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Actual Conversation between me and my roommate today.
  • Me: Both my cousins just got engaged, what the fuck.
  • Him: I'm going to a friend's wedding in Mexico this summer.
  • Me: What the fuck.
  • Him: What?
  • Me: I'm not ready for this, we're getting so old.
  • Him: *shrugs*
  • Me: Wait a minute. You can just buy one suit and wear it to every wedding, can't you?
  • Him: Yeah.
  • Me: God damn it... Do you think people would notice if I wore the same dress to every wedding? I'm broke.
  • Him: I mean, it depends on how many weddings you go to I guess.
  • Me: ....
  • Him: ....
  • Me: Well I have practically no friends so I should be okay, right?
  • Him: *starts laughing*
  • Me: *starts laughing and then crying. on the floor. in my pajamas.*
  • Him: Oh my god are you okay?! How much sleep did you get last night????
  • Me: Three and a half hours and no i am not okay. I'm on my period and my whole body hurts. I want to drop out of school, give up on everything, and just lay in bed all day for the rest of my life, okay?
  • Him: please don't get hit by a car on your way to school.
  • Me: Knowing my luck?
  • Him: hmm...


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Part one of my Victuuri comic is finally done!

No real romance in this one, there’ll be more in the upcoming parts!

I hope you enjoy it until here, all the pictures you see are based on actual parts from the show, as you can probably see, the next parts will be more free style.

Other characters will make appearances later on. 

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read from right to left.

I love this series sm

“Homestuck is bad because it actually turned my friend into a maniac who won’t rest until everybody loves Vriska and agrees with everything she says” - anon

A lot of people want the Inquisitor dead so assassins are an inevitability. Luckily Dorian has his back. 

Dorian was sitting in his usual spot in the library. He had been there most of the day, slowly making his way through the pile of books that had accumulated on and around the table beside him. Eventually, long past the sun had set, Elden came staggering up the stairs and sat down heavily, leaning back against Dorian’s chair.

“Not even going to say hello, Amatus?” Dorian asked, running his fingers through Elden’s hair absently without taking his eyes off his book. Elden made a noncommittal sound. He must be very tired after the long day he had had, dealing with visiting nobles and whatnot. “Why don’t you go to bed?”

“I’ll go shortly,” Elden said, leaning into Dorian’s hand with a quiet sigh.

This wasn’t exactly the first time something like this had happened. Elden had stolen quite a few naps here over the months. Dorian wasn’t quite sure why he came here instead of going to his room, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain.

Dorian continued to read for a time, but he could feel Elden leaning limply against his arm. He should probably get the man to bed before he passes out entirely. When Dorian stood up, Elden nearly fell over with the loss of his arm for support. Dorian sighed, although he was more amused than exasperated, and helped the Inquisitor up but kept a hand on his shoulder, steadying him, just in case.

“Have you been drinking?” Dorian asked, chuckling.

“Maybe a little?” Elden said blearily.

“’A little,’” Dorian echoed as he experimentally released Elden’s shoulder. He swayed dangerously and Dorian quickly steadied him again. “It’s only me, no need to try to hide it. I know Josephine had you meeting all sorts today, I’d want a drink or ten too. Perhaps just go a little easier next time. Or call me so I can join in on the fun at the very least.”

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Okay. I didn’t know whether or not I should make a post about this, but I’m doing it. Thank you. Thank you so much for caring about Ryuu. This means so much to me. She means so much to me. I love her. She is my sister in every but blood. To see strangers come from no where to tell her how much you appreciate and love her, it almost made me cry. She deserves so much, and I think you guys honestly got through to her. I honestly think that your kindness, the kindness of people she doesn’t know, might have finally, finally told her, even if it came out as a whisper, that she was cared for. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. ~Mod Silver


9th - 10th of May ~ Flame of Love

Relationship advice for when your boyfriend is mad at you for being a wanted criminal: Push him against a wall and take the breath right out of him, he won’t get a chance to complain…

Kyle: Hello! We just wanted to say thank you guys for already over 20 followers! We’ve just launched this, and it’s kicking off pretty well. I’m really happy with that.

Eric: Hey, Kyle! Guess how many followers we have! Come on!

Kyle: Cartman, I was just gonna get to that, can you just-

Eric: I gotta show everyone this video I made for celebrating. They’re gonna love it. 

Kyle: Can’t you wait until I’m finished? 

Eric: Hell no.

Kyle: Ugh, fine. Come play it here.

Kyle: I can’t believe I married him, I really can’t. 

Kyle: I’m truly grateful for these followers, I am. Sometimes, I can’t fucking handle him. Why we bought that damn editing software, I don’t know. But, stay tuned. Thank you guys for these follows, it means a lot…Abel should be posting his intro tomorrow, unless Fatass does something stupid again. See ya, guys.