It sounded so so so nice I kept replying that part of the video.

The fanmeet started off with Andy telling us what he had been busy with recently. My recount on the things Andy said starting from here will be based on the translator, unless mentioned otherwise.

Andy: “I am very happy to meet you all again after the last Shinhwa’s concert. I have been living well, gain a bit of weight recently. I will start to lose weight.”

His losing weight statement gained a lot of reactions from the audience, mostly to disagree with him.

MC: “You are not fat. You are still as handsome. Everyone, am I right?”

Audience: “Yes!”

Andy: “I really gain weight recently. I need to start losing weight.”

The audience shouted “Never” and Andy tried to insist he need to lose weight. MC managed to stop the debate by ending with “Everyone has different definition of what is considered fat” and moving on to the next question.

The next question was about Andy’s activities. The MC also asked when he is going release his new album.

The translator’s voice was a bit soft in my recording, the things that I could make out are: Concert, Shinhwa album, in the future there will be concerts. Not too sure if the 2nd mentioning of concert was referring to Shinhwa’s one or solo.

Audience started chanting “Solo” .

Andy told us that he will have variety shows and asked teasingly if he should release a solo album after Shinhwa’s next album. After making the audience excited, he again teasingly said “I will consider again.” Seriously, my Andy is cheekier than what I expected.

Next question: “As an MC, I can be considered to be partially from the entertainment industry. I’d like to know how to have fans that are so loyal and adore you so much?”

Andy (I can’t catch the full answer): “……because of your (SHCJ) support, I’m able to be here today… Shinhwa Changjo……”

At this point we were moving to the 2nd part of the fanmeet – Question and Answer! The twist would be Andy asking fans questions instead of the other way round.

A flower was being passed around and the fan holding onto the flower when Andy said stopped will have to introduce herself followed by answering a question from Andy. He was either looking away or had his eyes closed to be fair.

Fan 1

Andy’s question: When was your first kiss?

There was a short paused from the fan before she gave the best answer: “Does kissing your photo count?” *Audience started screaming*

MC, “Please lower your volume. Because the 3 of us (Andy, MC & translator) said in unison with very proper mandarin – What did she say?”

Audience laughed and shouted: “Kiss your photo!”

Andy replied that he will be shy.

Fan 2 (Andy let the music run for a long time before saying stop. In between the MC kept asking “You are still not calling stop?” Then the MC laughed and said “Don’t fall asleep” because Andy’s eyes were closed)

Andy: “The difficulty of this question should be increased.”

After the self-introduction by the fans, Andy: “Between Eric and Hyesung, who will you bring with you to an uninhabited island?”

Then he added, “The one that is not chosen will be sad.”

Fan: “Andy.”

Translator: “Other than Andy.”

Fan: “Eric and Andy.”

Andy said something but I couldn’t hear the translator here. I uploaded a video of this question in youtuve if you are interested. Will appreciate if anyone can tell me what Andy said =P

Fan 3 (Andy called stopped almost immediately after the music started)

Fan ended her self-introduction with a question: “I would like to ask is Andy Oppa dating?”

Andy: “I should be the one asking question.”

Andy: “What do you want to do if you are together with me?” *Naturally this question invited loud scream from the audience!!*

Fan: “Kiss and hug you.”

MC: “That is good. That is good that you stop here.”

Andy: “You are too excited.”

Fan: “I’ll make breakfast for you everyday.”

Andy: “What dishes?”

Fan: “I’ll learn Korean dishes, (named a few Korean dishes)”

I think Andy nodded in approval but I can’t really remember.

Fan 4

The fan was from Dalian so they start talking about the scenery there and the MC had to cue for Andy to ask question.

Andy took a very long  time for this.

MC: “You don’t have anything you wanna say? You have a choice to do something you want to.” *Audience screamed*

MC: “But whatever I said is not counted. It is up to Andy.”

Andy’s pause continued.

Finally: “Do you think I should be a singer, actor or host?”

Fan: “I think you should do all of it because you are good at all of them.” Andy insisted that she should choose only 1.

Fan: “This is too difficult for me. I think you are good at all of it.” The audience cheered but Andy was not satisfied with the answer. Can’t catch the next part but Andy gave in with 3 “ok” (OMG his voice).

Fan 5 (This is a Korean fan)

Andy: “Between Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung, who would you choose to marry to?”

Fan chose Andy and he said he cannot be chosen because he want to go to an island with Eric.

Fan chose Hyesung.

Andy: “Nice!” He said something about Kim Dongwan which wasn’t translated. From what I recall he was laughing quite happily in an evil way.

Fan 6

Fan asked if Andy remember that they spent 2008’s V Day together.

MC: “You have to make it clearer. It’s a lot of you spent that day together.”

Andy: “Is there a method where you can learn mandarin in a short time?”

Fan: “Marry a Chinese woman.”

The translator did not catch that and the MC changed the reply to, “ She asked if you like China ladies.”

Fans were unhappy about it and the MC replied he had to filter the reply.

Andy replied that he likes and the MC prompted him to ask another question.

Andy: “How many children do you want to have?”

Audience started giving suggestions, most of it being 6 (Duh. We are SHCJ aren’t we?).

Fan: “You can only have a maximum of 2 children in China.”

