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Hi! Kyla

“And they were seven, each embodying their own demons.”

                         The Dead Men as the Seven Deadly Sins

There was once a legend named Skulduggery Pleasant, and it was his wrath and his pride that befell him, destroying the man once great. They clawed at his soul, crept into what remained of his heart.

The sins he committed became too many, too great, -and while he swore redemption, his fate had been sealed.

I don’t know why I made this….I guess I just wanted something stupid to help take away the heart break XD Sans, this is not how you get over things….fire does not solve everything. Well anyways here you go @underfart-snas@siviosanei I has made a thing for your Flowerfell!

Sans: *okay we’re here so….

Sans: *Do your thing Grillby.

Some time later…

Sans: Why won’t they burn???

Sans: How will I get over her now?

Grillby: Can I go home now?


Facetiming with SF9