guess how many i have

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1. What is your follower count?  620, but its going down bc my 35+ streak of nothing but porn bots is getting deleted i think

2. How many are you following? 382 [i keep it pretty trimmed i guess]

3. How many posts do you have queued/scheduled? Nah

4. How long have you had your tumblr?  2 and a half years. a lots changed about me and my blog in that time. crazy shit

5. Tag 10 people.

idk anyone who wants to do this can

miraculous-howell  asked:

11, 60, 94, please? :)

hey thanks andi :)

11 - favourite social media account?
this tumblr i guess!

60 - how many pictures do you have on my phone?
I’ve been accumulating for 5 years so, I’m close to 1000 pictures (yikes)

94 - favorite lyrics right now?
“I’m not passive but aggressive, take note it’s not impressive” (the kids aren’t alright, fall out boy)

send me numbers?

twasonceahuman  asked:

every question ending in 8 ;D

what kind of car do you drive? color?

I don’t own a car

favorite tv show?

Have a wild guess 

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how many friends do you have? 

Like 5 close friends? I dunno

money or brains? 

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who is your role model? 

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do you have freckles? 

No, although I used to have a few as a kid

can you draw? 

Not really. I only did art for gcse so my drawing skills are very rusty. 

do you sleep with your door open or closed? 


do you like it when people play with your hair?

Depends. If my hair is feeling nice and soft then yeah, I love it. 

favorite month? 

Either July or December

anonymous asked:

I guess you just ignore your followers now

Including this one, I have 979 “asks” in my inbox and I don’t even know how many messages I have. So yeah, I guess I do ignore some people. I am in a relationship. I won’t post any more provocative pictures, reply to people that run porn blogs, or post any pictures to satisfy anyone’s fetishes. Feel free to unfollow me if you like, I’ve got over 10,000 other people who like the contents of my blog enough to stay when I don’t get around to replying.

I’m starting to realise and accept the fact that a lot of the people I thought I would grow old with and stay friends with are not in my life anymore. It hurts for some of them. I mean one was my best friend since practically birth. I would have married her if we were both single at like, 50. But she’s moved on and I guess I have to as well. It’s funny how many reminders I have of her. I still have her Christmas present from last year. I don’t know what to do with it. Or for my group of former friends who decided that I was wrong for making decisions that made my life better and who don’t include me in things anymore. I didn’t think y’all were that kind of people. But I guess I was wrong. I was wrong about a lot of people. But that’s part of growing up I guess.

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favourite song: i cant
least favourite song: girl that you love
have i ever seen them live: yep
favourite band member: listen dont hate me but brendon made me fall in love with music
least favourite band member: idk brent wilson i guess??
how many of their albums you have: all of them

anonymous asked:

MCR for the thing? ^_^

BLESS I was waiting for this.

Favorite song: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville 

Least favorite song: I’m not a huge fan of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W but like there isn’t any song that i don’t like completely. 

Have i ever seen them live: no rip. I’ve seen Frank tho 

Favorite member: I would die for Frank Iero (But Ray is the sunshine of this earth) 

Least Favorite member: Probly Bob I guess 

How many of their albums do you have: I have all of them digitally, TBP and Bullets on CD, and TBP on vinyl. 

Favorite album: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Thanks fren ^_^

anonymous asked:

fall out boy

Inbox me a band name and ill answer:
favourite song: Pros and Cons or Favorite Record least favourite song: Probably some old shit, idk.have i ever seen them live: No favourite band member: Patrick least favourite band member: Pete I guess? how many of their albums you have: 5favourite album: UTCT

trvetrans  asked:

nirvana for the band thing ?

favourite song: come as you are
least favourite song: idk??
have i ever seen them live: nope
favourite band member: sterotypically kurt lmao
least favourite band member: they’re all cool i guess
how many of their albums you have: 0
favourite album: nevermind

i’ve just kinda recently been getting into nirvana, i’m still trying to get through all of hole’s albums tbh

//send me a band!!!

guess how many descendents songs I have on this computer? a clue: I have 174 screeching weasel songs, 159 MTX songs, 118 vindictives songs, 115 groovie ghoulies songs, 112 nofx songs, 108 ramones songs, and [only] 88 vandals songs

vindicam  asked:

✉ $ and ♀(( for Al Uminum ))

; Prompt.

“✉” for a text that WASN’T SENT.

           ⇐ Back  Mari Makinami ♫  Contact ⇒

                      [¼] Mari…I don’t think I ever knew
                      [2/4] Why *were* you looking for the stone?
                      [¾] I know you mentioned someone’s soul,
                      someone in particular, but
                      [4/4] Other than that…

“$” for an ACCIDENTAL text.

           ⇐ Back  Mari Makinami ♫  Contact ⇒

                       [½] Wait, *how* many flowers? I guess I can
                       take some, but…why do you have so many?
                       [2/2] WAIT…wrong person I’m so sorry

“♀” for a HEARTBREAKING text.

           ⇐ Back  Mari Makinami ♫  Contact ⇒

                       [1/6] Mari I
                       [2/6] You’re probably not even up sorry
                       [3/6] Can you tell me about the soul you were
                       thinking of
                       [4/6] The bound one you were talking about
                       in the East
                       [5/6] Can you tell me about that person?
                       [6/6] I just need to think about other things

samuelian  asked:

30.Where were you yesterday? 34.Is Christmas stressful? 36.Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? 42.What do you wear to bed? 43.Do you want to get married? 45.How many relationships have you had? 54.Tattoos OR no tattoos?

30. you asked this yesterday so the day before yesterday, I was on campus, then at work, and then to seem fair, yesterday as well, I was at work.

34. Is Christmas stressful… not really. Birthdays are stressful.

36. omfg, when i was little I dont know why, but my gay ass thought I could be a fireman. lol

42. i just wear my underwear to bed. or nude, depends how im feeling that night

43. ughhh i dont know, marriage is a big thing. and im still very young.

45. how many relationships have i had? well… i guess i can say maybe 2 real relationships. and then like 1 or 2 i dated for some unknown reasons.

54. tattoos or no tattoos… lol this question is little vague. um I dont have any tattoos, I might consider having like maybe one in the future or two. or if the question refers to someone else… well the right tattoos make or break someone. I think some tattoos make someone look irresistibly hot. but who knows lol