Andy (immediately), “Thank you.” It was like a match with the fan and he lost this round.

In fact I think he was trying to be cheeky with all the slightly more adult questions but he wasn’t prepared how ero his fans could be. Dear Andy, please be more prepared next time xD

The Q&A was followed by Andy’s 2nd performance – One Sided Love.

3rd part of the fanmeet after “One Sided Love” was the games.

MC: “I would like to say a few sincere words. To be very honest, not all entertainers know how to sing. (Andy playfully punch him on the shoulder) Some people sing with their voices, but some sing with their soul. Obviously to me, Andy is the kind that sings sincerely with all his heart. Am I right?”

Fans screamed “yes”.  Andy said thank you to the MC in mandarin after the translator translated to him what the MC said.

At fans request, the MC opened a bottle of water for Andy. Andy offered him the bottle of water and the MC said he dared not to drink because he might not be able to walk out if he drank Andy’s water.

Andy had to pick 10 ticket stubs from a box as a way of choosing the fans to participate in the games for the 3rd part of the FM. If you are interested, I got a boring video of him doing that uploaded on youtube too. But even doing that he is pretty cute to me. The MC was helping Andy to read out the seat number and at one point, Andy playfully handed him something else instead of the ticket stub. That adorable cheeky smile on his face!! MC commented that Andy was very humourous (2mins30+second of that boring video).

Summary of game part (Link to video):

1)      The first fan couldn’t do the hula hoop and Andy did a demonstration. He subsequently cheered for the fan and kept reducing the number of times the fan had to do in order to complete the challenge

2)      Can’t help but noticed Andy helped to pick up the ping pong balls. My fine gentleman Andy!

3)      Andy was extremely cheeky during the palm pushing game. Enough to make the audience jealous of the fan playing it!!!

4)      When the 2nd team was coming over to the center of the stage, Andy tried the ping pong ball game by himself and did decently well earning cheers from the audience(I said decently because I used to do it and was better than him. Muhahaha…but I dunno if I can do that now)

5)      For the 2nd plam pushing game the girl almost fell towards Andy and the MC jokingly asked her not to fall towards Andy on purpose. Judging from Andy’s laugh when he lost, I concluded the girl won fair and square and Andy totally did not expect it.

6)      The MC wanted to give Andy another chance but the audience was upset (most probably cos the fan got to touch Andy’s hand again xD) so in the end it was changed to Andy vs MC.

7)      I think the punishment and reward were designed to make us jelly. Andy hugged all of the 10 fans and because there must be more distinction between the winners and the losing team, Andy hugged each of the fan in the winning team for a longer period and his expression was so filled with love!!!!

Andy’s 3rd performance was “To My Love”. The highlight here for me was his English before he started singing - “Are you guys ready? Let’s go!”

The 4th and final part of the fanmeet was Birthday Song and cutting of his birthday cake. The MC requested Andy to make 3 wishes and to say 2 of them aloud. Unfortunately for me, the translator did not translate everything he said. Those in the audience that understand Korean was obviously unhappy with the translator over here.

The things that I gathered were something about spending birthday with fans and something about his solo. ANDY’S SOLO!!!! I AM SO GOING TO EAT GRASS THIS YEAR!

Andy mentioned Kim Dongwan when the different fan clubs were presenting him with gifts. Then he said one of his gift looks like Junjin.

When reading his birthday messages, he laughed when he came to Kiwi Club (one of Andy’s Fan club in China).

Andy also kept laughing when he was cutting the cake. Turned out the shape of the first piece was his entire photo printed on the cake. That lucky fan that got it!!! But I don’t think she will be eating the cake, more of thinking hard about how to preserve that piece…lol!

There was a long speech from him before the FM ended. But I couldn’t understand him and not all of it was translated again.

After the Fanmeet

We took the letters from Andy’s birthday cake. I got the letter “T”. We wanted to try the cake but before we took any, a fan exclaimed very loudly that it tasted awful and we decided against it xD

Saw the Andy fan that helped me bought my ticket. Tapped her to give her one of the postcard as a “Thank you” gesture and we ended up with a huge stack of Andy’s posters (she is a also a staff) Each of us took a few back to give away and gave out the rest at the venue. Unfortunately I got no idea how to send posters overseas without damaging them so I will only be giving these to fans that are able to meet me to collect =X

One of the best souvenirs is a staff pass. For Andy my skin can really grow thicker. Usually I would be too shy to approach strangers but I approached the staff to ask for his pass. Too bad the rest of his colleagues left and we couldn’t get one for Jessica.

Andy’s Vapp on the hotpot was so contradicting to his going-to-lose-weight claim in the fanmeet. Guessed he realized it half way through the Vapp. Cute Oppa!

Oppa, you said your FM ended late so you are having dinner late. I didn’t even get a chance to eat dinner that day!

Anyway he had dinner at 辣府and left his signature there. If I ever go to Shanghai again and have the time, I’d drop by to have dinner and take a picture.

Withdrawal syndrome was bad, especially when I saw that one of the fans (the one that helped me buy ticket) was on the same flight to Korea with him. The amount of envy I felt was making me more depressed. By now 10 days had passed and I am not depressed anymore, but still miss him badly!!

P.S: I have uploaded some of the videos in my youtube (account name: andymycutesuperman)

For those that want the audio recording please PM me